Free humour Kindle books for 03 Mar 19

Know Your Meme: Funniest Memes To Kill Time

by Scmugs Memes

100% guaranteed to entertain you for hours on end!

Are you looking to kill time?

Need some good humor to accompany your journey to and from work?

Or maybe you simply just want to take your mind off things and have a light-hearted read?

This funny book of memes will give you all you need when it comes to fun & laughter!

Buy it now and enjoy!

Revenge of the Vegetarian: A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism

by Jim Tilberry

Written by a passionate vegetarian, “Revenge of the Vegetarian” is an amusing, irreverent, and often hilarious book that covers a range of topics about vegetarianism and the meat-eating culture. The author has his tongue firmly planted in cheek, while taking humorous jabs at a variety of easy targets. Get a silly lesson on how to deal with meat eaters in social situations. Read surprisingly funny interviews with famous dead vegetarians such as Gandhi, Socrates, and Ben Franklin. You’ll even get a comical look at how the English language would change if an overly zealous vegetarian politician got his way. The book also poses a lot of “what ifs.” What if there was a “Vegetarian Olympics”? What if vegetarians ruled the country? And what would a vegetarian horoscope tell you about your future? Also you’ll learn some laughable techniques meat eaters can use to more easily quit their carnivorous habit. “Revenge” pokes fun at vegetarians, vegans, liberals and conservatives. But it pokes the most fun at meat eaters. This short entertaining book is ideal for any vegetarian or vegetarian wannabe with a sense of humor. Some adult language. Since not everyone has the same sense of humor, we recommend you read a few pages of the “Look Inside” preview before ordering.

The Pregnancy Guide: Straight Talk for Expectant Parents from Pregnancy Test to Birth

by Lena Arnold

Are you a prospective father or mother, expecting a new baby? Are you scared because of all the myths you’ve heard about pregnancy? Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of carrying a baby for nine months? 

Well, while these apprehensive feelings are normal, especially if you are a first time mom, they are no reason to worry. 

This book is specially designed to help pregnant women understand how they can prepare themselves for this period that is often marked by mixed feelings.  It also explains the reasons why they experience so many changes and what to do, — vital steps to be taken when these changes occur. You will also discover real-life techniques that will help walk you through the process of pregnancy and prepare you for a safe and less stressful delivery, either at home or in the hospital.  

This book will be a virtual assistant offering real help throughout your 9 months of pregnancy. With it, you can live out these wonderful moments as comfortably and calmly as possible. May you find reassurance and delight as you read this perfect pregnancy guide.  

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Red Carpet Movies & TV, Volume 2: From the Blogs of Ossurworld

by William Russo

From the blogs of Ossurworld comes another volume of movie and television critiques, reviews, comments, insults, and insights.

Master the Art of Unreal Engine 4: Creating a 3D Point and Click Adventure (Part #1)

Have you ever played a video-game and wished you could make your own? Well, with the power of Unreal Engine 4 and this book… Now your dreams can now be reality!

This book has been designed and crafted by independent developer Ryan Shah (of Kitatus Studios), who boasts over 10 years of experience working with video-game development tools as well as 2D/3D art applications.

Ryan Shah will guide you through your adventures with Unreal Engine 4, Teaching you all the important information in an enjoyable, relaxed and entertaining style, which will help make sure you have the greatest possible adventure learning to create the video-game of your dreams.

If you enjoyed 3D point and click adventure titles (Such as Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Back to the Future, Sam and Max .etc) then this book is for you! In this title, we don’t only cover how to create your own 3D point and click adventure project, but we also cover all the important pieces of Unreal Engine 4 that you’ll need to make sure your projects rise above all others and become amazing titles that your fans will adore for years to come!

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