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The John Locke Collection

by John Locke

John Locke was an English philosopher and physician, widely regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers and commonly known as the “Father of Liberalism”. Considered one of the first of the British empiricists, following the tradition of Sir Francis Bacon, he is equally important to social contract theory. His work greatly affected the development of epistemology and political philosophy. His writings influenced Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, many Scottish Enlightenment thinkers, as well as the American revolutionaries. His contributions to classical republicanism and liberal theory are reflected in the United States Declaration of Independence.

The John Locke Collection features:

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
A Defence Of Mr. Locke’s Opinion Concerning Personal Identity
Of The Conduct Of The Understanding
Elements Of Natural Philosophy
A New Method Of A Common-Place-Book
A Letter To The Right Reverend Edward, Lord Bishop Of Worcester, Concerning Some Passages Relating To Mr. Locke’s Essay Of Human Understanding
Mr. Locke’s Reply To The Right Reverend The Lord Bishop Of Worcester’s Answer To His Letter, Concerning Some Passages Relating To Mr. Locke’s Essay Of Human Understanding
An Answer To Remarks Upon An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, &C
Mr. Locke’s Reply To The Right Reverend The Lord Bishop Of Worcester’s Answer To His Second Letter
Mr. Locke’s Reply To The Bishop Of Worcester’s Answer To His Second Letter
Some Considerations Of The Consequences Of The Lowering Of Interest, And Raising The Value Of Money. In A Letter Sent To A Member Of Parliament, 1691
Short Observations On A Printed Paper, Entitled, For Encouraging The Coining Silver Money In England, And After For Keeping It Here
Further Considerations Concerning Raising The Value Of Money
Two Treatises Of Government
A Letter Concerning Toleration
A Second Letter Concerning Toleration
A Third Letter For Toleration
A Fourth Letter For Toleration
The Reasonableness Of Christianity, As Delivered In The Scriptures

Motivation And Productivity Guide: Find Methods For Self-Motivation, Time Planning, Goal Achieving And Personal Productivity (Peaceful life Book 2)

by Matthew Wright

Motivation occupies a front row seat in our minds most of the time. However, it is shocking to discover that we do not truly understand it. What does it mean to be motivated? What role does motivation play in achieving success? What difference would it make if I am not motivated? These questions frequently plague many people because it is imperative to first understand what motivation is.
Motivation and Productivity Guide book discusses the relationship between motivation and productivity. “There is no productivity without proper motivation.” Do you lack motivation and have no energy to accomplish anything despite so much of what is waiting for you?
Matthew Wright’s Golden guide to self-motivation and productivity reveals happiness as a key to having great productivity. With blunt honesty acting as a major tool in the production of this life changing book. Wright reveals more than enough ways to “Be your own champion” with amazing story references made. One would be amazed at how far the right motivation can yield unexpected results to get us our set goals.
This awesome piece will expose ways to become one of those happy, successful people who seem always enthusiastic and productive.

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