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His First His Second (An Alicia Friend Investigation Book 1)

by A. D. Davies

Meet Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend. She’s nice. Too nice to be a police officer, if she’s honest.

Now the annoyingly-perky detective finds herself in the grip of a northern British winter, investigating the kidnap-murders of two young women.

When a third is taken, Alicia has less than a week to chip away the secrets of a high-society family, and uncover the killer’s objective.

But Richard – the father of the latest victim – believes the police are not moving quickly enough, so launches a parallel investigation, utilising skills honed in a dark past that is about to catch up with him.

As Richard’s secret actions hinder the police, the clock is ticking until another innocent person dies, and Alicia will be forced into choices that will impact the rest of her life.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Reviews “An intriguing mix of police procedural and serial killer thriller, that will tease, involve and unnerve you. An entertaining and intriguing debut.”

Undercover Book Reviews: “Want a book with twists and turns? This is the one. It will not disappoint.”

For a chilling serial killer thriller with a quirky main character, pick up His First His Second today!

Alicia Friend Books in Order:

1. His First His Second

2. In Black In White

3. With Courage With Fear

4. A Friend In Spirit

5. To Hide To Seek (novella)

6. A Flood of Bones

Also available: Box set: Alicia Friend Investigations Box Set Books 1-3

Peril at the Pawn Shop: A Cozy Mystery for Pet Lovers (A Walk in the Bark Book 1)

by Mel Faye

Annie Hudson is busy. Really busy.

With her petsitting client, Ralph the pug, at her side, Annie is running around town walking dogs, training greyhounds, organizing puppy classes, and taking energetic Vizlas for runs. And it’s all to save money for and build interest in her not-yet-named dog store, the business she’s dreamed of for years.

But Annie’s plans change when she finds out that the death of local pawn shop owner, George Appleby, has been ruled a suicide. She knows that there’s at least one person in town who will benefit from Appleby’s death: Chet West, the real estate mogul who’s trying to buy up all the small businesses in her little town and replace them with chain stores and tourist destinations.

And one day soon the small store going out of business might be her own.

Now Annie’s determined to figure out what happened to Appleby and how Chet West is involved – even if the police don’t care. And the more she and Ralph run around chasing down leads and sniffing out suspects, the more Annie realizes that Little Nectar, Connecticut, is not the wholesome little town she thought it was.

Peril at the Pawn Shop is Book 1 of the light-hearted Walk in the Bark cozy mystery series. It features:

…an amateur detective whose spunk is liable to get her in trouble

…a pug who snores in his sleep

…a small town full of quirky characters

…a mystery that will keep you guessing until you turn that last page

…no foul language, cliffhangers, or gore

Scroll up and buy it now!

Bad Karma: A gripping serial killer thriller with a twist (The Criminally Insane Series Book 1)

by Douglas Clegg

“I’m coming for you. You will never escape me.”

She’s the most dangerous inmate in the hospital for the criminally insane…and she just broke out. Get the series: Red Angel(#2) and Night Cage (#3). When Trey Campbell takes his family to Catalina Island, his escaped patient leaves a trail of bodies behind as she hunts for her one true love – from a previous life.

A gripping psychological thriller full of page-turning suspense and mind-bending horror for fans of James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, and Robert Bryndza.

364 pages. Read all the books in the Criminally Insane series.

“Clegg’s stories can chill the spine so effectively that the reader should keep paramedics on standby.” â?? Dean Koontz, New York Times bestselling author

*”A sleek, smooth, and constantly surprising page-turner…” â?? Ed Gorman, bestselling author of The Marilyn Tapes and The Poker Club.

“Douglas Clegg knows exactly what scares us, and he knows just how to twist those fears into hair-raising chills…” â?? Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author.

And The Rain Came Down (Jeb Shaw Book 1)

by S.A. Bailey

A roughneck, redneck, and a brawler, Jeb Shaw had a wild streak wide as a country mile, and he left home happy to have a war to fight. Now, battle scarred and weary, he’s returned to the girl of his dreams, and the small East Texas town he grew up. Anxious to start the real life he’d promised himself in the desert, the new demands of being a college student, husband, and provider, prove a heavy burden. Making ends meet as muscle for bondsmen, a handout of a job from an old friend, he’s frayed and running on empty. Swarming in debt, consumed by his failures, staring his own demons in the face, and drowning in the ever widening gulf he’s created between him and the woman he loves so dearly, he knows he’s going to lose it all. And then someone with too much money throws him a life preserver. In exchange for a simple task, one of the few he’s qualified for, he can be back on his feet. He takes it without question, knowing full well it can’t be that simple. Because in East Texas, a land on the rugged edge of the Old South, where Gothic mysticism collides violently with the rugged individualism of the Old West, nothing is ever quite what it seems, nothing is ever easy, and when it rains, it pours.

A Psychic with Catitude (Reg Rawlins, Psychic Detective Book 2)

by P.D. Workman

Reg Rawlins is back in business, asked by Detective Jessup to consult on a missing persons case.

Little does she know that it’s not your average teen runaway or kidnapping. There is something strange going on.

Reg is dealing with her own personal issues with her health, an overly-interested warlock, and a furry psychic partner with definite attitude.

Time is running short for the teen and Reg needs to act now.

Rosemary’s Gravy (A We Sisters Three Mystery Book 1)

by Melissa F. Miller

Meet Rosemary Field, chemist turned private chef, in this fresh and funny romantic mystery from a USA Today bestseller.

The day I become a murder suspect starts like any other. I’m busy prepping for a dinner party, regretting my life choices, and putting up with my diva movie star boss’s antics.

But when said miserable movie star dies from an allergic reaction after eating my cooking, the police want to charge me and close the case.

To clear my reputation and stay out of prison, I have to find the real murderer. The suspect list is long (did I mention she was a rotten person?) and includes a womanizing race car driver; a powerful music producer; Hollywood’s hottest leading man; and, oh yeah, Felix, the dead woman’s gorgeous stepson–which gets a bit awkward when he and I start dating.

Things go from bad to worse when Felix nearly dies from food poisoning after I make him a romantic dinner.

Now I’m unhappily single, unemployed, and once again on the wrong side of the LAPD.

Salvaging an oversalted sauce? No problem. Saving my bacon while a ruggedly handsome homicide detective investigates me for murder? We’ll see …

I Can See You: British Detective (Jonathan Roper Investigates Book 2)

by Michael Leese

Fans of Sherlock Holmes and David Baldacci’s Amos Decker will love Jonathan Roper.

His would-be-killer is desperate to spend some quality time with Scotland Yard’s brightest young star. He tries to grab Roper’s attention with some gory messages but no-one is noticing and now he’s getting angry.
Roper owes his detective skills to an astonishing memory, and attention to detail that allows him to spot links other people miss. But his autism makes things complicated. He doesn’t mean to be difficult, but his lack of social skills make him a hard man to like. Detective Chief Inspector Brian Hooley is the one man who “gets” himâ?¦ even though the DCI needs to withstand a barrage of bracingly direct observations that many would see as insults. This forms the back-drop for some laugh out loud moments as the tension mounts in this gripping crime thriller.
I Can See You is the second novel in the Jonathan Roper series and can be read as a standalone story.


“I absolutely loved it. I find the characters so well written and the story lines so captivating that I have to slow myself down while reading. This is the best series I have come across in years.” Patscats

“Another great story! Michael Leese is a fantastic new writer. I look forward to reading many more of his books.”” Hickydo

“I really enjoyed the story. The characters are fascinating and the story had so many twists and turns. It kept you guessing until the end. I highly recommend this book.” Sheryl

“This second Jonathan Roper investigation is as good as the first. A fascinating tale of an autistic detective ably backed up by an experienced Scotland Yard inspector. Kind of a modern day Doctor Watson to Sherlock Holmes, with a twist.” Charles

“Good plot and well developed characters. Would appeal to those loving a page turner as well as those loving a psychological police thriller.” Marvin

“The plot was intriguing and Roper, our hero, floundered a bit but his logical mind figured it out. A fun mystery as Roper thinks differently than most detectives.” M. Russell

“Another real page turner, bought 2 days ago and could not put it down. Sadly finished already. Really looking forward to any further books with Jonathan Roper, lovely fresh ideas. Recommend if you enjoy crime/thrillers.” JulesG

“This is a fascinating author who writes a very believable thriller. I would highly recommend anyone to read this book” cprchw

“Good read. Kept me guessing till the end. Hard to put down. Really liked the characters. Would very highly recommend.” James

MULTIPLE MOTIVES: A Kate Huntington Mystery (The Kate Huntington mystery series Book 1)

by Kassandra Lamb

Psychotherapist Kate Huntington helps other people cope with the horrible things that have happened to them, but she herself has led a charmed life… until now.

When a series of what seem like random eventsâ??a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong timeâ??takes a sinister twist, it becomes apparent that she and her lawyer friend, Rob Franklin, have a common enemy. But the lead police detective has a different theory. He’s convinced Kate and Rob are lovers attempting to eliminate their spouses. And he seems determined to build a case against them.

As the attacks escalate, Kate and Rob are forced to investigate on their own. Who hates them enough to want them both dead? And doesn’t seem to mind if others get caught in the crossfire!

(All of the books in this series are designed to be read and enjoyed as stand-alones as well; no cliffhangers.)

Watch Over (The DeLuca Family Book 1)

by Amy Reece

Melanie Blythe has a house, a career, and a cat. She doesn’t need a man.

But she isn’t the only one who’s noticed the gorgeous cop down the street. When her faithless cat prances home from the cop’s house with a note tucked in his collar, it might be the beginning of something beautifulâ?¦or it might be Melanie’s death warrant.

Detective Finn DeLuca is stuck at home recovering from a hit-and-run accident, and has plenty of time to wonder about the woman two doors down. There’s something mysterious about the beautiful brunette, and he’s determined to get to know her.

But someone else has other plans.

As the two grow closer, someone is watchingâ??and waiting. Sooner or later, their chance will come.

And the two lovebirds will never see it coming.

Truth (A Sinful Series Book 1)

by Trilina Pucci

Darker and dirtier than ever before. Trilina Pucci brings you an alpha hero, Dominic King, that breaks the mold. Get ready to swoon.

The moment I saw her, I knew I wanted her.
I just didn’t expect to want to keep her after our one night together.
But she walked away.
She should have known better.
I’m not the kind of man you turn your back on.
I’ll own her.
Consume her.
Make her beg.
What started as one night, will become forever. And I’ll destroy anyone that gets in my way.
Drew Matthews is mine, and I am her King.

The Detective Fiction Collection – Volume #1

by Gaston Leroux

The Detective Fiction Collection brings together 28 of the greatest detective classics ever written, by the greatest authors to ever live. 


IN A GROVE, by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
FANTOMAS, by Marcel Allain
THE ISLAND MYSTERY, by George Birmingham
THE SECRET ADVERSARY, by Agatha Christie
NO NAME, by Wilkie Collins
THE WOMAN IN WHITE, by Wilkie Collins
HUNTED DOWN, by Charles Dickens
THE TRIAL FOR MURDER, by Charles Dickens
THE MYSTERY OF CLOOMBER, by Arthur Conan Doyle
DEAD MEN’S MONEY, by J.S. Fletcher
THE CAT’S EYE, by R. Austin Freeman
THE RED THUMB MARK, by R. Austin Freeman
THE HONOR OF THE NAME, by Ã?mile Gaboriau
THE ROME EXPRESS, by Arthur Griffiths
ARSON PLUS, by Dashiell Hammett
GREEN TEA, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
THE SEVEN SECRETS, by William Le Queux
THE LODGER, by Marie Lowndes


by Jeff Marschall

In the cold harsh winter of the Canadian Prairies a secret is about to be unearthed. Medical resident John Mueller finds himself serendipitously in possession of a professor’s coveted research. On the run, John evades enemies and authorities, unsure of who he can trust along the way. John must decode the professors past in order to understand the magnitude of what he has uncovered. While searching for explanations he ignites a new romance and rekindles an old one. But as John begins to realize the magnitude of his discovery, the ultimate decision of how to proceed with this knowledge is far from clear. As he struggles to predict the ramifications of the research, he will ultimately shoulder the responsibility of deciding whether its knowledge will benefit humanity or accelerate its path to destruction.

Treated as Murder: Edith Horton Mysteries: #1

by Noreen Wainwright

Set in 1931, Edith Horton is a former VAD who finds herself not only struggling with her inner demons, but with the presence of evil in her village in the Yorkshire Dales. Her brother is suspected of murdering an elderly wealthy widow, and sins of the past have echoes in her life and the lives of those close to her.

Terminal Rage

by A.M. Khalifa

Khalifa’s twisty thriller begins with a terrorist takeover of a Manhattan skyscraper. Former FBI agent Alex Blackwell is dragged from retirement to handle a hostage situation in a New York City high-rise. Seth, the terrorist leader, demands a safe escape and a trade – the kidnapped daughter of an influential senator for the release of two bombers imprisoned in Egypt. Once the deal is struck and completed, Blackwell vows to hunt down Seth. His quest is interrupted by chapters featuring Sam Morgan, a Southern California software developer who’s lured to a new job in New York City. The way the stories connect is ingenious and shocking. The hair-raising plot hops around the globe, and the result is one of the most addictive and unputdownable international thrillers to come along in a long time.

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