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Basic Acupuncture Techniques: Photographic Guide

by Hyungsuk Choi

This book is instructing how to insert a needle from posture to elaborated manipulation techniques. These techniques will bring you better result with acupuncture. I used many photos to explain detailed methods. I tried to introduce essential skills based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Classics from China, Korea, and Japan. The chapters of this book start with passage from classics. They contain the essence of acupuncture techniques. They will help you understand the core meaning of acupuncture and can be used in your actual practice. I summarized the most common and basic techniques from those classics into this book.

Liver Detox: How to Cleanse Your Liver Naturally

by Terry Scott

Did you know that we are constantly pumping harmful things into our body that are damaging our liver?

Do you want to know how to make your liver healthier? If yes, then READ MOREâ?¦

Liver diseases are more common than commonly feared diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems. In fact, more than 90 million people are suffering from some or other kind of liver problem in the US alone. However, most liver problems can be easily prevented if you are able to identify the early signs of liver damage and take preventive action. Identifying the signs is easy and simple, yet people fail to do that due to ignorance. The result is liver damage that may cost you much more money and time than you can expect.

Identifying the signs and symptoms of liver damage is not difficult. You can prevent most of the liver damage if you can take the steps at the correct time. Corrective action can help in preventing the need for medication or liver surgeries. Liver problems beyond a stage are incurable and have no other alternative than a transplant. It is an undesirable option with minuscule probabilities. Information can help you in taking preventive action and being watchful. If you want to know how, READ MOREâ?¦

In this book, you will learn about :

-The anatomy of the liver and the reasons why it is so important
-The ways you can spot liver problems in your body or signs of liver damage in others
-You will understand how toxicity is a big problem for the liver
-This book will explain how fat is killing your liver slowly
-You will get to know about the amazing ways to detox your liver
-It will enlighten you about the precautions to take and important things to remember
-You will get to know about the foods that can help in keeping your liver healthy
-You will also get to know about some misconceptions and the truth behind them
-And Moreâ?¦

-You will get deep insights into the functioning of the liver and the ways in which a liver detox can help it
-You will get step by step information for the liver detox and also the science behind it.
-You will be able to understand the ways in which liver health is important for the health of your body.
-And Moreâ?¦

Understanding the liver can change the way you look at your health. It will give you a broader way to think.

The liver detox methods are so simple that you will not even feel that you are doing anything out of the ordinary. This simple detox will help your liver in getting the required boost. You can get back your youth, vigor, and vitality by energizing your liver. The liver detox can be the solution for most of the health problems as the liver is the master organ. It will only take a bit of your attention to get supercharges and healthy. A simple Liver Detox can solve most of the problems.

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WEIGHT WATCHERS FREESTYLE 2019: Delicious and Simple Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes For Easy Weight Loss (Weight Watchers Cookbook Book 2)

by Jane Thomas

Do you want to Lose Weight Fast In 2019?

Do you want to undergo a fitness program that is so flexible and easy to follow?

Do you want to go on a diet that allows you to eat to your heart’s content and freely eat anything?

This is what you had been looking for:

Weight Watchers Freestyle 2019 Recipes Cookbook.

The Delicious and Simple Weight Wathers Recipes for Easy Weight LossThis Book Include the Latest Freestyle Program And Delicious Weight Watchers Freestyle Recipes To Lose Weight Faster and Smarter in 2019.No need to count your calories, which is certainly not as healthy as you would think. Eating 200 calories of cake is definitely not nutritionally the same as eating 200 calories of lean meat. This book provides a wide variety of recipes that are convenient, healthy, and satisfying. Along with providing recipes this guide walks you through the fundamentals of the Weight watchers program. The key is to consume healthier options, such as vegetables and fresh fruits, which are nutrient-dense and low in calorie, and more filling. The Weight Watchers Freestyle guides you towards food choices and portions that will fit your fitness goal needs.

Here are some of the recipes included:

Fiesta chicken soup

Slow Cook Bourbon Chicken

Protein Chicken Tacos

Chicken and Rice Casserole

Honey Mustard Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Slow Cook Balsamic Chicken

White Bean and Chicken Chili

Slow Cook Chicken Teriyaki

Mushrooms Beef Tips Over Noodles

Slow Cooker Vegan Risotto

Sweet Potato One Pot Soup

Snacks Smart Points Recipes

Delicious Plum Pudding with Fruits

Nice Hot Cider Cranberries

And Many More…

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Take Your Medicine Eddy Jefferson


A children’s book that deals with mental health and encourages the reader to take their medicine to minimize the likelihood of experiencing symptoms.

ARTHRITIS: FOODS TO AVOID: Lower the Occurrence of Flare-Ups by Avoiding these 11 Foods

by Dr. Kylie Bean


Lower the Occurrence of Flare-Ups by Avoiding these 11 Foods

There are a host of complications which comes with aging. More often than not, these complications, arthritis being one of them, are a direct consequence of our lifestyle. We can therefore, either prevent their occurrence or mitigate their symptoms. Arthritis is a disorder characterized by joint pain and inflammation. You can reduce your risk of developing this disorder or if you are a sufferer, minimize pain and provide a much higher quality of life, by paying attention to your diet. Although arthritis cannot be cured by diet, you can lower the occurrence of flare-ups as certain foods have been found to trigger painful swelling in arthritis sufferers. Every arthritis sufferer is different hence they don’t react the same way to the foods mentioned in this article. This is why you may have to try an elimination diet, as recommended by your doctor, so as to determine which ones troubles you the most.
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Still Fighting: My Sister’s Fight with Trigeminal Neuralgia

by Lakisha Johnson

What would you do if you woke up one morning with pain doctors couldn’t diagnose, medicine couldn’t minimize, sleep couldn’t stop and kept getting worse?

What would you do if this pain took everything from your ability to eat, sleep, wash your face, brush your teeth, feel the wind, enjoy the outdoors or even work?

What would you do if this pain even tried to take your life but couldn’t shake your faith?

Still Fighting is a inside look into my sister’s continued fight with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition known as the Suicide Disease because of the lives it has taken. In this book, I take you on a journey of recognition, route and restoration from my point of view; a sister who would stop at nothing to help her twin sister/best friend fight to live.

It is my prayer you will be blessed by my sister’s will to fight and survive.

Healthy Dog Care: Things to Know for Healthy Dog Care

by Robert Griffith

Healthy Dog Care – Things to Know for Healthy Dog Care

Every dog lover should know how to watch out for certain things. Basic dog health care starts at cleaning ears and eyes, and goes on to knowing what health problems can arise in the breeds you own. This free doggie health care information is here to help you with exactly that.
Aside from the specific tips about each different kind of health care situation dog owners find themselves in, there are also a few general things you should do, or watch out for, on a regular basis. “Prevention is the best cure.” By following the advice below, and reading the articles that deal with health issues for your specific breed, you will help ensure a long, happy life for your dog.

The four pillars of doing basic dog health care at home are:
1. Observe and maintain your dog’s health every day.
2. Track any early symptoms as soon as they develop.
3. Connect those symptoms to likely health problems, and treat them if you can.
4. Take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as you think there could be a serious health problem.
That’s all there is to being a great dog owner. If you know your dogs well, you should be able to spot new behaviors that indicate a possible health issue, and help your dog deal with it quickly.
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Do you love to know about the DEMAND TREND for the components of OFFSHORE WIND MARKET ECOSYSTEM in the current WORLD market? If YES, then this ebook report is for YOU!

If you are a fresher/researcher/employee/job aspirant/student/company CEO/market trend finder/etc., you can benefit from this ebook report by knowing the direction of the market with respect to the topic you are searching for. Please note that this is a complete non-textual graphical report (based on context, trend & summary) based on online search data.

We suggest you that before start pursuing/teaching/searching for any component of OFFSHORE WIND MARKET ECOSYSTEM, nowadays, it is better to understand the demand for that particular component of OFFSHORE WIND MARKET ECOSYSTEM in the current market. This report is prepared based on the WORLDWIDE ‘demand trend’ perspective.

This report is a collection of ‘POPULAR MARKET TRENDS’ of all components of OFFSHORE WIND MARKET ECOSYSTEM. The captured demands are presented in an easily understandable GRAPH format. Each graph [based on the collected data] is associated with a trend line (black color) so that you can easily understand in which direction the market is going for the respective topic.

For readers’ easy understanding, we have included the graph template (TITLE: GRAPH ANATOMY) which we used as a base to display all the graphs in this report. Please study the graph template first before you dig deep other graphs in this report.



We hope you find this report useful for your RESEARCH/JOB/BUSINESS/PRODUCT BUILDING/ETC., market needs.

Dog Ear Cleaning: The How and the Why of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

by Nelson Anderson

Dog Ear Cleaning – The How and the Why of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

Dog Ear Cleaning: The How and the Why of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears
Your dog’s big, smart ears can be an avenue for health problems. Once you’re in the habit of a proper schedule and method for dog ear cleaning, your dog will be safer, and feel better too.

Why is Dog Ear Cleaning Important?
Dog ear cleaning at home – health care advice and step by step guide. There’s a lot of room in a dog’s ear canal for things that shouldn’t be there. Pollen and other allergens, dust and mites – your dog’s ears fight these things to an extent, but they must be removed. Your dog’s inner ear has oils and waxes that trap foreign objects, but without regular cleaning, it all builds up and can become harmful.
Once a dog’s ears are infected, the infection can travel anywhere in the body through the blood. Dogs can lose their hearing from a bad ear infection, or it could even lead to a problem in a completely different part of the body, like arthritis. Dog ear cleanings on a regular basis can prevent all that.
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Blood Pressure Solution: 30 Proven Natural Superfoods To Control & Lower Your High Blood Pressure (Natural Remedies, Naturally Reduce Hypertension, Superfoods)

by Louise Jiannes

â??â?? Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE! â??â?? Discover 30 Natural Superfoods To Control & Lower Your High Blood Pressure: The rising number of people affected by high blood pressure has brought awareness to the public, however being aware of the sickness or its presence is not enough to exclude you from its deadly fang. For decades, this sickness has been ignored and overlooked because of its silent symptoms which earned it the title of being the “Silent Killer”.

If you are one of many people who are not comfortable living with this idea that you could be one of the many affected by this illness without actually knowing it, this book, “Blood Pressure Solution: 30 Proven Natural Superfoods To Control & Lower Your High Blood Pressure” was written for you. Get ready to be equipped with the basic knowledge about high blood pressure and how to reverse it naturally, without the use of drugs or medications.
Finally, learn the different preventative measures, all the important facts about this silent killer and live a healthier life!

Here’s just a preview of what you’ll soon learn…

  • A Complete Overview explaining the fundamentals of this natural way to control and lower your blood pressure.
  • The Danger, Causes & Symptoms of High Blood Pressure.
  • 30 Proven Ways to Control & Lower Your blood pressure naturally, without medication.
  • How-To change your lifestyle to sustain low blood pressure.

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One Hundred Years of General Relativity:From Genesis and Empirical Foundations to Gravitational Waves, Cosmology and Quantum Gravity(In 2 Volumes)

by Wei-Tou Ni

The aim of this two-volume title is to give a comprehensive review of one hundred years of development of general relativity and its scientific influences. This unique title provides a broad introduction and review to the fascinating and profound subject of general relativity, its historical development, its important theoretical consequences, gravitational wave detection and applications to astrophysics and cosmology. The series focuses on five aspects of the theory:

  • Genesis, Solutions and Energy
  • Empirical Foundations
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Cosmology
  • Quantum Gravity

The first three topics are covered in Volume 1 and the remaining two are covered in Volume 2. While this is a two-volume title, it is designed so that each volume can be a standalone reference volume for the related topic.

HIP Dysplasia in Dogs: How to Detect and Treat Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

by Nelson Anderson

HIP Dysplasia in Dogs – How to Detect and Treat Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Hip dysplasia in dogs can lead to crippling and painful canine arthritis. Although genetics appears to play an important factor in determining whether your dog will or won’t be effected, experts are in agreement that careful management and therapy can help alleviate the severity, and therefore the pain and disability that your dog may encounter. Read on for the latest information on hip dysplasia in dogs.

Dog breeds susceptible to hip dysplasia.
Although it is possible for any dog to have hip dysplasia, there is no doubt that large and giant sized dogs are the breeds most genetically susceptible.
These include:…
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Empath: The Ultimate Survival Guide – Modern Life Strategies for Highly Sensitive People

by Lewis Fischer

Are You a Highly Sensitive Person or An Empath?

The difference between living a full life and one that is filled with misery, is knowing if you are an empath or a hypersensitive person. If you’ve lived your entire life up to this point with the constant psychological assault of what is everyday life for everyone then there is a chance that you are hypersensitive and you just didn’t know it.

When you don’t know that you are hypersensitive and possibly an empath, you will interpret everything around you from a defeated position. This will put you in a spiral of depression and pain. But the moment you understand that less than one out of five people in the world are like you and have the power of being highly sensitive you start to realize that you possess a rare quality that has the potential to make you highly successful.

Empaths and highly sensitive people have deep insight into anything and everything that they come in touch with, and when they don’t know what that sensation is, they get overwhelmed.

This book will teach you to recognize the qualities that make you an empath and then show you how to mold those qualities, strengthen your powers and claim what is rightfully yours in terms of success and happiness.

Exactly What You’re Getting:

First of all, this isn’t like any self improvement book you’ve ever read. There’s no fluff or filler – Just bulletproof points to Improve Your Life.

So like I said, there’s more to this little book than “just” self improvement. Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…


  • What High Sensitivity Is (Page 2)
  • What an Empath is And How to determine if You are One (Page 15)
  • Effective Strategies that will Help You Build a Successful Life As an Empath (Page 21)
  • Emotional Management Techniques for Empaths (Page 29)
  • How to Handle Toxic Relationships (Page 39)
  • The Advantages and Responsabilities of Being Highly Sensitive  
  • Increasing Self Confidence (Page 75)
  • The Zen Lifestyle for Empaths (Finding the Silence and Peace : Page 109)
  • Finding Mindfulness as an Empath (Page 123)
  • Stoping Negative Thoughts (Page 133)
  • How To Magnify and Spread Good Vibes as an Empath? (Page 154)

You’re right… that is a lot of battle-tested strategies and Emotional Experiences. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.


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Radiation Monitoring and Dose Estimation of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

by Sentaro Takahashi

This book provides comprehensive research findings related to the environmental monitoring of radiation, levels of radioactive nuclides in various environments and dose estimation in residents after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident caused severe environmental contamination with radioactive nuclides. At the beginning of the book, a technical review written by a leading researcher of nuclear reactor technology explains what happened at the power plant. The review is followed by a commentary from a former member of the International Commission on Radiological Protection, providing the reader with easily understandable information about the concept of radiation dosage. In the main part of the book, a series of scientific reports presents valuable data on the radiation surveys of the environment, environmental radioactivity, transfer models and parameters of radioactive nuclides and dose assessment among residents. These reports present a wide range of findings from the research carried out in a variety of activities by large governmental organizations as well as by small private groups and individuals. The reader thus will find a large collection of valuable and interesting data related to the environmental contamination by radioactive nuclides after the Fukushima accident. Although earlier reports on this issue have been made public, this book is the only publication to fully depict the actual situation by providing comprehensive data obtained by diverse organizations and individuals.

Chronic Depression: Diagnosis and Treament for Dysthymic Disorder [depression, depression cure, dysthymia] (mental illness, dysthymic disorder, clinical depression)

by Anthony Wilkenson

Chronic Depression

Diagnosis and Treatment for Dysthymic Disorder

Dysthymia or chronic depression, as it is commonly known was written about one of the most misunderstood psychological disorders. Although it is the most common mental disorder, it is taken very casually because there is lack of
knowledge about the subject. Normally, when this disorder is diagnosed, they think that the life of that person is over. This myth has to be broken because there is no logical explanation. There is nothing to be shattered about and hopelessness will only make it worse. The best thing is that the problem has been diagnosed and we will discuss in details as to why it is so challenging to get it diagnosed. This book takes you step by step through every aspect of chronic depression from diagnosis, to the treatment plans, to dealing with a loved one with this disorder. Starting from recognizing the symptoms, analyzing the causes, and choosing the right medication, you will enrich your knowledge and learn how to overcome chronic depression.

Depression is the most common mental illness in the world. It has been affecting one out of six people. When a disease is so widespread and common, there is bound to be myths and belief systems. All this makes dysthymia a very highly misunderstood disorder. People try to handle and treat this problem on their own because they come across dozens of people who suffer from it, and they hear all kinds of stories about what worked for them and what did not. They form a belief system according to the stories they heard not realizing that â??no two people are alike and no two diseases are alike’. If two people suffering from dysthymia are not alike, how will they respond the same way to the same treatment? It is not possible and this is one of the main reasons why depression goes unnoticed, uncured and misunderstood and most of the cases become chronic.

Spend time with your family and volunteer for a worthy cause once in a while. Broaden your horizons, meet new friends and have some fun while you’re still young. Meditate when you have time, and learn to forgive others as this helps you deal with stress and depression. Have a good laugh and remember to keep in touch with your close friends. We all have one life to live so you should give it your best shot. While we can’t run away from the fact that we will grow old, we don’t have to live a short, unfulfilled life. With these simple steps to slow down the aging process, you can ensure you have more time on your hands to leave your name.

The aim of this book was to educate and inform you about dysthymia (chronic disorder). It is always better to be aware of what you’re suffering from and what the best options are to cure the disease. After reading this book, I hope you are in a better position to handle the issue if you or someone you know is suffering from chronic depression. This book covered all of the topics that are needed to diagnose and treat chronic depression. This is not a handicap or a flaw, and it is as normal as any other disease, and it can happen to anyone.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • What is Dysthymia?
  • What Causes Dysthymia
  • Signs and Symptoms of Dysthymic Disorder
  • Why People avoid seeing a Doctor?
  • How to treat Dysthymia with Medication
  • How to treat dysthymia naturally
  • How to Make the Most from a Treatment Plan
  • Signs of a Dysthymia Relapse
  • How to deal people with dysthymia
  • Myths and Facts about Depression

>>>And much, much more

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One Hundred Years of General Relativity:From Genesis and Empirical Foundations to Gravitational Waves, Cosmology and Quantum Gravity(In 2 Volumes)

by Wei-Tou Ni

The aim of this two-volume title is to give a comprehensive review of one hundred years of development of general relativity and its scientific influences. This unique title provides a broad introduction and review to the fascinating and profound subject of general relativity, its historical development, its important theoretical consequences, gravitational wave detection and applications to astrophysics and cosmology. The series focuses on five aspects of the theory:

  • Genesis, Solutions and Energy
  • Empirical Foundations
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Cosmology
  • Quantum Gravity

The first three topics are covered in Volume 1 and the remaining two are covered in Volume 2. While this is a two-volume title, it is designed so that each volume can be a standalone reference volume for the related topic.

Green Living – Saving Water: Water your Garden while Conserving our Water Supply

by Lisa Shea

Water is one of this earth’s most precious resources. Our world is one large network of water flow, and we should each do our part to conserve the water and keep it clean! While we think about the oceans being full of billions of gallons of water, it’s important to remember that we cannot drink salt water. When you look solely at the amount of drinkable water on the planet, only 1% of the water on our planet is water we could drink. It’s important that we preserve this water as much as possible.

Think of how you use water each day. Are you careful with it, to use only what you need? Do you ensure that the water is not polluted or contaminated as it heads back out into the world?

These practical tips will help you learn how to use water more efficiently and become a custodian of the water which is entrusted to your care. Some of the suggestions are easy while others might involve a bit more work. No matter where you currently fall in the scale of saving water, you’ll find something here to give a try!

All author’s proceeds from this Green Living series support environmental charities.

Os Benefícios e Melhores Exercícios Para Os Diabéticos (Portuguese Edition)


Sou portador do diabetes mellitus a 24 anos e durante todo este tempo como portador do diabetes adquiri bastante conhecimento teórico e prático sobre o diabetes e aprendi como controlar bem o diabetes mellitus, e um dos principais fatores que me ajudou muito a controlar o diabetes foram os exercícios, por isso, me senti motivado a produzir este e-book para ajudar os diabéticos a saberem os benefícios dos exercícios para os diabéticos, os melhores exercícios para pessoas com diabetes e muito mais, nele são abordados os seguintes temas:


Este E-book contém um conteúdo excelente sobre diabetes gestacional. Adquira hoje mesmo e garanto que não irá se arrepender!

Como Controlar a Diabetes Tipo 1 (Portuguese Edition)


Como Controlar a Diabetes Tipo 1 – Sou diabético tipo 1 a 23 anos e durante todo este tempo como portador do diabetes mellitus adquiri muito conhecimento teórico e prático sobre o diabetes mellitus tipo 1, por isso, me senti motivado a produzir este e-book para ajudar os diabéticos a conviverem e controlarem bem o diabetes, nele são abordados os seguintes temas:

O que é diabetes tipo 1?

O que causa diabetes tipo 1?

Sintomas de diabetes tipo 1 em adultos

Sintomas de diabetes tipo 1 em crianças

Complicações do diabetes tipo 1

Tratamentos para diabetes tipo 1

Como controlar bem o diabetes tipo 1 por toda a vida em 4 passos?

Como controlar e viver bem com diabetes tipo 1 com dieta e exercícios?

100 solved exercises of operations with Square Roots

by Belaid Ouharrou Alrais

Do you have exams of operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and simplification) with Square Roots and you want to study more? Do you still have problems to handle them? Do you want exercises to practice more? Do you want to be good at operations with Square Roots and to score a good grade on an exam? If that’s you, this is the book you’ve been looking for.

This book has a list with 100 solved exercises of operations with Square Roots. The level of difficulty goes up exercise to manage a simple operation to handle difficult operations.

This book is a great resource for students who had just begun to study operations with Square Roots and is also highly recommended for students who still have difficulty handling them.

100 ejercicios resueltos de operaciones con raíces cuadradas (Spanish Edition)

by Belaid Ouharrou Alrais

Tienes examen de operaciones con con raíces cuadradas y quieres estudiar más? tienes problemas aún de manejarlas? te faltan ejercicios para practicar? quieres ser bueno en las operaciones con raíces cuadradas y sacarte una buena nota en el examen?. Si ese eres tu, este es el libro que llevas buscando.

El libro tiene una lista de 100 ejercicios resueltos de las operaciones(suma, resta, multiplicación, división y simplificación) con con raíces cuadradas. El nivel de la dificultad de ejercicios va ascendiendo de manejar una operación sencilla a manejar operaciones difíciles.

Este libro es un gran recurso para los alumnos que han empezado a estudiar las operaciones con raíces cuadradas y también es muy recomendable para los alumnos que aún tienen la dificultad de manejarlas.

SEO for Blogging: A Beginners’ Guide to using SEO for your blog and make money online

by George Pain

Do you own a blog or website but have no idea how to generate traffic? Are you interested in learning more about SEO?

This book is your answer.

Blogging is no doubt the most widely used way of publishing information on the internet. There are millions of blogs running on the internet. Moreover, each of the major websites have a blog section where quick updates can be made and users login to interact with authors and publishers regarding information in the published content.

This book starts by introducing blogging in its first section so that the reader gets acquainted with the basics before delving further into the deeper details of blogging for SEO. Choosing a blog niche for your entire blog, and topic niche for your particular post is the crucial first step to optimizing your blog for SEO. The second Section dwells on how you can go about choosing the most appropriate blog niche and blog topic.

Due to popularity of blogging, various platforms have come about to make it so easy for someone to create own blog. This book does an in-depth user-based analysis of the various blogging platforms and recommends the best platform that you can use to maximize gains of your blogging endeavor.

  • What is Blogging?
  • How to Choose a Blog Topic
  • Which Blogging Platform Should You Choose?
  • Optimize Your Website for SEO
  • Choosing Keywords for Blog Posts
  • How to Optimize Each Blog Post
  • Popular SEO Add-Ins
  • Other Ways to Generate Traffic
  • Best 5 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
  • Automate Your Income

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Worms and Parasites: How to Keep Your Dog Free of Both

by Bronson Holder

Worms and Parasites – How to Keep Your Dog Free of Both

When we are considering the health of our dog(s), we often overlook some of the essential areas because of the uninteresting details they have to offer. No one does this on purpose but playing, training and feeding often distract you from considering worming and parasites etc. This article is straight to the point and will leave you with new valuable knowledge on worms and parasites.
There are many different ways that dogs and puppies can get worms. Since most worms are species specific they will only be transferred from dogs to dogs, and cannot be passed to other pets or family members. Some parasites can be transferred between different species of animals and even humans, but these are very rare, especially if the pet owner routinely worms the dog to prevent any possible infections.
The biggest source of contamination or infection of worms or other parasites for dogs is other dogs. This can occur if your dog is playing with other dogs that have worms, sharing the same toys or eating from the same dish. Dogs can also get worms from eating or playing with fecal material from infected dogs. This is a very common source of infection especially if the dog is allowed to run outside the yard or plays in a puppy park or other area where there are many dogs.
There are four types of worms that can infect your dog or puppy. They are roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms and hookworms. Roundworms and tapeworms can often be seen in the fecal material or around the dogs anus in the hair. Whipworms and hookworms are usually too small to be seen by the eye, but are evident to the veterinarian when a stool sample is examined. Tapeworms are rarely seen as entire worms but rather small segments of the worm may be noted. They are while in color and are somewhat flattened in shape and appearance. Roundworms are long, relatively slender and look more like very small earthworms. If they have been out of the dogs body for even a short period of time they may have a yellow color rather than being white.
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