Free fiction Kindle books for 06 Mar 19

Urban Sweetz

by Britney Lyn

Who knew joining a group on Facebook would turn your world upside down. But when you combine sex, social media, and a group of freaks, you should not expect your world to remain intact. Welcome to Urban Sweetz!

Meet four beautiful and successful women who many thought, from the outside looking in, had it going on and then some. But like the saying goes,” all that glitters isn’t gold” and these ladies lives were far from gold.

Katherine is attractive, both physically and mentally. She is educated, and a business owner. She is engaged to a handsome, loving, and successful man; they have a great relationship, butâ?¦ she has to deal with baby mama drama. Katherine joins Urban Sweetz with the hopes of improving her sex life, and relationship, with her fiancée. However, she finds herself becoming more and more distant from him instead. Will she get her dream wedding or will she allow her fiancée’s jealous ex to run her into the arms of another man.
Merci is a beautiful and intelligent woman, successful as well. Many would think she had it all and was living a fabulous life. However, inside she is bitter, cold hearted, and jealous. She has had a rough life and has allowed it to consume her being. In Urban Sweetz she loves to taunt the other women with her sexcapades, just to get a reaction, until her taunts aren’t fun anymore and she ends up looking stupid. Will she allow her flaws to ruin her life? Or will she make the decision to forgive, forget, and move on so she too can live a life with love and friends.

Ebony is very sexy, but many would call her a black girl lost. She is an ex stripper turned bus driver who wants more out of life. She was added to Urban Sweetz by a friend of hers she knew from the club she worked at. At first it was all fun and games but now, as she transitions into womanhood, she begins to take her life more serious. Especially, when it comes to men. She knows she deserves to be more than a booty call, but will she allow her insecurities to keep her from seeking more? Will she continue to settle for second best, or will she discover her value and demand her place as number one to an equally deserving man.

Micol a.k.a Mimi, is gorgeous, submissive, loving… and very NAÏVE. She is married to her first love and many would think they have the perfect marriage. Micol lives in a fantasy world. She enjoys taking care of her husband and being a great friend and daughter. She is a good girl and has always been a good girl. Because of her sweet personality, she allows herself to be taken advantage of. Will she finally wake up and realize her world is not so perfect, or will she continue to live her life blind to her reality.

New Year Bride – The Fruitful Bride and New Year Groom: Western Historical Holiday Romance (Brides For All Seasons Volume 4 Book 7)

by Terri Grace

Lydia Warren finds out that being an heiress is more than she had bargained for when her uncle leaves her an orchard in Beracha, San Joaquin Valley, California. The place is a mess and the workers are set to leave. She has to find a way to keep things together, but the solution is not what she had expected.

Rick Green has done his best as the orchard manager of Warren Orchards but finally has to face the truth that all is lost. When he receives a telegram that the orchard owner is coming to visit, he has no idea that his life and the lives of the workers he’s in charge of are about to change in the New Year.

New Year Bride – The Fruitful Bride and New Year Groom is part of the Brides For All Seasons series – a festive collection of historical holiday romance guaranteed to warm your heart and fill your season with romantic cheer. Buy it today and enjoy the timeless gift of love!

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