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A Boy and His Dogs

by Al Brown

Alan Brown chronicles his 5 decades of hunting pheasants with his bird dogs. Al describes in detail his field experiences with Cap, Belle, Molly and Shadow. Shadow was a Springer out of Flushing Star Kennels, and she made it possible for Al to fulfill his pheasant hunting dreams in South Dakota. If you love upland bird hunting, upland bird dogs and pheasants , you’ll relate positively to Al’s passion for the hunt. A pictorial review of Al’s experiences in his native Michigan, and at the Ekroth farm near Gregory/Dallas S.D. is worth the price of this edition of Al’s Book. We tossed in a twenty three humorous, anecdotal stories penned by Al & his huntin’ Buddies for your total amusement and enjoyment.

Stretching for Splits: The Ultimate Beginnerâ??s Flexibility Stretching for Splits Guide – Safe & Easy Splits Exercises Guide to Stretch Painlessly (No Machines, Cables or Equipment Needed)

by Freddie Masterson

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Finally, achieve the splits without spending money on expensive leg stretching machines or cables! + BONUS stretching video tutorial included!
Finally, discover how to do the splits painlessly and without spending any money on expensive coaches, leg stretching machines or even on stretching cables! In this guide, you will learn simple routine exercises you can practice daily to stretch your muscle fibers to perform a complete suspended splits cold. 
After performing the routines a few times you will immediately begin noticing a gain in flexibility and balance. These techniques are used by martial artists such as Kick Boxers, Karate and Taekwondo fighters, gymnast, dancers, cheerleaders and much more! Even people practicing yoga can also benefit from these muscle stretching routines to achieve the perfect splits.

Here’s just a preview of what you’ll soon learn…

  • Finally, learn how to do perfect splits and the exact step-by-step process to achieve it!
  • You’ll discover the best exercises, including illustrations, to show you how to stretch your muscle fibers.
  • You’ll know the SAFEST WAYS to stretch and avoid any injuries (this alone is priceless).
  • The MOST COMMON exercise mistakes and helpful tips all revealed to you!
  • You’ll get a comprehensive exercise routine to perform daily in order to achieve the splits.
  • And much, much more!

Bonus – “Watch, Learn and Stretch” Video Training Tutorial:
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Order a book copy today and as a free token of appreciation will also throw in our “Splits Method – Watch, Learn and Stretch Video Training”! Inside this book will also include a special private 30-minute video URL link that will give you direct access to a black belt martial arts instructor. In the video stretching tutorial, you will learn even more about some of the best exercises to stretch your muscle fibers properly and most importantly how to do it all safely!

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Bladesmithing: Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

by Mark Stevenson


Techniques, Skills and Basic Tools to Start Crafting

For those of you who like DIY projects and can’t wait to work with your hands, bladesmithing just might be worth your while. From the drawing board to last minute corrections, this book walks you through the entire process of bladesmithing. Here you will learn just what tools you should get and how you should use them. You will discover exactly how to use and maintain a forge. There are several types of forges that run on different fuels and create different results, here in this guide you will be walked through them all.

You will also be instructed on proper hammering, sharpening, and tempering techniques. This book lists all of the main items you will need to get the job done and even offers up recommendations on where you can find them! If you are at all interested in trying your hand at bladesmithing, this comprehensive guide is a guaranteed must have!

Discover how you can:

  • Make metal malleable
  • Sharpen and temper blades
  • Create adequate tangs for handles
  • And a whole lot more!

Strength Training for Women: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Bodybuilding for Women

by Hailey Jackson

Strength Training for Women

Strength training seems, to most people, like an inherently male pursuit. Women often looked down their noses at the concept of bodybuilding due to concerns about becoming ‘overly masculine.’ Instead many women tend to spend a lot of time in doing other types of exercises such as light toning and cardiovascular exercises. Although these exercises can help to reduce body fat and tone your muscle to some degree, you can never truly change the shape of your body unless you start strength training.

Even a beginner’s strength training routine will burn calories and fat. When you lift weights, you put your body through a series of resistance training moves in order to build muscle. This type of training not only replaces fat with muscle, it also increases your metabolism.

This book features a strength training plan that can be used right at home. By reading this book, you’ll learn:
– The benefits of strength training for women
– Strength training exercises and a 7-day training plan
– Bodybuilding nutrition and clean eating recipes
– Strength training tips for beginners

Try the strength training workouts in this book, and it won’t be long before you begin to look and feel better.

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162 Baseball Trivia Questions: Top of the 1st Inning: 1980s and 1990s Baseball Trivia

by Front Office Focus Focus

One of a series of unique baseball trivia question books that will challenge even the most avid baseball fans!
The Top of the 1st Inning pays homage to 1980’s and 1990’s baseball and the people in it.
This is a fun way to remember and learn about some of the people, places and accomplishments of seasons past.

Romantic Rain: Short and sweet, peaceful read

by Terry Atkinson

Love and romance, watching the rain.

Cassie and Mike sat quietly, listening to the rhythm of the rain and watching the sky pour its emotion down onto the foliage outside their window. It was such a peaceful time, just before dawn and before the birds even got an idea that the new day was imminent. Mike put his giant hand around hers and they lost themselves in this moment of romantic rain. A sweet and promising story of love and romance.

“A sweet short story about two lovers and a day spent watching the rain fall, together. Making a great memory to bring out and enjoy when life becomes too hectic. A sweet read.”

“This is a heart warming novel about love and the little things we do for each other.”

This is pure, unadulterated romance. It’s a treat!

Clean and Wholesome.

Forsaken (Fallon Sisters Trilogy Book 3)

by P. J. O’Dwyer

Multi-award Winning Romantic Suspense Sister Trilogy

The Fallon Sisters Trilogy

Three sisters. A trifecta of trouble for three men. And one road that leads home.

“Forsaken is a striking end to P. J. O’Dwyer’s Fallon Sisters Trilogy, a provocative, well-crafted romantic suspense series that’s dark, dangerous, and addictive.”â??USA Today

On her own since the age of sixteen, after the death of her dear ma, Irish barmaid and racetrack groom Dani Flynn works three jobs to stay afloat. Only it’s the third oneâ??the one along the docks after midnightâ??that just might find her at the bottom of the Irish Sea. Running for her life with a thumb drive that could bring down all of Parliament, Dani does the sensible thing. She hops a freighter, destination unknown, and spends a week on the high seas.

Curse or Divine intervention, Dani can’t decide which when she finds herself docked in the U.S. penniless, illegal, and within two hundred miles of a farm called Grace. Swallowing her pride and twenty-six years of resentment, she makes her way to the one man she swore she’d never have anything to do withâ??her da.

Handcuffed, frisked, and charged with assaulting a police officer isn’t casting her in a warm glow of endearment nor keeping her illegal status under wraps. But when a little scrap of paper called a birth certificate proves her claim, she’s met with open arms and even finds a home away from home at a Thoroughbred training center. Except it’s not her family’s blessing she needs. Nor a maddening attraction to the one hell-bent on sending her homeâ??the cop she sunk her teeth into while trying to escape. The sparkling shores of freedom may not be enough to keep her past from catching up with her. Especially since blending in and keeping a low profile proves difficult when Mr. Law and Order, in the form of a gorgeous American sheriff, is doing his best to unearth her past.

Kevin Bendix never came out on top as a kid against the Fallon sisters. As the Sheriff of Washington County, it’s not as simple as taking his licks and calling it a day, especially now that there are three. Win or lose, he’ll uphold the law and defer to his training. He’ll get to the truth. It’s his job. But in the end, he could lose more than his quiet way of life. It’s not only his heart she’ll steal. Loving this woman could cost them both their lives.

See why this winning trilogy received award after award!

 -         2013 Connecticut Romance Writers Award Nominee (Forsaken)

-          2011 Winter Rose Nominee (Relentless)

-          2011 Heart of the West Award Nominee (Relentless)

-          2010 Chick Lit Get Your Stiletto in the Door Winner (Defiant)

-          2010 Southwest Writers Finalist (Defiant)

-          2010 Santa Fe Writer’s Project Finalist (Defiant)

>>>>Fallon Sisters Trilogy Receives Rave Reviews<<<<

“[Relentless] pulls the reader in on the first page and doesn’t let go. O’Dwyer is the name to watch for.”â??Dani Sinclair, Harlequin Intrigue author and two-time RITA finalist

“Gritty . . . masterful . . . P. J. O’Dwyer’s Defiant, book two in the Fallon Sisters Trilogy, is part thriller, part romantic suspense and wholly engrossing.”â??USA Today




Romantic River : A Peaceful Read

by Terry Atkinson

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A peaceful read. Love and Romance next to the beautiful, sparkling river.

Jessica contemplates relationships, love and life beside her river out in the countryside. How can she hold onto love and stop it from flowing away like the ever-flowing water in the river? Is there a way to keep her love alive and achieve her dreams of love and building a strong, trusting relationship in the future? Do the secrets lie in the flowing waters of the river? Or in the Egyptian geese lovingly caressing? Will Jessica work out where her heart lies and how to keep love in her life?

This is a fiction book about romance, with self help on dating and romance woven into the story. Old fashioned romance can be achieved even in our modern world.

Reviewers have said:
“A story that brought my life together.”
“A heartfelt. inspiring, warm, romantic read.”
“It’s like going to your ‘happy place’ and coming out a better person, which is exactly what happens in this book.” Chris Abernathy, award-winning Voice Actor

Clean and Wholesome romance providing self-help in the area of love and romance.

FREE audiobook inside.

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