Free travel Kindle books for 07 Mar 19

The Travel Demon

by Brett Edington

Traveling is a life-changing experience that can better your well being and turn your dreams into realities. In this book, lies detailed advice about living abroad and the challenges that you could encounter as well as inside information on living in foreign countries and becoming the expatriate that you deserve to be.

Vol. II, Mystical Moods of Ireland: Enchanted Celtic Skies (Second Edition)

by James A. Truett

If the Emerald Isle tugs at your heartstrings, and sensational rainbows, heavenly sunbeams and mercurial skies stir your soul, you’ll love this second volume in the Moods of Ireland series â?? Mystical Moods of Ireland, Vol. II: Enchanted Celtic Skies (Second Edition).

From the artful eyes of author/photographer James A. Truett, the images in this book invite you to escape into the Irish countryside. You’ll see some of the brightest rainbows, elegant displays of sunbeams and foreboding dark skies which all contribute to the mystery and enchantment of Ireland.

Your heart will smile as you enjoy the peace, serenity and joy in the pages of this book.

Here’s what fans are saying about James A. Truett’s work:

“Very very magical,” ~ Susan Johnson

“I had tears in my eyesâ?¦ viewing your treasures,” ~ Susan Mitchum Pendergrass

“Mind Boggling Beauty!!!” ~ Joel Andrew Mentzos

“Excellent scenery, and always eloquent commentary.” ~ Patricia Finnerty

“Your photos heal the soul!” ~ Lyn Gibbs

“I pray all the time to be in Ireland one day. Your pictures keep my dream alive.” ~ Jennifer Dudley Nelson

Download your copy of Mystical Moods of Ireland, Vol. II: Enchanted Celtic Skies or order the 134-page glossy softcover book and continue your journey into the mysterious and enchanting Irish countryside today.

Let’s Go Backpacking – A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling the World Solo

by Lea Giesen

You’ve always dreamed of going backpacking and seeing the world, but there are so many things holding you back. You are not quite sure if going alone is a great idea, you don’t know how to afford it and anyway, how do you even prepare for a long trip like that?!
All that can be overwhelming, especially when you have to do it on your own, I get it. But don’t worry, this beginner’s guide provides you with everything you need to plan, pack, and prepare for your trip so you can finally get out there and see the world.

We’ll go through:
-What backpacking actually is
-The things holding you back
-Why solo travel is the best thing to happen to you
-Budgeting and Finances
-Visas, insurances, credit cards, and vaccinations
-Buying and packing your backpack
-Deciding where and when to travel
-Finding the best accommodations
-Avoiding Scams
-Getting around cheaply and easily
-When to be cautious with food
-Staying fit on the road
-Working and volunteering abroad

Besides from that, the book is packed with additional tips and tricks as well as my favorite travel routes.
There should be nothing in the way of you having the trip of a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

Understand and Speak Hindi: Learn Verbs and Sentence Structures for Everyday Conversations

by Taruna Arora

This book is specifically designed for students, children and adults alike, with no previous knowledge of Hindi. It teaches readers how to both speak and understand Hindi. It focuses mainly on verbs and tenses using commonly used words, and different sentence forms that students will be able to apply in their everyday life. It can also be used to teach Hindi. To learn the conversational Hindi through this book, students don’t need to know Hindi script.

Plan the Perfect Honeymoon: 200 Honeymoon Ideas & Destinations for All Budgets

by Robert Fairbanks

Be inspired and plan the perfect honeymoon

Are you trying to plan the perfect honeymoon? Then this book is for you. Inside you will find more than 200 articles with honeymoon ideas and destinations. So no matter if you are going to spoil yourself or planning a budget honeymoon you will find the right destination.

Some of the more than 200 inspiring articles:

  • The Most Romantic Places in the World
  • Top 5 Best Honeymoon Vacation Spots
  • How to Find Cheap Honeymoon Destinations
  • Get Romantic With Hawaii Honeymoon Cruises
  • Top Honeymoon Spots in USA: Choosing among the Bests
  • Experiencing A Perfect Miami Honeymoon
  • A Mauritius Honeymoon to Remember
  • Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
  • Discovering Thailand Honeymoon Destinations
  • The Most Romantic Bali Honeymoon
  • Planning a Barbados Honeymoon
  • Most Visited Greece Honeymoon Destinations
  • Five Wonderful Italian Honeymoon Destinations in April
  • The Best Tahiti Honeymoon Experience of a Lifetime

So download the book today and get inspired.

Wie man die Welt mit 50 Euro pro Tag bereist: Wie man billiger, länger und intelligenter reist (German Edition)

by Digital Nomads

Wie man die Welt mit 50 Euro pro Tag bereist

Du willst wissen wie du mit 50 Euro pro Tag die Welt bereisen kannst?

In diesem Buch bekommst du etliche Tipps und Tricks wie du günstig eine Weltreise, Urlaub oder Kurztrips machen kannst auch, wenn du nicht das grö�te Budget zur Verfügung hast. Du wirst erfahren wie du in Südamerika, Australien, Neuseeland, Thailand und vielen weiteren Orten auf der Welt günstig leben kannst. Gerade wenn du vielleicht überlegst als Backpacker eine Weltreise zu machen, ist das Geld oftmals knapp, dann wird dir dieses Buch eine enorme Hilfe sein.

  • Lese wie du Geld für deine Reise sparen kannst

  • Wie du günstige Flüge buchst

  • Wie du Geld bei Unterkünften, Essen, Transporten und Aktivitäten sparst
  • “Zu reisen ist zu leben.” – Hans Christian Andersen

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