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Anger Management: Simple Steps on How to Control Your Temper, Overcome Anger and Start Improving Your Relationships Now! (Anger Management, Anger, Mindfulness, … Fear, Rage, Frustration, Mind Hacks Book 6)

by Hanif Raah

Anger Management

Simple Steps on How to Control Your Temper, Overcome Anger and Start Improving Your Relationships Now!

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Anger is a dangerous emotion, not only yourself but to others also. It is also an emotion, which can completely control you and take over your life unless you are careful and counter it in time. Sometimes the negative emotions can build to such an extent that it starts affecting your relationships with your family and friends.

Anger is only healthy when used as a symptom that indicates you to require a change your life. However, it is much too easy to allow it to go out of hand and then it becomes a force with a life of its own. When this happens, you will find yourself helpless in its grip, while it slowly destroys everything you have built throughout your life.
It’s easy to see that you need to control anger before it controls you. But, how? This book will teach you how.

Everything you need to know about how to control your anger is here step by step. This is no magical cure or miracle; and often it is easier said than done, but it is possible and this book will guide on how to do it.
Here is your opportunity to learn how to stop anger from destroying your life and how to use it for good. It is not difficult if you know how.

A Few Things You Will Learn From This Book:

  • What is anger?
  • What type of anger do you have and why?
  • How to use anger as a positive force to change your life
  • What mistakes you could make, which allows anger to take over your life
  • What can you do to completely conquer anger?
  • How to diffuse situations that will set you off
  • Strategies and techniques to manage anger
  • And much, much more!

You can have this power; the power to stay calm in the face of crisis and provocation. You would have wondered how leaders and great personalities are able to apply themselves objectively in a volatile situation/ circumstance. You will learn how you could do that, too.

Learn how it is possible to keep your calm, while recognizing the signs of anger and channeling that energy to a positive outcome. You have the secret in this book!

Take action now! Start TODAY by reading this book and learn how to finally control and manage anger to better your life in every aspect!

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Hours, Minutes, Seconds… (Le Pen’s philosophy book. Book 5)

by Le Pen

In the fifth book, I figure out what time is; I talk about the past, the present, and the future and I attempt to prove the meaning of life again. You can purchase the first six parts of the book for 2.99. It is titled ” Le Pen’s philosophical compendium.”

Life is predictable

by Sunday Adelaja

In this book you will discover:
1. Our lives are guided by laws
2. A good life is a result of observing laws and principles
3. Laws and principles make life predictable
4. Relationship with God is the key reason why life is predictable
5. Laws and Principles are not a restriction but a blessing
6. To be prosperous financially you must observe the laws of Money
7. If there is an effect there was a cost
8. To be healthy you must observe the laws of health
9. You can create your future by the laws you observe
10. Life is not a mystery thanks to the reviewed laws and principles

Body Language: 101: Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non Verbal Communication and Always Be One Move Ahead (Body Language, … Attraction, Rapport, Mind Hacks Book 5)

by Hanif Raah

Body Language 101

Discover the Psychology Secrets of How to Read and Understand Non-Verbal Communication and Always Be One Move Ahead

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When we talk we say very little because it’s our body that does the real talking! We express so much more subconsciously through our physical behavior, body posture, gestures, eye movement, facial expressions, touch and the use of space. So why not learn how to use this to YOUR advantage?
Body Language 101 is a powerful tool that you can use in every aspect of your life. This book will give you an in depth insight into how to read body language to decipher the hidden agenda of any dialogue or interaction. Mastering the skills in this book will enhance your relationships with your spouse, partner or family members, it could even further your career by helping you to ace that interview or even help you to build a great rapport with your work colleagues or boss.

Contrary to common belief learning how to read body language is not difficult. Body Language 101 takes you by the hand and shows you how anyone can read the tell-tale signs of body language and with it know what the other person is REALLY thinking contrary to what they might be actually saying. The skills you will learn in this book will vastly improve your social interactions and relationships whether they be business or pleasure.

This book has the ability to totally change your life. You will learn what body language signs you should look for when you want to know whether the person who is talking to you is telling the truth or is trying to con you. It will always give you that edge so you can adjust your game plan to steer things in the direction YOU want!

Here’s a Sneak Peak of What You Will Learn….

  • What signs send the wrong message to the onlooker/ interviewer/ boss/ spouse and how to avoid them
  • How to use this knowledge to project the image you want wherever you want
  • How to promote your career using this powerful tool
  • How to become more confident, assertive and outgoing
  • How to improve your relationships with friends and family
  • How to give off the right signals to a someone you admire by highlighting your true intentions
  • and much, much more!

You will be able to not only understand everyone around you better, but also you will be able to build rapport quickly, defuse disagreements more effectively, build your self-confidence and persuade people to do what you want.

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Yours Truly: The tiniest drop matters

by Aayushi Iyer

How many times has it happened that you have had distinguished thoughts about life, so deep that you yourself were put in a dilemma? How many times have you ignored these thoughts and sort to just take life as it comes your way without paying any heed to your extravagant mind? Have you not tried to keep your mind at ease? Does it ever remain silent? I bet not. with so many thoughts inside that little head, each of us has the capability to change a world that’s ours and everyone else out there. Yours Truly is an attempt to bring out the most truthful thoughts that I could have ever had to paper, and with the same ease, help the readers do the same. It’s about the tiniest drop, adding many of the ones which would make an ocean. In other words, the tiniest drop matters. Every little thing that happens in our lives every other day adds to the experiences that cater to a life long existence. Believe it or not, our mind has the capability to create and destroy things at the same time. To gather a better outlook on life, it becomes necessary that we as people of the world understand the smallest things, and pay close attention to the pains of those in need. Taking in the world at a glance & being true to oneself holds the utmost importance in a world dominated by mediocrities, where people have given up the idea of deep thoughts, accepting technology as it may come and doing that purely on the basis of an opinion which is not their own. Collecting a few writings of mine, here I begin an unending journey to tell stories and write freely about life and philosophy, a way to life in general. This I would do by being true to myself, maintaining the authenticity of my title- yours truly.

Time Management: The 24.5 Hour Day: Learn Time Management Skills and Tips on How to Increase Productivity, Save Time, Organize Your Life and Reach Your … Get Things Done, Organization, Book 1)

by Hanif Raah

Time Flies… Right?

Time Management – The 24.5 Hour Day: Learn Skills and Tips on How to Increase Productivity, Save Time, Organize Your Life and Reach Your Goals NOW!

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Time Management is perhaps something every person should learn about in greatest detail. This is because time is the only commodity in your life that you cannot regain once it is lost. Time is what makes your life and if and when you realize that with every minute that passes you are closer to your death, you will never ever want to see a moment lost.
Every human being has a dream. This is the life goal that he chases throughout his life. Some people achieve their life’s goal and some don’t. Which group of people do you want to belong to?
If you want to achieve your life’s dream you need to learn to use your time most wisely and productively. No, it’s not too difficult to gain mastery over time; the trick is to know HOW.
Don’t let your life pass you by only to catch you regretting the lost time in your winter years. Be the master of your time. Whether it is work or leisure learn how to get the most of your time using life hacks that work remarkably well.
Wouldn’t it be a pity to wake up one day feeling that you have squandered away your life and have nothing to name for it? Don’t let that happen to you. Read this eBook and use the advice, tools and methods to utilize your time best and thereby live your life to the fullest extent.

Here is a Sneak Peak of What You’ll Learn…

  • Where you are losing time and how
  • How to stop wasting time
  • Recognize the mistakes that kill time and throw you off track
  • Strategies that work
  • Little tricks that will save time and give you control over your life
  • How to do more with less effort
  • Get more out of your day without getting stressed or stretched
  • How to be happy and productive without being a busy body
  • Much, much more!

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A Anatomia do Conservadorismo (Portuguese Edition)

by Erick Ferreira

Uma das primeiras características observadas no temperamento conservador é a indisposição à utopia. Por isso, Oakeshott, assim define o ser conservador: “Ser conservador é preferir o familiar ao desconhecido, o fato ao mistério, o real ao possível, o limitado ao ilimitado, o próximo ao distante, o suficiente ao superabundante, o conveniente ao perfeito, a felicidade presente à utópica.” Por certo, nestas palavras muitos verão a descrição de uma postura comodista diante da existência, mas tal não procede, pois o que há no ser conservador é antes de tudo uma postura responsável diante da vida. Responsabilidade que não existe no temperamento revolucionário e na sua disposição fatal às quimeras utópicas. Por isso, os conservadores deveriam ser os últimos a serem culpados pelas tragédias que se desencadeiam na história protagonizados por ideologias políticas, pois eles, tanto em sua forma temperamental quanto política, não esperam um mundo melhor, tão pouco prometem uma sociedade ideal. Os conservadores estão muito bem convencidos da natureza corrompida e imprevisível do homem e da instabilidade da vida terrena; eles estão certos de que todas as utopias sempre se converterão em pesadelos ao saírem do campo mental e entrarem no terreno da realidade. Por outro lado, são os revolucionários que prometem um “mundo melhor”, e são os últimos a assumirem a culpa pelas consequências trágicas de suas utopias.

Peace of Mind

by Seneca

“Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor the body.”
– Seneca.

Peace of Mind (De Tranquillitate Animi) is a dialogue written by Seneca the Younger during the years 49 to 62 A.D. It concerns the state of mind of Seneca’s friend Annaeus Serenus, and how to cure Serenus of anxiety, worry and disgust with life.

For the modern reader, this short, powerful work offers insight into how to think like a Stoic. It is a road-map for guiding the mind to, in Seneca’s words, “always pursue a steady, unruffled courseâ?¦ be pleased with itself, and look with pleasure upon its surroundings, and experience no interruption of this joy, but abide in a peaceful condition without being ever either elated or depressed.”

This new digital edition of De Tranquillitate Animi includes an image gallery.

Stoicism: Redefine your Passions and Live the Stoic Way

by Jeremy Bolton

Are you looking to improve your stoic persona?
In today’s world of pure abundance, it’s becoming more difficult to live in moderation. Let’s face it, most of our desires are often a few clicks away, which is why many, turns to Stoicism.
In this short but informative e-book, Stoicism: Redefine your Passions and Live the Stoic Way, you will discover many of the traits of stoic people and how you can become more like them, while also dispelling many of the myths that surround it.
In this book, you will find several interesting topics including:
ï??Understand the history behind stoicism
ï??Redefine the meaning of your passions
ï??Live in moderation
ï??Compare your life to ancient stoics
ï??Reflect on your life as a modern stoic
ï??Stoicism on a global scale
And with an in-depth look at some famed stoics, such as Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, and Seneca, you will get a complete overview of this fascinating subject, from different periods of history.
Making the most of your life, no matter what it throws at you, is one of the cornerstones of being a stoic. With the proven and actionable tips and advice contained within this book, you will have all the tools needed to make a real difference.
Get your copy of Stoicism: Redefine your Passions and Live the Stoic Way now and become the stoic person you’ve always wanted to be!

L’art de triompher d’une argumentation spécieuse: Une approche méthodologique suivie d’un exemple: la critique de l’encyclique ‘Laudato Si’ du pape François. (French Edition)

by Marcel Toussaint

Le but de l’ouvrage est de doter le lecteur d’une approche méthodologique qui lui permette de garder sa lucidité même en présence de propagandes habiles.

On y trouvera un petit cours de logique, avec la description de ce qui constitue un raisonnement ou une démonstration. On y trouvera également une liste des stratagèmes, honnêtes ou non, utilisés par les auteurs et orateurs pour attirer lecteurs ou auditeurs à leurs vues. On montrera comment une approche systématique, commençant par l’examen des affiliations ou des amitiés de l’auteur ou de l’orateur, se poursuivant par la mise en évidence des principaux stratagèmes utilisés dans son discours, et remontant aux principes de base dont ultimement il se réclame, permet de comprendre où son discours veut réellement nous mener, et de réagir en conséquence.

L’ouvrage se termine avec un examen critique et sans concession de l’encyclique” Laudato Si”, qui se révèle n’être qu’un manifeste de propagande écologico-mondialiste et non un texte religieux méritant le respect des croyants.

L’auteur est ingénieur. Il est aussi catholique.


by Ludmila Bondareva

Those readers who will read the book attentively discover many mysteries. If they
will follow the advice given in Messages their life changes to a better one having
changed them not only in outward appearance, but also inwardly.
These Messages of the Highest Wisdom describe how to raise children properly,
how to live properly, how to keep marriage, to preserve health, how to help nature and
save our Earth.

To those who take Messages skeptically I would wish all their best.

Aforismos Econômico-Filosóficos (Portuguese Edition)

by Ricardo Lopes

“Aforismos Econômico-Filosóficos”, como o nome diz, é um livro de aforismos econômico-filosóficos que abordam uma série de temas, do dinheiro ao trabalho, passando pelo capital, o capital financeiro, o ser e o ter, a ética, e outros temas. Todos eles sob uma perspectiva da teoria neokeynesiana funcional da moeda, acrescido de alguns aspectos do próprio autor e de algumas contribuições teóricas de outros autores.

Metabioética y biomedicina: Síntesis de principios y aplicaciones (Spanish Edition)

by Cardenal Javier Lozano Barragán

El Presidente del Pontificio Consejo para la Pastoral de la Salud, nos ofrece en esta obra una nueva demostración de su talento catequético y su profundidad teológica. Se trata de una importante contribución a la causa de la proclamación y defensa de la inviolabilidad de la vida humana, de la dignidad de las personas y de sus derechos fundamentales inalienables.Una de las cualidades más apreciables de las páginas que se non brinda es la de subrayar la necesaria relación entre ética y metafísica. El Autor nos recuerda que ha existido una especie de rechazo global de la metafísica, sobretodo por parte de la tradición kantiana y del positivismo, y nos dice que, si no es posible la ética sin una búsqueda de sus fundamentos antropológicos, tampoco puede haber antropología sin metafísica. Es un libro de esperanza. El lector entrevé, en medio de los enunciados científicos, antropológicos y éticos, el hombre de la modernidad desencantada, en busca del sentido de la vida, solitario en medio de la multitud, febril con la novedad y ebrio de libertad, que intenta elevarse de la pesadez del engaño y de la falsedad a la gracia de la Verdad, desde el sentido inmanente y limitado de las cosas hacia el sentido trascendente e ilimitado del ser.

Uma Teoria da Felicidade: A Força da Genética, A Força do Comportamento, A Força da História (Portuguese Edition)

by Mauro Trexler Mourão

“Uma Teoria da Felicidade: A Força da Genética, A Força do Comportamento, A Força da História” é um livro diferente sobre as questões ligadas a felicidade. Com um texto corrente, o autor se valeu das mais recentes e fascinantes descobertas da genética (por exemplo, o ‘Genoma Humano’), da Psicologia Positiva, das neurociências, dentre outras áreas do conhecimento. A obra aborda o tema da sabedoria desde o surgimento da filosofia combinando-a com os atuais estudos comportamentais, ou seja, com as nossas reais possibilidades de alterarmos nosso comportamento para a construção de uma vida mais voltada para os prazeres mais simples, os relacionamentos valiosos, a reflexão e um modo de viver ligado ao verdadeiro significado que deve importar na vida de cada pessoa.

Discorso sulla felicità (Italian Edition)

by Daniele Palmieri

“Discorso sulla felicità” è una meditazione semplice e diretta che ha come tema la ricerca di una felicità autentica, con la consapevolezza che il più grande esercizio per raggiungere la felicità consiste nell’aprire gli occhi per accorgerci che siamo già felici e che, spesso, siamo soltanto troppo ciechi per accorgercene.

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