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A Body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff : Seaview Cottages Cozy Mystery #1

by Anna Celeste Burke

Miriam Webster’s a woman with a few secretsâ??can she keep them after she and her spirited Dalmatian, Domino, find a body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff?

When Miriam Webster moves into the Seaview Cottages active adult community, the last thing she expects is to find a body on the bluffs nearby. The mystery takes a quick detour when Miriam and her friends return to Fitzgerald’s Bluff with the Deputy Sheriff. The dead woman’s gone, but not for long. Where the body turns up is only one of the surprising twists the mystery takes for Miriam and her friends.

>>>Tracking Down the Killer

Convinced that the local deputy isn’t up to the task of finding a killer on the loose, Miriam and her gang of Grand Old Lady Detectives [G.O.L.D.] set out to discover the truth about a body on Fitzgerald’s Bluff.

>>>Can they solve the mystery without becoming the killer’s next victim?

To find out, grab your copy of book 1 in this new cozy mystery series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke. Recipes included.

>>>Free to read with Kindle Unlimited!

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Little Girl Lost: Psychological Thriller: A brick wall of a twist that will leave you stunned for days!

by Addison Moore

Psychological Thriller with paranormal elements

A couple’s six-year-old daughter befriends a strange young girl and the pair vanishes into thin air.
A thrilling mystery with a twist so big you will never see it coming.

From a New York Times Bestseller comes a story of a girl who goes missing after befriending a strange little girl.
And then she was lost…
Allison and James Price move to the navy-blue forests of Concordia Idaho hoping to leave behind the chaos of Los Angeles and the painful memories of his indiscretions. Once settled in the picturesque town, where time seems to have stalled and life moves at a slower pace, their six-year-old daughter, Reagan, befriends a mysterious young girl who seems too idyllic to be true with her pressed pinafores, her perfectly curled pigtails. One late autumn evening, as their playdate winds down, both girls vanish into thin air. The little girl said she lived at the end of the street but the only thing Allison and James find at the end of the cul-de-sac is the gaping mouth of the forest. Their little girl, the mysterious playmateâ??they’re both gone.

Everyone is looking for Reagan.
Nobody has come forward to claim the mysterious little girl.
Both Allison and James look guilty as hell.
Maybe they are.

We were good people, my husband and I. We had everything you could ask forâ??successful careers, a stunning home with the requisite, yet clichéd, white picket fence, a precious daughter to call our own. We had secrets, my husband and I. Not many, so few, all of them lethal.

I watch as James clasps his hands around the girl’s bird-like neck, squeezing hard until her flesh goes whiteâ??so hard you can see his bones bulge severely, stretching thin the skin at his knuckles.

We were good people, James and I.
It was true until it wasn’t.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Mooreâ?? Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

Love, Diamonds, and Spades: Rylan & Quinn (Cactus Creek Book 2)

by Violet Duke

— A USA TODAY Bestseller —
Fiercely independent single mom Quinn Christiansen likes already being known in town for having a heart too hard for any man to break, courtesy of her deadbeat ex who left her with a mountain of his gambling debts to pay off, on top of the pediatric hospital bills her son had required from birth. So when she finally meets the lone man in Cactus Creek inexplicably undaunted by her ball-busting tendencies, Quinn has absolutely no idea what to do with him. Not only is he ridiculously handsome, and surprisingly sweet under his gruff and gritty exterior, he’s also clearly determined to invade her life.

Rylan Grey isn’t used to getting a woman so worked up. Well, not in a bad way, at least. And yet somehow, his mere existence seems to annoy the guarded and gorgeous Quinn to no end. Sure, he’s made some gambles to get to where he’s at, but they were all of the life variety, with risks as important as the rewards, fate betting as the house, and most importantly, not a single dollar in play. Though Rylan has never wagered anything he’s not willing to lose–namely his heart–once he sees past Quinn’s icy defenses, he’s more than ready to ante up…for what’s bound to be his riskiest gamble yet.

“Violet’s writing simply jumps off the page and grabs you from the first sentence. If you love strong heroes, you’ll love her books.” — New York Times Bestselling Author Bella Andre

Love, Chocolate, and Beer [Luke & Dani]
Love, Diamonds, and Spades [Rylan & Quinn]
Love, Tussles, and Takedowns [Hudson & Lia]
Love, Exes, and Ohs [Isaac & Xoey]

All the Cactus Creek books are standalone novels with feel-good HEAs. 🙂 Enjoy!

Ladies In Low Places

by Mary Ann Henry

Set in the mythic, South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry, each story in this unforgettable collection captures the moments in women’s lives when they must confront some aspect of their authentic selves. Whether they’re seventeen or seventy-nine, the characters bring to life the ‘grit, wit, and it’ of the southern female psyche as they search for home, family, and love – often finding that rock bottom may be the best foundation from which to move forward. For those readers seeking strong, southern, female voices, Ladies in Low Places delivers.

Her Beast: A Dark Romance (Beauty and the Captor Book 1)

by Nicole Casey

A dark beast. A disenchanted beautyâ?¦and a dangerous game of lust that she can’t resist.

Beautiful. Pure. Flawless.
The girl made my body burn with lust.
I’m the monster from her nightmares.
And Scarlett?
She’s still an innocent, naive, and uncorrupted doll.
She’s about to lose everything.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

Captured. Taken. About to be Broken.
That was when my life changed forever.
Forced into a world full of darkness and terror.
Where there is no sight. Where there is no sound.
Only a dangerous and beautiful beast in the dark.
He is punishing me for every mistake I make.
He is training me, preparing me for what’s going to happen next.
Slowly, my body is learning to craveâ?¦
His dominant voice. His gentle touch. His acts of kindness.
It’s hot and forbidden, but somehow…familiar.
And now, he is about to claim the one thing I am not ready to giveâ?¦

My soul.

WARNING: Dark, dirty, forbidden, and hot as hell. This is a dark romance that contains captivity and scenes some will find disturbing. It is intended for mature audiences only.

**This is Part One of the BEAUTY AND THE CAPTOR Trilogy. It does end on a light cliffhanger but I promise it is so worth it!

Reading Order:
Her Beast (Beauty and The Captor Book 1)
Her Savior (Beauty and The Captor book 2)
Her Dom (Beauty and The Captor book 3)

The Last Girl (Sand & Fog Series Book 7)

by Susan Ward

We were a scandal waiting to happen. But I didn’t care.

For years my life had already been an unending downward spiral. Then my grandfather, Jack, gave me an apartment no one knew about. A secret bequest after his death, and the brief note that accompanied the gift sent me running to Italy.

I’d gone to Venice to find peace, knowing I was weak, and instead I found him.

He was magnificent, brilliant, jaded, and white-hot danger. I was consumed by him as I’ve never been by anything or anyone. Vibrant and unrelenting wakefulness burned inside me when he was near.

And he became everything I craved and all I lived for.

Letting go of us was inevitable, even as it tormented me to tear us apart.

THE SAND & FOG SERIES is about the Manzone family, filled with passionate loyalty, enduring hope, and forever love.

Each book in this series is carefully written so that you can understand and not feel lost even if you haven’t read the other books in the series. You can start the Sand & Fog Series with The Last Girl. But be warned: the characters cross-over from book to book and it’s easy for readers to fall in love and become addicted to my other spunky heroines & swoon-worthy heroes and binge read for days!

A Dancer’s Guide to Africa

by Terez Mertes Rose

Still reeling from her sister’s unforgivable betrayal and a shattered relationship, new college graduate and ballet dancer Fiona vows to take a chance on herself. Her journey of self-discovery begins when she accepts a two-year English teaching assignment in Africa. However, Gabon, a country as wild and mysterious as it is beautiful, may be just another mistake in Fiona’s life. Christophe, her trainer, is a green-eyed, irresistible African, whose smoldering charisma threatens to undermine Fiona’s resolve. After fleeing the States, the last thing she needs is to fall for another womanizing heartbreaker. But the lessons Christophe ultimately teaches Fiona allow her to realize her deepest desires, unleashing the passion within her. Learning to let go of her inhibitions and exploring her own yearning become paramount in Fiona’s quest. And just when she discovers where her heart has been all along, an enemy threatens everything she’s worked toward. With her newfound courage and strength, will Fiona risk everything to fight back for the future she’s always wanted?

Evil Men: Short Stories

by Erik Wennermark

Evil Men is a series of short stories by Erik Wennermark, each detailing the exploits of an “evil man.” Some of the men are criminal, some are disturbed, some are pathetic, some are comical, but all have transgressed in some – often frightening – way. The stories are filled with inventions in language, unusual characters, and unconventional settings as they explore concepts of political and social “evil” and masculine identity. Throughout the collection, the stories shift in form and tone and length, consistently keeping readers on their toes, alert to the next twist.

Michael Martone says Evil Men “is an ambitious collection completely realized and expertly crafted. [Wennermark] renders in this Poe-ian, shaped-charged fiction a startling catalogue of very visceral and deeply disturbing tales. He is very perceptive to this world of his characters and also to the world around them and how they and their environment interact with the reality of our own reality. He is especially sensitive to the variety and complexity of the human psyche.”

This is the third (and final) incarnation of Evil Men and as such is expanded to 39 stories with dozens of illustrations. According to the author’s introduction, “It’s artier, stupider, prettier, beefier, and grosser. It’s more vapid, crass, and ill-mannered, while also being more intelligent, considered, and an overall more authentic picture of what I set out to achieve when I first started putting these stories together.” The majority of the stories in the collection have previously been published somewhere or another, while several have won awards or been anthologized.

The Big Crunch: A Novel

by Michael Thompson

A mysterious device called the weiÃ?gerät transports down-and-out Dick Klaxon to another world, governed by (seemingly?) benevolent A.I., where he is given the chance to live out a more fulfilling life; only, he can’t seem to remember his old life, and a cast of increasingly absurd characters serve to distract him from . . . what was he supposed to do again? Mysteries arise; Allusions to Japanese pop-culture abound; identities implode.

That’s the plot, at least. It really is a strange book. At times Kafkaesque, at other times channeling the Beats, the story morphs, changes perspectives, changes genres, etc.

Some things to know:

-The weiÃ?gerät (German for “white device”) Invades people’s dreams and gives them visions of a strange, crystal altar.

-Dick Klaxon, the narrator and main character, has quit his job, and embarks on a time-bending quest to discover the wei�gerät.

-Klaxon encounters a colorful cast of characters, who aid him, much like party members in an RPG.

-There are a lot of references and allusions to anime and Japanese role-playing games.

-The book is pretty short.

-The book is completely self-published, if that’s your thing.

Michael Thompsonâ??the authorâ??is an unpublished writer from Sacramento, California. He went to Sac State, majoring in English Language. He thanks you for taking the time to look at his book.

Where We Turn (The Hope of Hyde Hills Book 3)

by Jacie Middlemann

“From the first day of my life you’ve been a guiding light for me through this journey…now it’s my turn.”

Where We Turn is the third book in the continuing story of two families who meet at a time in their lives when change seem to be taking place almost every day. Even as Mae and Elsie adjust to the worsening symptoms of the disease that has forever altered their lives their families struggle to do the same. And though little is as it was life and all it brings continues for all of them.

Hyde Hills Township is home to two women who meet at a time in their lives when they find themselves looking for answers beyond the obvious. As both Catherine and Grace come to quickly realize the status quo is no longer an option. Catherine Holden knew there would be many challenges in front of them but bringing her mother home with her, redecorating the guest room for her, and doing whatever else was necessary to make sure everything went smoothly for her mother once she arrived wasn’t one of them. Grace Allen couldn’t remember a time when her mother wasn’t filled with determination and courageous tenacity that easily put her own to shame. She knew that would soon have to change. Their roles hadn’t reversedâ?¦but they would.

The Hope of Hyde Hills series are stories of mothers and daughters and the family they are surrounded byâ?¦and all the complications that sometimes brings with it. It is a story of what is important and what is not and sometimes the very difficult struggle to distinguish between the two.

Where We Turn is the third book in The Hope of Hyde Hills series. Also available are When We Trust and How We Love.

Chromeheart (Travelers Series: Book II)

by Alia Hess

In post-apocalyptic America, one man is determined to save himselfâ?¦ from himself.

Sasha Roborovskiy arrived in America eager to leave his past of alcoholism and impulsiveness behind. But old habits die hard and becoming resident screw-up in the research facility he works in isn’t the life he’s dreamed of.

When his bosses unleash a deadly virus in a maniacal attempt at cleansing the world, it’s Sasha’s chance to do good and prevent catastrophe. But his efforts to stop the plan fail, turning him into a screw-up on a global scale. Consumed with guilt, he heads for the East on a personal quest for self-betterment, despite knowing he might not make it far with heart problems.

Meeting a group of friendly wanderers makes traveling easier, and the spirited woman taking an interest in him gives Sasha hope for a brighter future. But with guilt and bad habits following close behind and wasteland dangers ahead, he’s only a failure away from ruining this too. He has the chance for romance and the new life in America he craves, if he can overcome his personal demons once and for all.

Don’t miss Chromeheart, the second installment of the Travelers Series by Alia Hess. If you love character-driven stories of self-discovery and romance in eclectic, post-apocalyptic settings, you won’t be able to put this down!

Cara’s House: A Novel about the Blessings of Growing Older

by Annie Katz

Rather than slowing down in her old age, ninety-year-old Cara Conrad opens her heart and her home to a young woman and her son who need a bit more family help before launching into the world on their own. Cara’s daughter Susan thinks her mother should be hiring a live-in caretaker rather than harboring relatives she’s never met, but Susan’s own daughter, her grandchildren, and her weight loss goals are keeping her so busy she can’t sort things out at her mother’s place. Next a mystery man shows up to court Cara, and by the time everything settles down, all the delightful characters in Cara’s House realize it’s never too late to welcome more love into your life.

Mango Cottage: A Novel about Moving On

by Annie Katz

Amado and Lilly, two retired strangers with a great deal in common, both move to Maui to mourn recent losses, reflect on their lives, and enjoy their remaining years. They are healthy, independent, and self-sufficient, and deep down inside both of them long for a true friend. The problem is they are so shy they might never meet. Will they overcome their insecurities enough to embrace what they’ve always wanted?

The Island of Echoes: A Novel

by Roman Blair

“An astonishing novel; a visionary accomplishment” – William Bostock, author of The Great Gauguin and I, Josephine

Six Victorian travelers are headed home when their ship is caught in a violent storm. Off course and shrouded in fog, they have only the outline of a distant island to hint at their position. The group heads for shore, but the island is unlike anything they’ve encountered before.

Working to pinpoint their location and discover a way home, the castaways begin to unravel the many secrets of their surroundings while simultaneously exposing some of their own.

The Island of Echoes breaks the traditions of the lost world genre. It blends history and science fiction to create a philosophical mirror, one that offers both inspiration and critique in every detail.

“A refreshing read.”
“The feel-good adventure I wish I read years ago!”
“It evokes longing for the free and beautiful world.”
“There is something in it for every type of reader to enjoy.”

The Shadow Constant

by A.J. Scudiere

Someone is keeping watch over the machine. Should it ever have been built?

The lure of the find behind the loose hearthstone at Hazleton House was too great. The schematic excited Evan, Reenie and Ivy for different reasons but it is Kayla who actually begins building it. Her ability to focus to the exclusion of all else is just one of the effects of her Asperger’s.

The scribbled initials E.W. were merely a curiosity until it’s discovered they belong to Eli Whitney. But strange footprints and disturbing visitors let Evan know that the theft of his sister’s prize schematic isn’t just a coincidence.

It becomes obvious that the generator has no apparent power source. And Eli Whitney was only the first to die because of the machine.

Soon they realize their enemies are much bigger than they had imagined and the threat the device poses could topple an empire. The secret now threatens those at Hazleton House.

Who is trying to stop them?

Winner: Booky Award for BEST Thriller & Suspense Book 2013
Winner: Booky Award for top 12 books of 2013
Finalist: Beverly Hills Book Awards for New Fiction and Suspense 2014
Finalist: Eric Hoffer Best Book Award 2014
Silver Medal: Indie Excellence Award for Mystery/Suspense 2014

Forbidden Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 9)

by Addison Moore

*can be a STANDALONE*
Rex Toberman is obnoxious and pretentious. So what if he’s the star quarterback? So what if my father is dating his mother? I can’t wait until he’s out of my life for good.
The day our parents announce their impending wedding becomes the worst day of my existence. Not only has Rex cemented himself in my social circle, but he’s about to cement himself into my family.

I don’t trust his mother. And I don’t want anything to do with her egotistical, womanizing son, but deep down the only way to get rid of them both is to do something unimaginable with Rex himself. I’m playing with fire, dancing in the flames of his wicked grin, and soon enough I’m melting. The last thing I want is to become another victim of Rex Toberman’s egotistical, womanizing ways.

But there’s something about those bedroom eyes, that lewd smile, that body made of steel I cannot resist. Yes, getting rid of my soon-to-be stepbrother is tougher than I ever imaginedâ??especially now that I never want him to leave.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Mooreâ??

Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

The Hand of God

by John Isaac Jones

“An engaging tale of murder, redemption and the search for God.” – Amazon reviewer.

An African-American man is caught between his own demons and those of 1950s American society in this historical novel. This is the story of 24-year-old Bobby Lincoln, who lives in the coastal town of Palm Harbor in 1955 Florida. 
With few jobs and no education available to him, he ekes out a living by fishing and doing any other work that he can find, often using his boat. But it’s not enough for him or his common-law wife, Idella, who keeps threatening to leave him if he doesn’t become a more effective breadwinner. 
None of this is helped by his own love of gambling and his tendency to keep company with some of the town’s best-known criminals. When a local gangster offers him $2,450 to take part in a serious crime, Bobby knows that it would break the heart of his deeply religious mother and disappoint a smart teenage boy who idolizes him. 
But he also believes that it might be his only chance to keep his wife and get back some self-respect. One little boat ride quickly turns into a nightmare that consumes Bobby’s life even as he tries to conceal it from others.
Based on Florida’s infamous Chillingworth murders! 

The George Explosion: An Experimental Short Story

by Chris Wong Sick Hong

A man named Allen tackles a Herculean task: writing nametags for 100 floors of unappreciative coworkers. It goes as well as could be expected.

Hellbender (Murder Ballads and Whiskey Book 2)

by Jason Jack Miller

Although the Collins clan is steeped in Appalachian magic, Henry has never paid it much attention. But when his younger sister dies mysteriously Henry can’t shake the feeling that the decades-old feud between his family and another is to blame.

You see, some people have forgotten about the old energy that permeates Appalachia’s darkest hollows.

Some people have not.

In HELLBENDER, Henry Collins’ act of retribution forces his family to defend themselves from a rival clan, the vile Lewises. When Henry attempts to make things right, the world as he knows it begins to crumble. His car is vandalized, his house is burned to the ground and Alex, the girl he loves, begins suffering from strange spells that leave her disoriented and gasping for breath. To restore peace Henry chases the stench to its source and finds himself deep in a strange wilderness–an Appalachia that remembers mountain lions and Black Bibles. When Alex’s condition deteriorates, Henry discovers that the curse and the feud sprout from the same bad seed. Together they endure abandoned mines, ancient superstition and a man as evil as the devil himself to put an end to the feud. But in order to get Alex back, Henry has to confront the horrible tragedy that brought him back to West Virginia in the first place.

Let Raw Dog Screaming Press author Jason Jack Miller take you to a place where love is forever even when death isn’t, where magic doesn’t have to be seen to be believed, where a song might be the only thing that saves your soul.

MURDER BALLADS AND WHISKEY is a unique, literary, blend of dark fiction, paranormal urban fantasy and horror. It’s Appalachian Gothic, Alt.Magical.Realism, Hillbilly Horror. It’s AMERICAN GODS meets JUSTIFIED. TRUE BLOOD with witches. It’s Johnny Cash with a fistful of copperheads singing the devil right back to hell. HELLBENDER is book 2 in a series where love can save your soul, where a song can change your destiny, and where evil still hides in the dark corners of the night.
In ‘Hellbender’, Is He Speeding Away from Trouble? Or Toward It? By Catherine Ramsdell for POPMATTERS, 25 September 2012

Hellbender lives up to its billing and that’s no easy feat, considering how the last paragraph on the back cover reads: “Jason Jack Miller’s Murder Ballads and Whiskey series is a unique blend of dark fiction, urban fantasy and horror. It’s Appalachian Gothic, Alt.Magical.Realism, Hillbilly Horror. It’s American Gods meets Justified. True Blood with witches. It’s Johnny Cash with a fistful of copperheads singing the devil right back to hell.”

It all begins with a mysterious death and a feud.

The feud is pretty easy to define: Collins versus Lewis. Main character and narrator Henry Collins gives some background: “Growing up, I thought every family had an enemy who stole shit from their property, who burned barns down and raised the kind of hell that kept your parents up at night worrying.” The Lewises were, in short, “the only bogeymen I ever feared”.

The death is a little more complicated. Jane, Henry’s sister, is dead. But was it an accident or something more sinister? Henry doesn’t seem interested in finding out and walks away from his family and his home, wanting to escape the feud (and the magics) he doesn’t completely understand (or believe in). But, as Henry notes when he looks in his rearview mirror, “The mirror, as honest as it was, would never tell me if we were speeding away from trouble, or toward it.” In this case, trouble was all around.

Henry finds a somewhat unlikely alliance in Alex, a former (and now current) love interest who was also Jane’s roommate and is a Lewis relation. Together, they race through rural West Virginia in a quest for justice (or revenge). Along the way, a near-death rafting experience, several chase scenes, multiple beatings and shootings, a panicked creep through an abandoned coal mine, an allegedly stolen heirloom, and lots (and lots) of snakes and magic keep things

The Other Side of Someday

by T.K. Leigh

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a fun, flirty story of one woman’s reluctant search for Mr. Right in a world full of Mr. Wrongs.

Recent divorcée, Baylee Morgan, has left the only life she’s ever known in a small North Carolina town for Santa Monica, California. She soon finds herself immersed, albeit reluctantly, in the daunting and perilous world of dating as an almost thirty-something in Los Angeles, constantly second-guessing herself about everything, including whether that hot guy she meets in yoga class is straight.

Sebby Powers’ dream has always been to work in the film industry. At the age of thirty-five, he’s one of the youngest up-and-coming producers in Hollywood. His life is perfect. Perfect apartment. Perfect girlfriend. Perfect dog. Until a friendship with a beautiful woman with vibrant red hair and a similar taste in cheesy movies throws that perfect life into a tailspin.

Will Baylee take a risk on love again?
Or is she destined to be on a perpetual search for her own someday?
Find out today in this humorous and heartwarming second chance love story.

La Fuente de las Salamandras: ¿cómo era en realidad El Greco íntimo? ¿Cuál fue su concepción de la familia, del amor, de la amistad, del arte? â?? Finalista … Alféizar de Novela 2017 (Spanish Edition)

by Eduardo Moreno Alarcón

Cumplidos cuatro siglos de su muerte, en 1614, la vida y obra de Doménikos Theotokópoulos, El Greco, sigue causando un interés fascinador. Una aureola misteriosa envuelve su existencia y su figura dando pie a toda clase de teorías. Desafiando al tiempo, el cretense está lleno de incógnitas. Genial, refinado, excéntrico, hedonista, ambicioso, litigante, los adjetivos siempre arrojan controversia. De él dijo Francisco Pacheco: «era extraordinario en todo, y tan extravagante en sus pinturas como en sus costumbres».

Pero ¿cómo era en realidad El Greco íntimo? ¿Cuál fue su concepción de la familia, del amor, de la amistad, del arte?

La novela nos sumerge de lleno en la psique del artista, en su universo, y constituye un meticuloso retrato psicológico, artístico y social. La trama discurre con el pulso vital del pintor, desde su infancia hasta su muerte. Vertebran este libro tres paisajes, tres culturas, tres atmósferas históricas: Candía, la península Itálica y Toledo.

Ambientada entre los siglos XVI y XVII, La fuente de las Salamandras recrea una Europa bajo el hálito pujante del Renacimiento.

Pero esta obra es mucho más que una mera ficción histórica. En puridad, se emparenta con el concepto de Realidad Quebradiza acuñado por el escritor y académico José María Merino.

La fuente de las Salamandras se nutre, pues, de un cosmos propio donde los elementos fantásticos, la sorprendente imaginación, el misterio, la aventura, la leyenda y lo inesperado se unen para lograr una literatura verosímil, poética y trepidante.


Eduardo Moreno

Eduardo Moreno Alarcón (La Roda, Albacete, 1974). Licenciado en Psicología. Es autor de dos libros de relatos: Lo que vino de las profundidades (2010) y Oscuro Parentesco (2014). Con su primera novela, Entrevista con el fantasma (Premium Editorial, 2015) fue finalista del VIII Premio de Novela Corta «Encina de Plata».

Como escritor ha obtenido varios reconocimientos literarios de ámbito nacional, entre otros el de finalista en la IV edición de los Premios Mallorca Fantástica en 2011, Tercer Premio en el Concurso de Relatos «Víctor Chamorro» en 2012, ganador del II Certamen de Relatos de Terror «Sueños de Opio» en 2013 y Primer Accésit en el I Certamen Literario «Guadix, primavera y vino» en 2017.

Es colaborador de medios digitales como la Revista Literaria ABSOLEM de Guadix (Granada) y el periódico digital Crónica de la Roda (Albacete). También ha publicado en los espacios culturales del periódico accitano Wadi-as y la Revista OP Machinery.

Fue jurado del IV Premio de Novela de Terror «Ciudad de Utrera».

Su pieza teatral Los primeros emigrantes (Diputación de Albacete, 2017) fue incluida en la I Muestra de Teatro de Autores Locales y representada en 2016.

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