Free philosophy Kindle books for 05 Mar 19

ITA: La llave de mi existencia (Spanish Edition)

by Héctor Alejandro Zuloaga

El Ita es el desarrollo de nuestra vida desde el punto de vista de los yoruba, el ita es la expresión de nuestra vida en términos pasado, presente y futuro.

The Utopia Collection

by Tommaso Campanella

The systematic study of Utopias cannot but be fruitful of results. Fantastic though many of the systems are, each is nevertheless a mirror of the prevailing thought of the period in which it is written and a key to the ideals of the best men. To write properly the history of Utopias from the time of Sir Thomas More to the present is to write the history of the progress of human thought in the last five centuries…


The Social Contract, by Jean Jacques Rousseau
Utopia, by Thomas More
New Atlantis, by Francis Bacon
City of the Sun, by Tommaso Campanella

Cognition Switch: Mind #1

by Gaia Vince

Cognition Switch: Mind
An Artefact for the Transmission of New Ideas on Mind and Mental Well-Being

Issue #1: December 2018
Featuring Articles by: Gaia Vince, Michael Regnier, Jenny Diski, Geoff Watts, Lucy Maddox, Emma Young, Jo Marchant, Peter Aldhous, Mary O’Hara, Shayla Love, and Will Storr

Porcelain Faith

by Anthony Civiletti

On its surface, Porcelain Faith is a simple story of a man and a woman struggling to find love after their recent divorces. Beneath the surface, however, the waters become dark and the current controls the future of Leah and James. A romance novel of the usual ilk, this is not…but you just might find a little bit (or possibly a whole lot) more than what you had expected, if you can successfully navigate these deep, cold waters, where free will dissolves and fate takes over.

How to Analyze People: Valuable Techniques on How to Interpret Body Language, Human Psychology, and Various Personality Types

by Russell Davis

This book: “How to Analyze People: Valuable Techniques on How to Interpret Body Language, Human Psychology, and Various Personality Types” is intended for individuals who want to learn how to analyze people through their nonverbal and verbal cues.
If you want to learn the skill of human analysis, you can use the knowledge you would acquire from this book to improve and nurture your relationships, understand people’s personality types, and acquire a positive frame of mind when dealing with people. This can lead to success and happiness in each of your endeavors.
To prevent ambiguity, the language used is simple and concise. Various examples and proven techniques are also given, so that you can practice the concepts properly and master the skill of analyzing people.
Continue reading this book and learn the skill of people analysis. Know how you can apply them properly, as well. Knowledge gained without application is not learning.
Thanks again for downloading this book. Have fun reading and learning!

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