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Molly Mouse Moves House: Fun Rhyming Bedtime Story – Picture Book / Beginner Reader (for ages 3-6) (Top of the Wardrobe Gang Picture Books 15)

by Melinda Kinsman

Alone upon her swaying bed
– poor Molly feels afraid!
The howling wind that rocks her home,
screams out to be obeyed!

Find out what happens when Molly Mouse gets caught up in a VERY big storm!

A comforting story, about friends helping one another out – and turning what could have been a disaster into a happy ending!

Filled with cute illustrations and flowing rhymes, this short story is ideal for reading out to young children. A few more challenging words are included, but the book is also suitable for older kids to read for themselves, with a little help. Perfect for bedtime, or for any time of day.

Extra Activities

Take P.D. Monkey’s HIDDEN TOY CHALLENGE, and try to spot the toy mouse he has drawn on every page. Some are easy to spot, but others are fairly well hidden… A few extra puzzles are also included after the main story.

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**This eBooK is written in English suitable for both US and British English readers. PRINT BOOKS (with additional content) WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE IN BOTH U.S. ENGLISH AND BRITISH ENGLISH OPTIONS.** If you are struggling to locate the version that you would like on the Amazon website then please go to the “Our Books” section of the website above to find direct links to each.


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The Maker

by D. F. Anderson

When a mysterious drawing binder appears on thirteen-year-old Nate Smith’s windowsill, he starts having visionsâ??and drawing them. Strange creatures come for his work, launching him on a space adventure to learn the alien art of making. Armed with an otherworldly pen that brings his drawings to life, Nate must save planets, and his parents, from the dark creations of an alien mastermind. If only he believed he had talent.

Delores Fletcher, Cobweb Catcher

by Kathryn Rose Jacoby

Giant spiders are nesting in people’s homes and sixteen-year-old Delores Fletcher is now the town’s official Cobweb Catcher – and alone. She’s alienated any friends she might have had at flight school and now turns to the unlikely help of an outcast ghost and the spirit of her great-great-great-grandmother Mabel Verity Fletcher, the most notorious Cobweb Catcher in history. But, life for a Cobweb Catcher can be difficult and things aren’t always what they seem. Magical powers alone are not enough, especially when Delores’ success means unbalancing the ecology of her town.

Hamelton (Dr. Paul Book 1)

by Christopher Blake

American Chris
Blake finds himself engulfed in solving a 300 year old English mystery and
becomes inadvertently personally involved in the mystery itself when he is lead
to a time passage method which sends him back to be the catalyst. When the tale
voyages through the ages, also does Chris confronting it at every turn.  As the layers of clues are pealed back so are
the folds of space and time. His destiny takes him into intrigue, deception and


Dr. Paul is a
mental health therapist who specializes with patients who claim to have had
extreme paranormal experiences. Some of his patients have allowed Dr. Paul to
edit and publish their experiences. The series may be read in any order.

The Dragon Rider (The Alaris Chronicles Book 2)

by Mike Shelton

War is brewing. 

The magical barrier is down. 

Dragons fill the skies once more. 

Bakari is the first dragon rider in centuries but he alone cannot subdue the growing tensions among the kingdoms around Alaris. He begins a quest to find more dragon riders — the only way to secure peace in the fractured lands around him. 

Roland Tyre seizes control of the Citadel and carefully plays both sides — but his immense charm and considerable wizard powers may prove useless against a deadly and hidden enemy.

Battle Wizard Alli Stenos is in the thick of every fight she can find and only wants to secure an end to the violence. 

As the three young wizards, Bakari, Roland and Alli become more powerful than many of their elders, will that be enough to keep Alaris, and the surrounding kingdoms, from descending into all-out war? 

If you love magic, wizards, sword & Sorcery, and of course dragons, you won’t be disappointed with the second book in The Alaris Chronicles.

The Driver’s Guide to Success!

by Rafil Pichardo

Forget about having your parent or guardian screaming at you while you drive because they’re scared you don’t know how to handle yourself behind the wheel. Become the professional driver you know you are without dealing with the stress of being taught by someone.

Whether this is your first time on the road alone or you need help learning the most important things you need to be able to handle any situation while driving, The Driver’s Guide to Success is the blueprint to achieve total driving control.

This step-by-step guide to drive-handling perfection teaches you:

-How to understand who gets the right-of-way
-How to change a tire hassle free
-What not to do when your vehicle is on the verge of losing control
-An error free pre-drive checklist to minimize the chances of any hiccup happening on a road trip

Let us help you prove to you and anyone that you’re responsible enough to be fully independent alone behind the wheel and can tackle any obstacle that comes your way. Why settle for partial freedom when you can be 100% FREE

Toad Adventure

by Judy Fulton

Toad Adventure is an engaging and humorous picture book for beginning readers and kids of all ages. What could be more fun for an early reader than to follow the adventures of a toad with a hat? Enjoy some giggles as a real live toad wearing a real hat embarks on a trek and encounters a dog but still accomplishes a dream. The authors (scientist and reading specialist, mother-daughter team) have combined photography, nature and humor into a book to delight beginning readers. This book was written with many first grade sight words but has captivated children (and adults) of all ages. The story is brought to life by using word bubbles, which contain the toad’s narrative and conversations with a friend.

The Diary of Henry Chimpman: Volume 1: From the Forest to the Zoo (a fiction book for kids 8-10 and 9-12)

by Nathaniel Gold

Henry Chimpman was supposed to be the first chimpanzee in space.

Before the world knew his name, Henry and his family were immigrants to America. Growing up was not easy for this young chimp but he learned to adapt. Between his love of baseball, music and his family, he learns what it takes to be the best he can be. Unfortunately life is not always kind to Henry and he soon discovers that growing up can mean learning the truth and that the truth is not always friendly. Now Henry is on a mission to expose his experience in the space program. Will running for Mayor in the APE Party help his cause, or will it simply turn him into a fugitive?

A cross between Forrest Gump and Planet of the Apes, the first book in the Chimpman series is a completely unique story of the triumph and fall of an immigrant chimpanzee family. If you like The One and Only Ivan, you will love Henry Chimpman.

Buy this book and start the series today!

Jayden’s Cybermountain: Book 1 (The Sanctum Series)

by Katrina Cope

The Sanctum Series, Middle Grade Cyber Thrillers.

Jayden’s Cybermountain (The Sanctum Series) Book 1 (previously, Jayden & the Mysterious Mountain)

Jayden’s life is about to change and it includes these things:
-A strange man collects homeless teens off the streets.
-A mountain that isn’t as it seems.
-A school operated by an AI that is cheeky and plays nasty if you cross her.
-A school where students build and operate high-tech equipment, including surrogate robotsâ??all to fight terrorismâ??or, maybe not.
Something doesn’t feel right. It’s time to find out why.

If you like a book that suits

  • Late Middle Grade/Early Young adult
  • Action packed
  • Spy Thriller/Sci-Fi with heart
  • Humorous in parts

Ë?Ë?Ë? Editorial Reviews

Reviewed by Dinorah Blackman for Readers’ Favorite 5 Stars

“The first few pages of the story guarantee that the reader will not lose interest and will read all the way to the end. ~ The story takes a number of unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader involved and interested in the outcome.”

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Sanctum Series: A modern late Middle-Grade fictional series for preteens & the young at heart:

Jayden & the Mysterious Mountain, Book One

Scarlet’s Escape, Book Two – Released

Taylor’s Plight, Book Three – Released

Eric & the Black Axes, Book Four – Released

Book Five – Adrianna’s Surge – Released

Counting with Owl and Bird: Learning Numbers 1 through 10

by Rebecca Purcell

COUNTING WITH OWL AND BIRD (Learning Numbers 1 through 10)
by children’s book illustrator, Rebecca Purcell

Owl and Bird are taking a walk. Help them count the things they see!

– Introduces babies and toddlers to the concept of numbers

– Colorful illustrations and cute characters make counting engaging and fun!

The Young Wiccan’s Book of Magic (The Little Wiccan’s Learning Series 1)

by Dawn Flowers

The Young Wiccan’s Book of Magic introduces a variety of Magical concepts to children of all ages. This material is perfect for families following the Wiccan faith. This books appeals to both younger and older children, as there are many fun pictures to keep little ones entertained, and bits of Wiccan wisdom for the older ones. Regardless of their age, your little Wiccan will certainly be delighted with their own Book of Magic!They’ll learn all about the Wiccan Rede, Magic tools, herbs, oils, incense, candles, color Magic, stones, charms, symbols, moon phases and Wiccan holidays. Volumes 1 & 2 will be available in March 2019.

Five Little Engines

by Sarah Baker

A cute little counting book for young train enthusiasts.

The Black River Chronicles: Level One (Black River Academy Book 1)

by David Tallerman

You know these characters: The ranger, the fighter, the wizard, the rogue. But haven’t you ever wondered how they learned to be those things?

Three months into his studies at the Black River Academy of Swordcraft and Spellcraft, Durren Flintrand is shocked by the news that from now on he’ll be assigned to a party, and that his only hope of progressing beyond the lowly rank of level one is to succeed with his new companions. However, Durren has a secret that may make that impossible, and his three partners have problems of their own. Wizard Areinelimus is terrified of her own magic. Rogue Tia has no patience at all with others. And warrior Hule is just an idiot. In fact, when a disembodied, floating eyeball is your most competent party member, you know you have serious problems.

To stand a chance of succeeding, they need to work together, and that means learning to tolerate each other, while surviving a world of angry rat people, murderous sorcerers and homicidal unicorns. But even if they can somehow find a way to get along, dark and ancient forces are stirring, ones no level one students should ever have to confront…

  • If you enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and/or sword and sorcery stories, you should be reading The Black River Chronicles… Great fun and a joyous celebration of the RPGs we all know and love. Pop Verse
  • â??â??â??â?? A keen mixture of the familiar and the innovative. With unicorns, dwarves, dangerous rebellions and dozens of other fantastical beasts and moments, this book is a thrilling ride that leaves readers with a number of important lessons. Readers should be excited to see where this series goes, and what those “higher levels” hold for this unique band of adventurers. Self-Publishing Review
  • …this book is a lot of fun. Surprisingly realistic fun. Enjoyable, immersive fun. “I want more” fun. And there’s a promise that this fun will be followed by more. At the same time, all on its own, this book tells a great tale that comes to a satisfying ending. Ed Greenwood – The Archmage
  • …superb pacing, competent writing, well-described action, fun situations, and appealing characters. The first in a series, the book remains a pleasant confection. Well-crafted fantasy fiction about a team of young trainees tackling dangerous missions.” Kirkus Reviews

The Black River Chronicles is a new fantasy series from David Tallerman and Michael Wills. Set in an academy for young adventurers in training, the Black River Academy, our new dungeon crawlers set out to learn the ropes. Follow them in their adventures and misadventures and see if they save the day, or flunk out of school before earning their next level.

Grab your copy today! Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you for your interest in our book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed presenting it. – Digital Fiction

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Keep trying Jack

by S E Hoadley

Jack and Jane are brother and sister. Jack wants to do the same things that his older sister can do. Jack needs to learn to keep trying and to not give up. This easy read book helps children learn what it is to be a leader and to not fear failure. It teaches that if you give up then you will not do the things that you really want to do. I hope you enjoy reading this with your child and relating this to your own lives.

Cursed (Dragon’s Curse, Book 1)

by S.L. Morgan

Dragons do exist

Kira is the last of her kindâ??the heir to a kingdom that has descended into chaos. The blood of dragons courses through her veinsâ?? a curse that might be their only hope.

When a handsome stranger named Alexander crashes into her world, sparks fly.

Sparks of detest.

In order to save both of their worlds from destruction, the two of them must put their differences aside and form an unlikely alliance.

The path to salvation is a dangerous one and deception lurks around every corner. Kira and Alexander battle the dark magic and beckon the dragon army as desperation consumes the realm.

Scroll up and journey to a thrilling new world today!

The King of Rainbows (The Seven Rainbow Superstars Book 1)

by Tori Joel

If you travel far enough from Earth, you’ll come across a planet unlike anything you’ve ever seen: Planet Ziv. There lies the spectacular Kingdom of Rainbows — with amazing waterfalls, radiant rainbows, and colorful creatures! Their leader, King Lemuel, possesses supreme rainbow-making power, and he makes rainbows for his own people as well as coming to Earth to make rainbows occasionally.

While all on Ziv enjoy their lively and bright days, King Lemuel has a dilemma. Although he has two trusted advisors who help him make rainbows as perfect as possible, they do not have the ability to care for the kingdom when Lemuel is away on Earth.

The king therefore decides he must no longer leave Ziv to create Earth’s rainbows. Does this mean humans will never again see the beauty of rainbows? Or will the king find a way to take care of Ziv and visit Earth too? The answer lies in an adventure full of strange beings, distant worlds, and of course, rainbows!

This is an entertaining book with illustrations for children ages 6-10 years, and for the family as a whole. “The King of Rainbows” is the first book in this series.

I-Write I-Read I-Draw I-Count: Teach your kid the 4 basic concepts for a higher IQ.

by Calvin Kays

Interactive children’s activity book that develops the four key concepts of child development;Writing,Reading,Drawing (colouring) and Counting.Improve your child’s IQ by using this interactive book.


by Jason Moore

Every town has a weirdo. Some ungainly foul smelling soul you cross the street to avoid. But only Notchwood has a Flabberwocky. Dismissed by many as just a giant blob of flesh glued to a mobility scooter, the truth is much more sinister.

Her real name is Amelia Floyd and when she’s not terrorising teenagers, she’s scraping the remains of dead animals from the street for her supper. When she shows up at their Grandad’s funeral, Lawrence and Molly are both confused and horrified. Little do they know it’s the beginning of a mysterious adventure that will change their lives forever.

This dazzling debut novel weaves traditional fairytale macabre into a modern real life setting. A hilarious and often heartwarming tale of four teenagers coping with dark family secrets, strange mechanical devices and spine tingling encounters with the Flabberwocky!

A family friendly adventure suitable for anyone aged over ten who enjoys an exciting story.

“Great deal of style and imagination” – Philip Womack
Literary critic for the Telegraph and award winning children’s writer

Los chicos tristes también lloran flores en octubre (Spanish Edition)

by Leo González

�l lo entendería de la peor forma y en el peor momento, pero lo entendería.
Terminaría sentado en aquella banca de la Alameda Central sosteniendo algo que ahora resultaba tan irreal y estúpido. Ahora ya no habría dibujo ni canción que pudiera explicarle que sí, los chicos tristes también lloran flores en octubre…

The Resistance (The Uncloaked Trilogy Book 1)

by J. Rodes

One choice will redefine everything.

In an America where the newly-formed government is becoming increasingly dictatorial, 16-year-old Braxton Luther simply wants the peaceful life he once knew.

His father, a famous preacher and outspoken critic of the regime, has cost them their home and almost all social acceptance as a result of his opposition, forcing the Luthers to move in with the Knight family. Even the loss of home and security isn’t enough to quell his father’s resistance, and after he holds a secret meeting in the Knight’s home, government agents track them down and the Knight’s home is burned to the ground. The following day, Braxton’s father is publicly executed.

Escaping with his best friend, Eliza Knight, Braxton resolves to protect her, and he is determined to do it better than his father had done. He joins the Jackals, a government organization for young men, believing that compliance is the safest choice, the one that will bring back their comfortable lives and security.

But once within the Jackals, his eyes are opened to the true nature of what his father stood against. A darkness is spreading, more evil than he’d ever imagined. Suddenly Braxton understands.

Defiance is no longer optional.

***Previously published as The Uncloaked, this American dystopia novel is written from a Christian worldview***

“Dystopian at its finest.” -Suzie Waltner
“This book had me riveted from its opening lines, and hasn’t let go of me yet.” -Katie Donovan, Fiction Aficionado

The Uncloaked Trilogy:

Book One: The Resistance
Book Two: Tearing the Veil
Book Three: Charging the Darkness

Oprah Winfrey: The Girl Who Would Grow Up To Be: Biographies for kids

by A.D. Largie

This is the story of Oprah inspiring young girls to be great!

Oprah Winfrey: The incredibly accomplished media mogul did not always have the life of her dreams. Oprah grew up extremely poor on a farm town in the South where her family had to make her dress from old potato sacks.

But Oprah had a gift and that was a talent for speaking. Oprah eventually used her gift to change the world and create the life of her dreams.

This is the story about the girl who would grow up to be Oprah.

Myra Prat the Military Brat

by Shatasha McPhatter

Take a journey with Myra Prat as she discusses the ups and downs of being a Military Brat from a child’s perspective. Myra keeps a positive outlook, which helps her overcome obstacles. Not only are her parents heroes, but Myra is a little hero too.

The back half of the book is a coloring book, which will teach children the 7 continents.

Available in English and Spanish!

Código 7: Descifrando el código para una vida épica (La edición en español y inglés): Bilingual Spanish and English Short Stories for Children, ESL/ELL, and Spanish Language Learners (Spanish Edition)

by Bryan R. Johnson

Nivel de Edad: 7 y más | Nivel de Grado: 2 y más
Probado con Niños, Aprobado por Padres y Maestros.
Ganador Oro del Mom’s Choice Award 2018 – Antologías para Niños
Ganador del Royal Dragonfly Award 2018 – Libro de Capítulos para Niños

La vida en la primaria Flint Hill puede parecer normal, pero siete amigos se encuentran en el camino para descifrar el código para una vida épica. Ya sea que estén persiguiendo sus sueños en el escenario, buscando a un escurridizo pez monstruo o ejecutando un negocio improvisado desde su casa del árbol, ¿pueden estos héroes encontrar una manera de trabajar juntos para cambiar su comunidad?

Un libro divertido, gracioso y con buen ritmo que contiene siete historias cortas, culminando en un giro ingenioso. Es para lectores jóvenes; tanto niñas como niños. Además está hermosamente ilustrado. Es un maravilloso libro para niños excelente como regalo casual o de cumpleaños.

Lo que los lectores y críticos están diciendo�

“Code 7 capta a los niños a través de historias entretenidas que revelan importantes reflexiones sobre carácter, integridad y responsabilidad social. Este libro es una inspiración para los niños que desean perseguir sus pasiones y traer ideas originales al mundo.” – Adam Grant, autor bestseller del New York Times NYTBS 

“Este es un gran libro que te llevará a las vidas de siete personajes increíbles. Lo que amé fue que el libro tiene un número de historias dentro de él y cada una te deja un mensaje que no olvidarás. Algunos de los mensajes que aborda hablan sobre cuestiones de creer en ti mismo, tener un carácter fuerte, ayudar a otros, preocuparte por algo más allá de ti mismo, persistencia, valentía y creatividad. Todas estas historias son las que mi hija amaba leer y eso hizo al libro disfrutable así como también de lectura rápida. El libro es inspirador y realmente permite al lector evaluar dónde está en su propia vida. Lleno de momentos divertidos e importantes, ¡este es un libro que quieres leer!” – Papá de Divas

“A mis tres hijos les gustó Code 7. Como padre, encontrar algo que disfruten leer es mi primera prioridad. Si pueden obtener un mensaje positivo de ello, mucho mejor.” – Papá Geek

“Como padre amo tener un recurso como éste disponible para los niños. No creo que en el mundo de hoy éstas lecciones puedan ser destacadas lo suficiente. No quiero dar el código, pero vivir con él llevaría a una vida épica.” – Be Your Best Mom

Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life is now in Spanish!

Life at Flint Hill Elementary School may seem normal, but seven friends find themselves on a path to crack the code for an epic life. Whether they’re chasing their dreams on stage, searching for an elusive monster fish, or running a makeshift business out of a tree house, can these heroes find a way to work together to change their community?

  • Read the book in Spanish or flip to the back to read it in English.
  • Great for both English and Spanish Language Learners, practicing fluency with immersive text.
  • Entertaining and meaningful short stories that appeal to children, both boys and girls ages 7-12.
  • Excellent for classroom use, homeschooling, and personal education.

Age Level: 7 and up | Grade Level: 2 and up
Kid Tested. Parent and Teacher Approved.
Mom’s Choice Award Gold Recipient 2018 – Children’s Anthologies
Royal Dragonfly Winner 2018 – Children’s Chapter Books

Code 7 engages kids through entertaining stories that reveal important insights about character, integrity, and social responsibility. This book is an inspiration to children who wish to pursue their passions and bring original ideas into the world.” – Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author

1 Lucky Leprechaun! A St. Patrick’s Day Count-to-10 Book for Babies & Toddlers 0-3

by Green Light Go

Can your little one find the golden shamrock hiding on every page?
A St. Patrick’s Day “count-to-10” book for ages 0-3.

1 Lucky Leprechaun,
2 Pots of Gold,
3 Beautiful Rainbows,
4 Dancing Shoes…

How to Draw Animals: 101 Step-by-Step Animal Drawings

by Thomas Media

How to Draw Animals

How to Draw Animals provides simple, easy-to-follow pictures that make it easy for kids to start drawing. Boost confidence and inspire creativity with more than 101 animals including dogs, cats, birds, bees, insects, hippos, kangaroos, and many more. There is plenty of room to practice each drawing.Learning how to draw animals is fun and easy, each animal is divided into 9 easy to follow step. Each step contains a simple prompt to show the newly added elements. Simply follow each step, adding the new shapes and you’ll have your animal drawn in minutes.Start off drawing lightly with a pencil and don’t worry about making mistakes as there are multiple spaces for you to practice. It’s easy to start over, just erase the pencil drawings should you wish. Once you’re finished, you can then color in your very own drawing.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.