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NLP: Sales Psychology Playbook (Your Secret Weapon for Transforming Your Sales Process and Doubling Your Conversion Rates With Proven NLP Tactics)

by Modern Psychology Publishing

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Did you know, people make decisions emotionally and then use facts to justify their decisions?

Did you know, that the subconscious mind is what actually makes the decisions, even before the conscious mind gets involved?

Scary, but true…

And unfortunately, salespeople who approach their customers using reason and logic have poor conversion rates…While salespeople who know that their job is to emotionally influence their customer on the subconscious level will get a sale almost every single time.

Well, what if you knew how to sell on the subconscious level?

What if you knew the tactics and techniques that allowed you to penetrate through your customer’s conscious faculty and reach them on a deep and influential level? What if you knew exactly how to produce the emotional reaction that would cause them to buy? What if you knew how to read your customer’s body language so well that you could lead them to the decision you wanted, with ease?

All of this is possible and more when you use NLP to sell!

Fair warning…Some of these tactics are a little sneaky and Machiavellian…but sometimes you have to help your customer break out of their comfort zone and take advantage of your product or service! And knowing these techniques will also help you to become a better listener and more in touch with your customer’s needs.

In this book you will learn:

â?? 7 powerful NLP hacks to instantly supercharge your selling today

â?? The most effective body language hacks to build rapport with your customers – fast!

â?? How to use Modal Operators to move customers beyond their limitations

â?? How to use embedded commands to powerfully influence your customer to make a decision

â?? How to use Future Pacing to make your product irresistible

â?? How to use Hypnotic fractionation to get the sale

â?? And much, much more

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Excel Macros: Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Get Started and Learn Excel Macros from A-Z

by Joshua Ross

The question on everyone’s mind will be, what is the future of Excel and VBA macros in this fast-changing world of technology? Well, rest assured that Excel VBA macros will be here until you are retired. Microsoft is aware that there are millions of organizations out there that depend on millions of macros made via Excel. They might have changed to other languages but those VBA macros will work for them no matter, for many decades to come on the PC and the Mac.
The reason for this confidence is that Microsoft still supports Excel 4 macros after 20 years since they became functionally outdated. Excel 4 comes with a primitive macro language which was introduced in August 1992 but was taken out of action by VBA in the next version Excel 5 in June 1994. Excel 4 was not used by many people for programming because it was not very user-friendly. But those programs still ran in Excel 2016 as Microsoft knew that many companies still depended on them.
Microsoft has now decided that VBA is not to be extended to a platform that already does not have it. Therefore there will not be any macros for the iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Rather they are developing a macro language which is based on JavaScript and it is to be extended to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Excel Online. You may start building macros by using JavaScript even now but it will not be fun as they still do not have a macro recorder, objects, methods, and properties. It is still incomplete and evolving with a syntax that is not user-friendly and less readable than VBA.
Another problem is that JavaScript does not support 2D arrays. You need to use arrays of arrays instead. This language runs asynchronously, therefore, you will have to design the code yourself. And it is slow but, if you are looking for a macro to run on the iPad, this is the path to take going forward.

Grab this book today and enrich your Excel Macros expertise!

Excel Pivot Tables: Comprehensive Beginners Guide To Get Started and Learn Excel Pivot Tables from A-Z

by Joshua Ross

Pivot Tables appear very complex to many Excel usersâ??and rightly so considering the very powerful results they can generate. But that is as far removed from the truth as the day is from the night. When you understand how Pivot Tables work, you’ll wonder why you haven’t given them more of a chance.

Then there are those who have tried to learn how to use Pivot Tables by using the help file in Excel, yet they failed to grasp them. Others have invested time and money to get instruction manuals or tutorials that attempt to explain this powerful Excel tool, but because of the somewhat complex style of presentation of such manuals, it becomes difficult to comprehend and further discourages those who are willing to learn. Even some of the tutorials that are relatively easy to read do not contain real-life applications of Pivot Table functions. It’s a bit like learning abstract things that don’t really have any meaningful impact on your life.
In this guidebook, I have presented all the steps you will need to understand and use Excel’s Pivot Tables. I have taken the time to build this comprehensive guide from scratch, to finish with step-by-step instructions, including screenshots, to help you conceptualize what is being taught in this guide. I have left no stone unturned in order to give you the very best explanation with regards to Pivot Tables.
If you follow the easy to implement steps in this guidebook, it is my promise to you that your Excel work output will drastically increase, thereby saving you time and unnecessary hassle. By the time you really get the hang of using Pivot Tables, you will see how the information you generate using them will greatly impact positively on decision-making and saving time, both for you and for your organization (if you use Excel for a company). Aside from giving you clear and easy steps to perform each task, I have also included likely scenarios where you may find a use for the Pivot Table functions explained in this book.
Many times, users who attempt to use Pivot Tables (and other complex tools), tend to get frustrated when they have to follow a method that does not give them room for customization. I have been there, so I understand exactly how it feels. That is why in this guidebook, you do not only get steps on the “how-to” of Pivot Tables; I also give you tips and workarounds that will save you a lot of headaches and frustration.

Grab this Book Today and Enhance your knowledge pertaining to Excel Pivot Tables!

Merch by Amazon: Make $10,000 Per Month in 90 Days or Less, Passive Income Blueprint to Make Money on Amazon

by Dale Strong

Passive Income in 2019, 2020 and Beyond!

How can you make $3,000 to even $100,000 a month and achieving financial freedom? It would be through Merch by Amazon.

Many people don’t know that Merch by Amazon can be one the most lucrative online businesses you can do. Thousands of people are making a living from a t-shirt business on MBA, and so can you after reading this book.

This book goes into detail on how to start making money from Merch, and we will talk about the deep secrets most successful Merch by Amazon sellers don’t want you to know about making money thru Merch. Just remember, if you follow the steps in this book precisely as explained then you should have no problem making $10,000 a month from Merch by Amazon within 90 days. Remember to work hard and to read carefully. You will reap the benefits of this fantastic book.

This book has solid tips and advice with real time strategies to take you where no Merch by Amazon book has gone before. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, this book has it all.

Inside you will learn:

  • Why every Merch by Amazon Seller needs this book – Explaining in detail as to why this book is a must read for any aspiring Amazon Merch Entrepreneur.
  • How to pick a niche – How to find a niche which would be best suited for you the reader.
  • Domain name + Hosting + WordPress- Explain how to find the best and the most cost-effective Domain name + Hosting + WordPress.
  • First blog post – Explaining to readers how to set up your first blog post.
  • Affiliate marketing – Going step by step on how to find a good affiliate program which will sell and make profits.
  • SEO – Explaining the importance of SEO, also showing how to boost ranking on Google.
  • Importance of YouTube- Why is YouTube an excellent idea for Merch by Amazon, and how it can help them get amazing traffic to their products.
  • How to build an email list- Showcasing some the most sought-after methods for collecting emails for your Merch by Amazon page.
  • Guest blogging- Learn how they can generate more traffic to their site by guest posting.
  • How to use all these methods- Summing up everything we just talked about in this book, and explaining how to use these methods for best results.
  • Keep growing your empire- Briefly touching on how to keep building your Merch by Amazon empire even after you have achieved the $10,000 a month mark.
  • And much much more!

So what are you waiting for? Get this book now before it is too late.

Binary Options trading: Comprehensive Beginnerâ??s Guide to get Started and Learn Binary Options Trading from A-Z

by John Reigner

In this book, I covered different topics related to binary options, the different types of binary options, the benefits and risks they offer, the importance of strategic planning, developing a strategic plan, different strategies for binary options trading, tips to become a good trader, and common trading mistakes and how to avoid them. Apart from this, the book also contains information about selecting the right platform and broker to help you move along in the world of trading.

The next step is to take the knowledge you have gained here and put it into practice. It will be futile to read through all these pages if you don’t take any action. Go through the information in this book whenever you are in doubt. Keep yourself open to learning. Be a sponge and try to absorb as much knowledge as you can. Once you do this, open up a demo account and start your tutorial of the trading world.
Well, that’s about it. You need to be patient, resilient, adaptable, and must be able to think on your feet if you want to become a good trader. Trading in binary options is certainly worth the risk that you undertake.

All the best, and happy trading!

Sell or Donâ??t Eat: How Selling From the Soul Will Keep Food on Your Table

by Don W. Long

Sales is the motor that starts everything in your business.

Eight out of ten businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s an 80% failure rate.  And some statistics show that number is as high as 90%.

Why do businesses fail so rapidly and how can you and your company avoid being one of them?

At the surface level, the primary reason businesses fail is because they run out of cash (lack of sales).  However, if you look below the surface, the cracks in the foundation start well before the brutal day of financial collapse.

This book is about avoiding those cracks in the foundation so you can be an epic success story and not a failed statistic.

In the 1980’s, Don learned that if he didn’t sell, his family wasn’t going to eat. So he learned to sell out of desperation.  Don and his wife began their married life off well below the poverty line,  so Don hustled to feed his family. He put food on their table for more than four years by selling Krispy Kreme donuts door-to-door; he then went on to sell vacuum cleaners, alarm systems, 18-wheeler education courses as well as a myriad of other products and services.

Sell or Don’t Eat is a book for small business owners, CEO’s, Founders, and all types of entrepreneurs about what it takes to build and run a massively successful business from a serial entrepreneur who started and sold not one, but two multi-million-dollar businesses.  In 2017, one of Don’s businesses was in the top 1% of companies in the US in their industry.

If you want to discover the secret formula Don learned during the 30 years he spent building his 7-figure businesses and avoid being part of the 80-90% failed business statistic, Sell or Don’t Eat, will impart the wisdom you need to put food on your table as well as create lifetime clients no one can ever steal.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this book:

  • Lessons learned from selling Krispy Kreme donuts and vacuum cleaners door-to-door.
  • Why selling “techniques” and “gimmicks” aren’t working for you.
  • The opposite of manipulation and force and how it can help you become the hero instead of the enemy in the business world.
  • How you can transform into the type of salesperson that won’t drive away potential customers.
  • Why working on your weaknesses is bad advice and what to do instead.
  • How to truly embrace the magic elixir that you possess so your ideal clients will be magnetically drawn to you.
  • The four changes you can make right now by understanding the Hell Week training the Navy Seals undergo.
  • The biggest threat to your business and how to avoid it every day.

If you want to have a thriving business, find more clients, sell more at higher margins, develop more revenue, and repeat the process.  Sell or Don’t Eat will give you the blueprint and the profound wisdom you need to do that.

Click the BUY NOW button and let’s close the sale on the epic success of your business so you can prosperously provide for your family.


by Emily Grey

Take back control of your life by choosing when and where to work!!!
Imagine being able to set up your own schedule and make good money while working in your pajamas. Imagine being able to schedule your work around your children’s schedule and family time. Too good to be true? Wrong. Most of the companies listed in this book will allow you to set your own hours while allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home.

WORK AT HOME JOBS: 95 LEGITIMATE COMPANIES THAT WILL PAY YOU TO WORK FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME is a comprehensive, well-researched, and up to date compilation of some of the best work at home jobs available right now. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a college student or someone trying to make some extra cash on your spare time, you will find this guide very helpful.

Think all work at home jobs are scams? While there are many scams out there, the companies listed in this guide are legitimate companies that have been around for a long time such Amazon and American Express. I have done the research to ensure that every company listed here, big or small, is trustworthy and delivers on all of their promises to their work at home employees or independent contractors.

Table of Contents

So what are you waiting for? Globalization and technological advances are changing the job marketplace at a rapid pace. Many traditional jobs have disappeared and will continue to disappear as more employers turn to hiring virtual workers to cut costs. Scared? Still skeptical? This book will guide you step by step through the job application process. It contains links to the job application portal of each company so you don’t have to waste time finding them through their main page. Each job opportunity included will give you other key details such as pay rate and whether or not benefits are included in the compensation package. Most importantly, none of the jobs listed here will ask you to pay a fee to be considered for employment.

Payday Loans and Cash Advance: Pros and Cons – Mistakes and Traps to Avoid

by James Stuart

Here’s How You Can Avoid Payday Loans & Cash Advance Mistakes and Traps

A payday loan or a cash advance loan is a loan for a short time. This book will reveal to you everything you need to know before applying for a payday loan or cash advance. This is must-know must-do information; ignore it at your own perils.

This is a complete guide to payday loans. Once you read this book you’ll know exactly how to locate the most cost effective payday loan and how to get a quick approval.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

* The single most critical factor in obtaining a good payday loan deal

* A revealing look at the pros and cons of payday loans

* Before taking out a payday loan checklist

* How to get your loan applications accepted, traps and mistakes to avoid

* What to do if you’re having trouble paying off the loan

* All these and much much more

You owe it to yourself and to your family to acquire this essential payday information. Get this guide today!

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Pricing Strategies. 42 Psychological Price Tactics.: Make perfect prices. Make more sales. Make more money.

by Ivan Stefanovic

â?  “Over 42 pricing strategies, which cause a significantly higher desire to buy!”

This book is for all people who want to make more sales and more profit with price psychology!

Understand the psychological subconscious of your customer or visitor in order to earn
more money in the future with every product. Is that really possible? A very clear: Yes !

â?? Why does $ 28,16 sell better than $ 27,82?
â?? Why does $ 19,99 sell better than $ 20?
â?? Why does $ 361.745 sell better than $ 350.000 ?
â?? Which discount campaigns lead to a sales slump?

There are millions of proven strategies that can give us the solution for that.
Through intelligent price changes, you can dramatically increase sales.

Although this is no longer a secret, very few marketers or sellers
know what exact price the product needs to have in order to maximize sales.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, seller, marketer or dealer –
here you will find proven and tested price strategies that you can implement immediately.

You will learn in this book, among others:
â?? How to sell more through small price adjustments.
â?? Which colors your prices should have for the target audience.
â?? Which size and position your prices should have.
â?? Which prices your luxury products or your cheap products should have.
â?? How you influence the perception of the customer and generate more sales.
â?? Which prices you absolutely must avoid!
â?? Which prices harm your products or services!

For whom this book is nothing:
â?? People who do not care about the prices of their products.
â?? People who don’t want to achieve sales through price optimization.
â?? People who do not want to believe that prices have an extreme impact on the purchase decision.

How to read this book?
With the free Kindle app, you can read this eBook
even without Kindle Reader on your PC, smartphone or tablet.
As paperback with over 80 pages!

â??100% money back guarantee!â??
â?? If you are dissatisfied with the book, you can return it
to amazon within 7 days and get back the full purchase price.
â?? Your risk is zero!

â??Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
-Warren Buffett-

The Ultimate Career Guide for Business Majors

by Jamie Rizzo

Would I be happier in consulting, marketing, or auditing? What’s the difference between venture capital and private-equity? And what exactly does a trader do all day?

Before embarking on a business career, you must discover the role that suits you best. Understanding what people do in different business careers, how they earn those positions, and the challenges and rewards that come with those roles helps you select a fulfilling career.

Author Jamie Rizzo, a business and finance world veteran, offers an insider’s look at careers available with a business degree. Written for college students and anyone considering a business career, The Ultimate Career Guide for Business Majors reveals what it takes to succeed in more than thirty careers.

Each career section explains the day-to-day job functions and the personality traits best suited to that career. Readers get a blueprint of every different career you could pursue and where those positions lead. Real-life examples crystalize the demands and rewards of each career.

Informative and up-to-date, Rizzo’s guide suits anyone considering a business careerâ??from high-school juniors and seniors to college undergraduates and people considering returning to college for an MBA.

Clean and Grow Rich: How To Start and Operate Your Own Profitable Cleaning Business

by Dallas Rivers

Imagine owning your own business. You have no boss. You have very little start up costs. You ask for and receive pay raises automatically. You set your own hours and determine your pay rate. Sound too good to be true?

Here is the exciting news…It’s not!
Everything you need to know about making money with this business is in this book.

You will learn how to:

Write a sizzling proposal
How to bid like a pro
Where to buy supplies
How to get people to call you for jobs
How to use this best-kept secret in business to launch your dreams



Do you love to know about the ATTACKING TREND of MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASES in this WORLD? If YES, then this ebook report is for YOU!

If you are a patient/researcher/employee/job aspirant/student/company CEO/market trend finder/etc., you can benefit from this ebook report by knowing the direction of the market with respect to the topic you are searching for. Please note that this is a complete non-textual graphical report (based on context, trend & summary) .

This ebook report covers all those notorious MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASES . Besides, this report lets you know what is the current attacking trend of each MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASE .

We suggest you that before start pursuing/teaching/researching about any MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASE, nowadays, it is better to understand the attacking trend of that particular MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASE in the current market. This report is prepared based on the â??DISEASE ATTACKING TREND’ perspective.

This report is a collection of â??DISEASE ATTACKING TRENDS’ of all MORTALITY CAUSING INFECTIOUS DISEASES. The captured trends are presented in an easily understandable GRAPH format. Each graph [based on the collected data] is associated with a trend line (black color) so that you can easily understand in which direction the attacking trend is going for the respective topic.

For readers’ easy understanding, we have included the graph template (TITLE: GRAPH ANATOMY) which we used as a base to display all the graphs in this report. Please study the graph template first before you dig deep other graphs in this report.



We hope you find this report useful for your TREATMENT/RESEARCH/BUSINESS/PRODUCT BUILDING/ETC., market needs.

How to Start Working as a Virtual Assistant: Basics for Beginners (Business Basics for Beginners Book 53)

by Eiver Stevens

If you’re interested in working at home in a legitimate job, starting a career as a virtual assistant (VA) can be the smartest decision you ever make, but only IF you investigate all of the aspects of what it will mean personally and professionally. There are a range of pros and cons to working as a VA. There are also a number of common errors that new VAs make which can mean all the difference between steady work and regular money coming in, versus a trickle of cash instead of a flow. Once you know what these mistakes are, you can avoid them and earn steadily as a valued VA.

You don’t need to have the best computer skills or writing skills in the world to be a VA. You do need to be organized and customer-service oriented, be able to manage your time efficiently, and meet any and all deadlines that you agree to.

Having said that, you can work as little or as much as you want, whatever hours you wish in most cases. The best virtual assistants are able to command salaries comparable with people who are employed full-time in offices and chained to a desk nine to five. They can even earn six figures if they choose the right topic and offer the right skills based on past experiences and their talents and interests.

If freedom, independence, the ability to work when you want, with pleasant, well-paying clients, sounds like a great opportunity to you, use this guide to decide if becoming a virtual assistant is right for you.
Word Count=15,122

Table of Contents

What’s in This Guide


Chapter 1: What is a Virtual Assistant?

Chapter 2: Getting Started Working from Home as a Virtual Assistant

Chapter 3:-Why You Should Consider Working from Home

Chapter 4: A Day in the Life of a VA

Chapter 5: Why You Should Choose a Niche Early

Chapter 6: Administrative Consultant, VA or Something Else? What Should You Call Yourself?

Chapter 7: 10 Top Branding Tips for Virtual Assistants

Chapter 8:-Key Personality Traits of a Successful Virtual Assistant

Chapter 9: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business

Chapter 10: Why You Probably Won’t Make Six Figures Your First Year

Chapter 11: What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn’t Support Your Dreams


About the Author

Eiver is a life coach who and the author of more than 20 guides and course that help empower people to transform their lives.

12 Golden Keys To Hospitality Excellence

by F. H. Benzakour

Twelve inspiring strategies that can revise a dying country club into a “pièce de résistance” of hospitality excellence.
In the 12 Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence, author F. H. Benzakour, Cornell graduate and Professor of Contemporary Club Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, with twenty-five years of CEO experience in taking private clubs from black to green, shares his insights and expertise on superior management.
The twelve strategic, eye-opening approaches, include:
-Over-Invest In Peopleâ??It’s an investment you’re guaranteed to reap rewards from.
-Celebrate Diversityâ??with people of diverse ethnicity and cultures, both members and employees.
-Be A Student of the Obvious â??Instead of searching for complex resolutions, look for simple solutions to complicated problems.
-Be A Master of Game Theory â?? Work out a winning business strategy that will result in a generous payoff
-Swim In Blue Oceansâ?? Create new demand in competition-free market spaces
-The Pareto Principleâ?? Focus on the 20 percent of actions that generate the greatest results
-Innovate or Dieâ?? Move toward the future or you’ll become part of the past
By employing these twelve dynamic game plans within the 12 Golden Keys to Hospitality Excellence, managers will advance to being winners in the hospitality industry.

In The Weeds: Proven Strategies To Help You Earn Better Money Serving Tables

by Todd Goodwin

Make More Tips as a Server!

When you read In the Weeds: Proven Strategies That Will Help You Earn Better Money Serving Tables, you’ll learn how to increase your sales, “turn tables”, and make a great living! You’ll find out when (and when not) to upsell, how to increase your average tips, and how to turn the psychology of serving (and even comping) to your advantage!

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With In the Weeds: Proven Strategies That Will Help You Earn Better Money Serving Tables, you’ll learn how to persuade your customers to buy more, leave more in tips, and return again and again. With this essential guide, you can turn serving into an art form – a very lucrative one!

You’ll be amazed at how easily these simple tips and strategies can increase your tips!

Order your copy of In the Weeds: Proven Strategies That Will Help You Earn Better Money Serving Tables right away!

You’ll be so happy you did!

The Wealthy Creative: 24 Successful Artists and Writers Share Their Winning Habits

by Genevieve Parker Hill

Want to make a living from your writing, art or other creative work?

So much of creating your own path to success is believing it can be done.

Inspiring role models can be a powerful factor helping you build a successful career.

You will live in a constant state of inspiration and determination with the advice and encouragement from the many different types of creatives interviewed in this book.

If they can do it, so can you!

Inside THE WEALTHY CREATIVE, you’ll find example after example of real authors, artists, designers, and more who share the timeless habits and modern advice that helped them forge their own successful and fulfilling careers.

Each chapter of THE WEALTHY CREATIVE presents one of the essential practices or concepts that crystallized out of the author’s analysis of dozens of interviews conducted with real creatives working in both the digital economy and within traditional spheres.

You’ll learn:

  • The SINGLE most important habit for success, the one that cropped up over and over in the interviews
  • How successful creatives think about money and earning power
  • Why it’s vital to grow and care for your audience and how to do so
  • How to hone in on the important relationships that will drive and support your own career in a creative field
  • …and much, much more.

    The entrepreneurial mindset and timeless habits it takes to make a living from your work, whether you’re an oil painter, a graphic designer, a writer, a photographer, or any other kind of creative, can be learned.

    Go from self-doubt to confidence today with this wisdom-packed guide.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.