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Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive

by Dan “Tito” Davis

The Drug Game From The Inside

Dan “Tito” Davis comes from a town in South Dakota that’s so small everyone knows their neighbor’s cat’s name. But once he got out, he made some noise. While at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, he started manufacturing White Crosses, aka speed, and soon had the Banditos Motorcycle Club distributing ten million pills a week.

Ë?Ë?Ë? Life On The Run

After serving a nickel, he got into the weed game, but just when he got going, he was set up by a childhood friend. Facing thirty years, Davis slipped into Mexico, not knowing a word of Spanish, which began a thirteen-year odyssey that led him to an underground hideout for a Medellin cartel, through the jungles of the Darien Gap, the middle of Mumbai’s madness, and much more.

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Ultimate Fugitive Story

Tito didn’t have a mega-mansion filled with pretty girls and expensive cars. He survived in the Third World facing adversity at every turn. Millions of dollars came and went as Tito stayed one step ahead of the Feds and the Federales.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Must Read Provocative Page Turner!

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Script – Tippy: Tales of Flying Sergeants: Enlisted Fighter Pilots in WWII

by Michael Uva

Based on the story of an enlisted marine who flew a P-51 aircraft during WWII. (Normally, only Commissioned Officers were pilots.) These “enlisted” pilots fought like hellions in air battles in the European and South Pacific theaters against greater trained enemy pilots and superior aircraft. They showed tenacity, guts, and heart in a belief they could stem the tide of tyranny. They crammed their bodies into tiny aircraft, and then hurled themselves across the skies, to protect America!

I wrote Tippy (in a fictional form) as a tribute to the real Master Gunnery Sergeant Tippy that I had the pleasure and honor to have served with while I was enlisted in the Marines. I flew a few times as his crew chief.

Only Officers were supposed to be pilots. But despite discrimination, over 2,575 enlisted men are officially, “In the books!” as Pilots. These men flew under the banner of “Sergeant Pilots”. Chuck Yeager, Carroll Shelby, and Walter Beech all started out as enlisted men.

These heroes are now lovingly referred to as, “Flying Peons”.

Walt Disney: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Business Leaders Book 2)

by Hourly History

Walt Disney

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The name Disney is celebrated throughout the world because of its association with blockbuster animated films and most especially iconic cartoon characters. Just about everyone on the planet, regardless of time, place, or culture, has at one time or another become acquainted with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and everybody’s favorite anthropomorphic dog, Goofy. These are the characters that we know and love.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Humble Beginnings
â?? Serving in World War I
â?? Disney, Iwerks, and Innovation
â?? The Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse
â?? The Road to Success
â?? Disney During World War II
And much more!

In recent years Disney has become set to become even larger by adopting a new host of characters from George Lucas’ Star Wars franchise. It seems that the name Disney, even 50 some years after Walt Disney’s death, is destined to get even bigger. But as much as we can associate the name Disney with these incredible films, it is amazing how little most people know about Walt Disney himself. Few know of Disney’s humble upbringing in rural America, learning to draw farm animals and flowers. Very few know the origin of Mickey Mouse, and even fewer know of the role that Donald Duck played during the war effort of World War II. Come along as we present to you a tale just as fascinating as any plot sequence to have ever graced Walt Disney’s storyboard.

Series Information: Biographies of Business Leaders Book 2

My Bucket Has Holes: Living with Bipolar II

by Sarah Loucks

A personal account of living with Bipolar II for 20 years, misdiagnosed as depression. From childhood to diagnosis to mental hospitals, everything is included, including the ugly parts of being raised in a time period that did not understand mental illness and instead applied “tough love” to children who acted abnormally.

Elvis Presley: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Rock Stars Book 1)

by Hourly History

Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was much more than a cultural icon; he was a reliable barometer of the world he grew up in. Long before the cultural revolutions of the â??60s and â??70s, Elvis was sparking a dynastic change of hands in American society. And by his own admission, much of it was by accident. Whenever his performances caused a stir, Elvis was always the first to ask what all the fuss was about. When questioned if he was trying to provoke a response from his audience, Elvis innocently replied that he was just doing what came naturally.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Elvis and His Twin
â?? That’s All Right
â?? Presley’s Controversial Rise
â?? Elvis Joins the Army
â?? Comeback in Las Vegas
â?? Last Years and Death
And much more!

According to Elvis, as much as James Dean was a “rebel without a cause,” he was a rebel completely by accident. If we believe him, everything he did that led to his rise to stardom was just some sort of cosmic alignment of happenstance. Elvis claimed that when he went into Sun Records to record his first song, he wasn’t looking to become famous; he maintained that he just wanted to record a song for his mom’s birthday. This book will let you decide for yourself as you learn about the life, the legend, and the unmistakable iconâ??Elvis Presley.

Gold Bloody Gold: A True Story of Greed, Goldmines and Misadventure

by James Westgate Snell

The true story of Africa’s richest goldmine and the founding Geologist.
Treasure maps. Espionage and intrigue. Betrayed trust. Attempted murder. Gold found and lost. A Canadian family spinning out of control under the dark cloud of conflict and mental illness. A son’s struggle for reconciliation with his parents and his past.

This adventure began in the late 1950s when my father, James Clinton Snell, was a geology student in Fairbanks, Alaska. One evening, while studying calculus, his friend slid a cartoon drawing under his door. The image depicted my father straddling a donkey, with his boots planted on the ground. He was riding up a dirt road with his prospecting pick. At the end of the road was a gold mine in the clouds. Beams of light spread upward to a musical caption that read, “There’s a goldmine in the sky far away.” In 1981, years after my father graduated with his geology degree, a picture was taken of him in Mali, West Africa. In the photo he’s straddling a donkey, with his boots planted on the ground and his arm around a local miner. At the end of that road was the place where he discovered one of the richest gold mines in history.

Reversing Thrust …. A Backward Step Into Manhood

by Carl Hershey

Reversing Thrust is the reflective story of its writer’s spiritual transformation into manhood, set in loosely scattered vignettes amidst the paralleling trip of his lifetime, while flying onboard the Concorde. It speaks clearly to the subject of fatherhood, using the author’s personal experience as illustration, comparing a child’s relationship with his or her biological father and the adult child’s later understanding and acceptance of the heavenly Father, or God. The story includes spiritual healing within the writer’s life, his relationship with his father, his mother’s early death, and his coming to the place of acceptance of his own life.
This story will captivate you from the beginning and will leave you pondering at the finish. It will certainly strike chords of familiarity in the lives of many people by association and comparison. Read it, and you will need additional copies to share with special people in your life.

Charlie Chaplin: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Actors Book 3)

by Hourly History

Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin is most famously known for his “tramp” characterâ??the homeless hobo that can be seen hopping from trains and lining up in the soup kitchens of the Great Depression. At a time when the whole world was struggling from economic meltdown, Charlie Chaplin made “destitute” a term of endearment.
We may laugh when we see Charlie Chaplin so broke that he has to boil his shoes and eat them, but during the worst parts of the economic collapse of the 1920s and 1930s, some people had to do just that. So, at the time, even though many would laugh at the crazy tramp’s antics, they could also relate and identify with them.
And the fact that Charlie Chaplin’s tramp character could be completely broke with his pockets turned out, sitting in a gutter with the rain pouring down, yet still be happy, gave people quite a bit of encouragement. People thought that if the homeless, wandering tramp portrayed in Chaplin’s films could get through such rough times and be alright, maybe they could too.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From the Poorhouse to the Stage
â?? Coming to America
â?? Unhappily Married
â?? The Silent Film Hush Money
â?? He Doesn’t Talkie
â?? Socialist Leanings
â?? Exile from the United States
And much more!

As goofy as some of Chaplin’s slapstick comedic moments are in his films, it was the way he just kept trundling along, even in the face of great adversity, that empowered so many. It was this tantalizing glimpse of hope, more than anything else, that kept them coming back for more.

Mein Side of the Story: Key World War 2 Addresses of Adolf Hitler

by M King

*145 Pages / 100 Illustrations*
Our system of justice grants ‘prima facie’ murderers, rapists and serial killers the opportunity to speak, does it not? Indeed, convicted killers like Charles Manson, David â??Son of Sam’ Berkowitz, Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer and others have done televised interviews. Even the erroneous and dangerous ranting of Karl Marx is taught, no, glorified, in American Universities.

So, what is so gosh-darn dangerous about merely presenting the opinion of Hitler’s Germany? If that opinion is as evil and as fallacious as it is said to be, then why not present the full story, and then logically refute it? Truth is its own defense, so what is there to fear about simply hearing “the other side”? Do we really believe in “free speech” and “academic freedom” or do we not? Are we like retarded little children that need to be shielded from mere words? Or is somebody hiding something? Hmmm?

In the purportedly American belief that no one has the right to deprive you of access to information, the purpose of putting together ‘Mein Side of the Story’ is merely to present Germany’s version of the events in regard to the great catastrophic bloodbath known as World War II. This is Hitler’s side of the story, revealed in his own spoken and written words. Only the brief â??Mein Side’ blurbs and captioned illustrations have been added. A pair of wartime addresses by German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop and one from Japanese Emperor Hirohito are also included.

The speeches and writings are all 100% authentic. Some have been slightly abridged in order to avoid redundancy and to keep the booklet to a brief length. Modern “court historians” and journalists do not deny the content of these addresses. They can’t. Instead, they simply ignore them, childishly denouncing anyone who does attempt to resurrect them as “Nazi”, or “anti-Semitic”.

The common theme that runs throughout these addresses is that Germany, and also Japan, believed that World War II was imposed upon them. You don’t have to agree with that assessment. You don’t have to like it. In fact, you can even laugh at it. But it is their point-of-view, or at least, their stated point-of-view. It is a position that, until now, you have not been permitted to even hear. Indeed, it is only via the miracle of the Internet that these documents have again become accessible to those willing to snoop around and dig them up from the memory hole of buried history.

Do with these words as you will. Just don’t shoot your humble messenger for putting these highly interesting addresses together for your consideration.

Faceless: Five Gruesome Unsolved Murders: Most Mysterious and Headless Unsolved Murders of All Time (True Crime Murder Case Compilations Book 1)

by Jack Smith

Five of the Most Gruesome Headless Unsolved Murder Cases of All Times
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Cold cases are fascinating because they have all the ingredients of a nail-biting murder mystery. Except there’s no ending. And what’s a book without an ending, except an endless source of frustration and speculation?

It’s even worse when the victim is unidentified. “Unknown” man/woman/ child murders send a chill through us and can even cause a little sadness. How could a person be so alone in the world that absolutely no one came forward to give them a name and a burial?

This volume examines five instances of a single or serial killing involving victims who were beheaded by their killers:

â?The Thames Torso Murders: Known as the “Thames Mysteries” or “Embankment Murders,” this series of gruesome killings was overshadowed by the terror surrounding Jack the Ripper’s crimes but were also very fascinating.

�The August 8, 1886 discovery of a decomposing male torso outside Wallingford, Connecticut. The victim was never identified, and a woman who claimed that she knew the whole story behind the murder committed suicide.

�The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: Between 1935 and 1938, a still-unidentified serial killer murdered and dismembered at least twelve victims in Cleveland, Ohio. All but three remain unidentified. Eliot Ness, the man who was partly responsible for taking down Al Capone, headed the investigations.

�Beth Doe: On December 20, 1976, a young boy made a gruesome discovery on the banks of the Lehigh River in White Haven, Pennsylvania. The dismembered and mutilated remains of a young, white woman and her unborn child had been stuffed into three suitcases and thrown from a bridge along Interstate 80 over the Lehigh River.

�The February 28, 1983 discovery of the headless body of a little girl between the ages of 8 and 11, decomposing in an abandoned home on the north side of St. Louis, MO. Her head was never found. Despite heavy publicity, nobody identified her.

What do these cases have in common, besides the fact that they are cold and involve headless, unidentified victims? Somebody got away with murder…

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Fragmented: Surviving Abuse, Addiction, And Independence As An Aspie.

by Thomas Reed

(Warning – For 18+ readers only that contains Language, Disturbing Moments, and Graphic Text.)

In this chapter book readers will learn about what it feels like to have life experiences with the author of the book who has asperger syndrome. The chapters cover on early childhood, early/late teen years, besides early to mid 20’s when living different virtual world lifes with a hint of his late 20’s.

The subjects are covered on bullying, verbal abuse, porn and gaming addictions, besides problems that were faced while being independent with asperger’s.

Things were also balanced out to add some humor/funny moments to lighten the mood in the book on moments of the authors life as you read this.

This book can also teach people to help them understand the signs of when something is wrong with a person in early stages. This will be great to read for 18+ readers to help prevent issues for someone they know, people planning to have kids, or parents that already have kids or teens.

Hope you enjoy this book!

Marilyn Monroe: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Actors Book 1)

by Hourly History

Marilyn Monroe

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She vigorously played the dumb-blonde stereotype in her movie roles, but there is nothing at all dumb about Marilyn Monroe. Born to a single mother who suffered from severe mental illness, the odds were stacked against the girl originally named Norma Jeane from the very beginning. She became a ward of the state and bounced around from foster home to foster home. The fact that she rose from such impoverished beginnings to become one of the top-billed acts in Hollywood speaks for itself.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Foster Child to Movie Star
â?? The Scene with the White Dress
â?? Marilyn the Jew
â?? Diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia
â?? Marilyn’s First Overdose
â?? The Presidential Affair
â?? Locked in the Psych Ward
And much more!

Discover the life and legend that is Marilyn Monroe.

The Spoiled Brat Killer: A Collection of True Crime

by Larry Maravich

Taylor Marks appeared to be young lady with everything going for her. Financial security, a loving mother prepared, it seemed, to do anything for a much-loved daughter. Why then, would she pay a friend $5000 to kill that caring parent?
Like so much in life, Taylor Marks’ story is much more complicated than appears on the surface. Today, as she sits in an Ohio prison, knowing that she will die without ever again being free, we can wonder about her thoughts. To what extent does she regret her actions? And what is the full degree of her guilt?
Amelia Dyer is considered one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Her picture on the front cover easily betrays the evil that resided within her heart. Her reign of terror lasted over twenty years, as she is projected to have killed as many as 400 children before finally being caught
This story goes into the daily rituals and techniques used by Dyer to procure her victims as well as the psychology behind her behavior.
Nicole Kasinkas is a shy fourteen year old girl who begins an on-line romance with a psychologically disturbed young man in Billy Sullivan. The relationship intensifies and the teenage couple want to move in together. When Nicole’s mother refuses the arrangement, the love struck teenagers plot her murder in this horrifying true story.
Genene Jones, said to be the inspiration behind the Annie Wilkes character in Stephen King’s Misery, is due to be released in February of 2018 due to a loophole in Texas law…In 1985, she was convicted for the murder of fifteen month old Chelsea McClelland. Further investigations, however, show that Jones may have been responsible for over 40 infant deaths during the span of her nursing career. Cover-ups, blackmail and manipulations, Jones was able to get away with her crimes for years with a silent hospital administration behind her and the lack of courage of those around her to blow the whistle.
Tracey Wigginton made headlines as the “Lesbian Vampire Killer” when she and a group of friends attacked and killed forty-seven year old Edward Baldock in a brutal murder that left him nearly decapitated…The case drew headlines because of the brutality of the murder and the mindset of the killer. Wigginton was a feared butch lesbian who captured bats, drank blood and believed herself to be a vampire.
“I don’t remember”
Those were the words of Danielle Stewart as she was confronted by police who arrested her for the murder of her 55 year old husband, Chaim Kimel. In one of Australia’s most controversial cases, Stewart would claim to have no recollection of the night when she stabbed her husband two times in his abdomen during one of their many alcohol fueled fights…Suffering through an abusive childhood and struggling with depression, Stewart was a ticking time bomb when she met the older and charming Chaim Kimel. The two would begin a tumultuous romance that would culminate in a night of violence that would change their lives forever.
“Come on over,” – Margaret DeFrancisco
Those were the words that Margaret spoke to her sister’s suitor, Oscar Velazquez, before he arrived at their mother’s home and she shot him for $600. The murder made national headlines when the two “angel faced” girls lured Oscar into their home, shooting him to death then setting his body on fire with nail polish remover. Following the murder, the two sisters went on the run.

World War II: 1939 (One Hour WW II History Books Book 1)

by History by the Hour

In this one-hour history book, discover why World War II happened as we uncover the main events that lead to the beginning of the most lethal war of all times.

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Probably no historical period has been discussed and dissected as much as World War II. Yet there is always something new to learn upon closer inspection. Events occurred at lightning speed during the war years, and you almost have to take things on a day-by-day basis to take them all in. That is why this book focuses solely on what transpired from 1938 to 1939.

You’ll get a front row seat to the Anschlussâ??the union of Austria to Germanyâ??the Sudeten Crisis, and the invasion of Poland. From the innuendos of the Reich to the intrigues in British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s cabinet, this book gives you the inside scoop on the lead-up to World War II.

Did appeasement really cause it? Could it somehow have been prevented? By taking a close look at the pivotal years of 1938 and 1939, this book endeavors to find the best answers to those often-asked questions. If you need a detailed examination of a much-discussed subject, this book is a great source of little-known material about the road that led to World War II.

This book is an easy read in less than an hour, you will know everything you need to know about how World War II started and the important event of 1939.

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James Dean: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Actors Book 4)

by Hourly History

James Dean

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James Dean is known as the first rebel. He was a â??50s-styled, leather-clad biker rebuking authority. With his black turtleneck and a penchant for bongo drums and poetry, he could also easily be a kind of forerunner to the beatniks. And with his unkempt, wild hair and far-reaching philosophies, he is often cited as a kind of early hippie as well. But whatever category you put him in, James Dean was the embodiment of cool. He had a cool look, cool clothes, cool attitude, and a cool backstory that most know nothing about. James Dean began life in Indiana as the descendant of a long line of farmers. After the tragic passing of his mother at a young age and the virtual abandonment of his father, he was left to be raised by his sister and her husband on a farm in Fairmount, Indiana.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Losing His Family
â?? A Troubled Childhood
â?? Dean’s First Big Breaks
â?? Friends and Lovers
â?? Dean’s Acting and Car Racing Career
â?? The Final Ride
And much more!

So just how did this Indiana farm boy become a Hollywood legend and kickstart a counterculture rebellion that would last throughout the â??50s, â??60s, and beyond? Who was James Dean? Come along as we find out more about the man, the legend, and the eternal rebel without a cause: James Dean.

Solving Cold Cases Vol. 4: True Crime Stories that Took Years to Crack (True Crime Cold Cases Solved)

by Andrew J. Clark

Chilling. One of the best words to describe the cases recounted in this book. These gruesome crimes seemed to hit a dead endâ?¦ That is until the cases were reopened for investigation and then solved thanks to modern technologies and new investigation techniques.

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Cold cases are such an intriguing phenomenon that it’s easy to forget how rare they actually are. Only a few of the countless crimes committed every year become truly cold cases. The fact is that most crimes are relatively straightforward to solve, and it’s probably for this very reason that so many of us crave a real “who done it” mystery. It is the cases with random twists and unknown dimensions that capture our imagination more than any others.

All sorts of things can happen when a murder is committed, leaving us puzzled as we just can’t seem to figure out how the crime happened. However, with the capabilities of contemporary science and different ways of thinking in people throughout the ages and places, even these crimes can get solved! Check out fifteen such cases which will get your gears turning. Some of the cases included inside:
-Krystal Beslanowitch
-Anna Palmer
-Suzanne Nauman
-The Crackhead killings
-and many more

And if that’s indeed what brought you to this book, you can rest assured that it contains some of the most spine-chilling, eyebrow-raising, and head shaking cold cases you could ever imagine. And rememberâ??these aren’t fictitious figments of some rabid writer’s imagination. This is real life, and real people who spent years languishing in the forensic files of investigators waiting for the day they’d see justice. And that’s the other great thing about all of the cold cases presented in this bookâ??each and every one of them has been solved!

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The Murder of Rebecca Schaeffer & Other Stories: Tales of Hollywood True Crime

by Samantha Reeder

An anthology of True Crime

Murder is tragic no matter when it happens, but society has a stronger reaction to murder when it happens to someone who is loved and adored by all, someone famous, someone for whom life has been cut too short. When an actress is murdered, when her potential for future success taken away, the world seems to stop for a moment. And in the case of Rebecca Schaeffer, everyone is still asking why.
Her friends and family were robbed of years of her life. Her fans were robbed of hours of entertainment that she seemed destined for…But for a crazed stalker named Robert Bardo.

Finanzielle Freiheit mit E-Books | Baue dir Schritt für Schritt dein passives Einkommen auf (German Edition)

by Paul Kuner


â?ºSichere dir jetzt dieses Buch, um sofort mit deinem E-Book-Business durchzustarten.

Du möchtest dir ein eigenes und möglichst passives Business aufbauen? Dann ist dieses Buch das richtige für Dich!

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Das erwartet dich:
â??Amazon KDP Account und Gewerbe anmelden
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â??und vieles mehr â?¦

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Ð?Ñ?Ñ?сÑ?Ñ? пеÑ?алÑ?ная (Russian Edition)

by Ð?еÑ? ЮÑ?ий

Ð? эÑ?ой книге собÑ?анÑ? лиÑ?иÑ?еские сÑ?иÑ?и, не воÑ?едÑ?ие в пеÑ?вое издание. Ð?сли пеÑ?вая Ñ?асÑ?Ñ? содеÑ?жиÑ? позиÑ?ивнÑ?е моÑ?ивÑ?, Ñ?о в эÑ?ом сбоÑ?нике в основном Ñ?илосоÑ?ские и бÑ?Ñ?овÑ?е Ñ?емÑ?.
Ð?се сÑ?иÑ?и написанÑ? с 14 до 26 леÑ?, поэÑ?омÑ? Ñ?оÑ?оÑ?о пÑ?осмаÑ?Ñ?иваеÑ?ся Ñ?азвиÑ?ие Ñ?ноÑ?еской лиÑ?носÑ?и.

hemmeligheden bag succes: jack ma (Danish Edition)

by karthikeyan k

historie om kinesisk richman jack man

Ð?Ñ?оÑ?лое для бÑ?дÑ?Ñ?его: Ð?оспоминания о вÑ?емени, Ñ?Ñ?ебе и Ñ?абоÑ?е в Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?е «Ð?идÑ?омеÑ?анизаÑ?ия» Ð?инэнеÑ?го 1928â??2017 гг. (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ожевников Николай НиколаевиÑ?

Ð?нига «Ð?Ñ?оÑ?лое для бÑ?дÑ?Ñ?его» содеÑ?жиÑ? воспоминания авÑ?оÑ?а о Ñ?абоÑ?е в Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?е «Ð?идÑ?омеÑ?анизаÑ?ия» с изложением Ñ?еÑ?ниÑ?ескиÑ? досÑ?ижений гидÑ?омеÑ?анизаÑ?ии и собÑ?Ñ?ияÑ? в сÑ?Ñ?ане с 1928 по 2016 гг. НовÑ?е Ñ?сÑ?Ñ?ойсÑ?ва и Ñ?еÑ?нологии Ñ?екомендÑ?Ñ?Ñ?ся для исполÑ?зования в совÑ?еменной гидÑ?оÑ?еÑ?нике.

I Remember When I Was Young – The 1920s Extract (20th Century Memories Book 2)

by Rob Horlock

â??I Remember When I Was Young’ – the 1920s extract – is a collection of personal memories from the 1920s.

If you have purchased â??I Remember When I Was Young – 1920s – 1960s’, then you already have this collection of memories. So please don’t buy this extract unless you mean to purchase it as a separate publication, specific to the decade of the 1920s.

I have had requests to publish the personal memories from specific decades – this is one of the extracts, which covers the 1920s.

The1920s extract contains stories and recollections from individuals throughout the UK and abroad. A wide range of personal memories from childhood, early adulthood and later life. Some recall humorous or emotional incidents unconnected with the world around them; others describe episodes that have a direct connection to the major events of the day.

Written in a variety of styles, all recall a time very different to the present day and all who lived at that time will feel a sense of belonging and possibly a tinge of regret that this time has now passed. Younger readers may be astonished at some of the day to day activities that were taken for granted by their older relatives.

The memories paint a picture of life as it was lived by the individuals concerned. Some led similar lives. Some had very different experiences. All are real people sharing their memories with the rest of us. The memories captured in this book show how values and lifestyles have changed – perhaps not always for the betterâ?¦

For more information, go to

Don’t Tell My Mum!: Memories of a Confused Seventies Childhood (Confused Sixties Childhood Book 2)

by Alex Cotton

Second book in the series.
Following on from Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice! – Memories of a Confused Sixties Childhood, we pick up from where the last book left off. It is now 1973 and we follow Alex through her first day at high school, meeting stranger teachers than ever, eventful camping trips, teenage crushes on seventies popstars and much more. Still in the background is the same family, attention seeking mother, father still trying as hard as possible not to be noticed and terrified that people are talking about his family and a little brother of a nervous disposition. Set to the backdrop of blackouts, strikes and water shortages. A must for everyone who grew up in the seventies.

“I wanted American Tan tights but my mother said English girls didn’t have legs that colour, especially in Yorkshire.”

“The neighbours’ became accustomed to the sight of my brother being dragged past their kitchen windows every morning by his legs.”

“It was years before I found out sticky back plastic was good old fashioned sellotape, we’d had loads of the stuff in the cupboard all that time, my dad ‘borrowed’ it from work.”

“I asked my mother what a training bra was, she said it trained your bosom. To do what, run a marathon”.

Out now : Book 3 “Don’t Blame Me, It’s Everybody Else! ” available to download.

The Hidden Story of Richard Sorge

by Conrad Bauer

Richard Sorge was the greatest spy that the world has ever known.
Read his story and find out how his spy work changed the course of history.

It can be easy to think of spies just as we see them in the movies. All of the high speed car chases, the witty one liners, and the femme fatales feed into a common conception of an international man of mystery. But real spy work is different. Real spy work is, ultimately, human. It is conducted by flawed men, exploiting the fear and ambition of similarly damaged individuals. At the end, the credits do not roll. Spies are far likelier to find themselves caught and executed in a foreign land than they are to drive off into the sunset with a new paramour on their arm. Real spies are real people and they are in real danger at all times.

Even if the popular conception of a spy might be fundamentally flawed, it does not mean that the actual equivalents are not just as exciting. The intelligence gathered can have world changing significance and can save – or threaten – millions of lives. Of all the spies that ever lived, the greatest is a man named Richard Sorge. As the Soviet Union’s best intelligence officer, he went deep undercover as a Nazi in Imperial Japan. The information he gathered had a real impact on the course of human history. The true story of his life is, in the classic sense, stranger than fiction.

In this book, we will explore key events from the life of history’s greatest spy. We will learn how he gathered intelligence, turned informants to his will, and fooled everyone with whom he fell into contact. But we will also learn of his flaws, his tragedies, and his final demise. If you would like to learn what it takes to become a real spy, read on and discover just how high the bar has been set.

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Dr. Death: Life of Serial Killer Michael Swango (Serial Killers Book 5)

by Jack Smith

Under the appearance of a caring doctor, Michael Swango planned and killed… Wherever he went, death followedâ?¦

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The story of Michael Swango is perhaps not quite as well-known as that of other prolific killers such as Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, but this diabolical doctor may have killed more people than these two murderers combined. And, what makes the story of Michael Swango even more sinister is that he committed his crimes under the guise of medicine. He put up a facade that he was healing the sick when in reality he was purposefully making his patients sick. He was, in fact, killing them. Swango would approach his victims with a calm, perfectly crafted bedside manner before injecting them with his lethal dose of murder. Swango broke the sacred Hippocratic Oath that all physicians take, proclaiming that they will do no harm.

What made this man break such a sacred trust in such a deplorable manner? Just what made this certified medical professional feel that he had a license to kill?

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