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The 30 Day Plan to Save and Transform Your Marriage (Growing in Love for Life Series Book 9)

by Liam Naden

You CAN save your marriage in 30 Days or Lessâ?¦.. IF you have the right plan and are prepared to follow it.

In this ground-breaking book, marriage and relationship coach Liam Naden shows the exact steps you need to follow to get you and your spouse together – and happy again! – in less than a month.

In addition you will learn:

– the 3 things you MUST have to save your marriage. Without these, saving your marriage will be virtually impossible.
– why it takes 30 days (and no more than that) to save and transform your marriage
– how to heal the hurt and restore the intimacy and trust in your marriage, no matter what has happened in the past (or is happening now)

The steps in this plan deal with the REAL reasons why your marriage is not working. You will learn EXACTLY what to do (and WHEN to do it) to rebuild even the most shattered of marriages.

Even if your spouse has already left you, DON’T give up on your marriage until you read this book!

Rare But Not Alone: Raising Kids with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

by Colleen Rice

“It’s just a virus.”
“Oh, they will grow out of it.”
“Your child is doing this for attention.”
These are common phrases parents of kids with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) often hear. They can make us feel scared and alone, but we CVS parents know the truth. CVS is a true medical condition that is often misunderstood in the medical community. This condition often takes years to diagnose because of its unknown causes and overlap with others similar condition.
Today there are a wealth of resources available and a wide variety of treatment options. We need not just sit and feel helpless watching our kids getting sick with little to offer them.
Within this book you will find the experiences of parents just like yourself trying to make the best life possible for their child while living with CVS. Featuring “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Chandra Wilson, Tiffany Sharpe from Trinity’s Troops, and CVSA Founder Kathleen Adams! When we share our stories, we tell the world that though we are rare, we are not alone.

“This book is such an excellent resourceâ??whether you’re a parent, caregiver, relative, friend, teacher, or anyone who wants to learn more about this disorder. Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is a rare disorder that still isn’t well understood. This book not only gives us medical information about CVS, it also takes us behind the scenes and shows us what CVS is like from a patient’s perspective, a parent’s perspective, and more.”
– Mandy Taylor

Colleen Rice, MA
Colleen suffered from Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in the early 1980s before research and protocol for treatments were widely known. She now lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Dan, and their six children, one of whom has been diagnosed with CVS and has difficulty managing despite many ongoing interventions. Colleen has learned to balance (and sometimes juggle) raising all six of her children while giving unique attention to her often sick CVS child. With the help of her supportive husband and her mother, Peg, she takes a team approach to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

Colleen holds a BA in Human Development from Rivier University in Nashua, NH and an MA in Theology and Christian Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

A Simple Method to Avoid Morning Sickness: Eating to Avoid Morning Sickness

by Lana Chang

A Simple Method to Avoid Morning Sickness – Eating to Avoid Morning Sickness

And here is a preview:
Oh I remember it like it was yesterdayâ?¦ ” I want something sweet, no salty, no fatty. Oh yeah, French fries with chocolate sauceâ?¦Oh yuck, did I just eat that? That’s disgusting I feel sick!!!”
Morning sickness is your hormones playing tricks on you so whatever you know, thought you knew, or may be doing before you fell pregnant â?¦ forget it for now; it’s irrelevant until you are feeling better. You can worry about following a “real” healthy lifestyle once you’re over this stage, for now let’s get you eating in a way that is going to be good for your baby and not make you feel awful.
In this book I’d like to share a simple method of eating that may just work for you. It is not a way of eating that many of us would want to adopt permanently, but it is a way that will help your body receive the essential energy and nutrients it needs to do everything that is has to do during this extremely busy time.

What I didâ?¦
Firstly, I started by getting up and having a small but healthy breakfast; a slice of toast, some muesli, or a banana. I found that if I ate too much it also made me feel sick, so I kept my portion sizes very small. This also helped if I did happen to eat something that I regretted a few minutes later, it would be gone quickly and I could just feel morning sick, not “disgusting” sick!
And BUY this book, if you want more!

In this book, you can find out:
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Amamentação: um híbrido natureza-cultura (Portuguese Edition)

by João Aprigio Guerra de Almeida

Amamentar é ‘da natureza da mulher’? Então, por que profissionais de saúde, frequentemente, ouvem queixas como ‘a mama empedrou’, ‘o leite secou’? Este livro tenta responder a todas estas perguntas. O autor vai buscar na história e na sociedade as origens para o paradigma atual da amamentação. Ao considerar a amamentação como um híbrido produzido pela natureza e pela cultura, sugere uma abordagem mais completa do fenômeno. Traz, ainda, um histórico dos bancos de leite humano, ‘as amas-de-leite do século XX’, destacando sua importância.

Generation Gap (Full Version) (Gujarati Edition)

by Dada Bhagwan

The relationship between parents and kids is a fundamental link of one’s existence. Even our great gods had parents whom they respected and revered.

In today’s time this relationship is getting complex. Parents have a long list of complaints against their children such as that kids don’t obey them, wake up late, don’t study, pick up wrong habits, fight with others, etc. Children fail to meet their parents’ expectations. Similarly, kids feel that their parents don’t want to understand them, are overly strict and so on.
In this book, these close relationships within the family are the basis of discourse (satsang) with Param Pujya Dadashri, the Gnani Purush (the enlightened one).The existing problems are discussed from the worldly view as well as from the spiritual view. Special attention is given to the growing rift between the new and the old generation. Parental duties and the duty of children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults towards their parents are explained with clarity and compassion. Param Pujya Dadashri has pioneered the basis of positive parenting and how with love and affection, harmony can be achieved in this beautiful relationship of parents and children.

The book is divided in two parts, part one where Param Pujya Dadashri discusses the problems and solutions for parents towards their kids. In part two, Param Pujya Dadashri has addressed the difficulties faced by kids when dealing with parents.

This book will be of tremendous help in attaining harmony between parents and kids, leading to a cordial relationship.

Pure Love (Gujarati Edition)

by Dada Bhagwan

For those wondering how to become more spiritual, or how to lead a spiritual life, Pure Love emerges as an essential value. Naturally one begins inquiring into the ultimate meaning of love – what is love, what is true love, and what is unconditional love?

Other questions may also arise, such as:

To cultivate unconditional love, is forgiveness required? If so, how can I learn to practice forgiveness prayer?

Does unconditional positive regard evolve into unconditional love?

In the context of unconditional love, what is marriage? Can a husband and wife relationship transform into living for love, and ultimately become an example of love supreme?

In the book “Pure Love”, Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan offers a profound explanation of unconditional love meaning, and describes how Pure Love grows naturally with spiritual development.

Param Pujya Dadashri explains that the knowledge of Self is the beginning of spiritual awakening, and that the blossoming of Pure Love is one of the signs of spiritual awakening.

Among the many spiritual books available today, this resource on the topic of Pure Love will prove invaluable.

Childe Larry’s Pilgrimage: Book One

by Lawrence Cataldo

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods…” -Lord Byron

February 1963, in that frozen tech-town on Lake Ontario, Rochester, New York, six-year-old Larry’s life is about to be rocketed forward from wise-guy-in-training to being swept up in something called Beatlemania.
That’s small potatoes compared to his father’s secret plans to move the family of seven from the destitution he barely fends off on the scant wages he earns as a cleaner’s truck deliveryman by day, and professional accordionist by night. Having, after an unannounced road trip across the country, secured the manager’s position at a prominent music store in the Los Angeles suburb of Alhambra, Mario Cataldo sends airfare for his wife and children, yanking them from their Italian American roots, and the support of a close extended family. Larry has no choice but to keep still and watch as his family struggles to adjust to an alien landscape and society, just as that dubious cultural revolution known as The 1960s is kicking into high gear.
Childe Larry’s Pilgrimage is a Sixties-centered, Baby Boomer saga seen through the eyes of the fourth of five children of second-generation immigrants doing their best to retain the heart and security of their old world against the pressures to get in step with the new. A born observer, ever curious, and innately suspicious, Larry is not one to grab without question at the shiny toys the “new way of walking” doles out wrapped in the cellophane promise of a life free of the restraints of tradition, and a time-tested moral code, in exchange for one of stuff and status. Taking note of the delights and disasters of his twenty-one-year pilgrimage, Childe Larry relates his impressions and experiences with boyish innocence, adolescent angst, and an ever-present, savage rage for anyone or anything that mocks or threatens his idealized vision of a sacred family heritage hopelessly slipping into assimilation, obscurity, and extinction

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