Free religious fiction Kindle books for 07 Mar 19

Forbidden Fruit TEMPTATION: Christian SPIRITUAL Romance (Vision Valley Series Book 2)

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Declan must deny the woman he has found again, after years of separation. In his adolescence he made a serious promise and now he sees it will take him away from her love forever. Being a man of integrity he must keep his word.

What is the promise? To whom did he make it and why?
Silva is the woman of his dreams, how can he place her second to such an unfair pledge.

Declan has broken her heart; and Silva feels she will never get over his loss. What can she do? She turns to the highest power there is and begins to pray. Not ordinary prayer but SPIRITUAL WARFARE in Continous prayer.
Silva’s soul is set firmly to break the forces of evil that travail against them. God’s care and protection are with her, and he sends angels to her aid in times of need.
What will become of these two who have known one another since childhood? Will Declan see the futility of another’s expectations and return to Silva? Or, can’t he?
An Australian Outback story set in the 1950’s.

The Legacy – A Mystery (Braxton Book 2)

by Diane Moody

From bestselling author Diane Moody, book two in her Braxton series, The Legacy – A Mystery.

Back in tiny Braxton, Tennessee, photographer Gevin Parker finds himself surprisingly smitten by the wedding singer who stepped in at the last minute to sing at his sister’s wedding. A recent Belmont graduate, Emily Randolph is an aspiring singer-songwriter with bittersweet ties to Braxton’s namesake family. But when the town’s most valuable artifact goes missing–a sword dating back to the American Revolution–she and Gevin embark on a journey to help solve the mysterious disappearance.

Meanwhile, Braxton is under siege by vandals who are out to paint the town–literally! As residents take sides and tensions rise, both law enforcement and politicians butt heads as they search for the pesky taggers.

A priceless missing sword, a rash of troubling graffiti, a budding romance, and a cast of characters, old and new. Once again, the stage is set.

Consuming Fire: A Plastic Surgeon’s Desire

by Crystal Mary Lindsey

A Famous Plastic Surgeon, Dr Javin StClair is mesmerized from his very first meeting with a young woman he interviews as his nursing assistant. Will he unwittingly fall in love with her against all his preventative measures?

This Charismatic specialist is pursued by many yet known personally by only a few. When he sets his sights on Sage his new R.N. she confuses his mind and leads him a merry chase.
Sage Lauren Grace Saunders changes her life direction when she becomes employed by the handsome plastic surgeon. Working for him in a five day a week job with no shifts means a better social life without any ties.
Doctor StClair’s patients consider him an enigma; however, no one is permitted familiarity beyond his professional boundary, although many women do try.
Having been married once, with his wife leaving him for a man she considered to be a better catch, he has no intention of making the same mistake twice.
His reconstruction surgery for deformities and burns is renowned as is his history of determination to do things his way.
The one thing he wants since meeting his beautiful new R.N. is to know her better. He persuades her to travel with him to an Outback missionary clinic.
Sage, who has never ventured beyond the city limits, is spellbound by the exotic animals and endless terrain.
This trip will change both of their lives with Sage finding her true self and discovering what it is that makes Javin and his parents different from the people she has always known.
They all share an inner peace she wants, and she soon finds in Jesus as her saviour.
Reading this book you will discover the Australian Outback is like another place in another time. It whisperers of love, and romance, – sending the souls who venture into its shadows on a journey of no return.

Where We Are

by Justin Trout

Amelia doesn’t understand why her husband seems so distant. But when she discovers that he is about to have an affair, she can either fight or fly. Hoping to salvage what she believes is a normal marriage, she is willing to do anything, even trusting in God. Everything changes when a man named Abner arrives. Abner is willing to take Amelia to great lengths to understand the emotional distance her husband has created between them, even if it means seeing and changing her husband’s difficult past. Can his past be changed? Can their marriage be saved? Who is Abner?

Mrs. Chartwell and the Cat Burglar (Russo Romantic Mystery Book 1)

by Pamela Gossiaux

Sometimes the one you need to forgive is yourself. A sweet story about new love, an old mystery, and second chances.

The course of true love never did run smoothâ?¦  Abigail Chartwell, university librarian of ancient maps and documents, gave up on love the icy winter night that she lost her husband. For the past six years, Abigail has been hiding behind thick glasses and the wedding ring he gave her. She had her one true love, and lost him. She isn’t about to experience that hurt again.  But then sizzling hot Tony the Cat Burglar drops into her life on a rope from the library skylight one night, when he comes to steal one of her mapsâ??a map he claims can lead him to the “lost painting” of famous Italian artist Antonio Russo. Quoting Shakespeare, clad in black spandex, and armed with his charming smile, Tony and his story are hard to resist. Intrigued, Abigail gets caught up in the hunt, not realizing that the thief’s real target may be her heart!

A charming, clean read that will touch your heart and tickle your funnybone!

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