Free fiction Kindle books for 07 Mar 19

Hearts Set Free (A Hidden Hearts Novel Book 8)

by Mary Crawford

Who would be deranged enough to hurt animals?

As a veterinarian, Stuart Eastwood has learned the hard way love is fragile and terrible things happen to good animals. Even so, he’s never seen anything like the animal torture cases that have been appearing at his practice, The Critter Clinic.

His friend, Detective Darya Vick has a personal stake in the outcome of this case.

Unfortunately, no one knew how deadly the threats would become.

Stuart already has lost one woman he loved, is he willing to risk his heart to another woman who puts her life on the line every day?

Darya and Stuart have suffered extraordinary loss. Can they find the strength to believe in love and set their hearts free?

You’ll love this contemporary romance full of furry friends and a little mystery.

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The Apprenticeship of Nigel Blackthorn

by Frank Kelso

His family slaughtered by Comanche, a teen boy is left to die on the prairie. Will he find the grit to survive?

Texas, 1853. Thirteen-year-old Nigel Blackthorn is the spoiled son of a Protestant preacher. When his missionary family falls victim to a brutal Comanche attack, his easy childhood crumbles in an instant. While he narrowly escapes the death that claimed his loved ones, the preacher’s son finds himself alone and struggling to survive on the wild frontier.

When Pascal stumbles upon Nigel, the mule-train driver offers the boy a ride in exchange for hard labor in an apprenticeship. Nigel accepts years of labor to gain food and shelter. Spurred by his desire to avenge his murdered family, he endures grueling days and countless painful lessons. With the vision of his dead parents in mind, can he survive long enough to find justice or will the Wild West claim yet another victim?

The Apprenticeship of Nigel Blackthorn is the first dramatic story in the Nigel Blackthorn series of gritty westerns. If you like rich descriptions, multidimensional characters, and tales bringing history to life, then you’ll love Frank Kelso’s coming-of-age novel!

Buy The Apprenticeship of Nigel Blackthorn to ride a mule-train across the real Wild West today!

New Year New Money: Standalone Novella

by Kamilah Dawn Ali

Introducing 25 yr old Zara Freeman who’s broke, busted & disgusted. Her only income is receiving babysitting checks from the state for watching her sister’s five children & selling trash weed with her boyfriend Brick in the local lounge.

Tired of the bottom feeder’s lifestyle & the threat of government funds being cut Zara makes a vow on Dec. 31st. The pledge is to stay in her bag no matter what in the upcoming year. Kwame Rasoul enters Zara’s life as a reformed criminal & high-level thief. Together they amassed a fortune by finessing people on social media using direct sales marketing tactics. As the couple ascends to “relationship goals” status is when the skeletons start to fall out of the closet.

Can Zara maintain the illusion of wealth without getting busted or will Kwame’s scammer vibes lead them behind bars?


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