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ARISEN, Book Thirteen – The Siege

by Michael Stephen Fuchs

#1 bestseller in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction and #1 in Military Science Fiction!
Readers call the ARISEN series: “extreme, fast-paced action at its most violent, explosive, deadly and gripping“ … “totally engrossing” … “Insanely awesome“ … “by far the best-written most intense series I’ve encountered“ … “Electrifying” … “extraordinary” … “Riveting!!!!!“ … “still rolling like a juggernaut” … “simply amazing – is and will be the standard for zombie/action fiction for a long time to come” … “Hits Like a Sniper Round” … “Imagine if a roller coaster ride lasted 2 hours” … “Good God Almighty! This is almost too much to take – non-frigging-stop action” … “Right when I think it can’t get any more exciting, it does” … “full-on military badassery” … “Mind blowing” … “There are no adjectives left for how good this series is” … “Like a Michael Bay movie on steroids“ … “like trying to ride a bronco in a tornado” … “roars out of the gate at 200mph and just keeps going” … “Action, frustration, fear, laughter, sadness, and hope. MSF is a gift…”
There’s Nowhere Left To Hide. 

In the north, the collapsed section of the Wall is defended only by the decimated remains of 2 PARA. Even reinforced by Jameson and the exhausted Royal Marines of One Troop, it’s a doomed delaying action at best – and the last choke point in the entire ZA faces an incoming tide of dead stretching to the ends of the Earth… 

Finally united, Dr. Park and Aliyev the Kazakh, supported by Pred and Juice on a mission out into a London falling into chaos, struggle to perfect the vaccine that will preserve the dwindling flame of humanity – and to weaponize the designer pathogen that might just destroy the rampaging armies of the dead… 

Hunkered down at CentCom, the unified ranks of our heroes, led by Ali and Fick, work furiously to fortify and reinforce what will be humanity’s final fallback position – forever. But it may be over before it begins, as a runner invasion from the south hits even before the great wave of death coming in from the north… 

Brotherhood. Duty. Desolation.THE SIEGE 

Hope Never Dies.

China Bones – The Complete Series

by David Forsmark

Critics Praise the Novels of Forsmark and Imholt:

A unique combination of startling fact and gripping fiction…Must-read on every page.”

—-THOMAS FLEMING: Author of A Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of the Civil War

A great read, a novel as good as the best journalism, with vivid and accurate details driving a tale of danger and deception and betrayal …. This book doesn’t just feel researched, it feels lived.

–ROBERT FERRIGNO, NY Times best-selling novelist, Prayers for the Assassin

As real as fiction gets. A non-stop ride into combat told with perfection.

–BOB HAMER, veteran FBI undercover agent and the author of The Last Undercover

An excellent Historical Novel, an action tale and a mystery…a book that you will enjoy from cover to cover.


I enjoyed every minute of it. Both entertaining and enlightening…


A real page-turner

MARK TAPSON, Frontpage Magazine

China Bones is the story of a young American Marine in China through the Sino-Japanese War, World War II and the ultimate fall of Shanghai to the Communists in 1949. Zack Cameron finds love and fortune in Shanghai, loses his fortune, and survives a brutal Japanese prison camp only to face even more danger. In a race against time, Zack is forced to put together a desperate treasure hunt amid the confusion of civil war and the Communist takeover of China.

China Bones is also the story of the great city of Shanghai. It begins with the old China – the International Settlement where allies and enemies ruled side by side in a time of uneasy tension, while the very rich, the very poor, soldiers, diplomats, business tycoons all take part in, or bear witness to gunboat diplomacy. China Bones guides readers through how the city suffered under a brutal occupation by the invading Japanese, only to then turn herself over to perhaps the most brutal dictatorship the world has ever known.

Equal parts thrilling historical adventure, passionate wartime romance, and gripping war story, China Bones will appeal to fans of the adventure novels of Wilbur Smith, the military novels of WEB Griffin, as well as those fascinated by the examination of China and Chinese life in the novels of Amy Tan.

LZR-1143: Infection

by Bryan James

Mike McKnight was an action movie star, condemned to a lifetime of incarceration in a psychiatric prison for the murder of someone he loves.

At least until the zombies showed up.

From his cell in the asylum, he is suddenly thrust into a nightmare of unbelievable proportions when the dead rise, and rapidly become a horrific plague on the world of the living.

From Long Island to the burbs to the country, Mike fights to stay alive, to recover his memories, and to retrieve a cure for the most threatening disease the world has ever known.

The Frenchman

by Col. Cline Williamson

Jacque Laureant wants adventure and excitement so he joins the French Foreign Legion After he is sent to Indochina he gets a plateful of both. When they told him a Legionnaire’s job was to die for France, they weren’t kidding. A year into his tour, he is captured and sent to Viet Minh POW camp. He spends the next two years barely managing to survive before he is repatriated.
Jaded by that experience he is promoted and given command of a parachute battalion, just in time to be sent to another colonial war in Algeria. Using his experience, he does his job a rat killer well and only weeks before final victory is amazed when DeGaulle gives the country independence. Now he’s been sold out twice by his government. He furious so he and his men mutiny and join the OAS, a secret organization dedicated to ousting Degaulle. Seven months later he is betrayed, caught and sent of French prison for five years. When released he vows to leave France forever and go back to where all his troubles began, Vietnam. He has debts to pay and they’re long overdue.
Buying two bars in Saigon, he then gets himself hired by the CIA, figuring that’s the best and fastest way to exact retribution.
What follows id a roller coaster ride that includes: lies, deception, intelligence ops, betrayal. killings, wagonloads of cash and finally love, something he didn’t expect.

After the Waves: Will America Stand or Fall? (The Waves Trilogy Book 1)

by Susie Harrison

Book I of The Waves Trilogy:
This is not your average EMP story. Enemies of America use unique weapons that destroy one-third of the U.S. population in just a few short hours.

Journey with Sandi, an average conservative mom, who clings to God and her guns to protect all those she loves.

With little time to prepare, most families have only a week’s supply of food. Preppers have a bunker. Sandi doesn’t have a bunker.

Adventure with this housewife, as she struggles against danger, adversity, and lawlessness to survive a new normal.

The question that keeps her up at night?
“Will America return to its foundations or become a by-word among nations?”

Please read this trilogy in order of the books for clarity.
After the Waves is Book 1
Waving False Flags is Book 2
Waves of Loyalty is Book 3
Please read in order to get the proper flow and avoid confusion.
Please leave a positive review if you enjoy it. Authors are in a competitive field and these good reviews are invaluable.

The Taker of Souls (The Roly Sagas Book 1)

by Parker Jon

I have a rendezvous with death
At some disputed barracade.
I to my word am true;
I shall not fail that rendezvous.
After six long, hard, bitter years of war, Europe lies in ruins; Germany is a desolate burnt-out wasteland. The all consuming air offensive has left her cities broken and devastated. The Low Countries have been sucked dry, as a result of five years of German occupation. Great Britain is exhausted and bankrupt. The twighlight oppression of the iron curtain is slowly descending across Eastern Europe, isolating Russia and her captive satellite nations.
Having endured six years of almost continuous warfare, a disillusioned Timothy (Roly) Rollinson returns to England, a much decorated war hero, an ex S.O.E. operative,and the once leader of a clandestine troop called the Special Operations Group, the British army’s secret “dirty tricks squad”. Every underhand action from assasination and bloody murder, to covert operations behind enermy lines, fell under the group’s remit.
In London, a chance meeting with a former comrade, offers him the opportunity of riches, love and the good life, but with catastrophic consequences—
Nine months later, Roly is on the run from Scotland Yard and the London underworld. Leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, he flees England and escapes to the French Foreign Legion, where around him gravitates a squad of specialised ruthless killers; men without hope,souls or inhibitions.
In Algeria, his squad is co-opted into a new parachute company used by the Legion as guinea pigs, to assess the usefullness of airborne troops..
After a failed exersise, the troop is pursued by a ruthless and determined foe across the trackless wastes of the Sahara Desert and through the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. There, in a lonely desolate, windswept village, Roly’s command prepare for a final stand, a battle to the last man in an attempt to survive.

Lisa’s Initiation (Motorcycle Club MC Older Man Younger Woman First Time Menage Erotic Romance)

by Raya Black

Lisa was finally marrying the love of her life, Beau Harris, ex-Army soldier and a proud member of the Freedom Gunners Motorcycle Club. She couldn’t believe the big day was really here at last!

But as per Freedom Gunners tradition, Lisa must first be Welcomed, a tradition where every member is allowed a taste of the new lady. Is her love truly deep enough to embolden her through her Welcoming with all FIFTEEN members–hard and without protection?

No Ordinary Man Part One: War’s Roulette

by Nicky Webber

This is Part One of a Three Part Series: Mick Thompson’s secretive life throughout WWII continued after returning home in 1945. This seductive and intriguing true story explores love against the back drop of this courageous ANZAC soldier’s fight in the Western Desert war in North Africa.

The writer skillfully delves into Mick’s personal struggle with sexuality, focusing on his secretive alter ego. This real-life account intrigues and challenges conventional thinking about bravery, male and female roles, love, lust and forgiveness.

Mick received a bravery award and promotion to Sergeant during the war. His courage, during the war and on his return, is defined by the extraordinary effort he makes to hide his secret obsessions.

He transforms himself to escape memories of childhood ridicule and humiliation and the horrifying memories of war’s death and destruction.

The narrative exposes war, love and sex with humor and insight making it a captivating read.

Viper Team Seven (The Viper Team Seven Series Book 1)

by Rykar Lewis

A deadly new terrorist organizationâ?¦

A plot to capture the President of the United Statesâ?¦

A threat to destroy Americaâ?¦

A looming warâ?¦


Major Keith Parks, United States Marine Corps, has devoted his entire life to his country. But Parks’ military career takes a whole new turn after the United States is ravaged by a deadly string of terrorist attacks. A new, top-secret, anti-terrorism team is being formed and Parks is assigned to be the team’s leader. Meanwhile, the U.S. Intelligence Community is scrambling to find out who is behind the attacks and if there are more coming. Parks and his team quickly find themselves plunged headlong into a fight for the very existence of the Nation.

THE BRAVEST (Mason Church Book 2)

by S.C. Smith

Twelve U.S. soldiers, assigned to Mason’s former Army unit, are left behind on a mission in Southern Afghanistan. The Pentagon has declined to explain the true assignment. What Mason learns in Afghanistan ensnares him seemingly in Washington’s biggest conspiracy. In Paris, the international truth frantically unravels between Mason, his beautiful girlfriend, and a wayward Taliban leader.

Revenant’s Uprising: A lesser of two evils

by Joe Quinn

In this post-apocalyptic environment, most of the current world’s population have lived with the infected their entire lives, knowing nothing else they have become trivial however the serious threat comes from what the military developed into, The SGA, “protecting themselves” they shoot on sight any survivors they come in contact with. specifically designed to fight the infected they mostly survive at sea, only recently establishing permanent bases on land.

Soon it seems hope is on the horizon as they hear rumours of a new force growing in strength, recruiting survivors to their cause. Preachers spread the word of the Revenants and their plans to ignite war in order to obtain peace. Mysterious our leaders are uncertain about this group’s complete intentions despite the hope they bring.

In this short story you follow the leaders of a large settlement as this new world develops around them, they are given a unique opportunity to join either side of the coming war, knowing they cannot avoid this they must choose a side.

Two books are currently in the making both being the sequel to this, each book will be based on the single decision for either faction, one for the Revenants and one for the SGA. Who will you choose?

ACCELERATOR (An Artemus Newton Thriller Book 7)

by Roger Blakely

ACCELERATOR is the seventh book in The Artemus Newton Thrillers.

All he wanted after thirty-two years in the Army was a nice, quiet retirement. That’s not going to happen. As he recovers from grievous wounds incurred battling ISIS terrorists in AVENGER, Army retiree Artemus Newton decides to take a cross-country road-trip and get away from it all.


by Samuel Snoek-Brown

As the Civil War winds violently down, fears of the South’s uncertain future fuse with its unraveling traditions. Against the backdrop of this post-apocalyptic landscape, so littered with corpses and mythology and desperation, two women, stranded and alone in the Louisiana bayou, fight to survive.

Soldier On

by J.D. Wynne

Take a walk in Army reservist Molly McKinney’s boots as she serves our country in Afghanistan and confronts a minefield of interpersonal relationships. Men and women from all walks of life are thrown together on what they call the “rock” or “Hell on earth.” The story follows Molly as she adjusts to her new reality of living in a combat zone, learns the ropes of prison life, and realizes the many complexities of war.
Born in Chicago, Molly barely out of her teens is an aspiring doctor who joined the Army Reserve pre-911, mainly to pay for medical school. She is a breath of fresh air in the hot, dusty, hell-hole the soldiers temporarily call home. Molly, with her battle buddy Osborne, a quirky seductress, work alongside active duty troops as MP’s (Military Police) stationed at a prison camp. The insurgents, assumed to have Taliban connections, some awaiting transit to Guantanamo Bay, often fall on the thin line between very scary and somewhat ridiculous.
Molly’s life becomes a rollercoaster of fear, passion, pain, and boredom as she guards captured insurgents and she soon realizes that she too is a prisoner of the desolate, and unbearably hot prison. Molly becomes drawn to a quick witted, shameless soldier named Spc. Shaw to get through the long and mundane days of the prison. As her feelings for Shaw grow so does her loathing for the insanely handsome, yet robotic, Sgt. Beck.
Sgt. Beck makes it clear on day one that Molly is unfit for the job. In his attempts to take her down he begins to see the true measure of her resilience, courage, determination and fiery temper. As Molly battles her 12-hour work schedule, sleep deprivation, camel spiders and a host of other obstacles while living in a combat zone, Beck, who is sleeping with Molly’s friend, entrusts Molly with a more personal side of himself. As Beck’s guard lowers, so does Molly’s and their friendship becomes unbreakable. But when tragedy strikes Molly realizes that some people are not at all what they appear to be.


by G. Isaac Alvarez

No se puede entender el horror, ante la tragedia que ocasionan los humanos y dioses. El mundo antiguo, medieval, y el futuro; se unen en un argumento caótico, donde nuestros héroes luchan, internamente y externamente; para expresar virtudes en un mundo de horror.
Nube de hongo representa el infierno mismo, salido del arma con mayor poder que el hombre pueda crear…superando incluso al poder de los dioses.

Seeds of Hunger

by Austin Fowler

A new species of plant unleashes horrors unimaginable and World War 3 is set in motion. The President of the United States must bring rally his nation in order to stop the infection from spreading and destroying the nation. Join an experienced Baltimore cop and see the horrors through his eyes.

The Birth of El Scorpion

by R. Michael Cooper

What led to the evolution of Michael Budak becoming the Central Intelligence Agency’s leading asset in bringing down terrorists? Follow him from his early childhood when he witnessed the murder of his parents by Al-Qaeda. Rescued by an uncle and shipped off to America to be raised by elderly cousins, Michael plans for the day that he can repay evil with absolute clarity. His hard work ethic and dedication propels him to success in education and athletics. Eventually this leads to the Navy Seal Program which in turn leads him to the CIA. Michael’s covert tasks within the CIA become legendary as he is recognized as the man that can perform the most dangerous assignments, Discover how Michael Budak became known as El Scorpion.

0311: an Iraq War Novel

by M. Michael

America wants to forget, but for those who served and fought, the desert is seared into our minds, like a permanent wound.

The Wooden Horse

by Phil Jones

Lieutenant Mark Small and Corporal Alan Hopkins are brought together by the First World War. From different classes these two men’s lives become inextricably linked by their need to survive. Working the wire in no man’s land Small and Hopkins tackle one of the most dangerous jobs of the war until eventually their luck runs out. When Small is badly hit Hopkins risks his own life to save the man to whom he had become dependent. It was a strange relationship that could only happen in the extremes of war – a symbiotic relationship that made each man’s survival dependent upon the other.

The New Order of Alexandria: The Island of Hella (The New Order Alexandria Series Book 1)

by Joseph Wright

Post Apocalyptic thriller, inspired by The Walking Dead, Fallout and Mad Max.
Join Jack Carr and his brother Derek as they join The New Order of Alexandria, a new army that wants to take control of what remains of The United States of America after climate change in the year 2050. Jack and Derek will witness the horrors of the western world, they will see humanity at it’s worst. Derek will meet the beautiful Jade Sanders and fall in love, Jack will get lost on the island and he will have to learn how to survive on his own and people will die as a killer stalks the island and a war will take place! A post apocalyptic adventure intended for mature audiences.

Letter’s From The Fronts

by Joey Watts

This historical fiction takes place during World War II, telling a story of love from two people who are separated by distance and conflict. High school sweethearts Clifford and Bernice were married on the eve of his shipping out to war. While he was away, he was faced with the brutal realities of war, and she was left with the constant uncertainty that her love would ever return. Told through their love letters, Clifford’s from the war front and Bernice’s from the home front, this story of a young couple’s love for each other gives insight into what it was like in a small town, as well as some of the most important and pivotal moments of World War II. As the war drags on and her new husband is pulled farther and farther away from her, Bernice wonder’s if she will ever see her husband again. While Cliff wonders if he will be the same man should he return home to his new bride. Will Cliff become another number in the war’s ever rising casualty tally? Or Can Bernice’s love protect Cliff during one of the planet’s darkest periods?

Jacobite: The Early Years

by Parker Jon

The Jacobite uprising of 1715, in support of the Old Pretender, has failed with the defeat of the Earl of Mar at the battle of Sheriffmuir. Across the glens of the Highlands, the warrior class is racked with discontent, seething with smouldering resentment. The hated redcoats are tightening their remorseless, savage grip on the land. Under the military stewardship of Major General Gates, they restrain the clans’ warlike aspirations. English soldiers construct a series of military roads and bridges, occupy the main existing Scottish fortifications and erect new strategic barracks for their troops.
The old warrior clan system of The Highlands is under strain. Clan chiefs are ignoring their feudal obligations. They and the hereditary landowners are flexing their financial muscles, embracing the English concept of profit, which eventually, a century later, results in the highland clearances and the total breakdown of the clan system.
James (Jamie) Macdonald, the younger son of the clan chief of Glen Coe, is forced to leave his home, excommunicated by the actions of his domineering father and by the evil machinations of his older brother. In the company of Black Dog Macgregor, a forsworn man, they embark on the life of cattle drovers, agreeing to herd the Macdonald animals across the bleak highlands of Scotland and along the wild, untamed border. They are to supply the various English garrisons with cattle and sheep. To achieve this, the two must protect the herds from the raiders and bandits infesting the wilds of Scotland and its
borders. To this end, they engage the services of the most notorious border reiver of all, Bloody Tom Kilpatrick, along with his band of cutthroats. These men owe no allegiance to either kingdom; they are only bound together by their blood oaths to each other and their liking for plunder!

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