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German Short Stories: 11 Simple Stories for Beginners Who Want to Learn German in Less Time While Also Having Fun (German Edition)

by Daily Language Learning

If you want to learn German in less time then keep reading…

How canyou learn to write well? How canyou expand your vocabulary?

How can you improve your ability to express your thoughts and ideas?

How can you improve your German language skills in a pleasant and varied way?

Onereasonable way existswithout a doubt: read as much as possible! For this reason, we warmly recommend that you read novels or texts in German, if you want to learn more words and improve your verbal or written expression.

Many people think that you have to have a very high level of language skills to read a book in another language¬¬¬â??but that assumption is completely wrong! A small amount of words can be enough to understand a text as a whole. From the very beginning of learning a new language, you can devote yourself to reading stories in German.

This book is a very worthwhile and effective way to learn German. Your vocabulary will be refreshed immediately, and you will be able to practice. You will read sentence by sentence in German with a translation below each paragraph or sentenceâ??no need to lookup of unknown words! Through the book you learn how to read and understand everything!

This book is recommended for beginners and advanced students who want to continue and expand their knowledge. Learning German with our short stories is so easy and enjoyable that brave beginners without prior knowledge can easily use this method. Our short stories are so interesting and unique, that you will enjoy every bit of it and ask for more!

Here’s just a tiny fraction of what you’ll learn:

  • Ein guter Freund – A Good Buddy
  • Was ist deine Nationalität? – What is your Nationality?
  • UFO
  • Verbs
  • Bruder und Schwester – Brother and Sister
  • Information – Information
  • Die schönste Frau der Welt – The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
  • Der Blumenladen – The Flower Shop
  • Kümmere dich um deine Familie – Take Care of Your Family
  • Die Liebe hat ihren eigenen Weg – Love Has Its Own Path
  • Das Gute gewinnt immer – The Good Always Wins
  • Verantwortlichkeiten -Responsibilities
  • And much, much more

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Spanish: The Effective Beginners Guide for Spanish: Learn Spanish Today

by Lindquist Publishing

Spanish: The Effective Beginners Guide for Spanish

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to communicate on Spanish to the fullest for a beginner.

Learn to converse in Spanish. We start with the building blocks of the language into more complex subjects like grammar. This book is designed especially for beginners who are eager to learn about the language. The lessons are easy to follow and they come with plenty of examples to facilitate a more effective learning.

Spanish is among the most common languages spoken by people all over the world. In fact, it is the second most commonly spoken in the United States. Spanish is the language of romantics.

Learning Spanish, or a new language for that matter, gives you an opportunity to learn things beyond your comfort zone, to explore outside the world you were born into and to have a better appreciation of people and other culture.

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Tokyo Travel Guide by Locals : The complete guide to Tokyo travel, where to go in Tokyo, good unknown places, tips for your Tokyo trip, amazing local restaurants

by Nao Yasui

â??Have you ever felt overwhelmed in trying to figure out where you should go in your trip? 

â??Are you getting tired of excess information sightseeing from online?

â??â??Then This guide book is for you â??â??

â??What are the benefits in getting this Book? 

  • We(Japanese locals)carefully selected famous/local  spots for you.

  •  You will be able to know what locals do in Tokyo /Japanese modern culture

  •  We have provided some tips for your Tokyo trip.

  • Information of amazing local places/restaurants 

Conversation in Taiwanese (Japanese Edition)

by shunsuke


The RCI Points Bible – 2019 User Guide: Tips, Tricks and MORE Secrets

by Allen Kelley

A must-have guide to getting the most out of your RCI Points program, Tips, and tricks on how to get up 5 weeks of vacation time in return for just one week of ownership. How to make reservations at top rates resort s for as little as $50/night using your RCI membership. How to stay at luxurious 5-star resorts (The Registry Collection) using your RCI Points Membership. Learn about many unknown facts that will help you use your investment more effectively.

RV: RV Living For Beginners: Simple Tools, Tips & Hacks To Make Debt Free, Full Time Motorhome Living As Stress Free And Enjoyable As Possible (Tiny house, … Live In Car, Van) (RV Boondocking Book 2)

by Ron Johnson

RV Living For Beginners Volume 2

The Long Awaited Sequel To RV Living For Beginners Volume 1.

If you have ever thought about living in an RV full time and travelling around the country, you probably have a lot of questions. You may be wondering how you could possibly pack up your family and pets and live in a space that is probably no bigger than your current living room. Can you do it? You most definitely can. Will it take some work and getting used to? Oh, yes, it will, but with this book, you will learn some tips that will help make your time in an RV a little easier.

You will discover some valuable information about how to keep your RV clean inside and out as well as how to take care of some basic maintenance duties that will keep your home on wheels in tip top condition. If you are not excited about living in a motorhome, but still want the full time RV lifestyle, travel trailers are an option. You will need to know about some of the quirks to living and pulling a travel trailer around the country and that is exactly what you will find in this book.

Whether you are living with your entire family, kids included, or it is just you, your spouse and your four-legged family members, you can live a fulfilling, exciting life on the road. You will want to know some tried and true tricks from other full timers about how to best manage your pets and how to deal with several people in a small space. The tips in this book will help make your transition to full time RV living much easier. Don’t waste precious time and money by learning everything the hard way. Take advantage of the knowledge others have passed along and apply it to your full time RV living lifestyle.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How To Do Basic Maintenance And The Tools You’ll Need To Live In RV Fulltime
  • How To Properly Detail You RV Inside And Out
  • The Basics Of Boondocking
  • Tips To Help You Tow Your Travel Trailer (Caravan)
  • How To Best Live In An RV When You Have Pets
  • Tips For Full Time RV Living With The Family

    Readers say…….

    “This book is contains a great deal of accommodating data about living in a RV full time. By perusing this book, you will find some profitable data about how to keep your RV clean all around and also how to deal with some fundamental upkeep obligations that will keep your home on wheels in tip top condition.It’s great to have a complete guide, for example, this that can help you on the things that you have to get ready, things that you have to expect and how you can conform to living in a little space.Very Helpful book!!!!”……………. Paul

    “I find this book an interesting read about surviving and thriving on living in an RV and spending most of your time on the road. This book gives some ideas on how we can sustain in living on our RV specially for those that are interested in traveling and exploring new places. If you’re looking to leave your house and your office job but still want to travel, then I highly recommend this book for you. RV living is a go to for some people specially for adventurous ones!”…………….Archon

    “This is a great book that I got for my brother who is preparing for his trip with his family. This book book teaches you on how to go about and live in an RV. It contains very practical tips and strategies for a stress free living and overall an enjoying journey with your RV. Even if I don’t have an RV for now, I really find this wonderful book very interesting and because of what I learned about it, I’m planning to get my very own RV soon”…………….kampana

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20 things to do in Manali (20 Things (Discover India) Book 9)

by David Riley

Located in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh, Manali has a little something for everyone.  For the adventure seekers, it has some amazing activities like trekking, canoying, paragliding, rafting and skiing.  For the families, it gives a wintery escape from the great plains of India.  And for the backpackers, it has some hippie villages located just around the main town.  Apart from that, Manali is famous for its temples, local wines, as well as the serene surroundings of the River Beas.

Surrounded by high mountain peaks in the beautiful valley, Manali attracts tourists from all over India (and abroad), all year round.  It even forms the detour point for a trip to Ladakh and Spiti higher up in the mountains.

Apart from the many places to see in Manali, it also consists of several weekend getaways in the form of Manikaran, Bir, Lahaul; as well as several other destinations, all in the midst of the beautiful Himachal valleys.

So read the book, pack your bags and see it all for yourself; and capture the beauty of Shimla with the most powerful lenses in the world, your eyes!

Do check other books on,
Goa, Jaipur, Agra, Ladakh, Shimla, Srinagar and many other cities in India.



Are you travelling to a French-speaking country and you don´t know the language?

Are you wondering how you are going to talk to French people?

Do you feel lost when someone says “Bonjour”?

¡¡¡You need a quick and easy everyday English French pocket guide!!!

¡¡¡Global Pocket Handbooks is here to help you!!!

With this English – French Travel Phrasebook, you are going to:

  • learn useful snippets of information to help you
  • be able to communicate in the most common situations while travelling
  • know how to pronounce some basic common French phrases

Speaking French may be much less daunting than you think!

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by Global Pocket Handbooks

Are you travelling to Italy and you don´t know the language?

Are you wondering how you are going to talk to Italian people?

Do you feel lost when someone says ” Ciao” or “Arrivederci”?

¡¡¡You need a quick and easy everyday English Italian pocket guide!!!

¡¡¡Global Pocket Handbooks is here to help you!!!

With this English – Italian Travel Phrasebook, you are going to:
-learn useful snippets of information to help you
-be able to communicate in the most common situations while travelling
-know how to pronounce some basic common Italian phrases

Speaking Italian may be much less daunting than you think!!!

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Europe’s Darkest : Paranormal Nightmares

by Sherri Granato

You don’t have to look far to find shocking and disturbing locations on our planet, but a few stand out more than others. The scariest place on earth just might be, “jolly old England” where malevolent energy of past horrifying conditions remain in a state of suspended conscience still today. Ireland and Italy are not far behind. Journey through dark paths of danger and paranormal activity from celebrity homes to presidential suites.

Aragonese Pyrenees (50 images)


Compilation of photographs of the Aragonese Pyrenees centered on four of its most beautiful high mountain populations: Formigal, Sallent de Gállego, Lanuza and Panticosa (Alto Gállego, Huesca, Aragón, Spain).
(50 images)

Medical Dictionary for Travellers Spanish-English

by Edita Ciglenecki

The audience for this dictionary includes medical professionals working in multilingual environments; global health professionals in tourist areas; professionals in public health, humanitarian medicine, emergency disaster management, rescue teams and above all, frequent travellers disposed to any kind of danger or health risk and therefore in the need of medical assistance while in some foreign speaking country. In emergency situations even small misunderstandings can lead to the loss of valuable time and consequently lives, therefore this dictionary is created in very practical time-saving and easy-to-understand way for both medical professionals and their patients. Instead of one classical A to Z alphabetical order, it consists of over 3000 medical terms divided to several topics where terms regarding each topic are organized alphabetically. The topics start from very basic subjects of numbers and orientation and proceed with terminology concerning accidents and disasters, parts of the human body, injuries, symptoms and diseases, pharmacy, medical facilities, medical procedures, diagnostics, pregnancy and obstetrics.

Naxos. From the precursor of the Parthenon to the Duchy of the Archipelago: Culture Hikes in the Greek Islands

by Denis Roubien

You want to discover the cultural treasures of the Greek islands in a guided tour?

This is the book for you!

This book is a travel story describing, through a large number of colour photos and maps, a hiking tour in one of the culturally richest and yet not enough known islands of Greece. Having been the cultural and political centre of the Cyclades from ancient times to the Middle Ages, Naxos boasts a wealth of cultural treasures, covering a wide time range.A hidden gemThe island’s spectacular beaches resulted in the treasures of the hinterland remaining unknown to the wide public. This book endeavours to cover this omission and give a glimpse of this cultural richness to the visitor who desires to discover it.So many things to present!Among other things, it presents the most impressive kouroi of ancient Greece, temples that are considered the precursors of the Parthenon, unique iconoclastic and other Byzantine churches that compose what is called the Mystras of the AegeanAlso, one of the best preserved fortified medieval settlements of the Aegean composing an islet from Greece of Latin domination that made it to our days, monasteries that housed schools of international fame, feudal towers and picturesque villages.

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