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Retrograde: Some Principles Are Timeless (Federation Diplomat)

by E J Randolph

The cold steel of the assassin’s blade bites into her neck, and Kate Stevens, Federation diplomat, freezes. She has cured the king. Is that the problem? Or, does the knife wielder have something against the Federation? She needs allies and she needs them fast. Coups plots are springing up like mushrooms after a rain, and the lord chancellor wants her out of the way or dead. Illustrations.

If you like space opera with social and political themes, you’ll enjoy the Federation Diplomat series where the fate of planets rests upon the wit of a diplomat and her resourceful and sometimes buccaneering team. This book is the first, but each story stands on its own and is set on a different planet with new problems to solve.

“The universe encompassed in Retrograde is a captivating one and worth taking the time to explore.” -Desert Exposure (regional arts magazine)

“Randolph…constructs fantastically different yet eerily familiar worlds.” -Silver City Independent (Weekly arts and events edition)

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The Reckoning: The Day Australia Fell (The Unforeseen Series Book 1)

by Keith McArdle

Australia has been invaded.

While the outnumbered Australian Defence Force fights on the ground, in the air and at sea, this quickly becomes a war involving ordinary people.

Ben, an IT consultant has never fought a day in his life. Will he survive? Grant, a security guard at Sydney’s International Airport, finds himself captured and living in the filth and squalor of one of the concentration camps dotted around Australia. Knowing death awaits him if he stays, he plans a daring escape.

This is a dark day in Australia’s history. This is terror, loneliness, starvation and adrenaline all mixed together in a sour cocktail.

This is the day Australia fell.



Detachment Echo is a novel based on historical fact. During the Cold War there was hard evidence that American POWs were being shipped from Vietnam to Eastern European “facilities” for medical experimentation.
It was covered up.
In Echo, a US Counterintelligence agent, sent to a border listening post to investigate drug abuse, bears witness to a chain of events that prove American POWs were being held in Eastern Europe. He risks his life to reveal a coverup that goes all the way to the White House.
The screenplay version of Echo was nominated for a Humanitarian Award in a recent international contest. The author was an electronic spy during the cold war who served in some of the venues where Echo takes place, including NSA HQ.
If you like your spy thrillers written in a cinematic style,seasoned with reality and accuracy, you will want to read DETACHMENT ECHO. From the author that exposed the CIA psychic spying cover up in PSYCHIC BATTLEFIELD (St, Martins 2000).

The Boys of Seelow: The Hitler Youth

by Joel Connealy

“The year is 1939 and the lives of seven friends growing up in Seelow Germany are about to change dramatically. Adolf Hitler, leader of Germany, has promised to resurrect the Fatherland and provide work for every willing German. The talk around the dinner table every night is filled with hope about the glorious age promised for their homeland.

Through the eyes of Blaz Senft, The Boys of Seelow chronicles the lives of seven German boys as they progress through the Hitler Youth program and into the German military. As the war turns against the Reich, they find themselves in a battle for their lives, their friendship, and their country’s destiny while the enemy draws ever closer to Germany’s borders.”

A Syrian Boy: Based On a True Story, A Young Refugee and His Sister Travel from Syria to Germany escaping ISIS

by Zabi Saffi

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Gods, Kings and the Governments have clashed. One’s happiness is another’s blood. The lower class citizens are turned into slaves without them acknowledging it. The space between the poor and the rich is dramatically long, so long, that the gods cannot level the two groups. Religion, power and money is destroying the Earth as you read.

Damaged tanks, cars, fighter jets and buildings are all that can be seen. Adnan and his sister Yana never let go of each other’s hand knowing that they could be killed any second. Adnan looked to the left and saw fallen trees that were hit by some kind of bullet or bomb. A silent state with not a single bird flying. Dead, dry and abandoned.

This is the story of Adnan, a 13-year-old Syrian boy, that faces hell in his own country and is forced to escape the once beautiful village to him. His journey begins in Syria and ends in Germany. Adnan and his sister Yana go through so much pain during their journey that it breaks my heart writing their story!

London (WeLoveBook) reading club review – “A beautifully written and heart touching story that will keep you wanting to read the book over and over again”

Yorkshire reading club (Book Madz) review ” Out Standing book, the story line is amazing. There is so much we don’t know about the effect war has until you read this book! Thanks to Tom Jackson for recommending this book to our book club!)


by Ronald V Rockwell

This is a work of historical fiction about a real US Army guide on our frontier, Mitch Boyer aka Buoyer aka Bouyer. Mitch Boyer, one half Sioux and one half Caucasian, possessed unique talents as a result of his intelligence and his mixed-blood background. He utilized these talents, some God given, many learned, to become by 1876 one of the best known US Army guides on the frontier. There is much factual information available on Mitch but there are also great gaps in our day to day knowledge of him. The author has attempted to fill in these gaps with fictional accounts which, given his life’s experiences and the environment he lived in , make a very realistic portrayal of Boyer’s life along the North Platte, the Overland Trail, the Bozeman Trail, the Yellowstone Valley and the Little Bighorn River where he fell with Custer.



Northern Canada, December 1959: A USA Air Force mid-air disaster results in a missing nuclear device that is never recovered. Clues to its location have been discovered Fifty years later, by two jihadists, who are determined to recover it by any means necessary, and use the components to manufacture and put to use a working bomb.
A First Nation’s Elder, who may know the location of the lost bomb, is kidnapped by the steadily growing group of terrorists. This, unexpectedly, brings into the ordeal, the man’s family, and Erik Trygg, a retired Canadian Special Opps soldier known for his ruthlessness, and identified by his enemies and some of his comrades by the tattoo on his arm: The Valknut.
Trygg believes the well financed enemy may have successfully built a bomb and he is determined to stop them from deploying it, but he is always one step behind their secret agenda. This results in a deadly chase that starts in the wilderness of Ontario’s far North on the waters of the Albany River, and progresses to a major Canadian city in the South, with the lives of two heads of state at stake, and the possible catastrophic loss of thousands of innocent people.
“Are you going to try to capture either one of them?” she asked. Trygg had a short reply to that. “Never wound a rat…….KILL IT”

“The darkness of terror that is spreading around the world has brought it’s nightmare to the Great White North.”

The Case of the Argent Gargoyle: A K.C. Kidd Mystery

by Jonathan Albin

The Case of the Argent Gargoyle: A K.C. Kidd Mystery

Ever felt like someone was watching you?

K.C. (yeah, it is okay to call him Casey) Kidd isn’t your regular Joe. It is 1949, the world wars have been over for a while, but Casey still hasn’t gotten his feet under him yet.

The Army was pretty good to him, but the return to civilian life left him cold. Unable to hold a job for too long – there just wasn’t enough excitement for the recipient of the Bronze Star, Silver Star, and two Purple Hearts – Kidd was a bit of a mess.

He smoked. A lot. He drank. A lot. But what kept him going, what made K.C. Kidd a going concern, was his ability to find things. In the war, it was land mines and explosive charges. Now, when he could find the work, he would findâ?¦ other things. And he was damned good at it.

So it wasn’t a bad thing when the woman walked into the bar. His bar. Simone Drinkwater, the kind of dame any flatfoot would love to go three rounds with. She had lost something, and she’d heard that Casey was the kind of man who wouldn’t let a woman like her slip by without fixing whatever problem she had. And Casey could tell she had at least two really big problems that needed handling. Personally.

The Case of the Argent Gargoyle includes:

  • A brief history of Golem Lore
  • The secrets of the lost treasure of Colom Bahr
  • How K. C. earned his Stripes in the War – World War II
  • And Much More

Once you pick up a K.C. Kidd novel, you’ll be hooked; everyone loves a hero, and none stand as tall, or hit as hard as Casey can.
Don’t wait another minute. Discover the secret of the Argent Gargoyle, and stop the Nazis before they reach for the Reich again.

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Love Is For Tomorrow Redux

by Michael Karner

The Director’s Cut version of Love Is For Tomorrow – extra-length and a completely different storyline makes this a novel on its own and an exclusive entry into the spy-series.

On his way back from his last mission, Antoine Springer stops in his favourite city Istanbul to do what he loves best – chasing women. His personal mission is interrupted by a dubious bombing and he is thrown right back into the field. Antoine moonlights his services for the UNIT – an independent spy agency in the capital of spies, Vienna, Austria.
He is one of the undisclosed numbers of assets from over 30 nationalites covering missions on 6 continents that the UNIT’s mastermind has at her disposal. This current mission is special: the plans of two female spies could bring the world to the brink of world war three.
Antoine has been warned that his life style would lead to his fall. Ironically when the enemy’s plan becomes clear, he is already in too deep. The lesser of two evils would have him venture right into the lions den. Only white-knuckle car chases, a standoff with veteran special forces and the most daring airborne insertion the world has ever seen could stop the spies and their resourceful allies.
Outnumbered, outgunned and outmatched, Antoine is ultimately confronted with something even more bone chilling to him than an enemy bound to make a superpower fall – his past.

Karner raises the bar for the start of an edge-of-your-seat suspense series, combining european hot spots, suave humor and the glamour and decadency of the top 1% with modern warfare in this lavishly entertaining thriller.

Savannah of Williamsburg: The Trials of Blackbeard and His Pirates – Virginia 1718 (Savannah Squirrel Series Book 2)

by Jennifer Devore

In the year 1718: Within Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina a true-life battle raged between the notorious Pirate King Blackbeard and the military forces of Alexander Spotswood, Royal Governor of Virginia. Among Blackbeard’s crew was an 11 year-old French boy named Louis Arot whom finds himself in a colonial jail and set to hang for the crime of piracy. Join Miss Savannah Squirrel in her second colonial adventure as she embarks on another journey of discovery. With new friends and high stakes, Savannah marshals all the resources of a posh and polite squirrel to navigate the complexities of early-American commerce, politics and maritime law to try and save a young boy from the hangman’s noose. The result is a gripping story as exciting as a ride on a runaway carriage and as dangerous as tempting Lady Fortuna on an angry sea.

Freedoms Last Stand III: The Igloo Freedom Fighters

by Dale Van Conant

The Freedom Fighters are almost to Seatlle. They have regained control of every State between South Dakota and Eastern Washington. Book Four will start with the war over Seattle. The small army has grown to over 40,000 fighters.

Challenging the Wild Blue Yonder of WWII

by Ronald V Rockwell

This is a historical fiction describing the lives and combat experiences of young fighter pilots in the European and North African theaters of WWII. The principal historical events are accurately depicted with added fictional accounts of German, Polish, French, British, Canadian, Russian, and American fighter pilots experiencing deadly encounters in the skies over Europe and North Africa. Considerable information on fighter tactics as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the various aircraft makes and models is provided. But a war fighter has other interests than merely destroying enemy aircraft; skirt chasing in the dance halls of wartime London can also be a rewarding experience. Follow Wyoming cowboy Bob Bender, Polish Kapitan Antoni Miedlar, Luftwaffe pilot Rudi Rammel, and RAF pilot Barry Stevens in their pursuit of the female species during breaks from aerial combat in the heavens of Europe. This account covers the entire war in Europe from its beginning in 1939 to the victory of the Allies in 1945.

Hold My Beer, Watch This (Just the Quotes)

by AJ. Fastbender

A collection of the best quotes from “Hold my Beer, Watch This” Does not include stories or bonus content.

El Juego de los Dioses (Spanish Edition)

by Javier González

Renzo Núñez; un conscripto de 19 años, es desembarcado a empujones en Puerto Argentino. Sin ser muy consciente de ello, acaba de recuperar las islas Malvinas.
En Nueva York, la célula de la CIA llamada “División América Latina”, analiza desesperadamente la situación y prepara los primeros borradores para Alexander Haig, Secretario de Estado que deberá mediar con Galtieri y la cancillería británica a fin de evitar la contienda.
Mientras los desacuerdos van y vienen, la flota británica mantiene un mismo rumbo: hacia Malvinas.
En el congreso británico estalla la lucha de poderes de cara a las elecciones. En Argentina más de lo mismo, a fin de evitar la caída de la Junta Militar.
La guerra ha estallado entre dos aliados de Estados Unidos. Ã?ste finalmente elige a quien apoyar, y Argentina debe perder lo más rápido posible. Para ello colocan todo el peso logístico sobre la maltrecha y poco financiada “División América Latina”.
Tim Dublin viaja a las islas con la identidad de un reportero de izquierdas, que ellos mismos secuestraron en el aeropuerto Kennedy. Desde allí informa para la CIA y los británicos.
El 4 de Mayo de 1982,vengando el hundimiento del Crucero Belgrano, los argentinos dan un giro de tuerca: hunden el destructor Sheffield usando el temible misil Exocet, y casi destruyen el portaaviones Hermes, donde los ingleses tienen montado el mando de operaciones.
Ambos contendientes han descubierto la efectividad de los Exocets. Así que mientras Argentina intenta comprarlos en el mercado negro, Inglaterra hace lo propio para impedírselo exigiendo a la menguada división de la CIA, que si no detienen la operación de compra, utilizarán los cohetes nucleares Trident que acaba de proveerles Estados Unidos con todas las consecuencias políticas
que significará; su objetivo, la provincia de Córdoba.
Pero las complicaciones aumentarán cuando los agentes de la División descubran quién financia la compra de los misiles Exocets.

“El Juego de los Dioses” traspasa el teatro de operaciones de una guerra convencional para introducirnos más allá del telón, y mostrarnos lo que hay detrás de la escena: la verdadera maquinaria que hace funcionar el trágico espectáculo de cualquier conflicto armado desde que el hombre aprendió el juego de los intereses creados, hasta nuestros días. Decidiendo el destino de los pueblos cuan pequeños dioses.

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