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A Long Way From Nowhere: A Couple’s Journey on the Continental Divide Trail

by Julie Urbanski

What is it like to hike the length of the Continental Divide Trail? For Matt and Julie, also known as Optimist and Stopwatch, life on the trail meant twenty-seven days without seeing another hiker, six bears encountered within fifteen hours, two sets of maps, a GPS, and a compass to find the trail, and both wildfires and massive flooding to add to the adventure. Hiking the trail also meant a dramatic shift in perspective, a strengthening of love and friendship, and a redefining of the journey.

This is the story of the couple’s 3,000 mile walk on the Continental Divide Trail, through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Both Optimist and Stopwatch play a role in narrating the story, revealing how differently they both think and act in the face of challenges but also how well they work together to complement each other.

Few people know about the Continental Divide Trail and even fewer have hiked the entire length of it, creating an air of mystery surrounding the trail. Optimist and Stopwatch explore the many layers of the trail life on the Continental Divide Trail as they make their way over desolate terrain, eventually finding solace in the very aspects of the trail that made them question their desire to ever take on such a challenge.

3mph: The Adventures of One Woman’s Walk Around the World

by Polly Letofsky


Polly Letofsky left her Colorado home and headed west across 4 continents and over 14,000 milesâ??by footâ??to become the first woman to walk around the world. In a spirit of adventure, along with the goal of raising global awareness for breast cancer, strangers welcomed her into their homes. The world had embraced her. But in the middle of Polly’s journey, 9/11 flung us all into a crossroads in world history, and she found herself navigating a vastly changing world.

Pollys GlobalWalk has been featured in over 2,000 newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations around the world including Good Housekeeping, CNN International, The CBS Early Show, NBC s Your Total Health, and Fine Living Channels Radical Sabbatical. A documentary entitled Polly s GlobalWalk has recently been released by Newcastle Productions.

In 3mph she richly details her journey with humor and honest reflection, the good times and the hardships. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always inspirational, her story encourages us all to take on our biggest challenges–one step at a time.

“5 out of 5 Stars. “3 MPH” is a solid and strongly recommended read that shouldn’t be missed.”
–Midwest Book Review

“Letofsky’s 3mph is hilarious, sad, and very well-written.”
–Minneapolis Star & Tribune

“Polly’s story is compelling and fascinating. She makes a wonderful, hilarious traveling companion as one vicariously makes the trek from one’s armchair.”
–Tattered Cover Bookstore

As a special offer to 3mph readers, Letofsky has offered to visit your book club (no charge) either by Skype or in person. Please email her directly if your book club would like to schedule: [email protected]

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Walking for Fitness: A Comprehensive Guide on How Walking can Improve your Health and Well-being Forever (Health, Fitness, and Diet Series Book 1)

by Faye Froome

Walking for Fitness, A Comprehensive Guide on How Walking can Improve your Health and Well-being Forever

Join the millions who are walking for fitness across the globe today!

Does the thought of jogging around your neighborhood fill you with dread? Do you yearn to get fitter but don’t want the expensive gym membership. Do you have little spare time but still have the inclination to get out and lose weight?

Then this book could be for you!

Taking those first steps on the road to fitness can be the hardest for many people. The thought of buying all that kit or spending hours down the gym can often be the most off putting.

However there is something that we all do everyday that can make us fitter and healthier without us even realizing. Yes that’s right its walking

Just taking a few extra steps each day can have surprising results, even if you have never exercised before

Studies have shown that walking just for 20 minutes can have a positive effect on mood, improve heart health and blood pressure, not to mention burning calories and increasing your metabolism.

Whatever the initial motivation, walking is a fun and rewarding pursuit

So what are you waiting for, download this guide and join the thousands who have already got their walking shoes on and are walking to a better and fitter life!

Here’s A Preview Of What’s Inside..

  • The Health Benefits Of Walking
  • What You Need to Get Started
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Short or Long Distance Waking Tips
  • Preparing and Warming Up
  • Tips on Staying Safe and Injury Free
  • Staying Motivated
  • Essential Equipment
  • And Much More!

Download your copy today to receive all of this information!

Beginning Judo: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Judo

by Jeff McCall

2nd Edition Just Released! No Increase In Cost! Limited Time Offer At This Price!

Getting started in Judo can be daunting.

But training martial arts is one of the most beneficial things I’ve ever done, mentally and physically, but getting over the beginner’s hump was where a chunk of those benefits come from.

Thankfully the Internet now allows us to learn more easily from those who came before us.

Here is what you will learn in Beginning Judo: The Ultimate Guide

  • What is Judo?
  • What is the English translation or the meaning of the word Judo?
  • What is the purpose in learning Judo?
  • What are the main principles in learning Judo?
  • Where did Judo come from?
  • What is the difference between Judo and Traditional Jujitsu?
  • What is the difference between Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
  • Who created Judo?
  • What are the different types of Judo throws?
  • When did Judo become an Olympic sport?
  • What are the Judo belt ranks?
  • How to find a good Judo school?
  • How to research your instructor?
  • What does a typical Judo lesson consist of?
  • Is Judo good for self defense?
  • How long does it usually take to get a black belt in Judo?
  • What does Randori (Sparring) look like?
  • I’m concerned about getting hurt sparring. What should I do?
  • Competing in your first Judo tournament
  • Why it is a bad idea to cut weight for Judo tournaments
  • Getting down to your target weight without losing muscle and cutting weight

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and begin your Judo journey.

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Lebron James: The G.O.A.T: The Story Of One Of The Greatest Basketball Players Of All Time

by Kiril Valtchev

Read the Incredible Story of One of the best Basketball Players of All Time

This unauthorized biography of Lebron James’s basketball career journey into what makes him one of the best to ever play the game. He is widely regarded as one of the biggest sports icons in the world and his name is recognized by almost any sports enthusiasts. From his unbelievable god given athletic ability, to his sportsmanship, character and leadership, Lebron is the type of player most dream to be.

A preview of what you will read.
* High School Journey ( Freshman through Senior Year )
* Stats of all his high school games
* Detailed info about his NBA Career, winning his first, second and third ring
* Endorsements and Earnings
* Off The Court
* Pictures of Lebron

An excerpt from the book:

With the first pick in the 2003 NBA draft the
Cleveland Cavaliers select Lebron James. Cleveland fans
would never forget those words. There was much
speculation whether or not Lebron would be the first pick in
the NBA draft. Lebron was happy to stay home and play
for his hometown team. His main focus would be to turn
the Cleveland franchise around and take them to the
NBA finals. It would be the start of an era that would
ignite the Quicken Loans arena for decades to come.

The endorsements, fans and critics came pouring
in his first season with the Cavs. In his very first game
against the Sacramento Kings, Lebron scored 25 points
and set a NBA record for the most points scored by
debut player. He was absolutely explosive in his first
game. The crowd loved to watch him because he played
the game with a tenacity and desire to win. Lebron went
on to average 20.9 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists
per game in his first season with the Cavaliers. He had a
season high of 41 points on 3/27/2004 against the New
Jersey Nets and it showed everyone that the kid from
Akron was here to stay and make his mark on the game.
It was no question that Lebron had talent, but would he
be able to turn the Cavaliers around? The Cavs ended
the season with a record of 35-47 and failed to make the
playoffs. Even though they failed to make the playoffs,
with Lebron on the roster, they had a massive 18 game
improvement from the previous year. It became
apparent that he was there to improve the dynamic of
the team and push everyone around him to perform

Bug Out Now: The Ultimate Survival Strategy

by Max Gaishan

Do you have a disaster preparedness plan for a long-lasting and widespread emergency? Will you shelter in place or attempt to bug out?

Bug Out Now is designed to get you thinking in new ways about prepping and survival. Conventional prepping plans will help you survive a short term emergency – an earthquake, flood, fire or storm. Preparing for a breakdown in society itself requires a different strategy, a sensible, sustainable blueprint for a rich and rewarding life in the uncertain years ahead.

Land prices are going to soar. Bug Out Now explains why you should lock in bug-out property now before the rush begins, how you can buy land using your retirement account and how to build a bug-out home on a budget.

History has shown us what happens when people fail to prepare. “Bug Out Now” is your first step in building real security for yourself and your family.

Running for Weight Loss: How to Start Running to Lose Weight and Feel Energized

by Hailey Jackson

Running for Weight Loss

Getting rid of excess weight and extra inches is a challenge many people face. To get the results you want, regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet are crucial components of your plan.

If you want to drop weight and keep it off, it’s a great idea to start running. Running increases your heart rate, it burns calories, and it strengthens a number of key muscle groups in your legs, hips, and core. Jogging at a comfortable pace will help you burn about eight calories a minute. Your energy levels will increase as well, helping you to beat back that mid-afternoon slump that can strike while you’re at work or trying to study.

This book provides a wealth of information on how to develop and maintain running habits for weight loss and increased physical fitness. By reading this book, you will learn:
– Warm-up and cool-down exercises.
– Proper form and techniques of running.
– A two-week training plan.
– A diet plan to keep pace with your running routine.
– Running tips for beginners.

Download Running for Weight Loss right now!

THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY January 2015: All Crime, All The Time

by Huggins Point Publishing

The Chesapeake region’s only all crime newspaper covering all areas surrounding the Chesapeake Bay. Extensive coverage of crime and cops and detailed information on many major crimes. While many like to blame lenient Judges for repeat offenders being allowed to run free and commit more crimes, often the plea deals approved by States Attorneys, Chief Prosecutors, and Commonwealth Attorneys are to blame for more law-abiding citizens becoming crime victims of violent and dangerous criminals. DUI and DWI arrests and tracking of repeat offenders is also a regular feature. Cap’n Larry Jarboe’s great fishing tales and tips on how to catch a cooler full of fish and Eat Cheap is also a regular feature. THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY print edition is available on most newsstands throughout the Chesapeake region. All editions of THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY are on Amazon and are available FREE to Kindle Unlimited customers.

Birdwatching for Beginners: Your guide to getting started in a hobby that lasts a lifetime

by Calvin Jones

Birds are amazing. They’re exciting, they’re dynamic, they’re all around us.

All over the world people are discovering the joy of watching birds, and by extension the experiencing the benefits of getting outdoors and engaging with the natural world around them.

But if you’ve never been birdwatching before, where do you start?

That’s what we’ll explore in this little guide.

First a few caveats:

This is not a field guide or bird ID guide (although we will cover what to look for in a good beginners field guide), it’s not designed to help you put a name to the birds you see. Rather it’s a guide to the process of becoming a birder.

It’s also a short book — because the best way to become a better birder is to get out there and watch birds — not sit indoors reading about it. It purposely doesn’t go into immense detail: it covers the basics, offers you advice, hints and tips to get you started, and encourages you to get out and develop your birding skills in the field.

So what’s in the book?

* We’ll start by looking at the appeal of watching birds and what’s in it for us and, just as importantly, for the birds themselves.

* Then we’ll go on to explore the importance of getting to know your local birds: the usual suspects in your garden, your local park, your home patch.

* After that we’ll look at some of the birding equipment you’ll need — and some of the things you might want to invest in as your birding evolves.

* As you improve as a birder you’ll want to broaden your horizons, explore other birding locations at home and abroad, find new birds and meet other birders to share your adventure — so we’ll delve into some ways you can do that too.

Your lifelong birding adventure is about to begin. This little guide is the catalyst you need tot help you on your way.

About Calvin Jones
Calvin Jones is a lifelong birder and author who grew up watching the birds on the North Wales coast in the UK, and now lives with his family on the coast of West Cork, Ireland, where he balances his passion for wildlife with his work as a digital content consultant.

He is founder and managing editor of Ireland’s leading wildlife and nature website Ireland’s Wildlife, runs Discover Wildlife Experiences and offers custom wildlife and bird-guiding services in Ireland’s south west.

Mental Toughness: The 7 Habits to Build A Peak Performance Mindset, Become Unstoppable & Dominate On Every Level (Small Habits & High Performance Habits Series)

by Jason Marks


What is it that separates the people who succeed in life and accomplish win after consecutive win from those who fall short of their potential? More often than not it is the lack of mental toughness in their approach to the game of life.

Mental toughness in this book refers to the power and potential you have inside you to overcome, persist, dominate and conquer over challenges in life regardless of the obstacles in your path.

It is about becoming unstoppable.

It is about constantly raising the standards of what you expect of yourself in life.

Most importantly, it is about cultivating a competitive winning mentality.

It is about a peak performance mindset that applies to your life.

Inside this book, you are about to discover the 7 habits to build a peak performance mindset, become unstoppable & dominate on every level in your life.

So what are you waiting for? scroll up and the click the “Buy now with 1-Click Ã?” Button now!

LeBron, The King James of the NBA

by Larry Corkins

LeBron James is a superstar on the basketball court, but he is also a superstar person. A man who cares about people and is not afraid to show it. This book is dedicated to him, not only as a great basketball player, but as a great man and human being.

RV Boondocking For Beginners: How To Live The Simple, Stress Free Motorhome Lifestyle And Achieve Financial Peace (Camping Guide, Rv Living, Trailersteading, … Kit, Campers And RV, Campers RV Book 1)

by Steve Plant

RV Boondocking For Beginners Is An Amazon Bestseller In It’s Niche With Over 6700 Downloads To Date!

Have you had enough of the constant cycle of working just to see your wage disappear on the mortgage, taxes and bills?

Well if you are tired of waking up each morning and wondering how much work you have to do around the house and how you will pay for it, you may be ready to consider living a life of luxury in an RV full time. You can buy your own RV for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home and get out on the road, exploring everything life has to offer.

This guide will help you determine which RV is best for you and your needs as well as how to inspect an RV to see if it is roadworthy. Where will you live? The possibilities are really endless, but you will learn about some of your options here. What about money? Again, this guide covers everything you need to know about pulling an income from your life on the road. Living the RV lifestyle is a way of life many people are quickly embracing. It is more economical and you won’t have to worry about cutting the lawn every Sunday or paying crazy real estate taxes. When you are tired of a particular neighbor or the scenery, you can pick up and move and head for greener pastures if you so desire!

With This Book You Will…

  • Learn The Real Life Pros And Cons Of Living In An RV VS A Traditional House
  • Learn How Find The Right RV For You Including Valuable Tips To buying A Used RV And Suggestions For Accessories Which Will Make Your Life On The Road Safer And More Enjoyable
  • Learn How To Test Your RV To Ensure Maximum Safety And Reliability
  • Learn The Safety Precautions You Need To Take
  • Learn About Storing Food And Cooking In A Motorhome
  • Learn What You Need To Know About Selecting The Right Location In Which To Boondock Including The Legal Aspects Of Boodocking
  • Find Ideas On Making Money While Travelling
  • Much, Much More

Readers say…….

“Great guide! Hopefully, gas prices will keep going down, and then an RV vacation will be definitely in our plans. I’m not sure we’re ready to give up our home and commit to a full-time life in an RV, but we’re definitely ready for a summer-long adventure. This book has an overview of different classes of RVs, information on choosing, testing, and using RVs and all their different features. Great intro!”……………. Warrior Princess

“RV Boondocking for beginners is a simple guide that will open your eyes to what you are planning to take. It will expose all the challenges that lie and what are the essentials you need. Boondocking is a great exercise for the people who loves to visit different parts at the same time living a minimal life. This book is filled with lots of information for those people planning to take Boondocking. It will expose all the challenges and problems you can face there and what you will need to do resolve them! Simply putting it will mean, It should be definite buy for people planning for Boondocking”…………….Gayatri Tulshyan

“Wow , I would like to thanks the author for writing this book. I was too amazed with the things I’ve known that it is possible to have a stress free motorhome. Details were written in this book in its simplier way. I was really entertained to look at its design and if given a chance, Ill try to design such kind of motorhome and make this book as my guide”……………Dehn A

Get Your Copy Now!

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A Gentleman’s Game: Reflections on Cricket History Foreword by Kersi Meher-Homji

by Anindya Dutta

Spiro Zavos, former Kiwi cricketer and long time Sydney Morning Herald columnist writes in The Roar about ‘A Gentleman’s Game’:
“This is a cricket book full of great delights by an enthusiast who has an eye, like a master batsman, to make telling strokes to push his stories along. Writing a book, to my mind, is the equivalent in cricket of making a century. Anindya Dutta’s century, to continue this analogy, has been made in the first-class arena. Well played!”

Veteran Cricket journalist and Historian Kersi Meher-Homji’s says in his Foreword:
I enjoyed reading this well-illustrated and many-splendoured publication.The first Chapter is on “Ranjitsinhji, the Maharaja of Elegance and of Nawanagar”. My initial reaction was: what is there on Ranji a cricket-lover does not know about? But after reading Anindya’s book I learnt many things about Ranji I did not know. Some of it was not pleasant. In the beginning of his career there was a racist article on him written by Sir Home Gordon who called him “a dirty black”. And did you know Ranji faced bankruptcy and earlier on he had no right to call himself a Prince? The Chapter on Keith Miller – the supreme all-round cricket icon, a war hero, a classical music aficionado and a lovable character – starts with his immortal quote: “Pressure? There is no pressure in Test cricket. Real pressure is when you are flying a Mosquito with a Messerschmitt up your arse.” Apart from his heroics on the cricket field author Anindya depicts Miller’s courage and gallantry during World War II.

The book is not just about achievements. It details failures too: the worst declarations in history and on dropped catches by butterfingers. Also the mighty West Indies lost a match to Ireland. At one stage the Windies under Clive Lloyd were 8 for 6, 12 for 8 before being bowled out for 25. A misprint? A joke? No, it happened. I found the Chapter “A Tale of Two Test Debuts” nostalgic as I was present at the Sydney Cricket Ground when Australia’s Shane Warne and India’s Subroto Banerjee had made their Test debuts in January 1992. Medium-pacer Banerjee captured 3 for 47 including the scalps of Geoff Marsh, Mark Taylor and Mark Waugh. In contrast Warne had a forgettable debut, being smashed all over the park by Ravi Shastri and Sachin Tendulkar as he finished with 1 for 150. Warne became a Test legend with 708 wickets at 25.41 in 145 Tests. For Banerjee it was his Test debut and swan song as he was never selected in a Test again. To quote Anindya Dutta, “Bizarrely, the man who has bowled so well in the first innings, Subroto Banerjee, does not get to bowl a single ball in the second innings. In fact, he never gets to bowl another ball in Test cricket, and is destined to be forever referred to in cricketing history as a one-Test wonder.” Cricket cruel cricket!

Thus A Gentleman’s Game – Reflections on Cricket History shows many aspects of cricket; the good, the gallant and the paradoxical. I enjoyed reading it. So will you.

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