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The Undoing


In 1770, two families’ destinies, the Tucker’s and the Grindle’s, collided in Maine Province setting off a feud that shaped their descendants’ futures for generations to come. Simmering below the surface for more than two-hundred years, the feud finally erupts in the autumn of 1999 when a lobsterman disappears while working his lobster traps. Although the residents of a small, quiet New England island village struggle to keep their town from falling apart; infidelity, possible murder, blackmail, drugs, betrayal, embezzlement and sexual assault come together in a perfect storm, shaking the village to its foundations and eventually resulting in its unraveling, its “Undoing”.


by David Pilling

England, 1266 AD. The kingdom lies in ruins after years of bitter civil war. Simon de Montfort is dead, slaughtered in battle, and his surviving followers fight on with the fury of despair. Known as the Disinherited, these landless men infest the forests and highways and prey on the common folk.

Hugh Longsword, a common soldier, fights for the King against the rebels who threaten to destroy England. He is taken into the service of the Lord Edward, King Henry’s eldest son, and made to work as a spy. Edward sends him into the wild north country, home to the most dangerous rebel captains: men such as Sir John d’Eyvill and his savage cousin Nicholas, known as the Beast for his cruelty.

While Hugh spies on these cut-throats, the King gathers all his forces to attack Kenilworth Castle, greatest of the rebel strongholds. Though hopelessly outnumbered, the defenders hurl defiance from the walls and refuse to surrender. One assault after another is repulsed, even as the north country slides into chaos and another band of Disinherited seize the Isle of Ely in the fens of Cambridgeshire. From their watery fastness they ride out to attack the Jews of Lincoln, burning deeds, slaughtering innocents and kidnapping the wealthiest for ransom.

One of those taken captive by the rebels is Esther, a widowed Jewess. She is carried away to Ely, where the Jews are treated with inhuman cruelty. Esther is rescued by Hugh, and they are hunted through the marshes by teams of soldiers and wolfhounds. Together they must survive all the dangers of a war-torn land, where law and justice are fallen away and only the strongest can hope to prosper.

Longsword is the latest historical adventure novel by David Pilling, author of Reiver, Soldier of Fortune, The Half-Hanged Man, Caesar’s Sword and many more novels and short stories.

One More Soldier

by Marie Sexton


Will has known Bran since he first taught him to swim, when Bran was eleven years old. But now, seven years later, Bran has returned from a year of hard work on a ranch outside of Houston and he is no longer the boy Will remembers. He is now eighteen, quite grown up, and making no secret of the fact that he’s interested in a sexual relationship with Will. At first, Will is horrified. He has a hard time forgetting the Bran he knew as a child, and given their seventeen-year age difference, he can’t understand why Bran is interested in him. But everything changes when he finds out that Bran has been drafted.

Will and Bran will have only two weeks together. But two weeks may be enough to change Will’s life.


by Ray Drayton

Between 1940-1945 Allied air forces dropped approximately 600,000 tons of bombs on France resulting in an estimated death toll of 60,000 French civilians.
The objective of British Bomber Command was to prevent the intended German invasion of Britain from the French coast at any cost.

The Loire Valley is reputed to be the ancestral home of the French Kings.
Chateau la Croix was used as a â??safe house’ during German occupation of France in WW2. The lives of many Allied escapees were saved by the bravery of the la Croix family who faced certain death if their secret was to be discovered.
Even in present day France, Chateau la Croix guards many secrets from Nazi extremist groups, and in particular an investigative magazine determined to expose war time secrets of la Croix family members decades after the war.
The grandson of Clemence and Sebastien la Croix unwittingly assumes the role of gate keeper to secrets within the walls of the chateau in the best tradition of Chateau la Croix – secrets he has never been privy to, until nowâ?¦

The Saloon Girl’s Journey (Texas Women of Spirit Book 3)

by Angela Castillo

Join Darla as she begins a new life of faith and redemption–but can she find true love?

Weary of the saloon girl lifeâ??and tired of being slapped aroundâ??Darla North decides to start over and let her new-found faith lead her. A friend sends her to Downs House, a place for â??unfortunate women.’ Darla is offered a homeâ??if she can behave herself.
Old habits are hard to break, but Darla is desperate to prove to everyone that she’s changed, especially Ethan Downs, the owner’s sensitive and sweet son. But when Darla’s past threatens to catch up with her, she must decide to face the truth . . . or run away again.

El Gran Secreto del Monsacro (Novela histórica) (Spanish Edition)

by Margarita Alvarez Alvarez

Monte Sacro – 1161
Busqué un lugar, lo encontré bajo las estrellas, resguardamos la verdad entre las sobras de la iglesia. Una voz, un pensamiento que se prolonga hacia el futuro.
Oviedo – 2004
Encontré un lugar, busqué bajo las estrellas, la senda de unos principios, entre tinieblas, con la muerte acosando desde el remoto pasado.
“Sin aquel pasado, jamás comprenderemos este futuro”

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