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ACT IntelliPrep: Effective Preparatory Practices to Ace ACT Test

by Intelligent+ .

The ACT is one of the most crucial tests a student is required to take. This test determines which college you can attend and whether or not you are selected in a college of your choice.

Preparing for the ACT is something students need to pay a lot of attention to. Most colleges require students to complete the ACT and SAT tests if they would like to enroll and be admitted into the college.

Certain universities do not accept students without this test, and this is one of the major reasons why you need to make sure you ace your test.

Topics below that will help you to ace your ACT;

  • Identifying your weakness
  • Practice test strategies
  • The secret on getting the perfect ACT score
  • Top ACT English strategies you must use
  • Mastering the Math section
  • How to crack the ACT Reading Section
  • The ACT Science Strategies

What are you waiting for?….Grab a copy of this book and prepare to ace your ACT.

Fluent French Now, Become Fluent in 2 Months, Without Grammar

by Simon Schalumov


Because we are hard-wired to learn language a certain way, it’s already pre-programmed in every one of us. Imagine teaching 9 months old child grammatic rules. In fact, we can understand the grammatic rules of our mother tongues when we are just sweet 7 months old.


This eBook will unmask these principles, explain what language truly is because its more than just I say something and you understand something, language gives us the ability to think, see, feel touch and every new language broadens these horizons. Every new language is a completely new pair of eyes we use to see this world.

You will learn:

  • How I became fluent in French just after 2 months

  • How learning any language will boost your brains performance

  • How to cut down to principles every Polyglot uses

  • Why we need to sleep

  • What language truly is

Piano Scales Grade 1: Easy Guide

by Giuseppe Corrao

This is a simple guide designed on how to play scales for ABRSM Grade 1 piano exam.
I will help you to memorize all sharps and flats effortlessly and to play scales using a simple but effective formula.
After reading this guide I can guarantee you will be able to play all Grade 1 scales in a flash!

ATI TEAS 6: The Ultimate Study Guide: The Unofficial Guide to Better Results

by Barfield

ATI TEAS 6: The Ultimate Study Guide – The Unofficial Guide to Better Results

Students of nursing programs and courses are faced with the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examinations as soon as they graduate. However, many are now aware about the ATI TEAS 6.

If you’re considering applying for a program or course to become a nurse, you should probably acquaint yourself with ATI TEAS 6. It’s a widely accepted and common admission test required by many nursing schools in the US and Canada. It covers basic high school subjects such as Math and Science. It acts as an exam that needs to be taken before a graduating high school student is admitted into college or university, similar to SAT or ACT exams.

What makes TEAS 6 different from its college admission counterparts is its focus in nursing-related programs. It provides an assessment of a student whether he or she will do well in a nursing school based on his or her TEAS score. It is an extremely challenging test. It requires thorough study and preparation, so you can achieve success.

If you want to ace TEAS 6, the ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide: The Ultimate Study Guide is the perfect solution for you. It’s a comprehensive guidebook for your TEAS studies. It also includes a full-length practice test with detailed explanations of each answer to help you review.

ATI TEAS 6 – The Ultimate Study Guide also includes refresher lessons on all subjects covered by the test, and review of difficult lessons. It includes a summary of information arranged by subject, so you can easily focus on each one of them. It includes important lessons you need to do well on the test such as procedures, concepts, principles, and even vocabulary that your nursing school expects you to have mastered before studying for a nursing program. It also provides you with tips to help you study better and take the exam with confidence.

This study guide is a big help, an important tool to achieve your goal. If you’re taking the test for the first time or retaking it, this will help you pass the TEAS test.

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The 30 Minute Change: Learn To Change Anything In Your Life In 30 Minutes Or Less (Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind)

by Pat Sweeney

What is the “30 Minute Change”?
Let me start off by telling you what it is not. It is not a 30 minute routine or program you have to do every day or week. It is not a 30 minute shortcut to lose weight, make money, find love, quit bad habits, start new ones, get in shape or change your career.
The “30 Minute Change” is a One Time detailed step by step process, which engages your current thoughts on a specific subject and then, through a visual, auditory, kinesthetic & Whole Brain exercise, helps you set a “New Belief Statement” in motion at the subconscious level based on my new formula for change: AOSED
Everything worthwhile you have ever done in your life began with a thought…followed by an action. And, unfortunately, everything you have wished you would have done, also began with a thought…followed by an action, of which the action was, to do nothing. Everyone has thoughts about a change they want to make, but very few have been trained in how to effectively turn those thoughts into New Beliefs which can then alter the course of one’s life.
Real and lasting change only happens after personal Awareness begins. Awareness provides a transparent view of the Obstacles. Once you can define the Obstacles, you are able to formulate a Strategy. When you have a clear, detailed Strategy, you are then able to develop your Execution plan. Execution of that plan leads to your Desired Result, also known as your New Belief!

The missing link has been, learning how to actually reprogram the wanted New Belief into your subconscious mind. **Discover in this inspiring new book how easily that can be done!**

The Big BIG Bo-big Banana Fanna Book of Bird Colors for Kids

by Arianna Francis

Early learners delight in singing the Banana Fanna song as they practice color names!

Birds come in all different shapes, sizes, and yes, colors, too! From the cardinal and peacock to the swan and robin, little ones will discover the natural world and learn colors of birds.

The color word appears large and bold with vibrant photos of each bird. The upbeat song is catchy and little ones will delight in the rhyming word play. This ebook edition offers a fresh lyrical perspective of color and a new point of view to very young children.

En bancarrota economica pero no mental (Spanish Edition)


La vida de un emprendedor está llena de riesgos y amenazas, momentos impredecibles de crisis que por momentos bloquean nuestra razón y no nos dejan encontrar la solución a los problemas que están al frente de nosotros.
Un emprendedor es una persona que siempre vive en modo riesgo y que a través de duras batallas la vida siempre pone a prueba su convicción, queriendo someter su espíritu y fuerza de voluntad.
Este libro se escribió en la crisis económica más grande que me ha tocado pasar, donde las soluciones no son visibles a corto plazo y la razón, la fe y la fuerza de voluntad son los ingredientes para llevar su barco a buen puerto.

Las prácticas sociales que caracterizan la convivencia cotidiana de la escuela primaria pública (Spanish Edition)

by Itzia Yunuén Gollás Núñez

Desde un análisis sociológico de las prácticas relacionales en la escuela primaria pública, en esta investigación se procura desentrañar qué caracteriza a las prácticas sociales que conforman la convivencia cotidiana en la escuela primaria de la Zona Metropolitana de Gudalajara. Para ello, se develan las dinámicas de interacción recurrentes entre los miembros de la escuela en el contexto del aula y del recreo.
El campo de estudio se aborda desde un diseño etnográfico, cuya recolección de información se apoya en la teoría del habitus de Pierre Bourdieu, y se analiza desde la concepción de Anthony Giddens sobre las prácticas relacionales.
Los hallazgos apuntan a que las prácticas de convivencia aluden a temas como: el movimiento, la plática, el juego, la disciplina y la violencia, constructos que provocan tensiones -o que surgen de ellas- entre las prácticas de niños y niñas, docentes y directivos; mientras que los niños y niñas quieren divertirse, los docentes y directivos procuran guardar la disciplina, eso genera diferentes tipos de violencia. Asimismo, la reflexión y la socioafectividad de los agentes se presentan como las posibilidades para mejorar la convivencia escolar.

How to foretell from poop: funny gift for your friend

by Tyler Mienko

Do you want to know mystical knowledge of foretelling from your poop?

Then buy this book! In this book, you can find the knowledge of my whole family and your poop diary!My grandmother told me about this method of foretelling the future when I was seven years old. This book is a perfect gift for your friend! You can buy it for your dog or cat too!

Self Learning Practice Workbook for Kids-7: Part 7 – Worksheets of Activities for Kids To Learn :- Writing, Alphabet G, Colors, Drawing, Painting and Beautiful Handwriting

by Pravin Kendale

Young kids love colors and pictures very much. If we use such techniques that will involve colors and pictures in the learning of alphabets, numbers and shapes they can enthusiastically, quickly, easily and effectively learn them. This series of books will be their best friend in never before way and will step by step help them identify their real interests and strengths and abilities. Use these books with active participation of at least one of the parents and start expecting remarkable results. Happy Learning.

Charter School Grants: Save Time and Write a Better Grant

by Peggy Downs

Are you a busy charter school leader needing to write a grant? You don’t have time to do the research but you can’t afford to get it wrong. Charter School Grants gives you just the right amount of information to write a successful grant proposal.

From a charter school leader and grant writer who helped review CSP grants for the US Department of Education in 2018, this guide will show you the most efficient way to write your grant application. Chapter 1 helps you understand why donors support charter schools and how you can leverage their support. Chapter 2 shows you the best way to search for grants. Chapter 3 helps you put together your packet of documentation for the grant. Chapter 4 guides you step-by-step through planning your program, from the big idea to the budget and evaluation. Chapter 5 will describe every section in a typical grant and give you tips for writing compelling responses to common application questions. Free resources available with the book: “My Favorite Charter-friendly Grants” and “Grants Checklist”.

Written by someone who has been a charter school director for 8 years, this book provides the answers you need without the unrelated fluff.

Smart – Efficient – Quick

Boost Your Memory in a day

by Ramesh Roy

At the first place, why we are required to develop a world class memory? Is it worth to work on our memorizing skills and keep it as the highest priority task? If it is correct, how to achieve such super memory? Well, if you have such questions boiling in your mind or if you have already realized that you have no option but to achieve super memory, you are at the right place and holding the right book to read.
To start with, you may agree that in our life, whatever we achieve is a function of our memory. This is true to such an extent that some people say that human is nothing but memory. It is proven that learning of various subjects, performance of our professional duties, taking care of domestic jobs and kids’ education, investments, etc. are all dependent on human memory.
Hence, whether you want to achieve grand success in your career or to be a celebrity in dancing, sports, music, journalism, etc. or to be a good mother, father, your peak performance will require you to be a memory master. Thus, prosperity, personal satisfaction, professional success, name and fame all start happening if you get charismatic memory.
Who does not want to be a hero in his field? No doubt you too want the same and hence you have no option but to sharpen your memory skills. Almost all people understand the need to attain the super memory but they are not able to craft a feasible path for such improvement either because they are stuck up in negative thoughts and myths about memory or because they don’t have access to the requisites and effective tools for the memory improvement. The book provides you the both- while it clears the myths creating negative perception about memory, it also provides you effective methods for memory boosting. It not only describes the required lifestyle changes but also tell you various interesting mnemonic methods which will skyrocket your memory.
Come on! Read, get benefited and please submit your reviews here!

PFT Practice Questions (Pulmonary Function Testing): 35 Questions, Answers, and Rationales to Help Prepare for the TMC Exam (TMC Exam, Respiratory Study … RRT Practice Questions, RRT Exam)

by Johnny Lung

Are you preparing to take the TMC Exam?

Or do you just need some extra practice when it comes to learning about Pulmonary Function Testing? Then this is the right book for you.

In the coming pages, you will find 35 practice questions in the exact format of the ones you’ll see on the actual TMC Exam, all covering the topic of Pulmonary Function Testing. Each question contains the correct answer, along with a detailed rationale explaining why that answer is correct.

Pulmonary Function Testing is definitely one of the most important sections on the TMC Exam. With that being said, it’s also one of the most difficult as well. This is not a reason to panic! It just means that you should certainly invest some of your time to truly learn and understand the concepts this information. The good thing is, the practice questions in this book can help you do just that.

This book is broken into two sections. Section 1 is for practicing. It includes the question, answer, and rationale all on the same page, for an easy-to-read and learn review. Section 2 is for testing. It contains the same questions, however, the answer is no longer given. This way, you can quiz yourself to see what you’ve learned. This is great for practicing while on the go, because you can highlight using the Kindle app. Then, you’ll be able to go back and see which questions you answered incorrectly.

Are you ready to take your knowledge of Pulmonary Function Testing to the next level and prepare to pass the TMC Exam on your very next attempt? Then let’s get started with some practice questions.

Shaving Secrets Revealed: How To Shave With A Straight Razor And Get The Best Wet Shave Of Your Life (Traditional Old School Shaving Tips, Beginners Guide)

by Leon Cutajar

Did you know that the art of shaving is a subject that isn’t being taught to teenage boys by their fathers and the educational system in general?

 Ultimate Shaving Secrets Revealed provides clear and complete information on the subject of traditional wet shaving and shaving with a straight razor. This fifty page information packed book contains both modern and historic black and white illustrations and content to help you get the shave of your life. 

The topics included in this book are: 

  • What You Will Need to Get Started 
  • How to Chose the Right Razor 
  • Caring For Your Straight Razor 
  • Cartridge and Disposable Razors 
  • How to Hone a Straight Razor 
  • How to Strop Your Razor 
  • The Shaving Mug
  • The Soap 
  • The Shaving Brush 
  • How to Create a Good Lather 
  • How to Handle Your Straight Razor 
  • How to Correctly Shave With a Straight Razor 
  • Treating Your Face After Shaving 
  • How to Treat a Cut 
  • What Causes Skin Irritation and How it can be Prevented

 Whether you are looking to learn how to shave with a straight razor or are just looking for a better shaving experience, this book is a must read!

Readers say…….

“I have a tough beard and shaving has always been a problem for me. My “system” has been to use a multi-blade disposable razor, which I scrape over my face repeatedly, and throw away after a few uses. I have received great shaves with a straight razor at barbershops, but assumed that a professional-quality shave was out of my reach. The shaving industry stands to make billions on disposable razors, so the tools and methods needed for a great shave have become buried. SHAVING SECRETS REVEALED explains the details of this important lost “manly” art. I appropriately received this book on Father’s Day, as these methods and tools can be passed from father to son. This comprehensive book tells you about the advantages of a straight razor shave, including closeness, comfort, economy, and ecological friendliness. It then tells you every detail you need about obtaining the tools for a great shave, and using and maintaining them properly. It addresses issues of safety and hygiene. Liberal use of illustrations makes the points clear. Even if you’re not sure that you’re ready to embrace a new shaving method, this book is a great read, reminiscent of a past era, and a reminder that new is not always better”…………………………..Jonathan Rich, Ph.D.

“The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Shaving. I find this book to be really informative with clever insights into shaving! It is written to give the beginner all the basic information they need to learn this basic skill, which will last them a lifetime. The author knows his forte, that comes out in his writings. He explains the art of shaving with passion! Give this book a try, you won’t regret it”…………. Melissa Angcon

“This is a great beginners guide to giving yourself a good shave. Plenty of useful tips and tricks that I personally found very helpful”………………… Jake

Get your copy today!

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Summary & Analysis: FEAR By Bob Woodward : Trump in the Whitehouse

by Black Book

Summary of Fear: Trump in the Whitehouse

In Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the Whitehouse, Woodward blends the testimonies and experiences of those who have been closest to Donald Trump since he embarked on the campaign trail. Together, they paint a portrait of Trump in the White House, both chaotic and controlled, business-like but brash. 

Outlining several of Trump’s positions on policy, Woodward clears up much of the general public’s confusion regarding trending topics like North Korea, Steel Tariffs and Trade, National Security, and the Middle East, and outlines multiple perspectives on each issue. Arming readers with multiple perspectives, Woodward thus depicts Trump’s reactions and positions to each given issue, allowing the reader to decide for themselves whether Trump is “making the right move”. 

Overall, Woodward’s narrative offers readers a linear, largely unbiased perspective on Donald Trump’s presidency, from nominee to White House, and delves deeply into the inner workings of the American parliamentary system as a whole. 

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Textbook Folly: Bias and indoctrination in college textbooks

by Mark Hodges

New Release! Author explores his college textbooks and examines them for honesty or bias, education or indoctrination. Aware of the movement in Russia and China to remove all theism out of the school system and replace it with the teachings of atheism and Darwinism and what they called propaganda, he examines American textbooks to see if some of the same biases can be found in our textbooks. Are our colleges teaching from an innocuous and neutral ideology? Or is there a bias? Are we being indoctrinated or educated, and does anybody care? In book one, the author deals with two different books, one a second year logic text and the other a first year philosophy book. More to come.

Amazon Tap: The Complete User Guide and Manual to Learn the Amazon Tap Fast

by John Slavio

Amazon Tap

50% off for a limited period

The Complete User Guide and Manual to Learn the Amazon Tap Fast

What is the Amazon Tap device? Why should you consider purchasing one? What makes the Amazon Tap different from other Amazon Alexa-enable products?

If you have read the other manuals written on this subject, you know that the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot are both devices that stay in one place while you are using them. You can take them to a new place and use them there; however, they need to be connected to Wi-fi in order to access Alexa and other features. You will need to find a nearby plug; the Echo and Echo Dot are not devices that can be used on-the-go.

The Tap is powered by its battery, meaning that if it is charged, you don’t need to have it plugged in. Because the Tap does not need to be plugged in and you can connect it to mobile hotspots, you can virtually transport this device to any place you can get cellphone signal. You can turn on your cellphone’s mobile hotspot feature and connect your Tap to the hotspot. This means that you can stream music on an excellent speaker when you are outside- at the park, at the beach, at a picnic. Your imagination is your limit.
Additionally, because the Tap is built with Dolby, the music does not get fuzzy when you turn it up. Many speakers can become fuzzy and unclear the louder you turn up the volume. The Tap keeps streaming your music clearly no matter how high you turn it.

If you specifically want to have Alexa in your devices, but you also want to have a great speaker, then you are left with the Amazon Echo and the Tap. The Tap is the cheaper of those options, giving you both a great speaker and the Alexa feature. The Echo Dot gives you the Alexa feature, but it does not have a music built for streaming music.

In this book you will learn:

  • What is the Amazon Tap
  • Setting up the Amazon Tap
  • Voice Control for Devices
  • Using Music and Media on your Tap
  • Using Tap in Your Daily Life
  • Compatible Devices
  • Basic Settings and Skills
  • Advanced Settings and Skills
  • Troubleshooting Guide

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Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips To Get More From Your Books

by QC Ellis

“A must read if you want to achieve success with your personal growth – by getting more from any advice on self-help”

It is easy to feel conned by books which report to give us the ‘secrets to success’ but we cannot relate to what they are saying or cannot get rid of the nagging feeling ‘it could never work for me’. With these 9 tips you can have a better understanding of where the author is coming from and how to navigate their advice in a way which supports your research and desire to move forward in your life.

You will discover:
* 9 essential tips on how to make the most of any material on personal development.
* The shifts in attitude needed so personal growth advice works for you.
* How to read self-help books on success – with discernment.

Short and snappy, this little book is an easy read but packs a big punch when it comes to changing the way you look at what books and other material on personal growth are trying to get you to recognize and implement.

Reading Comprehension: 24 Powerful Hacks to Double or Triple Reading Comprehension TODAY (a very easy guide: understand everything you read)

by John Connelly

If you want AMAZING reading comprehension, you need to read this. Simple.

Includes chapters on:

  • Loading Up Your Sense for Amazing Comprehension
  • A Simple Way to Boost Comprehension Before you Begin.
  • Easy Comprehension Multipliers.
  • Three Fast, Instant Hacks.
  • A Reading Comprehension Entree.
  • Going Beyond the Text.
  • Don’t Believe Everything you Read.
  • A Few Minutes Work for HUGE Comprehension Gains.
  • No Book is an Island.
  • Be a Reading Chameleon.
  • How to Use the Map the Author Has Given You.
  • â?¦and much more.

    To make sure you get the most value for money possible, there is also the short, 15 minute

    FREE eBook included: “How to Study”

    It contains my best advice on time management, goal setting, and how to get the best grades with the least effort. It’s advice that also transfers brilliantly well to professionals, the self-employed, and anyone who manages their own projects and/or daily work cycle. This is an excellent extension to the ideas in “Reading Comprehension”.

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