Free biographies and memoirs Kindle books for 03 Mar 19

Healing Springs and Other Stories

by Elizabeth Mack

From the lush countryside of the Ozark hills to the rolling prairie of the Great Plains, this essay collection follows the writer as she travels the roads between Arkansas and Nebraska, examining the physical and emotional geography of the places we choose to reside. Told with inquisitiveness and sparkling with insight, the writer laces intimate stories of past and present, taking the reader on thought-provoking journeys of self-discovery. Subjects include an ailing mother, a World War II quest, Willa Cather, noise pollution, a project house, infidelity – all told with a keen eye toward nature and the environment we inhabit. Full of discoveries and revelations, this stunning collection explores the interconnection with the landscapes we travel, the people we love, and the places we call home.

The Reformer: A screenplay based on the life of Martin Luther

by Maysam Yabandeh

What Nazi Germany did to the Jews did not happen overnight. Although the historians differ on the origin, some argue that the foundation for it was built by the writings and deeds of perhaps the most influential reformer of the millennium, Martin Luther. This screenplay is a journey through his life to give us historical facts as well as insights into his reformation. Whether or not the events of his lifetime could have influenced the Holocaust is left for the reader to decide. The monologues are verbatim copies from Luther’s books, articles, and sermons. Preserving historical accuracy has been the chief goal in formulating conversations missing from recorded history.

Unveiled Amish: A collection of Amish Romance

by Sabrina Vicks

A collection of Amish short stories to warm the heart…Sarah has left the Englisch world and has found solace in an Amish community. But it takes her awhile to gain the trust of the townsfolk and get used to their way of life and beliefs. Raised as a Christian, she relies on prayer and daily walks with God in order to escape her troubled past and acclimate herself to the new surroundings. Because of past hurts, she has all but given up hope on finding romantic love until a chance encounter with a young Amish man named Luke changes her perspectve on men and love.

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