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Valkyrie Landing: A High School Romance (Valkyrie Allegiance Book 1)

by A.J. Flowers

Welcome to Valkyrie High School… Time to Reap my First Soul

The first law of the Valkyrie is “Don’t fall in love.” I messed that one up… big time. I failed my sisters and fell in love with William Johnson. I’ve watched him for three lifetimes and a little piece of me broke every time I had to let him die. 

I paid the price for breaking the first law of the Valkyrie. I lost all the memories I had of Will. That’s why Sam is keeping tabs on me. She’s an ever-present shadow during my time at Mattsfield High. Sam is the perfect Valkyrie. Tall. Beautiful. Heartless.

I may not remember Will, but my heart does. If Freya thinks I’m going to be a good little Valkyrie this time aroundâ?¦ she’s wrong.

Valkyrie Landing is the first in the highly-acclaimed series “Valkyrie Allegiance.” Ideal for readers of strong heroines, urban fantasy themes, and a heavy dose of Norse Mythology (as well as a spaceship or two). You’ll be blown away by this character-driven trilogy that’ll take you all the way to Ragnarok, so hang on tight! 

This is a complete series scheduled for rapid release, so be sure to follow the author and claim your copy!

Book 1: Valkyrie Landing October 16

Book 2: Valkyrie Rebellion October 30

Book 3: Valkyrie Uprising November 20 

Content Warning: This is a clean closed-door romance with lots of shirtless guys.

Infected, Zombi The City of the Zol

by Claudio Hernández

Synopsis Infected
Legend has it that the secret has lasted for ten centuries in Castillo San Juan de las Águilas, which was built in the 11th century by King Hins A-Akila during the reign of Al-Andalus in the Mediterranean.
Urci hides more than ten centuries of secrets about immortality and the infected. Over the centuries, King Hins had to create his armies of undead to fight the Almohads, Visigoths, Byzantines, Christians or the Barbary pirates, as terrible as Barbaroja himself. But now, in the 21st century, Urci has already been renamed Eagles and the castle is still standing, like a relic for tourists. Álvaro and Javier, their hated brothers-in-law, are predestined to share shelter in the castle next to a group of tourists, before the horde of zombies who try to climb the thick walls. Diego and Juan fight for their lives before the zombie infection that takes place in the very center of the city. Both, seeing the horrors that the zombies show, manage to save their lives in the castle. There they discover an old man named Sebastian who, apparently, has the wisdom to know the whole story and was already prepared for such a thing. Father Martin, the parish priest of one of the three churches in Aguilas, succumbs to the madness of being able to raise the dead, and after stealing the serum of life, he injected it himself to live forever.

With the help of the two parish priests of the other two churches, he devises a plan to raise the dead from the cemeteries from their graves, while the zombies are taking the city from street to street. Sebastian warns that there are three types of them: zombies, infected and carriers. The infected turn into zombies and, in the process of transformation, their hearts fail, they stay in a state of slowness, but eager to drink blood and eat human flesh. The infected, who endure the process of transformation, are much faster and more voracious, while the carriers have the capacity to reflect as a living being. The zombie horde runs in droves taking the streets from east to west and from north to south. Groups of isolated survivors try to save their lives at all costs. The patriarch of the Roma group, discovers with horror how the Northern Health Center is full of horrible people. Their children are facing each other to save their lives in the face of incomprehension of everything that is happening. Angel, father of fourteen children, faces the zombie horde and fight to the end to save their lives. And, meanwhile, tourists watch in the distance the city of Eagles, which is preparing to receive the carnival, an event that brings together tens of thousands of people, while the infected are already everywhere. Akira Hins, descendant of King Hins, returns to life as the first infected with fast and furious movements. Finally, the city of the sun is quarantined and the security forces of the nearest cities surround it with their bullets, whistling in the void of the air.

I grew up and started writing upon being heavily influenced by the master of terror and drama, Stephen King. I am the author of his first biography as a writer. Furthermore, I have written an anthology based on a box that I had found that allegedly belonged to his father, who was also a writer. Now, I have dedicated my time to writing books of terror, suspense, and thrillers. In Amazon, I have already published my books, â??The Beginnings of Stephen King’, â??Stephen King’s Box’, â??Tom’s Story’, â??Infected’ a saga about zombies, â??Midnight Fear’, â??All Your Life at Your Side,’ â??Arnie’, â??Truck cemetery’, â??Seven Books, Seven Sins’, â??Bonmati’s House’, and â??The guardian of the castle’, but these are not the only ones that I intend to publish this year.

The Poetic Edda & The Prose Edda (Complete Edition): The Elder Saemundar Edda: Baldr’s Dreams, Loki’s Altercation + The Younger Snorri’s Edda: Of Odin, Of Thor, Of Ragnarok, Gylfi’s Journey To Asgard

by Saemund Sigfusson

This meticulously edited ebook collection is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
“Edda” is an Old Norse term attributed by modern scholars to these two main Medieval Icelandic literary works of mythology:
The Elder Eddas of Saemund
Völuspâ. The Vala’s Prophecy
The Lay Of Vafthrudnir
The Lay Of Grimnir
The Lay Of Vegtam, Or Baldr’s Dreams
The High One’s Lay
Odin’s Rune-song
The Lay Of Hymir
The Lay Of Thrym, Or The Hammer Recovered
The Lay Of The Dwarf Alvis
The Lay Of Harbard
The Journey Or Lay Of Skirnir
The Lay Of Rig
Oegir’s Compotation, Or Loki’s Altercation
The Lay Of Fiolsvith
The Lay Of Hyndla
The Incantation Of Groa
The Song Of The Sun
Sinfiotli’s End
The First Lay Of Sigurd Fafnicide, Or Gripir’s Prophecy
The Second Lay Of Sigurd Fafnicide
The Lay Of Fafnir
The Lay Of Sigrdrifa
Fragments Of The Lay Of Sigurd And Brynhild
The Third Lay Of Sigurd Fafnicide
Fragments Of The Lay Of Brynhild
The First Lay Of Gudrun
Brynhild’s Hel-ride
The Slaughter Of The Niflungs
The Second Lay Of Gudrun
The Third Lay Of Gudrun
Oddrun’s Lament
The Lay Of Atli
The Groenland Lay Of Atli
Gudrun’s Incitement
The Lay Of Hamdir
The Younger Eddas of Sturleson
The Deluding Of Gylfi
Gylfi’s Journey To Asgard
Of The Supreme Deity
Of The Primordial State Of The Universe
Of Night And Day
Of The Sun And Moon
Of The Way That Leads To Heaven
The Golden Age
Origin Of The Dwarfs
Of The Ash Yggdrasill, Mimir’s Well., And The Norns Or Destinies
Of The Various Celestial Regions
Of The Wind And The Seasons
Of Odin
Of Thor
Of Baldur
Of Njord
Of The God Frey, And The Goddess Freyja
Of Tyr
Of The Other Gods
Hodur The Blind, Assassin Of Baldur
Of Loki And His Progeny
Of Ragnarok, Or The Twilight Of The Gods, And The Conflagration Of The Universe

The Medium (Liminality Book 1)

by M.R. Graham

It begins with the breaking of a gentle monster.

A medium cannot kill. A medium must not kill. And a medium should never become a vampire.

Lenny played human, kept his head down, never took a life, until Sebastian came. Torn away from his comfortable life, he is plunged into an endless night of manipulation, death, and blood. The only light in the dark is Kim, a young wizard tasked with destroying Sebastian. She is determined to save Lenny from the monster controlling him, but the monster growing inside him will be harder to kill.

Unknown to all, the existence of a vampire medium has sparked a war.

Right Girl, Wrong Alpha (Brothers of the Heart Book 2)

by DJ Bryce

As Chief of his Clan, Logan is surrounded by friends and family, the only thing missing is his mate. Natasha has always known that she was raised to be the mate of an Alpha, but being in her sister’s shadow has enabled her not to worry about it too much. 

When Logan comes down to help the pack, he knows instantly that Natasha is the one for him. When she is put in harms way, he will stop at nothing to save her. Natasha never imagined that her mate would be anything other than a wolf, but although her feelings for Logan take her off guard, she can do nothing but succumb to them.

Right Girl, Wrong Alpha is the second in an all new series about men who may not be brothers by blood, but are brothers of the heart. And the realization that, regardless of how the Matthews siblings have been raised, sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if it’s leading you down the hardest path.

Opposing Forces (Warring Hearts Book 1)

by Kayci Morgan

A Vampire Princess Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice

Death came for Claudia’s kingdom in the form of the Deabru, demonic winged-beasts that tore apart her lands and brought her kind to the brink of extinction. She would do anything to protect what was left of her people, even sacrifice her life.

But Zuriel, king of the Deabru, doesn’t want her to die. He wants her to live, as his wife. A fate Claudia finds a thousand times worse than death. To rule as queen over the same monsters that butchered her family? Intolerable…but necessary.

What she never could have predicted is the way her new dark lord takes her breath and makes her heart race with every glance. Sacrificing herself to protect her people is one thing, being betrayed by her own heart is another.

Going Nowhere

by Lena North

My name is Hibiscus Brown, my best friend is a unicorn and my life is going absolutely nowhere.
Oh, and I’m a witch. At least partly – the rest is all werewolf.

After growling a little too loudly, Hibiscus – Kitty – Brown finds herself in the unfortunate situation of having to move back home to live with her dad /the werewolf/, her step-mom /the werebear/, and all the other creatures living in a small town called Nowhere.

Surely it’s just temporary? Surely even a half-witch/half-werewolf can figure out what she wants to do with her life? Surely the handsome werewolf who just moved back will ignore her, like he /mostly/ did when they were in high school? And surely the mysterious dark stranger who seems to pop up just about everywhere will help her when she needs it?
And what about the missing amulet? Will Grandma Hazel find it? And what does Grandpa Hunter wear on his head?

So many questions… let’s see if we can bring some clarity to it all, shall we?

*** NOTE ***
There will be f-bombs.
And references to s-e-x.
Nothing graphic because it’s not my style, but there certainly will be shit that isn’t super appropriate for a younger audience.
You have been warned.

*** This book is a slightly edited version of a story I wrote on Wattpad ***

The Wild Hunt (Faerie Sworn Book 1)

by Ron C. Nieto

People believe faeries aren’t real. They’re wrong.

Lily Boyd always thought her grandmother was a little eccentric. She never suspected the old rhymes and children’s games the old woman taught her when she was a kid were anything but colorful tradition, and when her mother moved the family to Manchester and forbade her from returning to the Scottish Highlands, she just forgot the ancient tales. However, when she returns years later to help her grandmother after she’s been injured in an accident, the memories start to trickle backâ?¦ along with the unexplainable.

Lily’s grandmother is gone. Strange creatures, dark and terrible, have invaded her home. Her savior is darker, more terrible than those who would have killed her, and he has his own agenda, his own goals. Troy’s her only lead, but can she trust him? Can she learn the rules of his game before losing everything she cares about?

Don’t give a faerie your name. Don’t give them your thanks. And never, ever give them your trustâ?¦

The Wild Hunt complete series

  • Faerie Nights: Available for free to newsletter subscribers
  • The Wild Hunt
  • Faerie Oaths: Available for free to newsletter subscribers
  • The Wild Curse
  • Faerie Hearts: Amazon ASIN B018ZZQOTM
  • The Wild Herald

  • The Forgotten Ones (Legend of the White Werewolf Book 1)

    by Crystal Dawn

    When Ariel’s friends convince her to go out for a ladies night with them, she doesn’t realize her whole life is about to change. She meets Blake, a handsome enigmatic man hiding a big secret. That’s alright, because she has some secrets of her own she has no intention of sharing. The problems start when the secrets begin to come out and their lives become hopelessly entangled. Their relationship brings Ariel the attention she has hidden from for years and exposes her to an evil she never believed was real.
    Will the secrets revealed, tear them apart? Or will they discover a love that will stand the test of time? Will Blake’s ex-girlfriend cause him to regret meeting Ariel? Or will the men who chase Ariel, catch her, taking her from him forever?

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.