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The Elements of Style

by William Strunk

Auteur Strunk, William, 1869-1946
Titre The Elements of Style
Langue Anglais
Classe LoC PE: Language and Literatures: English
Sujet English language — Rhetoric
Sujet English language — Style
Sujet Report writing

Hypnosis for life: Fear of Heights: Eradicate fear or phobia of heights and tall places through hypnotic induction. (Hypnotic Change Book 1)

by Neil Trigger

Remove any and all traces of a fear of heights. Do you have a phobia of heights or tall places? I can help you. With decades of experience and ample qualifications and knowledge of the unconscious mind I will help you reprogram your mind and body to react differently and feel comfortable when faced with heights and tall places.



Author has been a Corporate HR Head & Faculty. This book is comprehensive guide book to excel, score over and outperform in Group Discussion. The book encompasses present trends, and practices, on Group Discussion, taught and practiced in institutions, academies, enterprises and Service Selection Board, around the world. It contains the most sought after details of GD, like what GD Panel looks for? Skills for which you will be tested, Common mistakes of participants and how to avoid them, How to display your leadership and qualities, How you look different from others? Mock GD – Case Studies & topics based. What are types of GD topics? How to Prepare for Group Discussion? How to lead? Which Role to Display? Does & Don’ts, Phrases to avoid during Group Discussion, Phrases using which, you can skillfully interrupt others, if you have to. How to handle awkward situations? Tips how to deal with persons of different temperaments? How to Manage Participants Behavior? Doubts relating to Group Discussion clarified. This book; on Group Discussion Test, has been structured, for admission in management institutes, National Defense Academy, Campus Placement, Bank Officers Job, Company Jobs,

Author is MA (double), MBA, PGDBM, PGD-HRD, PGD-TD, and FWOE & LLB. Author has held corporate senior management positions at both Public Sector Enterprises and Pvt. Ltd. Companies. He has been in panels of Group Discussions, for selection of candidates.

Self Learning Practice Workbook for Kids-50: Small Letter â??xâ? – Worksheets of Activities for Kids To Learn :- Writing, Alphabet â??xâ?, Colors, Drawing, Painting and Beautiful Handwriting

by Pravin Kendale

Colors and pictures attract small kids very much. If we use such techniques that will involve colors and pictures in the learning of alphabets, numbers and shapes, drawing and painting, the kids can learn them enthusiastically, quickly, easily and effectively. This series of books will be their best friend in never before way and will step by step help them identify their real interests and strengths and abilities in colors, drawing and painting. Though these books will not teach them drawing and painting directly but it will awaken and shape their innate sense for the same which will work like the best motivator and teacher for them. Use these books with active participation of at least one of the parents and start expecting remarkable results. Happy Teaching & Learning.

Essential English Grammar – A Friendly Approach

by Thomas Delany

Essential English grammar for English learners made friendly – No more boring grammar books! You’ll learn essential English grammar with context and dialogue. We implement the following learning method to ensure for fun, intuitive, and dynamic learning: Explanation – Context – Analysis.

What elements of English grammar does this book cover? Verbs, auxiliary verbs, modal auxiliary verbs, adjectives, pronouns, nouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, and articles.

The essence of this book takes away all the boring reading of a typical grammar book and puts the focus on the learner. You. There is no use just reading about grammar and trying to remember all of it. You have to see it in context, in real life dialogue.

You don’t need to read this book like a novel. It could be that you’re having some trouble with nouns or adjectives. Just click the hyperlinks and you’ll be taken straight there!

What Do You See? A Child’s First Introduction to Art, Volume One

by Laurie Bluedorn

How to Use This Art Curriculum

This curriculum is a gentle and easy introduction to art appreciation for children, ages 4-12. We teach children to look at a piece of art and evaluate it. We hope to spark in the child a love for the great works of art.

Students will learn:

1. How to identify questions to ask.
2. How to identify why the artist painted what he did.
3. How to identify details the artist placed inside his painting.
4. How they might try to paint something themselves.
5. How to pay attention to the artist and the history of the painting.

The students and teacher should spend time observing the painting and then answer the questions. We recommend that you ask the child to answer the questions orally, not with pencil and paper. We want to make the learning experience enjoyable for you and the children.

This first volume will introduce only one art principle â?? Center of Interest. A center of interest is the all-important part of a painting â?? that part of the picture where the artist wants you to look first and which attracts the mind. The center of interest often has the sharpest edges, the brightest colors, and the most detail. In addition, it often contains a color that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the painting. Keep in mind, though, not all paintings contain a center of interest, plus, unless the artist has told us what he intended his center of interest to be, there could be differences of opinion as to a painting’s center of interest.

Table of Contents

1. Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother by Harriet Backer
2. The Dog Cart by Henriëtte Ronner-Knip
3. The Birthday Cake by Victor Gabriel Gilbert
4. Boy with Baby Carriage by Norman Rockwell
5. Feeding the Baby by Axel Theophilus Helsted
6. Elsie Cassatt Holding a Big Dog by Mary Cassatt
7. Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent
8. Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher by Thomas Gainsborough
9. A Child’s Menagerie by Eastman Johnson
10. Belshazzar’s Feast by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
11. Suggested Answers to Questions

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