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Keto Soups Cookbook 2019: 111+ Delicious and Easy to Make Keto Soups, Stews, Broths and Bread Recipes (Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Busy People)

by Melissa Sanders

A stew is made when vegetables and meat are cooked at a low temperature or it can also be said that in a stew there is a combination of solid contents which are cooked on a low temperature in liquid contents that results in a gravy like textures. Stews are very much alike soups, but usually soups have more liquid while stews are thicker in consistency and cooked for a longer period of time, the serving of stews might also be done differently than soups, s soups are always served in the bowl stews can be served on a plate where the gravy can be poured all over the solid contents. For stewing less tender pieces of meat are more appropriate as they are cooked on low heat and becomes juicy and tender. Stew is a tasty and healthy meal, it is enriched with a lot of nutrients which are very beneficial for the body, it can also be included if you are planning your diet to lose weight, cabbage stew will be very helpful and beneficial in this regard. Chicken stew which is incorporated with turmeric and apple cider vinegar is also very helpful in losing fats and detoxifying the body.

Being physically active while being on a keto diet is very important for health and fitness. Initially it might be a little bit hard since the body takes some time to get used to it so you should take it easy in the start. Once you start gaining the energy physical activities like lifting, running, training will further boost the energy level. You can make proper meal plans according to the physical workouts.

    Recipes include:

  • Chicken Avocado Lime Soup
  • Instant Pot Chipotle Beef Stew
  • Steak & Bacon Chili
  • Chinese Pork & Cabbage Soup
  • Nourishing Breakfast Soup
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Dairy-Free Clam Chowder
  • Curried Pumpkin Soup
  • Strawberry Basil Soup
  • Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks

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People are Seeing Something: A Survey of Lake Monsters in the United States and Canada

by Denver Michaels

In this book, Denver Michaels examines reports of lake monsters in the United States and Canada. Simply put, Michaels’ title says it allâ??people are seeing somethingâ??sincere, honest people report seeing strange creatures in the water on a regular basis. The reports are real; moreover, there is much more to the plethora of sightings than just the misidentification of known animals and hoaxes.

Michaels also takes the time to examine the bodies of water where cryptids are said to dwell. Could the nature of the lakes themselves point to some sort of link that could help explain lake monster sightings?

Although Michaels believes that uncategorized creatures exist, he approaches the topic with a skeptical eye.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde

Enthralled by his own exquisite portrait, Dorian Gray exchanges his soul for eternal youth and beauty. Influenced by his friend Lord Henry Wotton, he is drawn into a corrupt double life; indulging his desires in secret while remaining a gentleman inthe eyes of polite society. Only his portrait bears the traces of his decadence. The novel was a succès de scandale and the book was later used as evidence against Wilde at the Old Bailey in 1895. It has lost none of its power to fascinate and disturb.

Aristocracy and Evolution

by W.H. Mallock

A Study of the Rights, the Origin, and the Social Function of the Wealthier Classes. 

Body Language: The Ultimate Self Help Guide on How To Analyze People And Learn Negotiation, Persuasion Skills For Dating And Influence People In Business

by Matthew Harvey


Did you know that you are likely to be lied to about 2-3 times in a short conversation of 10 minutes? It turns out that 91% of people lie many times throughout the day at work and at home. And you would be surprised that most people don’t even have a clue that they are lied to. Why?

When we talk we say very little because it’s our body that does the real talking! We express so much more subconsciously through our physical behavior, body posture, gestures, eye movement, facial expressions, touch and the use of space. So why not learn how to use this to your advantage? Or just take time to read about because it is very interesting. Successful people utilize their nonverbal cues to get what they want depending on the given circumstances. Understanding the body language comes easy to some, while others can’t figure it out. Whether you’re in the first or in the second group, with this book, you will not only learn how to understand non-verbal signals, you will master them. Loaded with practical tips, this book covers everything you ever need to know about body language, in a variety of business situations. The author covers everything from gestures and postures to personal and physical space.

You can learn to read the many forms of body language in people’s hands, legs, eyes, and faces. This skill is especially useful if you’re interested in dating.

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Anthropology of Tobacco [Open Access]: Ethnographic Adventures in Non-Human Worlds

by Andrew Russell

Tobacco has become one of the most widely used and traded commoditites on the planet. Reflecting contemporary anthropological interest in material culture studies, Anthropology of Tobacco makes the plant the centre of its own contentious, global story in which, instead of a passive commodity, tobacco becomes a powerful player in a global adventure involving people, corporations and public health.

Bringing together a range of perspectives from the social and natural sciences as well as the arts and humanities, Anthropology of Tobacco weaves stories together from a range of historical, cross-cultural and literary sources and empirical research. These combine with contemporary anthropological theories of agency and cross-species relationships to offer fresh perspectives on how an apparently humble plant has progressed to world domination, and the consequences of it having done so. It also considers what needs to happen if, as some public health advocates would have it, we are seriously to imagine â??a world without tobacco’.

This book presents students, scholars and practitioners in anthropology, public health and social policy with unique and multiple perspectives on tobacco-human relations.

REFLECTIONS: Of a Seasoned Journalist

by Ansbert Ngurumo

Short. Simple. Punchy. Relevant. This publication contains brief, useful, and punchy thoughts for active citizens, leaders, practising journalists, college students and teachers, civil servants, and activists. It is a must-read for journalists, mass media practitioners, trainers and students. If your job involves working with journalists, this publication will inform and equip you better by giving you a general trend of journalistic thinking. Its 52-week structure will keep a reader engaged and attached throughout the year without feeling bored. Each paragraph stands for a chapter. And each chapter represents a week.

Secular Magic: The Discipline of the Mind

by John Ruf

A short essay about secular magic that is free from the religious and cultural references that usually surround it. Legit, the best book on magic you can buy today.

Tao Thoughts

by Arran Scott

The Tao is one of the World’s oldest philosophical texts. Its origins are largely unknown, its language is open to varied interpretations and its verses touch on many subjects: all of which makes it a perfect vehicle to examine our own thoughts on these matters.
Often, the thoughts and beliefs that drive people’s behaviour and form their character, remain a mystery, even to themselves. If most people were asked to describe what their beliefs and attitudes were to the things that really matter in life, they might well find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Not only is it strange for us to have to list what we think of as the key issues in life, but to then, unaided, have to define what our thoughts are on those issues, is not easy.
Some people might respond to the question “what do you believe?” by stating that they are a follower of some religion or political ideology or philosophy, but this hides as much as it reveals. Do they really know about all the beliefs contained within their chosen creed? Do they really share every single one of those beliefs? Do they truly think that none of those beliefs could be improved upon? What evidence do they have that those beliefs will allow us to live the best lives we can?
I have used the Tao to examine my own thoughts on the subjects and issues it covers, in an attempt to understand my own outlook on life. One of the things that quickly became clear for me was that many thoughts that I have now are only a stage on a journey and that they are very likely to change in light of better arguments and analysis from other people.
Defining one’s own beliefs, however, is the essential first step. Without that, there is no centre of gravity around which those beliefs can rotate and then we are all vulnerable to wild swings in our thinking or, due to a lack of confidence in ourselves, clinging irrationally to what we have always known.
Try reading the Tao for the beauty and wisdom contained in it. Try to define your own thoughts on its subject matter and try to become part of an on-going process of finding the best beliefs we can for living our lives.

Narratives of Low-Carbon Transitions (Open Access): Understanding Risks and Uncertainties (Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions)

This book examines the uncertainties underlying various strategies for a low-carbon future. Most prominently, such strategies relate to transitions in the energy sector, on both the supply and the demand side. At the same time they interact with other sectors, such as industrial production, transport, and building, and ultimately require new behaviour patterns at household and individual levels. Currently, much research is available on the effectiveness of these strategies but, in order to successfully implement comprehensive transition pathways, it is crucial not only to understand the benefits but also the risks.

Filling this gap, this volume provides an interdisciplinary, conceptual framework to assess risks and uncertainties associated with low-carbon policies and applies this consistently across 11 country cases from around the world, illustrating alternative transition pathways in various contexts. The cases are presented as narratives, drawing on stakeholder-driven research efforts. They showcase diverse empirical evidence reflecting the complex challenges to and potential negative consequences of such pathways. Together, they enable the reader to draw valuable lessons on the risks and uncertainties associated with choosing the envisaged transition pathways, as well as ways to manage the implementation of these pathways and ultimately enable sustainable and lasting social and environmental effects.

This book will be of great interest to students, scholars, and practitioners of environmental and energy policy, low-carbon transitions, renewable energy technologies, climate change action, and sustainability in general.

Princess Week sponsorship list

by Princess Week Executive Committee

Princess Week
in the world!

Grow Up

by James Rucker

We all have that childhood memory of sucking our thumbs, hugging tight a blankey, or in my case an old stuffed puppy, and saying, “Don’t worry Brownie, one day, we’ll be older and all grown up, and then we’ll make everything right!”
That time has come. Being an adult is a powerful thing, and having a clean conscienceâ??and good intent to go along with itâ??is the most rewarding experience of life.

futatsu-no-jibun (Japanese Edition)

by naki-oni


America Under Attack

by Gerald Flurry

The publisher offers this ebook for free at

Are you concerned about where the current administration is leading this country? Whether the nation can survive the next four years? It’s worse than you think, and there is only one way to solve this gigantic problem.

In this booklet:
– The Hidden Cause of Society’s Deadly Decline
– Attack From Within
– An Attack On Law

â?«Ø¹Ù?Ù? اÙ?فراسة اÙ?حدÙ?Ø«â?¬ (Arabic Edition)

by جÙ?رجÙ? زÙ?داÙ?

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