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THE UNDOING: A Young Adult Dystopian Novel (Book 1 of The Undoing Trilogy)

by Desserae Shepston

In her 14 years of life, all Rebecca has ever known is life under the rigid structure of Anecor. She knows the rules and she has learned how to play the game. But everything she has ever known is about to change…

After The Reckoning destroyed the United States of America, survivors of the assault, led by the newly elected president, had no choice but to live under his new rules. The Vision controlled nearly every aspect of life in the country now known as Anecor. Rebecca and her brother, Jonathan, are in the first generation to grow up entirely under these new rules and under the watchful “eye” of SMALS, an AI system that monitors citizens’ every move through phones and internal trackers. Those who don’t follow the rules are disappeared.

Never to be seen again.

When a strange virus strikes the city of Montrose, the residents panic as more of their friends, family, and acquaintances are stricken. No one knows how the virus spreads and scientists have not found a cure. There have been no survivors. When the virus strikes Jonathan, Rebecca’s world turns upside down.

Everything she has ever known and understood about her life changes in that moment.

Rebecca has always played by the rules. She was not one to cause trouble. But her brother’s illness changed the rules of the game for Rebecca. Jonathan reveals to Rebecca his suspicions about the virus and the discovery of a glow of purple light behind a nearby mountain. He tells her that she must now continue the work he started. It is up to her to unravel the mystery of the virus and the purple light. It is up to her to save her city. And to do so, she will have to go against the rules she has worked so hard to follow.

Rebecca will have to risk everything, including her life, to keep her promise to her brother.

But if she succeeds, she will find the possibility of a new life of freedom and choice for herself, for Montrose, and for all of the citizens of Anecor.

Area 51: Invasion

by Bob Mayer

The Ancient Enemy has arrived.

A Swarm Battle Core is orbiting Earth preparing for the Reaping.

The remnants of mankind desperately try to either survive or fight back.

But they aren’t certain what they’re going to face. All they have are myths and legends. And when the Swarm actually does land, it’s worse than any of those.

Major Mike Turcotte, the hero in defeating the Airlia, makes a desperate attempt to stop the Swarm by going directly to the Core. On Earth, the future of mankind hides in the Facility, an underground self-contained ecosystem. And across the planet others prepare for the last fight.

From an Assassin in New York City who performs a heroic act of sacrifice, to the enigmatic Darlene in her trailer in Marfa, Texas, to Nosferatu and Nekhbet, the last two Elder undead hiding on an island in Puget Sound.

It appears there is no hope.

But there is always hope, but sometimes it takes a tremendous, unthinkable sacrifice.

Action packed entertainment. Kirkus Reviews.

Nova Academy: Heroes & Villains

by Scott Olen Reid

I’m Theo, a super genius and would be mad scientist. I am starting my first year in the super sciences program at Nova Academy for Advanced Super Human Studies. Their program is the best in the nation and the school is one of the few that allows both heroes and villains to attend. That’s important because I really do not know which I want to become after I graduate. It really is a tough choice in the world I live.

There are some surprises in my first year. I meet a girl at college, Carly, and she becomes both my new girlfriend and my partner. She is a powerful telepath who turns my understanding of supers upside down when she tells me the best kept secret in the world.

There is also an insane supervillain who kidnaps and enslaves the science students as part of his diabolical plot. I’m not overly excited about rescuing my fellow science students, but someone has to do it and no one else seems to even know the kids are gone.

To have any chance of success, I will need to make some major upgrades to my armor and recruit a team of supers from the Academy.

Nova Academy: Heroes & Villains has had multiple grammar edit runs since its initial publication. If you have one of the early versions on your Kindle and want to read it again, I recommend you contact Amazon Customer Service and request an updated download (they will not do a mass update at Author request unless there has been major story changes).

Leftover Girl

by C.C. Bolick

Found on a dark highway with no memory…
At fifteen, Jes is no stranger to being the new kid. She’s never stayed in one town long enough to make a true friend. When the latest move lands them in her adopted mom’s hometown, her life quickly becomes a series of lies.   No one can know about the people who abandoned her. Or how she’s starting to remember that night. Then there’s the guy she’s falling for, off-limits for more than one reason…   Jes pushes everyone away, until she meets a strange new student with secrets of his own. He’s searching for a missing girl who just might be her. As Jes will learn, truth comes at a cost, but will she give up love to find out?     “Loved this book. I’m not normally into science fiction but this book was hard to put down.” ~ Amazon Reviewer
“The book has a hint of romance, adventure and friendship and I loved it all through. Can’t wait to read the sequel.”~ Amazon Reviewer
Books In This Series:
Leftover Girl
Secrets Return
Prison of Lies
Illusion of Truth
Fate of War

Mission to Sector ZZ-1219: A Post Dark Times Adventure

by Jerry D. Young

Mission To Sector ZZ-1219 – A Post Dark Times Adventure
Five hundred years after the Dark Times began, and two hundred years after they ended and the New Renaissance began, the descendants of those that had prepared for and lived through the beginning of the Dark Times, had reached the stars.
But humans are still humans with all the same foibles with which they have been cursed since time began. And with another species, a very aggressive (not to mention hungry) species, now wanting to expand into and control the areas of space humans have colonized and developed since their first out-of-the-solar-system exploration trip, not all is smooth sailing. Between humans, and between humans and Ecronians.
One young man, living legend Johnny Oneshot, and a very inquisitive and resourceful young woman, Willi “Marilyn Monroe” McKindrick, are more than willing to take on the situation to make the cosmos safer for those less able to fend for themselves. At great risk to their health and well-being. Not to mention their emotions. Could they actually prevent another Dark Times, the way their ancestors had prepared for and survived the original?

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    Jerry D Young was born at home, in Senath, Missouri July 3, 1953. At age 5 the family rented a small farm house on an active farm 40 miles southwest of St. Louis. While the family weren’t farmers, they lived something of a homestead type life, raising a milk cow, sometimes two, and calves, a pig or two, chickens, and the occasional goat. Along with the stock, a large garden helped to feed Jerry’s three brothers and two sisters for several years. Fishing and hunting contributed to the pantry, as did foraging the wild edibles on the property.
    At the age of 14, the family, minus a brother and two sisters that were now adults and on their own, moved back to Senath. Having been encouraged from an early age to read, Jerry was a regular patron of the Senath Branch Library. A love of a good story was born within him, and shortly before graduating high school, for a lack of stories that he liked at the library, he began to write short vignettes, and started taking notes for stories that he wanted to tell. Jerry eventually began to write in earnest and now has more than 100 titles to his credit including Prep/PAW stories, Action/Adventure, and a few of the romance type stories that first got him started

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