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INTERCORPSE: NECROPHILIA: sexual attraction towards corpses including sexual intercourse

by RJ Parker PhD

As morbid as it is to fathom, for some, it is easier to be intimate with a corpse than a live human being. People with this sexual preference, or necrophiliacs, have admitted that the absence of emotion or social expectation, or the ability to exert absolute control over a corpse has made sexual relations more satisfying. Other necrophiliacs have admitted to many other reasons why they prefer to engage in sexual acts with the dead.

INTERCORPSE explores this paraphilia in detail. It includes the categories of necrophilia, motivations for this deviant sexual behaviour, and several true accounts of individuals who are infamous necrophiliacs. Serial killers like Gary Ridgway would often return to the dump sites of his victims to have sex with their decomposing bodies while they rolled in maggots. Others like Edmund Kemper admitted to getting pleasure from further degrading his victims.

This book takes a fearless look at a most disturbing topic. It will be of interest to those in criminal psychology, sexual deviance, and forensic psychology.

Joan of Arc: A Life Inspired

by Wyatt North

Joan of Arc was declared a saint in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV, who called her a “most brilliantly shining light of God.” From her story emerges a persona that millions, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, have come to regard as the embodiment of courage and faith.

Jack The Ripper: The Truth About The Whitechapel Murders

by Tom King

The mystery of Jack the Ripper and the murders he committed in London’s East End in the late nineteenth century has horrified and fascinated spectators and readers for over a century. In one of the first recognized mass murderers, he terrorized some of London’s poorest and most vulnerable residents and brutally killed a series of women before seeming to disappear. Police investigative practices were in their infancy at the time, and without sophisticated tools, London’s forces of order were unable to catch the criminal. More than 100 years later, his true identity is still unknown, and the hunt for Jack the Ripper has consumed many an armchair sleuth.

By reading this book, you, too, will be able to take part in a now-historic search for a murderer who has never been brought to justice. Step back in time to 1888 and try to discover, if you can, the man who was Jack the Ripper.

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Hell’s Highway

by G. Daniel Cole

Having been blessed with a rich, full life, I must with all due humility confess that very little moves me anymore. I’ve seen and experienced the self-sacrifice and beauty that only the deepest of loves can bestow. I have been poisoned and hardened by man’s inhumanity to man.
Having said that, imagine my soul-stirring surprise when my friend Danny Cole sent me, almost apologetically, the first chapter of what became this book, seeking my opinion.
The thing was, you see, Danny Cole had never before written anything in the way of books, short stories, poetry, etc. But he had something he needed to express and about halfway through his twenty-second year of sobriety he felt the time had come to express it.
Not that he isn’t a creative artist. Anyone who has ever seen the photographs of his loving tribute to his daughter Gloria, named Gloria Gardens, that he designed and constructed stone by stone in his back yard couldn’t help but realize that. Anyone who has ever seen his photography would also realize his artistic talent.
What follows here is true artistry as wellâ?¦ it is a story of depravity, deprivation and crueltyâ?¦ a story of angels with razor wire halos. It is a story of guts, determination, learning the hard way, the law of the jungle and human kindness even in the vilest of circumstances.
It is the story of a life that never stood a chanceâ?¦except for the guy that lived it: G. Daniel Cole and the merciful God that was watching over him.
Whether you are a troubled soul struggling with tragedies that appear insurmountable, or one privileged to say “there but for the grace of God go I”â?¦. from start to finish this story will move you to the very depths of your Being. That every minute of it was lived by the man who put these words to paper only adds to its deep and eternal message.
With an abiding sense of privilege to have witnessed its birth, I now invite you to read Hell’s Highwayâ?¦.. a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

John W. Cassell

John D. Rockefeller: Golden rules of life and success of the first official dollar billionaire in history (Outstanding people and events)

by Almanac History

John Davison Rockefeller

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John Rockefeller went down in history forever as the first dollar billionaire and the richest man in the world. Many experts call him the richest man in history. Although it took almost a hundred years from that time, still no one is yet to “break his record” of eternal wealth. In 1917, the wealth of John Rockefeller was estimated to be approximately $ 1000 000 000, and back then it amounted to 2.5% of the total US GDP. The dollar of that time and the dollar today are two big differences, and his fortune today would be over 200 billion dollars. At the end of his life in 1937, the wealth of Rockefeller rose to 1.4 billion dollars, which now would be equal to 300 billion dollars! As a comparison, Bill Gates, whose name has also been ranked first for a long time among the richest people in the world is “only” worth 50 billion dollars. Thus, next to Rockefeller did not stand, even such “giants of money” like Warren Buffett, bill gates and others. Therefore, how could an ordinary man, a son of a lumberjack, who started his financial activities, as an accountant be able to create such astronomical condition of wealth?

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • -Family Roots
  • -Father of the Future Billionaire
  • -Young Rockefeller
  • -Career
  • -Creating the Standard Oil Company
  • -The Company Gained Momentum
  • -Rockefeller’s Fight
  • -Personal Life
  • -Charity
  • -Rockefeller’s Personal Qualities
  • -Health Care
  • -The Rockefellers Today
  • -David Rockefeller
  • -John D. Rockefeller’s Achievements

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by Oluwafemi Ebenezer

Been a victim of an internet scam in the past doesn’t exonerate you from being the next victim, you can still be the next victim until you become smarter than those behind the buttons (The scammers).

This is a book written by an insider who has taken sufficient lectures and training on how to scam and defraud targeted individuals, most especially the Whites , with Americans and British been the top target due to their superior currency value. The training taken was intended to be used to defraud vulnerable individuals who are oblivious and unaware of the risk associated with the internet usage but was instead directed towards the enlightenment of victims, targeted individuals, and potential victims.

This book revealed the various techniques and format use to defraud individuals. You’ll learn how to avoid being vulnerable and susceptible to online scam as your vulnerability is one of the factors scammer puts into consideration. Ultimately, the ways to stay safe and counteract these plots and gimmicks are discussed as well.
You don’t want to be the next victim of an internet scam/fraud, you want to be ahead of the players of the game by understanding their gimmicks? Then a copy of OUTSMARTING THE ONLINE SCAMMER will make you an extremely difficult nut for scammers and fraudsters to crack.

el secreto del exito: jack ma (Spanish Edition)

by karthikeyan k

jack ma el hombre más rico chino

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