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Daisy The Mail Order Bride: A collection of Amish Romance

by Vanessa Sarlson

A collection of Mail Order Bride and Amish romances…Daisy has been a widow for awhile now and decides to answer a mail order bride advertisement which brings her to Wyoming. Once there, she meets John.

John is a former Sheriff in the area who now wants a quiet life on the ranch. Daisy has some expertise in farming and together they begin to turn the ranch around.

Brought together by different wants, will Daisy and John find love or will their attempt to meet their individual needs be met with failure?

Amish Secret Love: An Amish Romance Story

by Elizabeth Carter

Joshua had left for Rumspringa and he considers not returning after he meets a woman who shows him all that her world has to offer. When his father suddenly passes away, he is forced to return and take over the family farm.

Miriam has secretly loved Joshua ever since she was a little girl and now that he’s back she clings onto the hope that he will seek her hand in marriage.

Can Joshua move past what he could have had, and see what’s in front of him? Will Miriam be able to love this man knowing that his heart is set on another?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

Gemma The Mail Order Bride: A collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance

by Sara Amberson

An anthology of Mail Order Bride & Christian Romance…
Gemma swept her eyes once again over the empty street. She wasn’t sure how long she’d been standing there but it had certainly been a while. What kind of irresponsible man kept his bride waiting at the court house on the day they were supposed to marry?
“He’s still not here, Miss?” Gemma tried to ignore the pitying tone of the justice of the peace. Of course, he must think all kind of things about her already.
“I truly don’t know if he will show up,” she finally admitted sadly, looking at the floor in shame.
“Oh, I know Tuck. He must be busy with something to miss such an important day as this.” Gemma could tell that he was genuine when he spoke of Tuck but she could also spot a bit of worry in his face.
Maybe they had never met before, but they’d agreed to be married. Surely that must mean something to Tuck. It had to her.
She fumbled with her sun bonnet. It was nearing dusk now and Gemma began to wonder where she would spend the night. Of course she had thought it would be at Tuck’s house after their marriage, but the way things were looking, she wasn’t sure there would be a marriage after all. Emilia would be so disappointed.
Gemma gave a sigh and settled on a small bench in front of the simple courthouse. She would wait another small while and if Tuck still hadn’t showed up she would find lodging for the night. She stared off into the street, hoping Tuck would appear soon. Her mind wandered to the past. How different she had imagined things would be. It had seemed almost a game….
Then, he finally showed up.
And he wasn’t what she expected him to be.

The High Ridge Bride: A collection of Mail Order Bride & Amish Romance

by Terri Downes

Rancher Elijah receives a prize on his doorstep…A mail order bride courtesy of the mystery matchmaker in town. Unmoved, Elijah takes the woman’s arrival in stride, realizing that a wife may be just what he needs.

But Shelby has arrived out of convenience. She is on the run from her dark past. Can Shelby and Elijah make their marriage work in the new frontier?

The Colors of You: 200 Questions and Affirmations for Self Discovery and Positive Growth

by Whitney Bevlins

Thoughtful Questions for Deep Insight and Positive Life Change

Who are you?

Do you really know the answer to that question?

What makes you happy in life?

If you’ve ever struggled to find answers to questions like these you aren’t alone.

Many of us have been conditioned by our early experiences. We often make choices through subconscious patterns without ever stopping to ask ourselves: does this truly make me happy?

How Guided Journaling Can Help

The truth is that it takes time to really get to know ourselves. This book is written as a guided journaling experience. Its purpose is to come along with you on your self discovery journey, giving you a gentle nudge each day to search further within. Each question is meant to reveal insight. Each affirmation is meant to encourage positive thinking.

In this book you’ll find 100 soul searching questions and 100 positive journal affirmations that will help you to:

  • foster self love and care
  • practice gratitude regularly
  • improve mental clarity
  • release tension and stress
  • let go and forgive what is holding you back
  • create a habit of putting thoughts before actions
  • identify life areas that are not contributing to your happiness
  • create a positive self talk habit

Our souls are made up of so many colors. Once we realize how they come together we can finally see the beautiful picture of who we truly are.

Walking beyond Limitations: Volume 1: To walk with God simply means to be humble.

by Walker

Byron J. Walker is an American author, who wrote his first book “Walking beyond Limitations, Volume 1,” and a second version is currently into a production phase. It has been noted the second version will be released on September 11, 2015. In addition, Walker is a service connected combat veteran, who in his write expresses powerful testimonies of survival during Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. The book is also an autobiography memoir, regarding Walker’s past and present situations, regarding to his career, personal life and spirituality.
Walker has stated in several public commentary profiles, including radio show interviews, that he is a devoted Christian, who has a passion to write inspirational literature. In addition, most of Walker’s inspirational quoted literature is available online through social media.

BY THE WOUNDS OF JESUS WE ARE HEALED: A Book about the Healing of the Soul

by Linda Bergling

Through “By The Wounds of Jesus We are Healed” you will recieve a deeper understanding about the signifiance of Jesus’ work of reconciliation on the cross. The healing of the soul is described in a very detailed way. The emphasis is on intercession through the laying on of hands with the possibility of opening your heart to God.

is the founder and Principal of the Bible school “Jesus Heals and Restores” and the Healing centre of Arken. She is co-pastor in the Arken Bible Center and has served in full time ministry for God in 40 years. She is an appreciated Bible teacher and speaker all over the world. She is Bachelor in Sociology at Uppsala University, is a Doctor of Philosophy and Pastoral Counseling and Master of Arts in Theology at Life Christian University, USA. She has given her life to serve the Lord, not with human wisdom but through the power from Yeshua the Messiah. She is the author of many books on the subject of Biblical healing.

Helping Hanna (The Gold Coast Retrievers Book 6)

by Emmie Lyn

She’s terrified of falling in love. He’s terrified of losing her…

For Hanna Moss, love has always come with danger. From the incessant stalking by an ex to nearly losing her life in a hit and run accident, she vows to remain alone–and safe. So when her golden retriever, Bella, welcomes a handsome private investigator into their lives Hanna is surprised to find herself willing to open up despite the tremendous risks that have always come with letting others in.

Blake Bowman returns to Redwood Cove with a shattered heart. All he wants is to enjoy a much-needed quiet vacation far from his ex-girlfriend. At least, that was the plan until he meets Hannaâ??beautiful and with an injury that is more than skin deep. He’ll need to stay focused, though, because it looks like what happened to her was no accident.

Blake desperately wants to help Hanna in every way possible, even if that means putting love on hold. Hanna is terrified of the feelings she’s rapidly developing for Blake and refuses to repeat her past mistakes… Is Hanna safer on her own, or will trusting Blake finally allow her to heal?

Find out if Bella can help these two humans understand that trust is a two-way street, that the heart can be repaired, and that love can bloom again. This sweet romance is sure to shine the light of love into your lifeâ?¦ Order your copy and start reading today!

Helping Hanna is book six in the Gold Coast Retrievers series. Each book stands completely on its own, but you’ll have more fun if you read them all together!

Bigfoot & The Other Ones: Encounters, Stories & Compelling Clues About Sasquatch & Other Ape-Like Cryptids

by Brian Kingsley

Learn About The Many Mysterious Ape Men Of Our World

Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, is thought to be a large, hairy, ape-like being that inhabits some of the dense forests and remote mountain ranges of North America.

Although solid, scientific evidence of the creature is lacking, stories of sightings and encounters have been steadily accumulating throughout the years.

As a result, Bigfoot has been placed in the category of so-called “cryptids” â?? creatures that are thought by some to exist on Earth, but have yet to be properly documented by modern science.

Others in this category include the mysterious, waterborne, dinosaur-like being popularly-known as “the Loch Ness monster”, as well as the goat-eating Chupacabra of South America.

Due to the sheer volume of eyewitness accounts involving Bigfoot, most people in the Western hemisphere recognize the general description of this creature. What few may realize, however, is that the Sasquatch is not unique to North America. Or, at least, stories of mysterious, bipedal hominids are not.

From the mountainous regions of Nepal to the wild outback of Australia, tales of such beings have existed throughout history. In many cases, the descriptions of these creatures seem to match Bigfoot.

So, then, a few questions naturally arise:

Are these all part of a singular, long-lost species of great ape, or are they separate beings with different genetic lineages?

How similar are they to each other, where do they to live, and is there any evidence of their existence?

In this book, we will explore these questions, and many more, as we go through fascinating accounts of sightings, encounters, and possible findings relating to the many elusive ape-like cryptids of our world.

Download now and get to know Bigfoot and the others!

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