Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 05 Mar 19

Dragons of Umora: Volume II

by Sarah J. Stone

Can be read as standalone, but I suggest reading Volume I first!

The FINAL 10 Books in the Dragons of Umora series!

Follow our Dragons as they delve into new adventures in this crossover between the Dragons of Umora and Witch Academy worlds.

“Something is wrong,” Alexander said, as over an hour passed. Ariel had settled back into her ballet routine, using a rock as her platform. She seemed completely unconcerned by the disappearance of their traveling companions, which vexed him more than it perplexed him. “Please try to care for a moment.”

“Magic gives off a certain feeling when it’s in distress,” Ariel said. “And death is an even stronger scent. I can feel Santiago’s magic, he’s completely at ease.”

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