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Empath: 3 Manuscripts in 1 – An Effective Practical Guide, A 21 Step by Step Guide, A Psychologistâ??s Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People â?? Overcome Your Fears and Develop Your Gift

by Alex C. Wolf

If you are tired of having little to no control over your reaction to the emotions of other people and want to protect your sanity and mental health, then keep reading.

Are you sick and tired of being used by manipulative people who know how to exploit your “weakness”? Have you tried without success to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by the energies other people put out?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to the nagging feeling of having to put the needs of others above yours before you can find peace and discover something which works for you?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

You see, I used to struggle with being highly attuned to what other people were feeling. I basically had no filter and the emotions of other people would just wash over me like a wave, often leaving me drained, overwhelmed and unproductive. Eventually, I got tired of it and knew I had to find a way to install desperately needed emotional filters if I wanted to retain my sanity.

After countless hours of research and poring over dozens of books on the topic along with a lot of trial and error, I finally found a solid blueprint that worked perfectly for me and helped me better process the emotional input from others in a healthy way.

This book contains everything you need to know about empathy and has the following guides:

    1. Empath: An Effective Practical Guide
    2. Empath: A 21 Step-by-Step Guide
    3. A Psychologist’s Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Having helped people regain control of their lives and turn their empathy into a formidable strength instead of a debilitating weakness, I can show you how you too can also gain mastery over your responses to the emotional stimuli of others and develop your gift. In fact, it’s easier than you think. You’ll see!

In this book, you’re going to discover:

  • A checklist to find out if you or someone you know is an empath
  • How to get started on the path to self-acceptance if you’re an empath
  • Feeling out of place or like you don’t belong? You’re going to find seven tips to help you regain self-confidence
  • How to deal with the impostor syndrome that is often common with empaths
  • Step-by-step instructions on dealing with emotional overload and burnout
  • Breaking out of the vicious cycle of negativity that sensitive people are often prone to
  • The ten main ways your gift can manifest and how you can identify yours
  • No-nonsense meditation guide designed specifically for empaths
  • …and tons more!

Imagine how much more in control you’d feel if you could properly process emotional stimulus from other people and not let it mess with your head and your day. No matter where you are on the scale of emotional sensitivity, there’s something in these pages for you.

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How To Win Back Your Lover In A Nutshell

by In A Nutshell Publishing

Nothing hurts worse than losing the one person that makes the world make sense. Everything around you looks grey. Nothing seems enjoyable anymore and suddenly you are falling… falling away from your friends, your family, your job. It doesn’t seem fair that one person exiting your life can take so much joy with them, but unfortunately… that is very much the reality.

There is some good news! What you have in front of you is the ultimate guide for winning the back the love of your life.
Did your husband run off with the Sunday school teacher?
Did your boyfriend say he needed some space?
Did the guy you were seeing decide to go back to his wife?
Did your girlfriend leave you for someone with a nicer car?
Did your wife go on a business trip and never come back?

You should know that you aren’t alone. This How-To Guide will help you put together a foolproof plan to win your lover back.

Love is difficult. Keeping it is hard. Regaining love you have lost can be almost impossible, so don’t do it alone.
We will help you get the love of your life back once and for all.

Autism Denied

by Elizabeth Brown

Fictional accounts of how the autism spectrum impacts lives when it is denied, or improperly handled. The stories are a continuation of a previous collection entitled They Think That I Am Somewhat.

The Single Question That Will Save Your Marriage (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 4)

by Liam Naden

Are you struggling to hold your marriage together? Does it seem that you and your spouse have complicated problems and you just can’t seem to find a solution to them? Have you “tried everything” but you’re still not able to create the marriage you really want?

If so, this book is for you. In it you will discover:

– The ONE question to ask that can literally save your marriage
– How your answer to that question will virtually guarantee whether your marriage survives or not
– Why ALL marriage problems come down to this single question
– The Four Steps that will show you how to eliminate your problems and save your marriage from divorce

and much more.

In this book marriage coach Liam Naden shows you how to quickly overcome the pain and confusion in your marriage and get your relationship back on track. Don’t consider ending your marriage until you have read this!

How I Began Dating Two Women At Once: A Journal

by Jack Diamond

Ever wanted to know how to juggle two women at the same time? I’ll admit that I’m not a master or anything, but I did manage to do this a few years ago. Fortunately, I kept a journal at the time and wrote down my experience. Now I’ve decided to publish it.

In a nutshell, I started dating one girl that I met through a volunteer program. The other one, I met during a New Years Eve celebration.

I’ll admit that now I feel bad about having played them both, but let’s just say I have paid for it in karma points since then!

Still, I feel this book captures the spirit of what it was like for me to date two women simultaneously. Enjoy!

They Think That I Am Somewhat

by Elizabeth Brown

The new DSM-5 has disquieted the autism community as it seeks to mesh both Asperger Syndrome and PDD-NOS into one category–Autism Spectrum Disorder. Some auties applaud it; some aspies abhor it. Others remain wary, fearing they may be left behind or lose services.

Despite the controversy, few would refute that individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum all share commonalities.

Six short stories attempt to portray the realities of autism, past and present, the idiosyncratic behaviors apparent with individuals on the higher and lower end of the autism spectrum, and show how these behaviors don’t just cause a ripple but rather a tsunami, especially if not understood properly.

A Dangerous Winter (Angie & Bernie Mystery Series Book 1)

by K.L. Kovar

Angie thought working as a reporter for a small town weekly newspaper would be peaceful and safe. She was dead wrong.

Angie Kramer fled Chicago and her abusive husband, taking only her clothes, her car, and her big dog, Bernie. She finds a job as a reporter for a weekly newspaper in rural Wyoming. It’s a safe job, in a safe place…at first.

But a letter sent to Angie’s advice column puts her in danger. A man befriended an elderly gentleman and then stole ten million dollars from his estate. His sister asks if she should turn him in to the police? Or try to find the rightful heirs?

Angie agrees to help locate the heirs, only to discover the deceased was an accountant who stole from a Russian mafia- owned company involved in human trafficking.

The FBI arrested the ringleaders, but is still looking for the accountant and the embezzled money. The Russians are looking for the money, too.

Now, they’re both in town, and they’re both looking for Angie. And so is her ex-husband.

Angie’s clean break is getting a little muddy. So much for “peaceful and safe”.

Adhd Diet: Effective Way to Eat Food and Avoid Food to Help ADD Symptoms

by Crystal Moore

What’s an ADHD diet?

It can include the foods you eat and any nutritional supplements you could take. preferably, your eating habits might assist the mind work better and reduce signs and symptoms, along with restlessness or loss of focus. you could pay attention about these alternatives that you could focus on:

Standard vitamins: the idea is that some foods you eat might also make your signs and symptoms better or worse. you may additionally now not be consuming some things that might assist make signs higher.

Supplementation diet: With this plan, you upload nutrients, minerals, or different vitamins. The concept is that it is able to assist you are making up for not getting sufficient of those through what you eat. Supporters of those diets assume that in case you don’t get sufficient of sure nutrients, it could upload to your symptoms.

Removal diets: these involve not consuming meals or substances which you assume might be triggering sure behaviors or making your symptoms worse.

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My Nightmare in Georgia Based on A True Story): The Novel

by A. L. Norton

Lindsey, a young woman, narrates the story of her childhood growing up in an abusive home, where brutal beatings and violence took place. She refers to her therapist, that her father is “The Boogeyman.” Things inside the home only get worse when Lindsey begins to blossom as a young teenager. Not only the beatings, now her father begins to molest, sexually assault, and brutally rape her. It doesn’t stop there. Matter’s for Lindsey only seem to get worse and her life begins to spiral out of control. A must read. Winner of a Reader’s Choice Award! This is part of a book series. “Mother Should Have Build The Wall,” is part two of the book series. Part of the proceeds from both books go to Janie’s Fund – Janie’s House, that front man of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, started for young, abused girls to have a safe place to go for therapy and treatment after abuse from their fathers. What a great cause! Your reviews matter! It helps the book sell and grow for this cause. Please be kind and leave a review! My story was not easy to write, but I did it! Thank you for your kindness!

Parenting:UNPLUG YOUR KIDS FROM THE DIGITAL WORLD!18 Rules on how to Teach Your Child to Reconnect with the Real World in a Digital Age, Using Love and … (Parenting,Digital Age,With Love and Logic)

by Iovana Yao


It is obvious that children today have become too used to having a tablet or smartphone in their hands for entertainment. The age of outdoor play, imaginative and creative play are being put in danger, along with your children’s health and development.
It is now time to unplug your kids from the digital world and help them reconnect with the real world!
Let your child experience the world and develop into a healthy human being – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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It Is Okay To Feel

by Amanda Cottrell

Do you know any children who have big feelings? No Problem!

All feelings are okay! They come and go and constantly change.

Part of being human is the ability to feel and express emotions.

Identifying feelings, allowing time to feel, and dealing with them appropriately, is an important skill that needs to be nurtured and developed.

Spark conversations with children about feelings and ways to express them.

Read as a story or page by page; with bonus teaching ideas at the back.

Will your child benefit from opening up about their feelings?
It’s a trick question because everyone would!

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Ignite Your Life: 4 Essential Keys to Survive a Loss

by John Filutze

This book contains helpful information on how to survive a difficult divorce or the loss of a loved one, both going through the process and after the loss has happened. Divorce is a word you may never have thought would be part of our vocabulary. You may not have expected to lose your spouse, parent, child, or best friend. These events can seem overwhelming and cause feelings of hopelessness. However, you CAN survive and have a winning life.

Ancestry: How to Research Your Family History and Climb Your Family Tree: Genealogy tips, Honor Your Heritage, Celebrate Family (Ancestor Research, Family Tree)

by Trina Boice

Use These Powerful Genealogy Techniques to Immediately Begin Finding Information About Your Family Tree!

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99, regularly priced at $3.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.
You’re about to discover how toâ?¦
Learn more about yourself when you learn about your ancestors! This book will help you know what to do with all of those old family photos sitting in a box and how to connect them to real names and dates. You’ll learn how to use popular and free web sites to gather information and build your personal family tree. Find and meet living relatives who can help you research and share more information, including stories, photos, and vital documents.
In addition to the helpful tips and “how to” information, you will also be inspired as you read true stories from people just like you who witnessed miracles as they researched their own family information. There are pages filled with fun and creative ways you can celebrate your family and honor your heritage. Even kids will become interested in helping you search for more information about your family!
You need this book today!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

  • How to find information about your ancestors online.
  • How to organize the information and records you find.
  • What to do when you hit a brick wall in your research.
  • How to get information from your ancestors’ tombstones when you can’t travel to the cemeteries where they’re buried.
  • How to find heirlooms and artifacts that belonged to your ancestors.
  • How to connect with living relatives
  • How to share information with other people who are researching the same ancestors you are.
  • How to get your family and children interested in genealogy.
  • How to plan a family reunion.
  • How to honor your heritage in creative ways.
  • How to qualify for university scholarships based on your heritage and ethnicity
  • What to do with ancestors who were adopted.
  • How to create memorable family events and traditions
  • Download your copy today!
    Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99! Each chapter offers easy-to-follow tips and gets you started on specific tasks to help you quickly move along in your search for your ancestors.

    Check Out What Others Are Sayingâ?¦

    “There’s a real risk with family history books that they can be dry and difficult, but this one is superb. The tone is light and friendly, and I loved the activity suggestions, the funny asides, and the true life stories contributed by others who’d had their own adventures in family history.

    It starts by assuming that you’re completely new to the pursuit but does it without being patronizing and very quickly reaches a level which even experienced genealogists can benefit from. It’s a joy to read, and I raced through it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Anna Buttimore – Goodreads

    My mother got into genealogy years ago, not long after I had a large family tree project in school, which started us on the path to discovering ancestors hundreds of years back. My mother has continued this passion, and I know this book is a definite gift for her. It not only helps the inexperienced get started on genealogy, but offer tips and ideas for doing more with our family that is still with us, and relates some truly inspirational stories about how our ancestors may be gone, but their helping hands can be felt throughout our lives, especially when we seek to learn more about where we came from. I love every anecdote and story in this book, and all the wonderful tips and advice, and cannot wait to make a gift out of it for Mom and others.
    Amanda Meuwissen – Goodreads

    Great serendipitous examples of experiences genealogists have when searching for ancestors.
    Tera Duncan – Goodreads

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    Scrag – Up The Hill Backwards: A defiant true story of child abuse

    by Jesamine James

    Based on a true story of a girl coping with an abusive childhood in the 1970s in central England.

    His voice echoes through her nightmares, “Even when I die, I’ll come back to haunt you.”
    It’s time for Jes to bury Marie’s ghosts forever.
    Six-year-old Marie finds her world has changed and become one of confusion, deceit and abuse.
    No longer called by her birth name, she is unaffectionately referred to as Scrag.
    Her will to survive manifests quite bizarre tactics, as she deviates off course into a childhood of insanity, paranoia, glue-sniffing, self-harming and messages from David Bowie ringing through her ears.
    Her mind contrives strategies to cope with the continued onslaught that it seems destined to endure.
    Adulthood is her escape route if she can survive the wait, but can demons be truly locked away in the past forever?
    This is the story of one child’s mind at the mercy of a real life monster.

    Author note:
    This is my story of how a paedophile entered my life, home and family when I was six years old.
    I highlight how he attempted to break my mind, soul and spirit for his total control over me. I fought for my sanity, survival and freedom against his evil and constant onslaught of abuse.
    I was Marie; now I’m Jes.

    Mother Should Have Helped Build The Wall (My Nightmare in Georgia Sequel Book 2)

    by A. L. Norton

    Lindsey is narrating, taking you back to the early years when the child abuse began. The struggles of living in a home with an abusive father that could become so violent, bringing fear and terror into the home, even when they least expect it. Humans, pets, no one is safe. The cruelty that her dad can dish out is unimaginable. Broken bones can heal, but broken minds remain broken forever. This is a sequel to “My Nightmare in Georgia, Based on A True story.” If you have not read that book yet, get your copy while grabbing a copy of this book. Half the proceeds from both books go to Janie’s Fund – Janie’s House that front man Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, opened up for young, abused girls to go to be safe, get therapy and the help that they need. Those girls, are just like me. What a great cause! If you don’t mind, please be kind and leave a review for this book. It helps bring the book more to life and helps with the cause! This was a very hard story to write, based on my life. Thank you!

    Is She Cheating? : Crack The Cheat Code And Find Out RIGHT NOW If She Is Cheating Or Not, Why She Cheats, And What You Need To Do Next – Surviving Infidelity (Affairs and Infidelity Book 2)

    by Lisa Daily

    Surviving Infidelity: Find out right now if your wife or girlfriend is having an affair.
    Or thinking about it.

    Are you afraid she’s sleeping with another man?
    Suspicious she’s cheating with someone she met online?
    Has something changed in your relationship?
    Are you stressed and worried, feeling like you’re going crazy, wondering what’s really going on?

    Here’s How to Find Out if She’s Cheating Right Now:

    * Find out if she’s high-risk for an affair, and how to tell if she’s genetically-programmed to cheat
    * The real reason she’s not having sex with you
    * Why she cheats, how to affair proof your relationships, and how to tell if they’re not just friends.
    * Unmistakable signs of cheating, the latest spy gadgets to track infidelity in marriage
    * The single best place to look for evidence if you suspect an affair
    * How to become a human lie detector: know instantly if she’s telling the truth about infidelity or catch her in a lie on the spot
    * What you need to do right this minute if you think she’s cheating
    * The biggest mistake you’ll make when confronting her about her infidelity and affairs that can keep you from ever learning the truth
    *How emotional affairs can be foreplay for infidelity
    * How to move on once you learn the truth about her affairs and infidelity — whether you stay with her or not

    50% of men who think their partner is cheating are right
    There’s a reason those alarm bells are going off in your head, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something bad is happening.

    We know how you feel: You feel sick every time you think about it. You feel betrayed, humiliated and disrespected. What went wrong?

    Why is she acting so weird lately?
    Odd little things leave you feeling unsettled: Sex is different or nonexistent. She keeps mentioning the same guy from work. Her phone is off when you need to reach her. She’s distant, disconnected, or picking a lot of fights lately. Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something’s off. You can feel it in your gut.

    You try to trust her, but you can’t help picturing her with another man, maybe someone you know — a friend or the guy at work, maybe even in your own bed.

    You’re not alone
    What you need are answers and support â??proven advice to find out right now, for sure, if she’s cheating on you or not. And more importantly, what you should do next. That’s why Lisa Daily, the sex, emotional affairs & infidelity expert on NBC’s DAYTIME show and best selling author of numerous relationship advice books, wrote Is She Cheating? :Crack the cheat code and find out right now if she is cheating or not, why she cheats, and what you need to do next. It’s a detailed, step-by-step plan to finding out the truth about whether or not she’s sleeping around, cheating online, or having an emotional affair. Lisa holds your hand every step of the way –from validating your suspicions to gathering evidence to teaching you exactly what to say to get the truth you need.

    Not knowing the truth is killing you
    Worry and fear keep you up at night, making you doubt what’s real and what’s not, making you feel disrespected, humiliated and alone. Your relationship is in trouble. And no matter what you learn when you discover the truth, you can’t continue like this. If it hasn’t already, eventually the stress of the situation will spread like a cancer into every other area of your life – your work, your confidence, your sex life. You can’t go on this way.

    Surviving Infidelity: Get Answers Today With The Best Book On The Subject Of Affairs in Marriage






    This short read is a chilling true life story about a fifteen year old girl, Holly Harvey and her lesbian lover, Sandra Ketchum, and their frenzied, brutal murder, fueled by drugs, of Holly’s grandparents. The two were likened by one newspaper as being teenage Thelma and Louise.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.