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The Brainy Billionaire (Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance Book 1)

by Elana Johnson

A local island B&B owner hates the swanky high-rise hotel down the beach…but not the billionaire who owns it. Can she deal with strange summer weather, tourists, and falling in love?

Stacey Stapleton owns the premier bed and breakfast on Hawaii’s big island, and she’s not happy about the new twenty-eight story monstrosity disguised as a luxury resort just down the beach. When she books a night to find out what the rooms at Sweet Breeze are like, she’s impressed with the amenities, the view of the bay…and the tall, dark, and handsome room service attendants.

But she’s sworn off men and is focused on her own B&B, her Women’s Beach Club of friends, and living up to her grandfather’s legacy.

Fisher DuPont is the billionaire owner of Sweet Breeze, his first solo business venture since finally leaving his father’s company, and he’s been moving through each department as an undercover boss. So he’s the one behind the room service cart when Stacey opens the door. When he runs into the sassy, gorgeous redhead three more times that day, he takes it as a sign to get to know her better–and reveal his true identity.

As Stacey and Fisher spend more time together, she learns he’s absolutely brilliant, unusually kind, and incredibly hardworking. He’s impressed by her grace under pressure and dedication to clients, friends, and family when a storm hits the island. Can Stacey and Fisher leave their past heartaches where they belong to build a new future together?

Escape to Getaway Bay and join the Clean Billionaire Beach Club for some seriously sweet romance.

Each book can be read as a standalone, with a happily-ever-after ending, and clean, sweet-without-losing-the-heat romance!

Read all the books in the Clean Billionaire Beach Club Romance series by USA Today bestselling author Elana Johnson and USA Today bestselling author Bonnie R. Paulson:
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5. The Billionaire’s Bodyguard
6. The Billionaire’s Boyfriend
7. The Broke Billionaire
8. The Brilliant Billionaire
9. The Bad Boy Billionaire
10. The Blue-Eyed Billionaire
11. The Brave Billionaire
12. The Belated Billionaire

When the Wood Is Dry: I. Call of the Innocent: An Edgy Catholic Thriller

by Joseph Cillo Jr.

“Sometimes we must suffer if we are to save souls.”

Jesus’ words echo in a recurring dream to Lali Russo, a seventeen-year-old Catholic school girl.  

Lali wakes and asks, “Why that dream again?”

Two thousand years ago, the scourged and bloody form of a man who claimed to be God carried the wood on which he would be crucified.  Coming upon some distraught women, He says, “Women of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but for yourselves and your children.  For if these things are done when the wood is green, what will happen when it is dry?”

The novel, When the Wood Is Dry by Joseph Cillo, Jr., attempts to answer this question.

When the Wood Is Dry will be published in three parts: I. Call of the Innocent; II. Crucifixion, and III. Resurrection.  In I. Call of the Innocent, Lali is called to walk a path of suffering that she struggles to understand.  Praying at an abortion clinic, she encounters the pregnant girlfriend of a notorious gang leader.  She confronts the girl’s boyfriend, the ruthless Ralo as he sharpens his machete.  

“Go away, little girl, this is no’ ju beesness.”  

As the subtitle, An Edgy Catholic Thriller suggests, When the Wood Is Dry is Edgy – Intended only for mature audiences, Catholic – includes overtly Catholic religious imagery and perspectives, and Thrilling– “full of twists and turns, action and heart-wrenching moments,” as one reader commented.

Some readers who may love the first and third parts may find the second part too intense, so we are recommending that such readers read I. Call of the Innocent, then skip the second part and read the synopsis included in III. Resurrection. More daring readers can journey with Lali in II. Crucifixion, but only with the sternest warning.

“The storyline is like nothing I’ve ever read before. “
“…a chilling, unpredictable, fascinating story which I couldn’t put down.”
“…a well thought out, complex story with strong, diverse characters and a unique concept. The story was easy to read and follow. Full of twists and turns, action and heart-wrenching moments.”

The Fill-In Valentine: A Sweet Friends to Lovers Romance (Love in Lake Belmont Book 3)

by Charlotte Storey

Two childhood friends, one fake relationshipâ?¦ Sometimes, true love starts with a big lie.

If you like your Hallmark movies with extra sass, this story is for you.

Free-spirited Ally Setton has always been the black sheep of her picture-perfect family. But after her disastrous love life makes her the butt of one too many jokes at a family gathering, impulsive Ally tells a white lie about having the perfect boyfriend. 

The only problem? He doesn’t actually exist.

Handsome local cop Nathan Barker isn’t one for deception, but he’s had a soft spot for Ally since they were kids. Nathan would do anything for his old friend’s little sister… even if that means coming to her rescue by pretending to be her boyfriend.

But soon enough, Nathan realizes his feelings for Ally run deeper than he ever suspected. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to turn this fake relationship into a real romanceâ?¦

If you’ve been pining for a clean, funny, small-town romance with a strong, principled hero, you’ll love THE FILL-IN VALENTINE. Scroll up and get your latest Happily Ever After right now! 

This is book 3 of the “Love in Lake Belmont” series. Each stand-alone sweet romance has a guaranteed HEA and can be read in any order you please.

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