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Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 with Alexa: 2019 UÑ?dаtеd BеgÑ?nnеrâ??Ñ? GuÑ?dе to Unlосk Thе Truе PоtеntÑ?аl оf your KÑ?ndlе FÑ?rе HD

by Paul Murphy

Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 With Alexa

2019 UÑ?dаtеd BеgÑ?nnеr’Ñ? GuÑ?dе to Unlосk Thе Truе PоtеntÑ?аl оf your KÑ?ndlе FÑ?rе HD

This guideline book will not only unlock your true potential of your Amazon Kindle but also exhilarate your user experience. Technology is only good if you can use it to achieve your maximum potential. On a day-to-day application of these guidelines, you will always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the rapid growth of technology.
The tips in this book have been carefully handpicked with the intention of redefining your usage experience. This book will also help you learn how to quickly solve some of the occasional snags on your daily usage of the Amazon Kindle.
The selected tips are based on the current technology for the Kindles and hence should help you stay updated. They touch on some of the very basic operations that many beginners never give attention to but they make a huge exciting difference when applied.

The guideline has but not limited to the following topics:

  • Handy Amazon Fire tablet tips and tricks that will take you to a whole new level of tablet usage
  • Tech specifications of the Amazon Fire HD 8. These specifications are essential for new buyers to help them settle for exactly what you need.
  • Exciting tips that you MUST try on the Amazon Fire Tablet
  • Enhanced features like the cool Show Mode on the Amazon Fire HD 8
  • The differences between Amazon Fire 7, 8 and 10 Tablets. This will help you make the right choice from the start.
  • Tips on How to Make Most of Alexa on your Amazon Fire Tablet
  • How to Enable and Disable Show Mode on Fire Tablet
  • Common Kindle Fire problems and how to fix them
  • Things to consider about the Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 10
  • 2019 Update for Amazon Fire HD 10

This book also teaches us things you might not know Fire HD 7, 8 and 10 can do.
When it comes to understanding on how you can handle your fire tablet properly, this guide has every single step required when handling the device.

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Paraphrasing Strategies: 10 Simple Techniques For Effective Paraphrasing In 5 Minutes Or Less

by Henry Chuong

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One of the most common questions my students ask me is “how can I copy something from a text or paragraph I read that sounds quite good without plagiarism? I’m always tempted to take direct someone else’s words from the books I’m reading and put them into my writing, but then I found what I am doing is not allowed; it’s called plagiarism. Can you help me solve this problem?”

Well, one thing that can really help you to copy someone else’s ideas or messages without plagiarism is learning how to PARAPHRASING.


As the author of this book, I believe that this book will be an indispensable reference and trusted guide for you who may want to reuse the information of the original text or passage naturally and legally without worrying about plagiarism. Once you read this book, I guarantee you that you will have learned an extraordinarily wide range of useful, and practical paraphrasing techniques that will help you become a successful English writer, particularly in examinations such as Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE, SAT, TOFEL, and IELTS; as well as you will even become a successful English user in work and in life within a short period of time only.

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Kevin Durant: Rise Above And Shoot, The Kevin Durant Story (Basketball Biographies Book 1)

by Steve James

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“I always want to win because I never want to sit out on the sidelines outside” â?? Kevin Durant

Have you ever wondered how Kevin Durant became one of the best basketball players on the court today?

Both on and off the court, Kevin Durant has provided inspiration for millions since he first blazed onto NBA courts with his unique style of playing. Almost like a ballet dancer, his style throws opponents way off while giving spectators a visual treat like no otherâ??but exactly how did the world-class athlete develop this style, and can anyone else ever emulate it?

In this Kevin Durant life story, you’ll discover the most comprehensive biography of the man behind the legend yet. A full biography of his career from high school to the NBA is covered including the highs and lows, along with some explosive insider information never seen before.

You’ll discover the rituals that Durant uses to psych himself up for games, as well as a blow-by-blow account of the training workout that the great basketball player uses daily to ensure that he is in peak form.

How will This Book Benefit You?

– Provide you with the ultimate Kevin Durant biography that delves deeper into his life than any other
– Show you the most difficult challenges in his life and game and how he overcomes them
– Teach you about the habits and training methods he uses to stay on top
– Discuss the biggest achievements in this player’s life
– Reveal the Top 10 Motivational lessons to be learned from Durant’s rise to fame and success.
– How Durant’s strategies differentiate him from other basketball players?
– The philosophy that he uses to motivate himself to be better and how you can use his life as a pattern for improving your own game
– And much more!

Packed with motivational and inspirational stories that show how training and the right mindset can overcome anything, readers will find not just the key to Durant’s character, but also learn the exact training and workouts he uses to stay on form. This is the only biography that lays the insider secrets right out in the open!

Would You Like To Know More?

Download now and discover how Kevin Durant developed his unique style and overcame some of the biggest challenges of his career today.

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100 Day Vocabulary Word Devotional: Daily Bible Study & Guide: Learn a New Word, Read a Bible Verse or Passage, Study a Devotion and Apply The Lesson To … Life: Daily Bible Study & Devotional Guide

by Alan Balmer

The 100 Day Vocabulary Word Devotional combines expanding your vocabulary knowledge with words that aren’t commonplace along with learning a verse or passage from the Bible that has the definition of those new vocabulary words in it. Then, with the new word and verse or passage of Scripture for the day, you’ll get a daily devotional based on that topic. At the end of each daily devotional, you’ll get the “Bottom Line for the Day.” The “Bottom Line for the Day” wraps up the entire daily devotional into specific takeaways for you to apply for that day, and really for a lifetime.

The 100 Day Vocabulary Devotional combines these aspects for a challenging, yet inspirational message in order to facilitate self-reflection. You’ll appreciate the combination of gaining knowledge and finding personal insight as you navigate the Scriptures, devotions, and applications.

If you are looking for a daily devotional to facilitate reflective Bible study, worship, provide Christian education, and build your vocabulary this will be the devotional for you. This devotional is intentionally set up in a unique way to help you learn by association through attaching a vocabulary word to a passage of Scripture for Bible study. Each daily devotional has a vocabulary word that has a definition that matches up to the devotion you will be reading, studying, and applying to your life. By writing this devotional with this methodology, you will have the best chance to retain the daily message during the bible study through a spirit of worship and reflection.

My prayer is that you’ll enjoying reading this devotional as much as I enjoyed writing it. In the information at the bottom you will find a link that will let you sign up to get a free devotional from me. In addition, you’ll be able to find out when I publish another devotional similar in format to this one, utilizing the vocabulary word methodology.

Alan Balmer earned a B.A. degree in Pastoral Ministries from Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri and a B.A. degree in Accounting from The University of Missouri-Columbia. Balmer has served in a variety of roles in the local church from Associate Pastor to other numerous volunteer ministry roles.

In order for you to be made aware when I’m is going to publish the several books that are currently in the works, including future devotional books, please subscribe on my page at:

As a gift for subscribing on this page, I’ll email you periodic, free, unpublished devotionals similar to what you’ll be reading in the 100 Day Vocabulary Word Devotional.

You can find out more about my upcoming devotional book releases on my website,

Additionally, please feel free to connect, friend, or follow me on the following social media platforms:
Email: [email protected]

Basic And Easy Spanish Short Stories: Simple Reading Method for Beginners / Learn Spanish Conversation the Natural Way

by Wilbert Estrada

Today you will learn to read Spanish the easy way while enjoying yourself.

One of the greatest challenges that readers looking for Spanish short stories have is finding the right reading method with the right stories. The purpose of practicing Spanish by reading is to reinforce what you already know and learn more while enjoying yourself with a good story.

But this process might become boring if the stories contain too much basic small talk and very little structure. On the other hand, you could have the perfect story in front of you, but it wouldn’t do you any good if you don’t have a good reading system to guide you in the reading process.

For this reason, we offer a new method of reading, with fun and exciting stories for you to enjoy. With conventional reading techniques, you usually have to learn a big list of vocabulary before you begin reading the stories.

With our reading system, instead of going through a long and tedious list of words, you simply click on the words you don’t understand within the paragraph you’re reading and the English translation will appear immediately above the word you selected. In other words, you get your vocabulary right on the spot.

This technology is available through Babaloo, our learning center. There you will practice each paragraph before reading the entire story in the book.

Each paragraph contains an individual audio so you can practice it over and over again if you feel the need to do so. This cannot be done with an MP3 audio of the entire storyâ?¦ something that most conventional reading methods offer.

Our web-assisted method also offers you the parallel text option so you can read in Spanish and consult the English translation if necessary.

This book is recommended for beginners and intermediate learners who have had some previous reading experience, or beginners with no previous reading experience who are willing to take a few basic Spanish classes (Free of charge). If you have zero knowledge of Spanish, please read the note from the publisher (Look inside).

In this edition you will findâ?¦

  • Individual audio for each paragraph so you can go at your own pace and practice as much as you need to.
  • Parallel text (Spanish-English) for you to conveniently consult the translation of any given phrase right on the spot.
  • Long paragraphs are sectioned by color fonts, making them easy to assimilate.
  • Interactive vocabulary consultation. Just click on any word you need to translate as you read the story and the English translation will appear automatically above the Spanish word you’re consultingâ?¦ No need for long, tedious vocabulary lists.
  • American-style format. The dialog goes on quotation marks, and it’s introduced with dialog tags (He said, she said, etc.) just like any novel written in English.
  • Five short stories written in Latin-American Spanish.
  • A Comprehension Test at the end of each story.
  • Lots of humor and surprises (Plot twists).

Look no further! Get a copy of Basic and Easy Spanish Short Stories right now and expect positive results that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Training book with many Exercises

by Peter Schiessl

MS Excel 2016 Training Book
Emerging from numerous Excel courses, this book is not a collection of material, but a proper training book. It lead you to working with Excel from the beginning with many exercises. As it progresses step by step in the material, advanced exercises and applications are finally achieved.
So also suitable for self-study! Completely colored printed!

From the content:

Tables and workbooks
Formula and coordinates
The function assistant
Invoice, comment, date
A budget planning
Expect interest, PMT
Advanced formatting (hide, templates …)
Evaluate a test series (mean value ….)
Create a diagram

Advanced applications:
Travel Expenses
currency table
Score evaluation with VLOOKUP
Monthly salaries with bonuses
Logic with conditions If-then
Trend calculation
Pivot table
External data
Protect data

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