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The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Illustrated Edition)

by Victor Hugo

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a French Romantic/Gothic novel by Victor Hugo. The novel’s original French title, Notre-Dame de Paris, is a double entendre: it refers to Notre Dame Cathedral, on which the story is centred, and Esmeralda, the novel’s main character who is “our lady of Paris” and the centre of the human drama within the story. The story is set in Paris in 1482 during the reign of Louis XI. The gypsy Esmeralda (born as Agnes) captures the hearts of many men, including those of Captain Phoebus and Pierre Gringoire, but especially Quasimodo and his guardian Archdeacon Claude Frollo. Frollo is torn between his obsessive lust for Esmeralda and the rules of Notre Dame Cathedral. He orders Quasimodo to kidnap her, but Quasimodo is captured by Phoebus and his guards, who save Esmeralda.

Ruined Forever

by D. L. Carter

Mr. Collins is rightly angered when Elizabeth Bennett refuses his honorable offer of marriage. Sadly that is the last emotion he experiences. 
Which gives the gossips of Meryton a delightful piece of news to gossip over – Miss Elizabeth Bennett has pushed her cousin, her father’s heir, down the stairs to his death!
Elizabeth Bennett, Murderess? Oh, shocking, shameful scandal.

Someone must speak for her before she is ruined forever.

Fortunately, a new arrival in the neighborhood – a Mr. Darcy – read law at Cambridge and is willing to be of use to Miss Elizabeth.

Ninety-Three (Illustrated Edition)

by Victor Hugo

Ninety-Three (Quatrevingt-treize) is the last novel by the French writer Victor Hugo. Published in 1874, shortly after the bloody upheaval of the Paris Commune, the novel concerns the Revolt in the Vendée and Chouannerie – the counter-revolutionary revolts in 1793 during the French Revolution. It is divided into three parts, but not chronologically; each part tells a different story, offering a different view of historical general events. The action mainly takes place in Brittany and in Paris. Ayn Rand greatly praised this book (and Hugo’s writing in general), acknowledged it as a source of inspiration, and even wrote an introduction to one of its English-language editions.

No Room for Regret (Cullen – Bartlett Dynasty Book 1)

by Janeen Ann O’Connell

London, 1811

Chained below deck, 18-year-old James Tedder listens to the sobs of his fellow prisoners. Putting his hand over his nose to filter the vile smells, James wonders how life on the other side of the world could ever be worth living.

London, 1812

Sarah Blay watches the convict ship Indefatigable begin its voyage to the other side of the world with her husband, and his friend James Tedder, on board. 

One year later, Sarah bundles up her three small sons and says a final goodbye to her mother, and follows her husband to Van Diemen’s Land on a dangerous journey that will take fourteen long months.

Will Sarah regret her decision… and will any of them survive?

Praise from readers:

â??â??â??â??â?? – “Historical fiction at its best.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “Eloquently written… I love the characters in this book.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “The touches of history, distances, images and newspaper cuttings really bring the story to life.”

â??â??â??â??â?? – “The author gives her characters permission to recount their own convict beginnings, the details of each adding depth to their actions and relationships, so significant to the plot lines that gradually unfold. The inspirational stories of these souls, transported to another world, are revealed in lives truly lived.”

Forever Rome: That Which Survives

by Lee Field

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if the Roman Empire never fell, and in fact, went on to great successes, taking control the entire globe and allowing technology and culture to flourish? My novel, Forever Rome, submitted for your consideration, does exactly that.
Set in a futuristic earth, it follows timeless themes of love, betrayal, lust for power, and the tragedy of loss, all wrapped up in a Sci-Fi epic. In it, The Roman Empire never fell, instead growing until it spanned the globe. But things have changed since Ancient times. The Caesars, once the mighty Emperors of Rome, are nothing more than figureheads, with the Senate gradually gaining power until it became the dominant form of governance. Roman culture has evolved, with Gladiator games more like modern sporting events, and most nations prospering under Roman rule. That is, until they try to colonize Mars. The Romans unearth an ancient, destructive power that has endured over the millennia, and Rome’s current Caesar, Marcus, seeks to take it for himself to restore the throne to its former glory. Only a young man named Trajan can rise up to defeat Marcus and keep from returning Rome to the dark ages.

Guardians Of Shambhala

by Arun Bhagwati

Terma is the hidden knowledge of the universe that reveals itself time to time, depending upon the relevance of its presence. Researchers, historians & archaeologists have spent their lives proving the authenticity of this place, hidden far deep in the Himalayas. Legends, half-told stories and folklore travelled the world. People believed that the place was so pure in its existence that it became invisible during the day.

Explorers from around the world have traveled from faraway places to the Himalayas looking for this mystical place. Archeologists from around the world often speculate that this enormous city is hidden by optical illusion. Karma and Zamyang decide to embark on a journey and write an account of their experience so that no more people lose their lives looking for Shambhala. Their journey takes a turn when they meet Rudratsering and he warns them of Maya, the clan of guardians who fiercely protected the city and were willing to die for it. Mystique, legend or folklore, it was all a surprise to Ada.

Magia en la Villa y Corte de los Austrias II (Spanish Edition)

by philip bates

En octubre del año 1665, mientras Madrid prepara los funerales del rey Felipe IV, Lorenzo Gonzaga, un joven procedente de la pequeña ciudad castellana de Arévalo, entra en la capital del Reino, acompañado de su tío, el canónigo de Sigüenza don Baltasar Gonzaga. Por voluntad de su moribundo padre, va a ingresar en un convento franciscano intramuros de la Villa y Corte. Allí conocerá a Esteban, otro novicio, y a Bartolo, criado del establecimiento, con quienes se comprometerá a fugarse del monasterio en el momento oportuno.
Mientras éste llega, Lorenzo se consagra al estudio, de modo que, al finalizar el noviciado y antes de que llegue el momento de formular los votos, es destinado a la biblioteca como ayudante del padre Felipe. Es en ese momento cuando descubre un pasadizo secreto que une su celda con el exterior, pero que también le pone en contacto con el mundo fascinante que bulle a su alrededor, al tiempo que le revelará una faceta inconfesable de su maestro bibliotecario, fray Felipe, quien es en realidad un potente mago. Por otra parte, descubrirá que cierta joven, hija de un converso judaizante, se halla, lo mismo que su padre, en grave peligro a causa de las intrigas del jesuita Juan Everardo Nithard, Inquisidor General de España, en funciones de Primer Ministro bajo la regencia de Mariana de Austria. Ambas cosas, salvar al padre y a la hija y abandonar los tres compañeros el monasterio, confluirán en un proyecto único.

Dreaming of India: A Victorian Mystery

by C L Bennett

Eton boy, Charles is given the sad news of his father’s accidental death in India, but was it really an accident? Charles travels to Kashmir in India to solve the mystery. Exciting plot, British Raj history and local interest for Suffolk.

The Southern Rebels (The Two Songs of Exodus Book 1)

by R.S. Martin

The epic of family drama, violent conflict and vaulting ambition set around events that might have been the historical Exodus.
“The book is essentially a retelling of the biblical Exodus, as seen by the Egyptians… Meticulously researched complex civil war saga that may appeal to Egyptian history buffs.” â?? KIRKUS REVIEWS.

The Merchant’s Pearl (The Merchant’s Pearl Saga Book 1)

by Amie O’Brien

He was born to rule an empire. But she’s the one who rules his heartâ?¦

Stripped of her Christian name and freedom, Leila tries to evade the lustful gaze of her masters. Even in a sprawling Turkish palace, there’s no room to hide from the handsome Prince Emre. On her dreaded first night as the prince’s concubine, instead of his bed, Leila receives a gift more precious than all the riches in the Ottoman Empire. If only she could trust the heir to keep his promiseâ?¦

Prince Emre is torn between his duty to the splintering empire and his growing feelings for the stubborn daughter of a Christian missionary. Tradition forbids him from abandoning his harem, but Leila’s heart demands his undivided love. When religious and societal forces threaten to tear them apart, Leila and Emre must summon the courage to follow their impossible destiny.

The Merchant’s Pearl is the thought-provoking first installment in a series of historical romance novels. If you like slow-burn romance, flesh-and-blood characters, and unconventional settings, then you’ll love Amie O’Brien’s opulent tale.

Buy The Merchant’s Pearl to see if true love can conquer untold temptation today!

Down on the North Fork: A Novel of the Virginia Hills

by Richard A. Counts

When Reuben Taylor came home to the hills of Southwest Virginia after fighting in the Great War, he settled down with his wife Louise and baby daughter Shirley on a farm at the foot of Clinch Mountain, and ran the local newspaper with his good buddy Raymond. But more adventures awaited them as America entered the turbulent decades of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Reuben has to fight racism and intolerance in his hometown and corruption and temptation in the big city when he runs for the state House. Louise dares to do something that no woman in Jefferson County has ever done before. Shirley grows from a little girl to a young woman, along with her friends Annie, Ruby, and Tommy Kestner, even as the shadow of the Second World War begins to loom over them. Change is all around, but will the Taylor family make it through the Roaring 20’s and the Great Depression and realize their dreams?

Richard A. Counts is an attorney in Hazard, Kentucky and grew up in Abingdon, Virginia. He has always been interested in the history of Appalachia and was able to draw on a lot of family stories and traditions in the writing of this novel. He hopes that this book will illustrate some of the challenges our ancestors went through and show that in some ways their times were not all that different from our own.

The Northminster Mysteries Box Set 1: Books 1-3 (The Northminster Mysteries Box Sets)

by Harriet Smart

The first three volumes of the acclaimed Northminster Mysteries.
“I will be very sad when these novels come to an end. I love everything about them. Everything! They are just that good.” Amazon reviewer
“Add together an atypical historical setting that gives the author scope for solving mysteries in unusual ways, compelling characters with fascinating back stories, and excellent plotting with a depth that promises equally intriguing stories to come, and what you have is a first book of a series that promises to offer many hours of reading pleasure.” Amazon reviewer
Northminster, 1840: a once-picturesque cathedral city, where dirty smoke stacks now rival ancient spires. Here, young Scottish surgeon Felix Carswell and Chief Constable Major Giles Vernon are tasked to uncover the truth in three complex tales of murder and detection set in Early Victorian England.
The Butchered Man
When workmen make the shocking discovery of a mutilated corpse in a ditch outside the ancient walls, Giles Vernon and Felix Carswell are charged with solving the case.
Intelligent and practical, Chief Constable Major Vernon has transformed the old city watch into a modern police force, and he throws himself into the investigation with the same energy. But as he probes a murky world of professional gamblers and jilted lovers, he is drawn into a dangerous emotional game that threatens to undermine his authority.
Newly-qualified police surgeon Felix Carswell is determined to make his way in the world on his own terms despite being the bastard son of prominent local grandee Lord Rothborough. Called to treat a girl in an asylum for reformed prostitutes, what he uncovers there brings him into conflict with his new employer, Vernon, and throws the case into disarray.
Together they must overcome their differences and find the brutal truth behind the mystery of The Butchered Man.
The Dead Songbird
“Death is too good for a whore like you. But He may show you mercy yet. BE PREPARED”
Celebrated singer Anna Morgan has come to Northminster to escape a troubled past and sing at the city’s Handel Festival. But when she continues to receive the poisonous letters that have been plaguing her, she turns to Chief Constable Major Giles Vernon and Police Surgeon Felix Carswell to find her persecutor, drawing the two men into her charismatic orbit.
At the same time a talented young tenor is found dead in curious circumstances in a locked chapel, and the hunt for a murderer is on. Together, Vernon and Carswell must untangle the web of secrets that surround the dead man, uncovering a Northminster that throbs with clandestine passions and thwarted desires, a world of illegal pornographic books and risqué theatricals.
The Shadowcutter
Police surgeon Felix Carswell has joined Major Giles Vernon and his convalescent wife, Laura, for a few days in the elegant spa town of Stanegate – it’s a welcome holiday from the summer stench of Northminster. But no sooner has he arrived than a Spanish colonial gentleman, dying of consumption, requires his urgent care, while Major Vernon is called away to Lord Rothborough’s country house, where a lady’s maid has been found drowned in a secluded pool.
Major Vernon investigates above and below stairs in the great house, assisted by Lord Rothborough’s eldest daughter, Lady Charlotte. When a quantity of valuable jewellery is found missing, the cause of the dead maid’s death only becomes more mysterious.
Meanwhile, when his patient dies in his arms after confiding a secret, Carswell is drawn into baffling intrigues involving the government-in-exile of the dead man’s homeland, the Caribbean island of Santa Magdalena. And strangest of all, Dona Blanca, the widow of the president, seems to know exactly who Felix is.

Brizecombe Hall

by Catherine E. Chapman

â??A young woman must value, above all else, her virtue.’

Ann Rhys, the daughter of a minister, is employed by Mr Brindley, the widowed Master of Brizecombe Hall, to be governess to his two children.

Her initial feelings of apprehension regarding her employer are rapidly surpassed by other emotions that are new to Ann.

Under Ann’s influence Mr Brindley takes a greater interest in his children’s upbringing but does his action imply that he sees her as more than a mere governess or does his heart truly belong to Cassandra, the wealthy young woman rumoured to be the future mistress of Brizecombe Hall?

‘This tugged on your emotions a lot and kept me interested through the end and the ending made me smile. I love when true love overcomes social standing,’ (5 star review).

‘Great book, great read, I recommend it to all,’ (5 star review).

‘Very enjoyable short story with plenty of atmosphere. Shades of Jane Eyre. A good, escapist story that you can lose yourself in,’ (4 star review).

‘A really lovely read â?¦ beautifully written â?¦ very satisfying,’ (4 star review).

Naomi’s Safe Place: A collection of Historical & Christian Romance

by Terri Downes

When Naomi saw Keith walk out of the house and onto the porch, she stayed quiet and kept working, waiting for him to see her.

The first night she met him, she had observe that he looked a little jumpy when she entered the room. Since then, she had seen this happen with several of the soldiers who were staying with Dr Griffin. It seemed all too easy for them to become uneasy when they were surprised; then they would be embarrassed and irritable afterward.

She saw two of the men walking across a pasture adjacent to the house, enjoying themselves despite the low clouds. As she returned their waves, Keith noticed her. She smiled in greeting, gesturing to indicate that he could stay.

It seemed odd, to give permission – but in such a crowded house, there was nowhere for Naomi to call her own save the tiny guest room she had been given. Once she had settled on the porch as the ideal place to sit and work or read, however, the men had started treating it as though it was her private sitting room.

Keith dropped down onto a wicker chair nearby, landing heavily as he let go of his crutches. Naomi saw him wince and wondered whether he needed to see Dr Griffin.

“Two more of the men have had responses from those mail-order bride agencies,” he said, looking out at the damp greenness of the pasture. “And another has heard back from his hometown. Seems his childhood sweetheart is still unmarried.”

Each of the prospective brides had also received a letter from Dr Griffin, explaining the health of the gentleman in question. But it was Keith that Naomi had her eye on…

An Epiphany Gift for Robin: (A Short Prequel to The Lady and the Minstrel, 1)

by Joyce DiPastena


Arthur and Mariot are among the poorest of the poor serfs in 12th Century England. Some call them chattel, no better than the oxen that plow the baron’s fields. While the Yule log roars in the great castle hearth and the baron and his household feast on Christmas goose, Arthur’s family shivers in the cold. Serfs are not meant to dream or love, but Arthur dares to do both. Twelve days after Christmas, on the gift giving day of Epiphany, Arthur makes a sacrifice that will change the future of one of his family members forever. An Epiphany Gift for Robin, by award winning medieval author Joyce DiPastena, is a short story that will touch your heart and warm your soul this Christmas season.

Word length of short story is approximately 2700 words.

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