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The Complete Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook

by James Hamilton

Looking for a healthier alternative to deep frying to support your weight loss? Meet the Complete Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook, your new favourite cookbook!

The bestselling author and health and wellness pioneer Dr James Hamilton brings his own experience with a ketogenic diet to the Complete Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook, a comprehensive and easy-to-follow road map to transitioning to a keto lifestyle.

There’s a good reason keto has attracted so many followers: it’s an effective tool for fat loss as well as a way of eating with proven benefits for many health concerns, including unstable blood sugar, neurological conditions, and epilepsy, to name a few. But getting started with keto and sticking with it can be tough. That’s where The Complete Ketogenic Air Fryer Cookbook comes in.

The Main Reasons why you need to get an Air Fryer for your Ketogenic Diet:
-Saves You Time and Space
-Saves Hundreds Of Calories
-Ease of Use
-Cooks Frozen Foods
-Safer Than Deep Frying
-Even Make a Pizza

With an Air Fryer, you can actually cut down the calories by more than 60% and even more when it comes to saturated fats.

I’m going to show you the main healthy, must-try Ketogenic air fryer recipes in this cookbook that you are going to love like:
-Thin Crust Low Carb Pizza
– Low-Carb Meat Pie
– Italian Cabbage Stir-Fry
-Cheddar Stuffed Meatballs
-Keto broiled salmon with broccoli and cheddar
-Air Fried Chicken Wings

If you love fried foods but aren’t thrilled about the mess and the fatty calories, you’ll love the Ketogenic air fryer cookbook. These Air fried recipes use only about one-quarter as much oil as regular fried food. It’s your ticket to healthier fried foods that still taste crispy-crunchy delicious – and leaves you with “a lot less mess” at clean-up time. Plus, this cookbook shows you how to use your air fryer to make meatloaf, roast veggies, bake potatoes, and much more.

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