Free horror Kindle books for 07 Mar 19

Sanguine Vengeance

by Jason Dias

Ten years after a mass shooting, Dominique’s sleepy town has almost recovered. She’s close to retirement with a nice pension and a clean bill of health.
When the murders start, it’s obvious there’s a serial killer at work.
Dom wants to protect her town from any more horror. But the killer has a grudge to settle, and is coming for her personally. Worst of all, the murderer died two hundred years ago in France.
Is a vampire above the law?
Will Dominique survive the encounter? And, if so, who will she be after it’s over?


by David Grayson

An infamous Sanatorium with a bad reputation hidden in the Appalachian mountains. A man who’s wrongfully found himself there by the actions of his past. As he begins to witness strange events he cannot explain, he soon realises that the true horrors lie not inside his prison walls; but outside in the woods of the mountain. As time starts running out and danger starts to close in, he will have to fight for his freedom and, ultimately, his survival.

The Tower, the Monster, and the Tree

by TM Gregg

Walingford is a place rife with dark history and dirty secrets, and where Dr. Patrick Denny, renowned fiction writer, has returned to the profession he had forsaken years beforeâ??psychiatry. To the astonishment of his long-time girlfriend and ambitious literary agent, Helen Olssen, Patrick abruptly moves them from the glamor and excitement of the big city to the quaint, little backwater, abandoning a lucrative writing career from which they both profited. Manipulating his way into a job at Everston Psychiatric Hospital, or Foreverston as the more lucid patients call it, the overconfident and sometimes reckless doctor plunges into the damaged psyches of the most disturbed and hopelessâ??an insomniac, a schizophrenic, and a catatonic. But as he endeavors to untangle the mysteries of their troubled minds, his own tormented past begins to bleed into his present, and the macabre storyteller that still dwells within pushes him dangerously close to madness.

In this triptych of tales, psychology and superstition, reality and fantasy blend together as the boundaries between the stories within stories break down. In “The Tower” Samantha Elliot can’t fall asleep, but instead of pills Dr. Denny has prescribed a story-the diary of Alfred D. Cummings, an account of bewitchment and sacrifice. In “The Monster” one of the doctor’s fictional creations comes back to haunt him when Michael McKay, a man plagued by the horror of his childhood, believes himself to be the main character in this macabre tale of children and monsters. And in “The Tree” Dr. Denny’s own mental anguish threatens to destroy everything when he fails over and over again to free Amelia Dearborne, a patient trapped within the dark forest of her own mind.

Witches: A Horror Short Story Collection (3 Tales to Chill Your Bones Book 2)

by Mav Skye

In Volume two of 3 Tales to Chill Your Bones, WITCHES come out to play…

Smashing Roxy
Roxy, a gothic punk witch, goes on a killing spree on her favorite night of the year. When she comes across ghostly children whom she can’t catch, she follows them to a deserted house where she meets The Reaper.

Amy discovers her infant sister is a witch and her mother must be protected. Amy’s new best friend, Jules, knows just what to do with a witch. She even brought a butcher knife from home. Hmmâ?¦wonder what that is for?

Every night, Matilda’s ghostly body is hunted down and burnt by the townsfolk. One day, Matilda fights back, balancing the scale of justice. Will her soul finally be free?

*A Horror Short Story Collection*

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Illustrated)

by Robert Louis Stevenson

The first great horror story The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde appeared in 1886 and was an instant literary sensation. Robert Louis Stevenson was at the heights of his powers when he penned this chilling tale that shocked Victorian readers. The book still captivates over a hundred years later.

Rose’s Sin: Prequel to Black 21: Golden Hills Legacy

by Nancy Glynn

When Rose McAdams marries Richard Lock, a ladder-climbing attorney, she thinks her life is set. He finally makes partner. Only, he doesn’t tell her the deal he’s made to get there. Her nights are filled with terror from an unknown entity. And loving a priest might make things worse. The devil has come to collect, thanks to her loving husband. You’ll be afraid to sleep at night. Let the countdown begin.


by Rauliki DJ

Ha llegado el momento, esto no lo podrás leer en libros, ni lo aprenderás en la escuela, ni en las universidades, tampoco en wikipedia.
Mis raíces son Vascas, es un pueblo al que le tengo mucho cariño, me encanta su idioma y sus costumbres. El mejor grupo del mundo para mi es Berri Txarrak!
Para poder saber la verdad del origen del pueblo Vasco, tendrás que buscarlo en la antigua mitología Irlandesa. Concretamente la historia de los Tuatha Dé Danann.
Los Tuatha Dé Danann era una nación de Dioses. Ellos vinieron de 4 ciudades “norteñas” (actualmente ubicadas y supuestamente congeladas en el Polo Norte) llamadas Falias, Gorias, Murias y Finias donde adquirieron sus habilidades ocultas y artes mágicas. Llegaron a Irlanda el 1 de Mayo montados sobre nubes oscuras.


by Henry Boyer

Fact? Or Fiction? This manuscript (a journal) was found off a Florida coastline. Many have examined its contents, but opinions are inconclusive as to whether it’s authentic or a hoax. Either way, Henry is missing, and his diary is all of him that remains. Within the pages tells of a drastic and horrific transformation he goes through after being bitten by something in a Tasmanian swamp. The reader is to conclude as he/she wishes.

He wanted the world to know his story before he was never heard or seen from again. I want you to help spread his disease by telling others. We need to know the truth of such things, because, in the end, even the most knowledgeable people aren’t aware of certain mysterious secrets.

Special note: at (the site’s not up right now but will be again soon; keep checking) you can find documented photos and audio recordings of my uncle speaking while he was having his supposed “spells.” Additionally, there is more information describing just what might have happened.

(Editor’s note: though after attempting to upload the file in both, part English and “Ancient Language”, due to formatting errors, only the English works properly.)

Fragments of Fear: Mr. Smiley : Volume 1

by Michael Kelso

The front door slammed shut and an old man hobbled in.

“Good afternoon, young sir,” he said, making his way to my table. He had a hunch in his back and the aforementioned hobble, other than that he was rather unremarkable in appearance, with two exceptions. He had a broad smile that at first seemed very friendly, but upon closer inspection was an illusion. It looked like a botched facial surgery had forever robbed him of the ability to frown. It gave him a twisted look that made me want to call Batman.

Confessions Of A Vampire

by Anthony Labson

A famous killer returns on Halloween night but this time the only life he wants to take is his own. The problem with his ambition is that his religious views are in the way of his plan coming to fruition. The killer has a theory that if he is given forgiveness then he will gain an opportunity to enter Heaven, not because he is a killer, but a vampire as well. A curse that was forced upon him when he was human and made him go into hiding. Now after a century of torment, he has decided to call it quits but not before achieving absolution.

An unlucky priest finds himself meeting the most evil creature he will ever come across as he is forced to listen to his confession. He will listen as this villain reveals intimate details that no history book could’ve ever known about. He will hear his sins and then decide whether he can forgive this man for the evil he has done and the evil he is. Will he help this killer achieve his goals or be victim to a monster’s rage? Will the killer’s belief pay off or is his madness blinding him to the fact that he is beyond redemption.

This is a dark tale not meant for anyone young so buy at your own risk. If you’re a fan of horror or vampires, this book is for you. I hope you deeply enjoy this and after you’re done, take a look at my other works. Until the next is written.

Keta The Last Black Dragon

by David Cassandra

Ripped away from her quiet life in a village on the mountains, Keta, an eighteen year old girl, suddenly discovers her inner power, capable of reshaping the world. Constantly hunted by the Holy Dragon Slayers, joined by Edward, a mysterious spearman, and his brother Alexander, Keta takes off on an adventure to fulfill her destiny: to kill or be killed by the White Eagle.

Zombie War: Interviews from the Frontline

by Mick Franklin

Although the Zombie War still rages in many parts of the world the end is now in sight.

In this collection of interviews three journalists have sought the truth behind the global events of what is usually referred to as the Zombie War.

Collecting the voices of a survivalist, a nurse, a hitman, a Mafia Don, a film maker, high ranking military personnel and many more this book attempts to tell the story of how we almost lost the Zombie War.

It is the authors dearest hope that the events the led to the Zombie War will never happen again.

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