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Python 3.7 Data Analysis: : With Live Projects For Absolute Beginners

by Narendra Mohan Mittal

What’s New in Python 3.7

Python 3.7 is a general-purpose programming language. Python comes with a standard library that hosts a large number of useful libraries and modules that can be leveraged to solve various problems. Besides the standard library, thousands of third-party libraries are readily available on the Internet, encouraging open source and active development. The official repository for hosting third-party libraries and utilities for enhancing development in Python is the Python Package Index (PyPI). Access it at PyPI – the Python Package Index and check out the various packages. Currently, there are over 80,000 packages you can install and start using.

Python was designed keeping in mind the fact that simple and beautiful code is more elegant and easy to use rather than doing premature optimization and writing hard-to-interpret code. Python’s standard libraries are power-packed with a wide variety of capabilities and features ranging from low-level hardware interfacing to handling files and working with text data.

Table of Contents

1.What’s New in Python 3.7
2.Continuous Delivery in Python
3.Python 3.7 Syntax and Implementation
4.An Introduction to Data Analysis
5.How to write Good Code in Python 3.7
6.The panda’s Library
7.Reading and Writing using Python
8.Maximizing Your Code’s Performance
9.Generators in Python 3.7
10.Text Analysis Techniques using Python
11.Automatiion with Python
12.NumPy with Python 3.7
13.Using Microservices with Python 3.7
14.Interactive Debugger in Python
15.Tkinter in Python 3.7
16.Pylint a Python package
17.Live Project in Finance Module
18.Network News Transfer Protocol using Python
19.Implement Web-based Discussion Forum

How to Use This Book

This book is for Students, Teachers, data scientists, experts and professionals, and researchers in academia who want to understand the understanding of latest Python 3.7 programming and Python data and text analysis with live projects. This guide presents Latest Python 3.7 programming and data analysis with live projects for absolute beginners to experts in 19 easy steps. It will help the reader grab some important concepts. Reading this book won’t teach you Python data and text analysis. You can teach yourself Python and text analysis by working through all the examples and live project here, and then using what you’ve learned on your own problems.

Python and Data Analysis

The main argument of this book is to develop all the concepts of data analysis by treating them in terms of Python. The Python programming language is widely used in scientific circles because of its large number of libraries that provide a complete set of tools for analysis and data manipulation.

About the Author

Narendra Mohan Mittal is the Founder and Chairman of Thesis Scientist and he is working in the field of Data Science/big data/machine learning/deep learning space. He has more than 10 years in Research and Teaching and he is very active in the Big Data, Data Science, Python and Machine learning.

Facebook advertising how to be cool on facebook: ecommerce

by Seth Timotheus Smith

How to be cool on facebook is a book that will help you build a cool facebook page for personal or business purposes.

Weight Watchers Freestyle Instant Pot Cookbook 2019: The Simple Guide For Rapid Weight Loss Including Delicious Weight Watchers Freestyle Instant Pot Recipes (weight watchers cookbook)

by Jamie H

Eating on

Weight Watchers

is easier than you are going to find on many of the other diet plans. While these other diet plans tell you exactly what you can eat and what you should avoid,

Weight Watchers takes a slightly different approach.

They don’t expressly tell you that you can’t have any type of food because they know that life happens.

They know that you aren’t going to make it through the holidays without having some treats and they know that sometimes you just have a bad day and need to cheat a bit. This is a normal life. We all have those times when it is just too hard to stay on a diet plan, and we need something that is not all that healthy for us.

And this is why Weight Watchers doesn’t forbid any type of food like the other diet plans; it simply gives us the tools that we need to make healthy choices. We are allowed to have that cookie on occasion, and it will fit into our points, as long as we made other healthy choices along the way.

Why Choose Weight Watchers?

There are a lot of great diet plans that you can choose to go with. Some are going to choose to have you limit your carb intake while others are going to limit the fats. Some are healthy while others are going to be hard to maintain because they are so hard on the body. Weight Watchers is a bit different than all of these because you get some options, Grab the book that change your life now before it is too late

Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners (Step-By-Step Java Book 1)

by Nathan Clark

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Java Made Easy – a Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Learning a programming language can seem like a daunting task. You may have looked at coding in the past, and felt it was too complicated and confusing. This comprehensive beginner’s guide will take you step by step through learning one of the best programming languages out there. In a matter of no time, you will be writing code like a professional.

Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages available. Most of the modern applications built around the world, including server side and business logic components, are made from the Java programming language. Its portability and ease of use has ensured that it is a favourite among novices and seasoned developers alike.

What This Book Offers

Made for Beginners
This guide is written specifically for beginners. We take you step-by-step through writing your very first program, explaining each portion of code as we go along. We guide you through the workings of the Java Development Kit and Java Runtime Environment, as well as choosing an IDE.

57 Practical Examples
With each concept, we provide one or more example to illustrate the topic in a way that makes it easy to understand. We break examples down into their basic workings, and provide the output for you to compare to your own results.

Introduction to Java
For newcomers to Java we look at what the language has to offer, its origin and design goals, features and capabilities, as well as the various Java editions, before stepping into more in-depth topics.

Key Topics

  • Basics of Java
  • Writing Your First Program, Step-By-Step
  • Basic Program Structure
  • Which IDE to Choose
  • How to Use the Java Development Kit
  • Understanding the Java Runtime Environment
  • Features and Uses of Java
  • Sample Applications
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Operators
  • Type Conversion
  • Loops
  • Decision Making

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Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

by Steven Dota

Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

The Windows 10 upgrade was offered free to customers who already had a Windows 7 or 8.1 subscriptions. After only one month from its launch, Microsoft, creator and developer of Windows 10, estimated that 75 million devices were already running on Windows 10. Microsoft further estimated that one billion devices will upgrade and run on Windows 10 by 2018, just three years after its launch. As of the publication of this e-book in July 2016, Microsoft asserts that it already has 300 million customers using Windows 10.

In case you haven’t caught on, Microsoft designed Windows 10 to run on all kinds of digital devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet and smartphone. It aims to seamlessly work on devices that before Windows 10, could only run on Mac, on Android and IOS. Windows 10 – it’s everywhere. It’s been aggressively launched and marketed. For better or for worse, Windows 10 is here to stay and it’s wise to get thoroughly acquainted with its best features – you may yet fall in love with it.

This book aims to provide appropriate information on how to use the most commonly utilized features of Windows 10. The steps are presented in a simple and easy to follow guide, so that even beginners can learn quickly from it.
Also, the book will present, in concise and understandable language, the functions of the applications, so that users can optimize their use.

Learn Windows 10 Fast and Learn It Well.

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AWS Serverless Application Model: Developer Guide

by Amazon Web Services

This is the official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM). AWS SAM is an open-source framework that you can use to build serverless applications on AWS. It provides you with a template specification to define your serverless application, and a command line interface (CLI) tool. This guide shows you how to use AWS SAM to define, test, and deploy a simple serverless application. It also provides an example application that you can download, test locally, and deploy to the AWS Cloud. You can use this example application as a starting point for developing your own serverless applications.

Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Take you from Beginner to Expert, Set Up, Programming, Projects For Raspberry Pi 3, Hints, Tips, Tricks and Much More!

by James Fahl

Learn How To Use Raspberry Pi Today With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide!

Do you want a guide on Raspberry Pi that takes you from beginner to expert?

Do you want to learn about Raspberry Pi in a style and approach that is suitable for you, regardless of your experience?

This book not only provides step-by-step coding instructions to some of the basic ideas a Raspberry Pi owner will need, it gives suggestions for wonderful coding languages to learn and projects to take on! Are you ready to learn?
If so, Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Take you from Beginner to Expert, Set Up, Programming, Projects, Hints, Tips, Tricks and Much More! by James Fahl is THE book for you! It covers the most essential topics you must learn to become a master of Raspberry Pi.

What Separates This Book From The Rest?

What separates this book from the rest? The unique way you will learn with examples and steps. Many books leave you more confused than before you picked them up, not this book, it’s clear concise and implementable.

We make it our goal to write this book in plain easy to understand English that anyone can understand. Gone are the days of highly technical language. This allows you to quickly learn topics, and use Raspberry Pi immediately.
To aid you in learning the topics quickly and effectively this book has been designed to be the ultimate step-by-step guide. Making sure that you’re confident and clear with each topic before moving on! All of which can be practiced with the projects detailed in the book.

You Will Learn The Following:

  • What is Raspberry Pi?
  • Why use raspberry Pi?
  • How to set up Raspberry Pi
  • The Uses of Raspberry Pi
  • How to connect equipment
  • Installing Apps and backing up with SD card
  • Programming for Pi
  • Python for Pi
  • Beginner Projects
  • And much more!

Whether you just want to learn more about Raspberry Pi or have it already and want to get the most out of it, this book is for you.

So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and invest in your self by buying this guide now.

You will be shocked by how fast you learnt the skills required for Pi!

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Do you love to know about the MARKET DEMAND TREND for RPA JOB ROLES in the current WORLDWIDE market? If YES, then this ebook report is for YOU!

If you are a fresher/researcher/employee/job aspirant/student/company CEO/market trend finder/etc., you can benefit from this ebook report by knowing the direction of the market with respect to the topic you are searching for.

This ebook report covers all those popular RPA JOB ROLES. Besides, this report lets you know what is the current market demand of each RPA JOB ROLE.

We suggest you that before start pursuing/teaching/searching for any RPA JOB ROLE, nowadays, it is better to understand the demand for that particular RPA JOB ROLE in the current market. This report is prepared based on the WORLDWIDE ‘demand trend’ perspective.

This report is a collection of ‘POPULAR MARKET TRENDS’ of all RPA JOB ROLES. The captured demands are presented in an easily understandable GRAPH format. Each graph [based on the collected data] is associated with a trend line (black color) so that you can easily understand in which direction the market is going for the respective topic.

For readers’ easy understanding, we have included the graph template (TITLE: GRAPH ANATOMY) which we used as a base to display all the graphs in this report. Please study the graph template first before you dig deep other graphs in this report.



We hope you find this report useful for your RESEARCH/JOB/BUSINESS/PRODUCT BUILDING/ETC., market needs.


by Mark Allen

Python is a cross-platform programming language. It can be used on various systems including Windows, Unix, Mac etc. It also comes with numerous modules that are cross-platform. However, Python has maintained a uniform user interface. Python supports integration with different database management systems (DBMSs). This means that you can access your data from a database with Python. This book explores every aspect of Python programming language. It will help you in preparing a solid computer programming foundation and learning any other coding language will be easy to you.
This book can provide any programmer with some interesting and fun codes to learn from.
This book will help the already experienced programmer more, but a beginner can learn a lot from it too. You’re sure to find lots of helpful information within these pages.

Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Python No4 Non Linear Equation (Japanese Edition)

by Yutaka Shirai

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解説とã??ã?­ã?°ã?©ã? ä¾?ã??示ã?ã??

Backlinking Like a Boss (2017): A 15 Minute Guide to Building Powerful SEO Backlinks. 8 Awesome Link-Building Methods Included!

by Mack Andrew Case

Here’s a Step by Step 15 Minute Guide to Creating Quality Backlinks for Your Website!


If you ever want to learn how to rank on the page 1 of Google faster than your competition, then this book is for you.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

– Why backlinks is king and not content

– How to build backlinks the right way

– How to sue audio sharing site to spread your website links

– How to use info graphics for maximum SEO power and content sharing

– How to get high quality .EDU links for FREE

– How to use this one social media method for viral backlinks effect

And many more inside!

SEO IS COMPLICATED. (for those who don’t understand it)

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

In this book, you’ll get a clear step by step guide on how to build backlinks (mostly) for free!

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The Rise and Development of FinTech: Accounts of Disruption from Sweden and Beyond (Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking Book 94)

This comprehensive guide serves to illuminate the rise and development of FinTech in Sweden, with the Internet as the key underlying driver. The multiple case studies examine topics such as: the adoption of online banking in Sweden; the identification and classification of different FinTech categories; process innovation developments within the traditional banking industry; and the Venture Capital (VC) landscape in Sweden, as shown through interviews with VC representatives, mainly from Sweden but also from the US and Germany, as well as offering insight into the companies that are currently operating in the FinTech arena in Sweden. The authors address questions such as: How will the regulatory landscape shape the future of FinTech companies? What are the factors that will likely drive the adoption of FinTech services in the future? What is the future role of banks in the context of FinTech and digitalization? What are the policies and government initiatives that aim to support the FinTech ecosystem in Sweden? Complex concepts and ideas are rendered in an easily digestible yet thought-provoking way.

The book was initiated by the IIS (the Internet Foundation in Sweden), an independent organization promoting the positive development of the Internet in the country. It is also responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain name registry. The book illustrates how Sweden acts (or does not act) as a competitive player in the global FinTech arena, and is a vital addition to students and practitioners in the field.

Amazon S3 Glacier: Developer Guide

by Amazon Web Services

This is official Amazon Web Services (AWS) documentation for Amazon S3 Glacier (Glacier). The Amazon S3 Glacier Developer Guide explains the data archiving and backup solution provided by the Glacier web service. The guide steps you through how to create, configure, and manage vaults and archives using both the AWS Management Console and the Glacier API. Amazon S3 Glacier (Glacier) is a secure, low-cost, and reliable service designed for storing infrequently accessed data, or “cold data.” For example, you can use it to store digital media archives, financial and healthcare records, raw genomic sequence data, long-term database backups, and data that must be retained for regulatory compliance. This documentation is offered for free here as a Kindle book, or you can read it online or in PDF format at

ClickBank Money Machine: Make Money Online With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing [passive income, residual income] (Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Home Business Opportunity)

by Lance MacNeil

ClickBank Money Machine

Make Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever tried to find a way to make money online? If we type in “How To Make Money Online” in the Google search engine, there are 2.4 million websites with the related keywords. These websites all claim how you can make a boat load of money if you send them $49.00 and follow simple instructions. Through my experience with making money online, most of these websites are scams. The reason why these scammers continue to prey on the internet is because they are making money. You might ask, “If they’re a scam, then how come they are making money? Good question! The answer is what you call “Law of Averages”. You see, throughout history the return rate for purchases made through the internet is less than 10%! Did you get that? That’s right, less than 10%. For some unknown reason, many people find it a hassle to return things they do not wish to keep. They would rather lose their hard earned money then to ask for a refund. Since they were duped into buying the money making scam in the first place, they feel as though they legitimately deserve to lose their money. I can’t figure this out, but these are the facts. There are some legitimate ways to make money online, and one of them is ClickBank. Do you know anything about “ClickBank”?

ClickBank is the largest online marketplace where digital products are sold. It has the largest affiliate network on the web today. So, if you are looking to make the most out of the benefits offered by this amazing platform, this book will serve you a lot of purpose as it uncovers all the things you need to know about ClickBank affiliate marketing.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • How to Make Money with ClickBank
  • Understanding Gravity and Hoplinks
  • Best Ways to Promote ClickBank
  • How To Succeed As An Affiliate
  • ClickBank Is Not a Scam

Ë?Ë?Ë?And much, much more

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