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Special Agent Booker (Undercover FBI Book 5)

by Mimi Barbour

Suspense lights up in every page of this fast-paced blockbuster of thrills!

When Sloan Booker’s father dies tragically, he has no other option but to give up his job as an FBI agent and take over his family’s vehicle restoration business in Oahu, Hawaii. Giving up his badge is difficult but having Homeland Security and his old boss request the use of his house in a stakeout, spying on his Muslim neighbors who they suspect are terrorists, is just too damn much for a man already frazzled. It makes no difference that they’ve offered him a partner to be in charge of the surveillanceâ?¦ until he meets the gorgeous divorcee.

Special Agent Alia Hawkins might look more like a model than a cop but looks can be deceiving. Not only does she rescue street kids, fights their battles and transports them to safe homes, but since she lived many years in Pakistan and speaks their language, she’s a sought after agent. So far, she’s kept her personal life and job separate. But when Alia’s slimy ex-husband threatens to steal her eight-year-old son, she has no choice but to bring him along on her latest undercover assignment – living with a hotshot, sexy as hell agent as his long lost stepsister. Her life suddenly takes some drastic swerves and she wonders if things will ever slow down.

Special Agent Francesca – Undercover FBI Series Book #1
This special agent flies her own plane, drives like a maniac & approaches a father who never knew she existed. Nothing scares her, except for one thingâ?¦ MEN.

Special Agent Finnegan – Undercover FBI Series Book #2
Finn’s a cop who adores his quirky dad. He knows this soft core leaves him vulnerable, so when he meets his new partner, Reneé, the thought of her in danger drives him crazy. Going under cover to find New York’s suicide killers ensures constant conflicts, and through it all, a solid thread of love entwines all three of the main characters.

Special Agent Maximilian – Undercover FBI Book #3
Nik Baudin discovers an identical twin – one he never knew existed. Taking over his brother’s identity, he becomes Special Agent Maximilian and gets embroiled in a case where high jacked young girls and trafficking of illegal drugs endangers his life and that of Max’s gorgeous partner, Maya.

Special Agent Kandice – Undercover FBI Book 4
Special Agent Kandice wants to be tough like the others on her team. And she wants to impress her new aloof boss, Dan Black. Being the chief hostage negotiator at a bank heist starts the process. Being stalked, kidnapped and beaten helps see it through. In the end, pulling the trigger comes easyâ?¦

Special Agent Booker – Undercover FBI Book #5
Sloan Booker has multiple quirky dads & a vehicle restoration shop that keeps him away from his job as an FBI agent. When terrorists threaten his neighborhood, he’s back in the game. This time, with a partner – a gorgeous chick who looks like a super model, has a little boy she needs to protect and exhibits a disposition that’s downright cranky.

Tales of Forbidden Love: A Historical Regency Romance Box Set

by J.S. Burrows

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This Box Set includes:
1. The Marques’ Best Friend
2. A Lord Worth Loving
3. Arranged for Love
4. Heartbeat’s Overture
5. The Rogue Duke Comes Home
6. The Duke’s Scandal
7. The Duke’s Unexpected Proposal
8. The Duke She Never Wanted
9. Protected by the Duke
10. The Rogue Duke
11. The Duke’s Accidental Bride
12. Rejected by the Duke
13. Too Big for the Duke
14. A Duke for Christmas
15. The Duke That Almost Got Away

All 15 books are clean and wholesome and filled with adventure, humor, heartache, and of course, ROMANCE.

Season of the Raven (A Servant of the Crown Mystery Book 1)

by Denise Domning

It’s 1194 and Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas, must do his duty and make an official declaration of the cause of a miller’s death. Saddled with a clerk who names Faucon his ‘penance’, the shire’s first Crowner must thread the tangled relationships between the sheriff, the village of Priors Holston and the priory that once ruled it. As a simple task takes a turn to the political, what seems obvious isn’t and what appears safe turns out to be more dangerous than he could imagine.

CREATURES OF APPETITE (Emma Kane / Jacob Thorne Book 1)

by Todd Travis

Reviews for Todd Travis’ thrilling CREATURES OF APPETITE: â?©

“You’re used to clever plots, complex characters, twisted cases and brilliant writing. Few things can surprise you, because most times you figure out who the murderer is before the book ends. Well, let me tell you something: â??Creatures of Appetite’ by Todd Travis is like nothing you’ve read before. Prepare yourself to be hooked from the very first pages, to forget that you need to eat or sleep, and to be taken by surprise by a twisted ending that you could have never guessed.” â?©â??Jo Ammons, NY Books Examiner

â?©”If you start reading this book thinking that you’ll be able to put it down before bedtime, you’re wrong. You’ll only be able to fall asleep after you turn the last page. Usually, readers who read a lot of crime novels gain the ability to guess how everything is going to end, or at least suspect. It’s not going to happen with “Creatures of Appetite”, because the ending will come as a shock.” â?©â??Top Books Worth Reading

â?©”No, as a reader you won’t guess who the murderer is before Jacob Thorne puts two and two together, but that’s not what makes Creatures of Appetite stand out in its genre. What makes it really worth reading is on the very last pages.” â?©â??All Fantasy Worlds

They call it the Heartland Child Murders.
Everyone else calls it a nightmare.
Locked doors don’t stop him.
He leaves no trace behind.
He only takes little girls.

â?©â?©His nickname â?¦

The Iceman.

â?©A deranged serial killer roams wintry rural Nebraska, targeting little girls, with a demented purpose no one can fathom.â?©â?©

FBI Special Agent EMMA KANE, a former DC cop considered to be damaged goods, is assigned to babysit burned-out profiler JACOB THORNE as they both fly to Nebraska to catch this maniac.â?©â?©Thorne is erratic, abrasive and unpredictably brilliant, but what he and Kane find in the heartland is much more than anyone bargained for, especially when the Iceman challenges them personally, where it hurts most.

The clock is ticking and a little girl’s life is on the line.

And maybe even more with that, once they find out what he’s really up to.

Todd Travis

Drought of Souls (My Life Is a Horror Story Book 1)

by Max Sparrow

In Louisiana, the smell of the swamp lingers in the air as the sun sets, but something else remains hidden behind the moss-covered oak trees. A man who lives by a set of different rules of life lives within the swamps. He subjects people to an odd form of torture by providing them eternal life through the name of God. A gay man is journeying to Louisiana to meet with his family regarding a substantial amount of money left in a will when everything goes awry. He would find himself in a very precarious situation.

This is a horror story that starts off seemingly innocent and cliche, but that is what the author wants you to think. This story is not at all classified as fantasy, and his methods of providing fear are incredibly conventional.


by Cindy Davis

Paige Carmichael must’ve had a premonition that her life was about to take a turn for the worse.

One of the books she’d just finished reading was How to Change your Identity and Hide from Anyone. That was when she saw her fiancé murder his best friend and associate. And call in one of his flunkies to remove the body. This wasn’t what she signed up for when she agreed to marry Stefano Santangelo. Sure, she knew he was involved in organized crime , but he’d sworn it was numbers running and things like that.

She isn’t about to leave the four-year relationship without something to show for it.

Paige takes one of his precious antique coins and $750K from his safe, and runs. She changes her hair, her walk, the kinds of foods she eats.

Then one day she meets Christian Charles Beauchamps

He’s driving a truck to make money to open a landscaping business. He’s handsome and charming, and eventually convinces her to confide in him.

Chris falls for herâ??or so he says.

But when she sees him whispering to a suspicious bearded guy, she takes off again. Can Paige finally escape Stefano’s grasp and have a normal life?

Cindy is best known for her murder mysteries and romantic suspense, many of which were set in her home state of New Hampshire. And have achieved considerable success. Now, a transplant to Florida, Cindy has found herself changing not only place of origin but also genre since her latest work is a New Age fiction penned with her husband Rick
She is an award winning freelance editor who’s worked in both fiction and nonfiction with over a thousand authors.

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by Lawrence De Maria

Not only the “good guys” want to avenge a young girl’s murder!
Even powerful mobsters are expendable to a criminal financial mastermind who hides in plain sight among New York’s moneyed elite. But in pursuing his deranged dream, the man has made a fatal mistake. There are some people, on both sides of the law, who want him to pay for killing a young girl.

In locales as varied as Paris, New York, Florida and the Bahamas, MADMAN’S THIRST is a non-stop thrill ride, where billions are at stake in an international conspiracy involving a foreign power.

With bullet-like pacing, biting dialogue and a redemptive outcome, MADMAN’S THIRST, the second of the Jake Scarne novels, is perfect for you. And it’s just a click away!
“What is really almost beyond belief is how easily De Maria has transitioned from the dry world of financial reporting to the wild and lavish world of novel writing.” (COLLIER CITIZEN)

The Crazy In Babylon

by Darrin J Friedman

Dan Goldstein was once an up-and-coming hedge fund manager at a powerful financial firm on K Street, but his struggles with bipolar disorder sent him spiraling down a dark path that led to the loss of his job and his marriage.

Now, a former client wants to enlist Dan’s brilliant financial mind once again. Bess is a fabulously wealthy older woman who hires Dan to protect her fortune from the feds and a long-lost relative, and she promises Dan will be handsomely rewarded if he succeeds. To help him, Bess sends along her granddaughter, an alluring and surprisingly resourceful young woman with a troubled past of her own. Along the way, the pair must negotiate criminals, federal investigators, family crisis, and their own budding romance, not to mention Dan’s erratic mood swings.

With humor, intrigue, and emotion, The Crazy in Babylon is a juicy thriller with high stakes. Dan’s life depends on finding a solution to a delicate situation that just keeps getting more complicated.

Can Dan keep his emotions under control long enough to outsmart his enemies and protect his loved ones? And if he does succeed, can he find the most elusive prize of all–peace of mind?

Band of Bachelors: Lucas: SEAL Brotherhood

by Sharon Hamilton

From New York Times Bestseller, Sharon Hamilton, comes this full length, standalone novel.

Special Operator Lucas Shipley thought his living arrangement was temporary, since getting booted from the house by his wife. He sleeps on a couch in the apartment with four other divorced Navy SEALs, thinking he’ll get the call to come home any day. He ignores the not-so-helpful advice his buddies are giving him about marriage, women and romance. Until he gets served with divorce papers.

Realtor Marcy Gelland is hired by Lucas’ soon-to-be ex-wife to liquidate all their real estate holdings and help her orchestrate a speedy departure from Lucas’ life. Based on what the hot-headed SEAL wife has told her, Marcy understands Lucas deserves every ounce of pain coming his way.

But when Marcy and Lucas are left alone together in a remote Northern California woods, they ignite a personal bonfire that threatens to burn down the whole forest. Marcy is forced to see she is wrong about Lucas.

Amidst the backdrop of hardened bachelor SEALs with their unsolicited, anti-long-term relationship advice, and a terrorist training camp operating nearby, Lucas must do what he’s always done: be the hero and save the day. But will it be in time to save Marcy?

Not My Solution (Crowley County Series # 5)

by T. E. Killian


A woman paralyzed and deafened in Afghanistan teams up with the new lawyer in town to solve a series of crimes.

Not My Solution

Roger McCracken and Nicole Fuller have problems to solve. What solutions can they find?

Roger is a lawyer returning to his home town after living and working in Kansas City. He is trying to start his own practice. He has to find an office, secretary and of course clients!

After being injured in Afghanistan, Nicole became an English teacher. Even though she is severely handicapped, she is a very independent person.

Problems start when Nicole is accused of stealing money from the student council fund. She decides she needs legal advice.

Roger’s brother, Floyd, the sheriff, asks Roger to run for mayor because the only one running does not seem to have an understanding of the town’s needs. However, Roger is hesitant since he is just getting started with his new business. The mayor candidate, Vance Robertson, approaches Roger to convince him – more like a threat – not to run for mayor. Now Roger decides to run for mayor and the problems start.

Nicole and Roger’s problems become entwined and they need to work together. They are shot at, stalked, threatened, kidnapped, accused of sexual assault, and stabbing.

How will they come together to solve all these problems without getting hurt?

Among Wolves (A Jericho Black Thriller Book 1)

by Jordan Vezina

Will Hessler never asked to become an assassin, but we don’t always get what we want. 

A family fueled by hate, a jihadist splinter cell on the loose in San Francisco, and a young man who doesn’t yet know he will one day become a legend within Israeli intelligence. 

With no training, no support and no experience Will Hessler is just the man in the right place at the right time. Does he have what it takes to stop a terror cell that has already put far more experienced operatives underground? 

Among Wolves is a thriller as taut as a hangman’s rope. Get started on this landmark series today with Book One: Among Wolves!

A Berry Deadly Welcome: A Humorous Cozy Mystery (Kylie Berry Mysteries Book 1)

by A.R. Winters

Welcome to Sarah’s Eatery, where the food is to-die-for!

Escaping a dreadful marriage and an angry ex-husband, Kylie Berry moves to the small town of Camden Falls, Kentucky, to run her cousin’s café, Sarah’s Eatery. Only one problem: Kylie can’t cook to save her life, and the longtime chef walks out on Kylie’s first day.

“Winters will have you giggling into your book!”

Answering the call for a new chef, in walks lovely Rachel Summers, a friendly local brownie-addict who immediately gets the job. But when Rachel is found dead a few hours later, all fingers point to Kylie and her killer brownies.

Could Kylie have made a major kitchen blunder and poisoned the woman? Did a bitter former employee tamper with her pantry? Or was there more to Rachel than the kind smile and eager-to-please attitude she sported at the interview?

With the help of the few remaining café regulars, Kylie sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind who killed Rachel Summers!

This is a laugh-out-loud cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and family, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore, bad language or sex.

Praise for A.R. Winters:

“The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery.” – Jaycie D,

“A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters” – lq,

“A cute light read with a final twist at the end.” – Stacey Puleio,

Garnet or Garnet’s Curse

by Nancy B. Brewer

From Nancy B. Brewer, author of the Carolina Rain trilogy now comes
“Garnet” a historical romance, filled with uncertainties and suspense.

It is France 1889. Tucked away in a stately château overlooking the Loire River, Garnet’s life had been for the most part unremarkable. One day melted into the next until she awakens to find herself a beautiful young woman with desires and needs that those walls cannot provide.

With the unexpected death of her aunt, her seamless world comes to an abrupt end. As it has been from the beginning of time, beauty, wealth and innocence are sought by the unscrupulous. Garnet must ask herself, which is reality, the world in which she lives or the unexplainable.

Editorial reviews:
Brewer again proves herself as a master storyteller; blending suspense and historical details around the taboo passions of the Victorian European era. Readers are certain to find Garnet exciting, deliciously entertaining with an unpredictable finish.

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