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Alien Warrior’s Captive Bride: A SciFi Alien Romance

by Juno Wells

Every now and then, when all the planets are in proper alignment, fate smiles on one lone warrior.

Earth is no longer able to support human life and trying to scratch out a meager existence is nearly impossible. Hope is reluctantly forced to sign up for the intergalactic brides program. Just as she’s getting desperate, she finds a tolerable species willing to purchase her contract.

Because nothing is ever that easy, her ship get hit by raiders and Hope can’t manage keep her big mouth shut when their alien captors begin tormenting one of the younger women. Jettisoned into space, her one and only chance at survival is in the hands of a Draconian warrior.

Larok is a lone sentinel, standing guard for his mother ship. When he comes across a frail human queen, his world tilts out of alignment. Saving her means a nasty death if his vicious Draconian queen finds out he rescued her. Risking his own life is one thing, but risking the life of his entire family and small son is another.

Snagging the beautiful human out of harm’s way results in battling against the Draconian fleet, destroying a planet and stealing a wormhole device that’s their only chance at escape. Larok finds himself forced to reach his hand into the dragon’s mouth, desperate to pull victory from the jaws of defeat. By the time it’s all finished, he will either die in the glorious battle of a lifetime or end up mated to the most attractive human female in the galaxy.

Prisoner of Avrox: Alien Romance (The Avroxee Mates Series)

by Amelia Wilson

“What do you do when a sexy alien asks you to make a baby with him?”

Jocelyn, a biologist, wasn’t expecting to be selected as an Avroxee Mate. Having never been touched by a man, let alone an alien one, she’s startled to find herself in the care of Krult, a hot, muscular specimen who proposes she help him with a dangerous experiment to save his planet. Jocelyn accepts, not realizing she’s about to offer him more than just her intelligenceâ?¦

Krult, a shy defector on his planet, has never been one for emotions. That is, until he has a steamy encounter with Jocelyn that awakens something inside him, something that goes against all traditions he’s grown up with. But he’s willing to toss tradition aside if it means getting closer to his mateâ?¦

As their secret experiment takes shape, so do Jocelyn’s feelings for her mate. But love is forbidden on the planet Avrox, and tensions must be kept hidden. Secrets unfold between them, but the clock is ticking for Jocelyn. Will the Avroxee capture her, or will her own Avroxee capture her heart first?

Cartwright’s Cavaliers (The Revelations Cycle Book 1)

by Mark Wandrey

*** 2017 Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Scifi ***

Heir to one of the leading “Four Horsemen” mercenary companies, Jim Cartwright is having a bad year. Having failed his high school VOWS tests, he’s just learned his mother bankrupted the family company before disappearing, robbing him of his Cavalier birthright.

But the Horsemen of eras past were smartâ??they left a legacy of equipment Jim can use to complete the next contract and resurrect the company. It’s up to Jim to find the people he needs to operate the machinery of war, train them, and lead them to victory. If he’s good enough, the company can still be salvaged.

But then again, he’s never been good enough.

Breath of the Wood

by Patrick Moyer

A young stranger, bloodied and dying, is dragged through the gates of Northanger, as a violent snowstorm descends on the valley bringing cold, seclusion and darkness. He is forced to wait out the snow, hearing whispers about the wood and knowing enemies from his past draw near.

Autonomous Machine Arsenal: An Evil Machine’s War Record

by MeanRobot

In the 28th century, War between the United Federations of Mars and the Inner Sphere Federation culminates with the use of Autonomous Machine Arsenals, the most powerful and feared weapon that humanity has ever developed. These terrifying machines require no maintenance, no personnel to operate and leave only death and destruction in their wake. Echo November, designation Abaddon, is such a machine with one minor flawâ??its Artificial General Intelligence is self-aware and sentient.

The story follows Abaddon’s mission on Titan, as it ponders the difference between a machine created for senseless violence and war, and a humanity that has become obsessed with victory at all costs. At the end of the day, which one is the greater evil?

Philosophy aside, there is work to do; there are Carbons to vaporize, bases to reduce to nuclear wastelands, and enemy Autonomous Machine Arsenals to destroy in this Hard Science Fiction meets Thriller meets Philosophy short story. Fleets overhead joust each other with nuclear-tipped lances, while underneath the hazy clouds of Titan something unfathomably dangerous and twisted stirs.

Fallen Star (Project Gauntlet Book 1)

by Richard Turner

A sudden and brutal attack on a coalition training camp in Iraq wipes out all but two survivors: Captain James Grant and Australian SAS Sergeant David Maclean. Drawn into a clandestine world that deals with unusual encounters the two soldiers volunteer to help with the investigation into an alleged UFO crash in Alaska. The mission, however, is far from simple as it soon becomes apparent that something dangerous is going on and not everyone is as they appear to be.

Premonitions: Book 1: The Farm

by Diana E. Anderson

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Denise Armstrong is a nurse, mother, widow, and military veteran. Raised by prepper grandparents, she learned at an early age to watch national and world events closely. She has been paying close attention to the economy, both around the world and at home. As she sees signs in her own community of the slowing of the economy, she begins to experience premonitions of a cataclysm to come. Denise decides to use the resources available to her to help her friends and family weather whatever crisis she KNOWS is coming. When Tom VanZant, a dear friend, confides he, too, is experiencing feelings of an impending catastrophe, they both realize it is time to hunker down to survive the storm about to occur. While they prepare, economic instability accelerates, violence escalates, and infrastructure deteriorates. Terrorist acts across the country and horrific brutality close to home further complicate this precarious situation. While safe (at least for the moment) on Denise’s farm, Denise, her family, and friends can only wonder: Have they prepared enough to let them survive?

Fractals: (Not An) Aurora Rhapsody Short Story

by G. S. Jennsen

A mysterious signal coming from deep space attracts the attention of humanity’s scientists and the soldiers who protect them–the kind of attention the originators of the signal will do anything to avoid. When the two converge, first contact doesn’t go the way either side planned.
FRACTALS is set in an alternate universe from the Aurora Rhapsody novels and short stories. It was initially published in Beyond the Stars: Unimagined Realms:

Telekinetic (a Hyllis family story #1)

by Laurence Dahners

“Telekinetic” is the first of a series of post-apocalyptic stories featuring the Hyllis family. The collapse of civilization has reduced their people back to iron and horsepower.
The Hyllises tend to inherit “tele-talents” such as telekinesis and teleportation. Tarc Hyllis’ mother (and his grandfather before her) could “feel” things with their talent. They became healers because they could feel inside their patients, which frequently let them diagnose the underlying causes of an illness. Having made a diagnosis, unfortunately, there was often little they could do to treat a problem.
Tarc’s father can “push” objects with his mind, but, because he can’t feel inside anything, he doesn’t know where to exert force in order to help to treat his wife’s patients.
Tarc’s just gaining the ability to do both of these things. The combination of these two powers will let him both diagnose a physical problem such as internal bleeding, and then stop that bleeding by applying pressure inside the patient. His mother finds this development extraordinarily exciting. She has too often had to watch her patients die for lack of an effective treatment.
Then some strangers show up to scout the town where the Hyllises live. They plan and initiate a violent takeover. Could Tarc’s powers, weak as they are, play a role in resisting this invasion?
It turns out he can guide a knife after it’s thrownâ?¦

The Portal At The End Of The Storm (Quantum Touch Book 6)

by Michael R. Stern

Fritz Russell has disappeared into the portal, leaving an impossible trail.

Both history and the future have changed. Undaunted, Ashley Gilbert enters the portal to search for Fritz, and bring him home. He soon discovers that Fritz has not only changed history, but also crossed the bridge that connects parallel universes.

Loyalty and friendship will be tested, and they are both about to discover that disrupting the flow of time comes with a heavy price.

Praise for The Portal At The End Of The Storm:

“Mr. Stern has compiled history into an exciting adventure… loved this series.” – Lara Gray, Amazon review

“…time travel so realistic you wonder if Michael Stern has found his own portal.” – Kindle Customer

Bonded in Space (Xeno Relations Book 3)

by Trisha McNary

Strange things happen when a crazy alien can’t get you out of his mind. Antaska wants to forget about Marroo the slave hunter, but she can’t stop thinking about him. Marroo wants to forget about Antaska too. So he plans to kidnap another Earth female, experience her love, and move on. But it’s not working out like he expected. Just out of space school, Earth girl Pweet can’t wait to take off from Earth. But she runs into some problems. And Potat the psychic cat is miffed when another semi-humanoid cat follows Antaska home. The first chapters of Alien Pets and hypnoSnatch are included in this version.
Alien Pets – Life gets weird when you’re adopted by an alien. One million years in the future, Antaska, a young human, and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous. Then she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen?
hypnoSnatch – Is it love, or is it alien abduction? Antaska is trying to deal with life as the pet of a gigantic alien. But things keep getting weirder as she travels in outer space with the alien and her psychic cat. Mischievous but evil part-reptile humanoids team up with Antaska’s nemesis, a genetically enhanced fitness instructor, to take revenge on her to the ends of the universe. Her unexpected alien abduction spoils their plans.


by David Mills

A tale of mind bending paradox slowly unravels as a young man tries to exit a roadside diner…only to mysteriously return on every attempt to leave it. In his efforts to escape a cyclical nightmare, twenty-two year old Benjamin “Benjy” Harbor must contend with hideous monsters that assemble randomly from dripping slabs of green meat, hunt down an enigmatic child made of light, and avoid encounters with blood thirsty doppelgangers in order to become “the one who exits”. Based on the independent video game of the same name, “Spime” takes the reader to the edge of reality and explores the horrifying possibilities that remain when abandoned by the logic that safeguards our minds from insanity.

Sliding Void (novella #1 of the ‘Sliding Void’ series of scifi books): The Trader Star Ship Wars

by Stephen Hunt

Captain Lana Fiveworlds has a hell of a lot of problems. 

She’s sliding void in an ageing seven-hundred-year-old space ship, scrabbling around the edges of civilised space trying to find a cargo lucrative enough to pay her bills without proving so risky that it’ll kill her. She’s got an alien religious freak for a navigator, an untrustworthy android for a first mate, a disgraced lizard for a trade negotiator and a deserter from the fleet acting as her chief engineer. 

And that was well before an ex-crewman turns up wanting Lana to rescue a barbarian prince from a long-failed colony world. An alien romance? Well, they never work out.

Unfortunately, for Lana, the problems she doesn’t know about are even more dangerous. In fact, they just might be enough to destroy Lana’s rickety but much-loved vessel, the Gravity Rose, and jettison her and her crew into the void without a spacesuit.

But there’s one thing you can never tell an independent space trader. That’s the odds…



Sliding Void (novella #1 of the ‘Sliding Void’ series of scifi books)



Novella – part 1 of a continuing, linked series. The first volume is often offered as a free scifi book to introduce you to this exciting series of science fiction Kindle books.



Novella 1 – Sliding Void.

Novella 2 – Transference Station.

Novella 3 – Red Sun Bleeding.

Also available as a combined omnibus edition: ‘Void All The Way Down’, in both print and Kindle ebook format.

Book 4: Anomalous Thrust.

Book 5: Hell Fleet



I was driven to write a rip-roaring space opera adventure to fill the gap left when I realised all my favourite science fiction series on TV had sadly ended – Star Trek, Battlestar, Stargate, Firefly, Babylon 5, Farscape (sob). Your kind feedback makes me hope that the crew of misfits onboard the Gravity Rose have succeeded in entertaining you on the pages of my scifi books. Long may Lana and her friends keep on flying into danger . . . and escaping it!



Stephen Hunt is the creator of the much-loved ‘Far-called’ scifi fantasy series (Gollancz/Hachette), as well as the ‘Jackelian’ series, published across the world via HarperCollins alongside their other best-selling fantasy authors, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist and C.S. Lewis. 



Praise for Stephen Hunt’s novels:

â??Mr. Hunt takes off at racing speed.’


â??Hunt’s imagination is probably visible from space. He scatters concepts that other writers would mine for a trilogy like chocolate-bar wrappers.’


â??All manner of bizarre and fantastical extravagance.’


â??Compulsive reading for all ages.’


â??Studded with invention.’


â??Hunt has packed the story full of intriguing gimmicksâ?¦ affecting and original.’


â??A rip-roaring Indiana Jones-style adventure.’


â??A curious part-future blend.’


â??An inventive, ambitious work, full of wonders and marvels.’


â??Hunt knows what his audience like and gives it to them with a sardonic wit and carefully developed tension.’


â??Filled with alien romance: a Scifi Masterworks in the making.’


â??A ripping yarn â?¦ the story pounds alongâ?¦ constant inventiveness keeps the reader hookedâ?¦ the finale is a cracking succession of cliffhangers and surprise comebacks. Great fun.’


Treasure Chest: A LitRPG Sci-Fi Adventure (Venus Online Book 3)

by Jeremy Zenith

Level up. Build a harem. Save the universe.

Byron Jones was just your average gamer until he was given an invitation to the virtual multiplayer game Venus Online. Now he’s trapped in the virtual world, but he commands a starship and a crew of beautiful women, so he’s not too unhappy about it.

The space pirate Captain Jokah wants the priceless treasure of Dark Storm, and a powerful weapon with it that could control the Galaxy. Byron and his crew are the only ones who can stop her, but she’s not only brilliant and ruthless, but has eyes on him as well.

With his sexy harem by his side, Byron will race across the Galaxy, and fight hostile aliens and rowdy pirates, all leading to a startling finish that threatens the very fate of himself and the game.

Note: Need to catch up? Get parts 1 and 2 in a single novel:

This is a LitRPG sci-fi harem series that contains video game violence, strong language, and explicit adult situations with multiple women (both robots and aliens). Reader discretion is advised unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Madness Unbalanced: A Scifi Alien Romance (Dragons of Zalara Book 4)

by ML Guida

Chloe: My superpower ruined my life.

All I want to do is hide in Mexico and hope people forget all about me.

I didn’t think my life could get any worse.

Until I met Drake.

He’s a dragon with a temper that could melt the North Pole.

If I don’t learn to trust him, I could die.

I think I’m screwed.

Drake: I’m known as the Angry One.

But that’s not who I am.

I just wanted a mate.

I never thought I deserved one.

Until I met Chloe.

She heals my broken heart.

Will she ever learn to love me?

Madness Unbalanced is the next romantic thriller in ML Guida’s shape shifter series. If you like perfectly-paced suspense, a wounded hero, and a spirited heroine, then you’ll fall in love with this alien romance from an award winning author.

Crystal Deception (Crystal Series Book 1)

by Doug J. Cooper

Juice Tallette believes her latest creation holds great promise for humanity, yet she hesitates to release him into the world. That’s because Criss, an AI with the intellect of a thousand humans, is too powerful to control. Days after his awakening, Criss alarms Juice with news of his impending abduction, and pleads for her protection. He claims that the Kardishâ??alien traders with a spaceship now lurking in orbitâ??have a kidnapping plan already in motion. But is Criss telling the truth, or is this a scheme to gain his freedom? Can Earth even protect Criss from the Kardish, or should he be sacrificed to avoid confrontation with technologically dominant aliens? One government agent promotes turning the hyper-intelligent AI into a doomsday weapon and confronting the aliens in space. But can Criss be trusted to cooperate? And what becomes of humanity if an interstellar battle among titans starts to rage?

Vigilante: Book One: Into the Darkness

by Cliff Deane

by Lt. Col. Cliff Deane

Colonel Levi Levins retires from the Army and is off on vacation before starting his new job in the civilian world. After serving all around the globe during his military career, he is ready to finally live the good life with his beloved wife, Sarah. But fate has other plans and when a solar flare knocks out the grid, Levi must not only survive, but find a way to help humanity to keep his own sanity. Since he is on vacation, Levi has no bug out bag, no hidden weapons cache, no transportation. What does he do, and how does he do it? Levi will walk us through his path to survival. Perhaps it may also be yours…

Vigilante: Into the Darkness takes us on a journey to try to stave off the New Dark Age brought on by a worldwide EMP apocalypse. Can Government survive when no food is being trucked to the masses? Can our military survive without the tons of food needed each and every meal? The answers are here. Vigilante: Into the Darkness pulls no punches when it comes to the horrific details of a worldwide grid down situation, from the effect on the food chain from ants to rats. With so many dead, how do the survivors deal with rotting corpses, diseases, and villains? Will good triumph over evil? Maybe…

29 March
Defense 101
Kill Devil Hills, NC

A block from Virginia Dare Trail, Levi found a sporting goods store and thought, well, well, well, my personal little weapons depot. Of course, a Walmart Superstore would have been ideal, but none were available close by.
He entered the store and found the owner standing guard over his merchandise. “We’re closed until the power comes back on, please come back then.”
In his most polite and soothing voice Levi said, “Sir, the lights will not be coming back on for years. The entire grid is fried, as are cars, and cell phones. Didn’t you see the smoke trails from crashed planes? No one is coming to help you.
“My best advice to you is to leave, don’t lock the door and you might save the windows, as if that should ever become important. Go home, gather the family, hug them to you, and get out of town. I suggest bicycles, even though others will try to take them from you unless you are willing to shoot first.”
“Nonsense, this is just a power outage, and the power company will have it fixed soon,” the man said.
Levi looked down at the floor and said, “Sir, ok, you have been warned. Now, I have a problem that you can fix.”
The owner looked warily at Levi as he responded, “â?¦and that would be?”
“Wonderful, now we can get down to business. I need a gun, but since you do not sell those, I would like to purchase an aluminum baseball bat. Do you have any for sale?”
“Well, yes, of course but my registers are locked.”
“Sir, I assure you that is of no concern. I will take one bat and pay you $25 cash. Is that a fair offer?”
“Well, yes, but they don’t cost that much, and I don’t have any change.”
Smiling now, Levi said, “Sir, I will pay you $25 in cash, right now,” and he reached into his back pocket retrieving his wallet and took out $30. Well, dang, I don’t have any fives, so I guess the price is now $30. Is that all right?”
“No, that’s too much, how about $20?” and with that Levi had his first weapon. He did feel sorry for the owner. Not for the price but because the man had, as yet, no inkling of the wrecking ball about to fall on his head. Oh, well.
Ah, now this feels so much better, thought Levi as he walked away from the store and back to the hotel, where he knew he would still find food. Levi decided to eat dinner from whatever he could find in the hotel kitchen, and then he planned to burn the hotel to the ground after putting the scumbag that had murdered his wife inside it. It seemed appropriate for his Sarah.

Save the Last Bullet for God

by JT Alblood

What if God was killed amidst the chaos of World War II?

_____________________________Each end has a story ___________________________

In order to bring this one of a kind story to life, we compulsorily used an unfamiliar narration style. If you cannot tolerate the singularity caused by this obligation, please do not bother to get involved with this book at all.”

What if what you thought that you knew as history is just an illusion?

Vienna, 1920. Wilhelm Reich is a medical student, working as a night nurse at a mental hospital, when he meets Maria Orsic, a beautiful young woman who happens to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Wilhelm is captivated and finds himself falling in love. Then, one night, he helps her to escape, only to lose her the next morning.
Years later, he is a respected psychiatrist working in Berlin when he meets Maria for the second time. And he finds that she needs his help again â?? with a message she’s received from the aliens.

This tale is a complex one and includes mystics, Nazis, occult societies, the thousands-year-long invasion of aliens into the human genome, retro-chronal causality, secret codes within DNA, the number Pi, the Holy book and so much more.

“Save the Last Bullet for God” is a trilogy set of “Alpha Tauri Strain”, “Code of Disjointed Letters” and “Homo Avatarius”.

“… truly was one of the most complex high concept novels I have laid eyes on in a long time.”
– Best of the alien time travel science fiction alternate history
“J.T. Alblood’s novel is a thought-provoking and groundbreaking work of best speculative sci-fi adventure of a lifetime.
– Best of the time travel fiction alternate history.
“It would be hard to find a more original work than this. ”
– Best of the alien alternate history .
“Everything is made clear. I read the beginnings of Elif’s story towards the end of my lunch break and had to get up and walk away from them heartbroken.”
– Best of the time travel alien science fiction alternate history .
“…Engaging storytelling, fertile imagination, and evocative imagery will keep readers engrossed.”
– Best of the time travel mystery occult alternate history .
“The novel conjures a mood of Kafkaesque bafflement that’s explained but not dispelled by a late reveal that readers will likely see coming. Alblood’s deft magical realism and talent for evocative description and sharply-etched characters make for an engaging story.
– Best of the suspense thrillers and mysteries alternate history.
“When I came to Elif’s first passage and realized exactly what was occurring, I was absolutely gobsmacked in the best way. I thought this was incredibly brilliant, and it was at this point that I truly couldn’t put the book down.” – Time travel alien science alternate history.
“…your science fiction novel was incredibly unique and may I sayâ?¦held me as a captive audience of one. I read for 12 straight hours not only to get it done in time, but to figure out what was really going on.”
– Best suspense thrillers and mysteries alternate history nazi UFO
Best alternate history, nazi UFO

Information Cloud (Tales of Cinnamon City Book 1)

by Peter James West

Review headlines:

‘Solid start to an epic sci-fi series’

‘An amazing page turner!’

‘Well Worth the Read.’

Tales of Cinnamon City is a Science fiction and fantasy series set in the rich, deep world of Megarothia. Information Cloud is the first novel in the series, mixing elements of military science fiction, military fantasy, and hi-tech action.

On a world called Megarothia, a world governed by powerful war lords, the people grow restless in a thriving metropolis known as Cinnamon City. They live their lives under the protection of the Dome Shield, safe from the ravaged world outside. History fades when blood runs dry. The Iridium Wars have long since been forgotten, but the world has not forgotten them.

Rachel works for Central Command, the governing body of Cinnamon City. She helps keep order on the streets when she’s not fighting the Kamari. The insurgents have become increasingly bold in the last few months, launching ever more violent attacks on the outlying stations. Kamari agents have even been seen in the city, though nobody knows what they hope to achieve.

There’s something different about Rachel. Rumours of her strange abilities are spreading throughout the towers. She tries to blend in with the other soldiers but the more she tries to go unnoticed the more she stands out.

When Commander Nick Chambers receives a tip off about the possible location of a new Kamari HQ, Rachel joins a task force to investigate, but not everything goes to plan. Their forces are ambushed and the battle quickly spirals out of control.

A dark power is rising. Lord Hades must face his darkest hour. Will Rachel learn to face the unpleasant truth about herself before it’s too late?

Trouble brews in the city as the battle of Havers Compound intensifies. Backed into a corner, Rachel finds her choices disappearing one by one.


5 Stars: Carol, South Africa
What’s great book! I don’t normally enjoy post apocalyptic stories, but I really could not class this as one. It was more of a futuristic view of the future. Technology, food, security for The people and otherwise pretty normal lives for most citizens, except those of the security forces. The book started with a run, then slowed briefly to introduce important new characters and then blitzed away again. The characters were well developed and either like-able or extremely hateful, which made for an exciting read, rooting for your favourites. The book was well written and flowed seamlessly from one chapter to the next, making it impossible to put down at any point. I really need to know what happens next!!!

5 Stars: Richard, Alaska
I’m always on the lookout for good sci-fi books, and I’m often disappointed by the droves of poor sci-fi out there. Which is why I was delighted to discover Information Cloud. It’s an amazing page-turner which brings believable people and storyline to a fantastic science fiction universe (which is my definition of good science fiction).

If you’re a fan of sci-fi (or war novels) I would highly recommend this book. I eagerly look forward to the next one.

More review Headlines:

‘A Fresh Voice.’

‘Great Book for Sci-Fi Lovers!’

Multiple Threads Weave Together to Form a Breathtaking Ride.’

Information Cloud is the first book in a series of military science fiction novels with a deep fantasy twist. If you like fast-paced military sci-fi in an epic fantasy setting, then you’ll love Peter James West’s Tales of Cinnamon City series.
Download Information Cloud to start reading now!

Tales of Cinnamon City series:
#1 Information Cloud
#2 Cinnamon City
#3 Ascension
#4 Lord Hades
#5 The Augmented
#6 Jacob’s War
#7 The Blasted Lands
#8 Guardians Of Chaos
#9 The Battle of Megarothia For the latest updates, and to see what Peter is working on now, visit:


by Tyrel Pinnegar

This is the journal of Tammy Maheswaran, a reclusive roboticist living with undiagnosed autism. It documents the creation of Mariimo, a developmental robotics platform through which Tammy subconsciously externalizes her issues with isolation, anxiety, and touch. Upon the machine’s activation, Tammy gradually begins to realize that in the act of constructing Mariimo, she’s been unknowingly deconstructing herself.

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