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The Myth of Arden

by Susan Marie Strom

Welcome to the Kingdom of Arden, a group of seven countries conquered by Ramoth of Pent during the bloody Noble Wars.Succeeding his victories, Ramoth becomes overwhelmed by purposelessness and paranoia. Seeking relief, he inquires of an oracle of Faverly who foretells The Myth: a prophecy of a future perfect ruler who will inherit Ramoth’s kingdom once a set of conditions are met. Ramoth is enraged, determined to quietly end The Myth to secure his power. Follow the happenings of Arden following the Noble Wars including the life of Ramoth and a slew of citizens. Can Ramoth avoid his fate or is the Myth just a legend after all?

A Secret Lies Deep

by JAKe Hatmacher


The protagonist, Eryn, has anxieties, but on the surface, you wouldn’t know it as she is bright, conscientious, knowledgeable, and very good at her work. Her work is so good she has even received a raise and been given a special assignment after only a brief time at her job. Her anxieties – she naturally suppresses them by staying busy, but they show when she’s idle or when those concerns are pricked and laid open.
You may ask, “What are her anxieties?” Since she works well with others, one certainly wouldn’t think she is anxious about personal interactions, but early in life she was. She has done much to ease that fear, but worry still creeps back in – it actually simmers just beneath her exterior. Her grandfather lays open one of those simmering wounds, leading Eryn to seek solace, some comfort, in the immediate aftermath. Her work soon again helps to quiet her mind. That work, a sensual experience, and her special project wherein she travels half-way across the country then quickly propels her into a past era as she researches genealogies and becomes visited by visions and eerie feelings for which she has no explanation, until…
…With the help of her co-worker, host family, and two love interests who send shivers down her spine, she finally uncovers the source of her anxieties. During the same time, she finds the love of her life – some might say her soulmate.
But she has not yet resolved her issue with her grandfather. With the deep secret she has uncovered, will she be able to make him understand, or will she be shunned by him forever?

Beautiful Devil: The Rockstar Duet Book 1

by Sharlyn G. Branson

From Bestselling author Sharlyn G. Branson, comes the first book in a new, beautiful duet.

“This book gave me all kinds of feels and pull at the heart strings. I laughed, I cried, I got sad and I wanted more! I absolutely loved it!” – LoveBooks Blog
“Rockstar might have all the fun, but Sharlyn G. Branson has the mind to bring them to life. It’s authors like her that made me fall in love with reading. ” – Alicia Reads Blog

Sex, wild parties and alcohol.
When you’re the lead singer of a rock group, you don’t
need to make much of an effort to attract the attention of a hot chickâ??the music had already done that job for you. And when you make her scream in bed, tightly gripping the sheets or digging her nails into your backâ??it is mission complete.
Everybody calls me the devil. I think they dubbed me that because they believe I’m heartless. Perhaps they’re right…
I don’t know the meaning of the word “love” and I’ve always tried to avoid emotions. I suspect the reason for that is hidden in my past. I really have no idea and don’t want to try to find the answer.
The only question I’m still seeking answer to is: Why, since I met her, can’t I think of anything other than the petite French woman with thick lips and the body of a goddess, Emily Delon?

Beautiful Devil is the first book in the Rockstar Duet. Beautiful Devil (Book 2) will release one month later on September, 18, 2018.

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