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Never Past Hope (Triangular Trade Trilogy Book 2)

by Janine Mendenhall

Miss Mary Hope Adsley always considered herself to be the sensible one. But now, her sensibilities are unraveling around a man she thought she knew. After he attempted to marry her best friendâ??for money, no lessâ??authorities charge Sir Steven Likebridge with masquerading as a gentleman and abduction. With his execution days away, Mary Hope desperately seeks to learn the truth about the man she loves.

Will the truth turn out to be worse than his lies?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar romance novels in this genre may be categorized as: christian romance, inspirational romance, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome romance.

Under A Prairie Sky: Clean Amish and Cowboy Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Sadie Hershberger never thought she would leave the quiet Amish community of Quarryville, Pennsylvania to cross unknown territory with five other families to seek a godly life. She never expected to care for the injured, quiet man who fell on the street of her village. Little did she know that she would begin the challenge of her life far from the security of her faith. Luke Ramsey was a hardened young man who left the East and chose the life of the cowboy, herding cattle and writing his own rules. When he travels back home to the wedding of his younger sister, Luke finds himself running from outlaws who have trailed him to Ohio.

Wounded and alone in the backwater village of Sugar Creek, Luke is tended by the gentle Amish family whose daughter shows him kindness. Their adventure unfolds under a prairie sky.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

See Me Through (You and Me Book 2)

by Britaini Armitage

Ella Parker’s life is spinning out of control. When she wakes up in the hospital broken and beaten, she has no memory of Elliott Quinn, her fiancé, and no memory of her brutal kidnapping and torture. However, haunting wisps and nightmares of her captivity and panic attacks leave her unable to live her life as she did before. Despite her attempts to move forward with her life and heal from the trauma she has endured, the threats against her continue. Though she doesn’t remember him, Elliott just may be the one person who can keep her from losing her sanity and help her find her faith again.

As Elliott watches the love of his life struggle to cope with the physical and mental damage from her ordeal, he walks a fine line with giving Ella time to get to know him again and wanting to hold her close and leave the past behind them. Desperate to help her in any way possible, he gives her the space she needs to cope while slowly edging himself back into her life. When she lets the walls down, Elliott holds on to the hope that he can still have a life and future with the woman he loves.

The past has a way of catching up to Ella and Elliott, and they both know it they will have to face it head on if they have any hope for a future.

Plan: Chaos Rising (The Joshua Chronicles Book 2)

by Steven Neil Moore

The war between good and evil rages on.

The Light struggles to keep the balance for humanity; to give them the right to decide their own fate. The enemy is gaining ground through theft and deception, and they are winning.

Enemy agents are working together towards an unknown goal, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

They have a plan.

Joshua Arden has achieved global fame; a celebrity status that he is uncomfortable with. Along with his team, Joshua must find a way to defeat the darkness, and save as many souls as possible along the way.

They need a plan of their own.

Praise for Plan – Chaos Rising:

â??â??â??â??â??”I love the different take on the war between darkness and light, good and evil. Characters are well written and have depth, draws you into the storyline. I can’t wait for book three to come out.” – Sigourney Welborn, Amazon Review

â??â??â??â??â??”A must-read series.” – Kindle Customer

Finding Hope (Love’s Compass Book 2)

by Melanie D. Snitker

For years, Lance avoided telling Lexi how he felt. He’s not about to waste another minute…As a nurse, Lexi Chandler has dedicated her life to helping others, until ovarian cancer rocks her to the core. Accepting assistance herself is much easier said than done. Especially when it means letting Lance, her childhood friend, see her at her worst.

Lance Davenport has loved Lexi since they were kids. Between their age difference and bad timing, he’s turned burying his feelings for her into an art. Now, watching Lexi’s battle with cancer has made him realize just how much time he’s lost.

Against her better judgement, Lexi has no choice but to lean on Lance as she navigates her way down a path she never dreamed she’d have to travel.

Finding Hope is an inspirational romance with a happy ending.


Love’s Compass: Six books, two families, one unforgettable series.

Finding Hope is book two in the complete Love’s Compass series. While each story stands on its own, you’ll receive updates about the lives of previous characters as the series progresses.

Finding Peace (Book 1):
Tuck is determined to keep Laurie safe, even if it means risking his own heart in the process.

Finding Hope (Book 2):
For years, Lance avoided telling Lexi how he felt. He’s not about to waste another minute…

Finding Courage (Book 3):
With their marriage failing, it takes courage to ask for a second chance…and even more to extend one.

Finding Faith (Book 4):
The more time they spend together, the harder it is to imagine a future apart.

Finding Joy (Book 5):
When Chelsea starts working for a stubborn cowboy, what seems like a dead end might really be a new beginning.

Finding Grace (Book 6):
Beth was determined to remain single…until Tyler and his daughter remind her of the family she used to dream of.

Only A Heartbeat Away: A Contemporary Christian Romance

by Julianna Desmond

Georgia Adler might be from a small town near Atlanta, but don’t call her a peach! Before the release of her debut novel, a top literary critic reviews her book as a “contemporary masterpiece of epic proportions.” As a result, Georgia is named one of America’s most promising new authors. When her agent sends out a press kit with her photoâ??which Georgia expressly instructed her not to includeâ??magazine editors and talk show promoters across the country clamor for her attention.

Against her better judgment, Georgia reluctantly grants a few interviews, and a whirlwind publicity tour begins. After the first few press stops, the frustrated young novelist regrets the lack of privacy and not writing under a pen name. Instead of happily writing at home in her jeans and T-shirt, she’s all dolled-up and being promoted as something she’s not. Why did things have to get so complicated?

Grayson Chambers walks into a tempest when he visits his friend Nick in Manhattan. He’d only planned on lunch, but a new female novelist who’s taking the literary world by storm is being interviewed. As the managing editor of a trendy New York magazine, Nick’s in desperate need of an immediate replacement for the ailing male model. Swallowing his misgivings, Gray steps in to model professionally one last time. He can tolerate working with a demanding, beautiful diva for a few hours if it’ll give him the opportunity to publicize his foundation to thousands of people. He’ll be paid extremely well for a short time in front of the cameras, so what could be the harm? It’s a win-win situation.

After Georgia meets the devastatingly handsome Grayson, she begins to question the very crux of her novel, and Grayson wonders if the basis for his foundation is misguided. Is this a “chance” meeting between them or a way for God to reveal His own plans for their lives individually or perhaps even…together?

Only A Heartbeat Away is the first release from author Julianna Desmond, the pen name for JoAnn Durgin, a USA Today Bestselling Author of more than 25 novels and named in 2018 as one of the “35 Essential Christian Romance Authors” by Family Fiction Magazine. Stay tuned for more short novels to come in this series, including Only A Breath Away, Only A Whisper Away, Only A Kiss Away…the possibilities are endless! Each story is overflowing with faith, humor, hope, and romance for those seeking an uplifting and lively reading escape.

Molly’s Cabin: Life on the Allegheny Front ~ A Novella

by Jordan J Patterson

Following the fire that killed spinster Molly Sivits’ parents, neighbor Pete Evans organizes their community to rally around Molly, offering her hope, healing, a home, and love that defies all odds.

HOSPITALIZED after the fire that killed her parents, spinster Molly Sivits awoke alone, scarred and scared. As memories of scorching heat and bitter cold stormed her mind, Molly plunged into her soul’s abyss, preferring darkness to the light of day. But when a disfigured Molly is released into the care of doting neighbors, even her clannish community cannot change the fact that she is homeless and alone; two facts that draw Molly deeper into the clutches of dark depression. Tired of the hellish dreams that bring more questions than answers, Molly hides from the torment by spending her days isolated in a houseful of people, preferring medicated darkness to warm hospitality. As days turn into months, Molly embraces her plight, one pill at a time.

YOUNG PETE EVANS paced the floor. Once again, spinster Molly Sivits’ night terrors had interrupted his sleep. After months of tiptoeing around the spinster and finding her all but lifeless for the second time, Pete takes matters into his own hands. Knowing it will take more than friendship to turn Molly’s darkness into light, much to her disdain, Pete rips away the crutch that has her bound. As their community rallies to build Molly a home, Pete discovers there’s more to Miss Molly than meets the eye. Working tirelessly, and praying that she’ll embrace life again, the last thing Pete planned on was falling in love; but spinster Sivits was having no part of those plans!

WILL Pete and Molly overlook the years that separate them and find true love or will the very thing that hurled them together keep them from creating the home of their dreams?

A ride to the park

by eva jones

six year old Cheyanne was upset that her mama Charity would not get up to take her to school, she has already missed a lot of days this year and the teacher gets mad and the other kids laugh at her. When Charity finally woke up she promised to take Cheyanne to the park. Cheyanne was excited just her and her mama going to the park, but Charity had to make one stop first and they never made it to the park. Will Charity ever forgive herself for not taking Cheyanne to the park or will she continue on the path to destruction.

Tracks in the Snow

by James Anthony Budzinski

A Christian Fiction romance Novella that features characters facing the challenges of life and love in today’s world regardless of their past.

A twenty three year old unwed mother finds herself out of a job with no more friends or family to help her through her struggles. Relying on the last few dollars of her welfare check to eat she sets off into a heavy snowfall pushing her five year old daughter in a stroller to buy food for the next couple of days. With heavy snow falling the roads are almost deserted when a young man driving home from work spots her walking and offers her a ride back home. When he learns of her situation and the fact her home has no heat or electricity he takes her and her daughter home for the holiday. Attempting to change the situation into a memorable holiday he goes a little too far in his efforts especially when her friends get involved. With feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy she fails to realize it is possible for him to love her and leaves to go home.

Set during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons. This story does include Christian references.

Other Novellas in this series:

Hold Me Till Forever Comes (March 2017)
Naughton Creek (March 2017)
Tracks in the Snow (March 2017)

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