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by Colleen McKinstrie

The journey of a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer, from the early moments of suspicion to the aftermath in the years that follow. Honest and vulnerable details outlining the fears and triumphs, while drawing upon childhood memories, which includes coping with severe Dyslexia, and adult experiences working as an Oncology Nurse. The realistic and fierce portrayal of moments of darkness, death and pain to moments of beautiful grace and triumph.

Smuggling With Jesus

by Hank Cooper

A Man’s Journey To Hell And Back

Hank Cooper’s captivating story, based on true life events, will keep you on the edge and give you an inside view of the dark and dangerous world of drug smuggling and addiction.

This honest account of his years spent on the wrong side of the law will work as both a cautionary tale and an interesting read for everyone.

In his book, Cooper navigates through his motives, journey and lessons learned during his life.

Smuggling With Jesus explores the dangers and fast pace of drugs and the mentality of a smuggler in the era of mass surveillance.

From cocaine to heroin and from rags to riches, this memoir will change the way you view drug smuggling.

Join Hank Cooper on his journey through crime, addiction and, finally, redemption.

A fascinating read for everyone.

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Our Teenage Years: Growing up in a small town in the 80’s (My Life Book 1)

by T. J. Wray

This is the first book in the (My Life) series. This book is about two best friends growing up in their teenage years in a small town. All the wild adventures and stories from my childhood. After my parents divorced and we went on the run for 11 years. This book includes my first job, girlfriend, prom, drivers license, my first car and many other first we all did in our teenage years. But really this book is just about LIFE. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Please enjoy

Olive Oatman: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Olive Oatman

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A pioneer girl traveling west with her Mormon family at the mid-point of the nineteenth century, Olive Oatman’s life story began like many others. But when Olive’s family were massacred and she was taken captive by Native Americans, her story took a unique turn. An extraordinary tale of survival and loss, the life of Olive Oatman is stranger than fiction.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Journey to the Promised Land
â?? The Massacre
â?? Slaves of the Tribe
â?? Olive’s Tribal Tattoo
â?? Return to Civilization
â?? Late Life and Death
And much more!

Whispered Echoes: Who speaks for those without a say?

by Peter Huhtala

The ocean, the sprawling forests, and especially the Columbia River spoke to young Peter in their unique languages. The river sprawled and stretched to fill its great estuary, then roared into the Pacific Ocean. Peter was born three blocks from that river, in Astoria, Oregon.

Fifty stories within this memoir captivate us with an extraordinary voice. The inner life of a precocious child rouses laughter and chills; and we share in his adventures as he comes of age in the 1970s, amazed that he survived.

Peter never forgot the place of his birth. When a supersized fossil-fuel project threatened the Columbia River estuary, he rose to defend his old friend, even as he fought an incurable disease. The industrialists hung on to their project year-after-year. Peter prepared to let go of life. Then, a chance encounter changed everything.

In these stories you will encounter

  • A brilliant four-year-old learning to read.
  • A five-year-old runaway.
  • A poet in the second grade.
  • A budding mathematician.
  • A curious young scientist.
  • A traveler in search of his heritage.
  • A fourteen-year-old political volunteer.
  • An investigator of human consciousness.
  • A creator of rock piles.
  • A street musician.
  • A broken real estate broker.
  • An environmental activist.
  • An elected county commissioner.
  • A wilderness explorer.
  • A teacher of energetic wellness.
  • A living miracle.

    Hang on to your armchair. Whispered Echoes is taking off.

    Suleiman the Magnificent: A Life From Beginning to End

    by Hourly History

    Suleiman the Magnificent

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    Suleiman the Magnificent, tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire, may be an unfamiliar figure to many today. But in the sixteenth century, his military campaigns played a huge role in the shifting face of European politics. He was a man in search of powerâ??his quest carried him not only to daring military exploits in Europe and Asia, but also through the intricate web of the Ottoman court, where deceit, scheming, and treachery abounded.

    Inside you will read about…

    â?? The Makings of a Sultan
    â?? A Rising Power
    â?? The Besieged Island
    â?? Court Life, Consorts, and Counsellors
    â?? King Ferdinand and Vienna
    â?? To the Edges of the Map
    â?? The End of an Era
    And much more!

    This book describes his life, from his rivalry with the Hapsburg brothers, Charles and Ferdinand, to his doomed friendship with his grand vizier, Ibrahim, and his relationship with the indomitable Roxelana. Here you will find accounts of the battles he fought, the heroics and blunders of his enemies, and his relentless progress toward his colossal ambitions.

    James Cook: A Life From Beginning to End

    by Hourly History

    James Cook

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    The association of the name James Cook with ideas of seafaring adventure and discovery is truly an indelible one. Even if you do not know the details of this extraordinary man’s life, you can probably avow that he left a unique stamp on history.
    In this book, we will explore the life of James Cook from his birth in 1728 in a humble Yorkshire village all the way to his death on the newly discovered Sandwich Islandsâ??today known as Hawaiiâ??in 1779. You will gain insight into the character of this famous yet markedly private man, and explore the factors that might have contributed to this tragic downfall.

    Inside you will read about…

    â?? Cook’s Early Days and Journey to North America
    â?? Cook’s First Great Voyage: The Endeavour (1768-1771)
    â?? Cook’s Second Voyage: The Resolution (1772-1775)
    â?? Cook’s Third Voyage (1776-1779)
    â?? The Legacy of James Cook
    And much more!

    James Cook’s legacy is by no means without controversy. While gifted, he was a complex and imperfect character. This book will immerse you in his life and help you imagine his adventures at sea in the eighteenth century.

    Call Me Trooper: The Chronicles of a Michigan State Police Officer

    by C. K. Roberts

    This fusion of criminal investigation, traffic patrol, and undercover drug deals culminates in a potent concoction for anyone interested in police work. The author’s career as a uniformed trooper and a narcotics officer have birthed these gripping narratives.

    For the cynical reader, dozens of supporting documents have been included. These records add unique credibility to the accounts described herein.

    Call Me Trooper is filled with intense action, intriguing investigations, and uproarious humor. You are guaranteed to laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely be absorbed in these reports from the front lines of law enforcement. These are certainly not the tales of Sherlock and Watson, nor of Bond and Bourne. Yet they are from the same neighborhood, on the non-fiction side of the tracks.

    Those who are considering a career in this field may find this publication weighty upon the scales of that decision. Be forewarned, after reading this, you may just find yourself standing in line at the police academy.

    To the men and women who already wear the badge, this work is offered as additional perspective, from another who has stood along the thin blue line.

    Trauma is a regular part of this calling. PTSD impacts police officers as much as front line military personnel. Those who wear the badge encounter death and very traumatic scenes for years, if not decades. The men and women who are called upon to help in so many types of situations often have a hard time reaching out for help themselves. This is a topic that needs additional light shed upon it. Here the issue is highlighted from a firsthand vantage point.
    The problem is real, “trauma often begets trauma.”
    – Call Me Trooper, Chapter 13 – Trauma

    Left-Right-Left: A Memoir

    by Teri Darnell

    In Left-Right-Left: A Memoir, Teri Darnell tells deeply personal stories of how her family survived despite social and cultural differences coupled with a father who was mentally ill and violent. The Darnell story begins with her ancestor’s life on the family farm with a woman chasing grandfather who was murdered on a river boat, to her parents finding aspiration after the Korean War. Teri’s parents migrated to Cleveland from rural Appalachia to chase the American dream of prosperity. The stories unfold as Teri’s dad struggles with PTSD, alcoholism, poverty, trauma, and domestic violence. One job leads to another as they move from the city to the country, back to Appalachia, then into the city again. Ultimately, Teri struggled through her fear of failure to be the first in her family to go to college at night in the Air Force to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration while attending night school and working sixty hours a week at a fortune 50 company. She recently retired to pursue her passion in photography. A deeply personal memoir, Left-Right-Left is the story of how grit and grind can lead to upward mobility. Urban Appalachians are usually not rich and famous. They are the men and women who worked in the factories or hauled fuel across America to keep the economy alive. Many longed for going home to Appalachia as their children and grandchildren grew up in the city, towns, or the suburbs. The Urban Appalachians helped shape the life and culture of American cities in the last half of this century.

    In It for Life

    by Brad Strain

    He was jumped into the gang at the age of 15, and spent most of his life in and out of prison. In his teens he’d been called Loco, Crazy Crazy and C Loc. Twenty years later, he tried to leave the gang life behind, arriving in rural North Dakota with nothing but some faded prison tattoos and a daily hangover. But no matter matter where he moved, he could never leave Loco behind.

    Brad Strain was a man who was always willing to do anything to belong, who spent his life searching all the wrong places for family and protection. He was a man who kept pushing forward – all swagger and sweat – until he woke up in a hospital with no more moves to make. But it is finally there, at the edge of despair, that he encountered hope.
    In it for Life is the epic true story of an American gangster. It is a wild ride, filled with action and humor along with honest confession. But more than all of this, it is a story of Jesus, shining through some remarkable people so that Brad, with a broken body and nothing to his name, could finally, truly live.

    Fishers of Children: A Tale of Religion Gone Horribly Wrong (Alacrity)

    by Skye Galvas

    In the long-sizzling debate about education and religion, teenage mental health and reform programs, Skye shares her experiences in the events leading to and through her time at a residential treatment program claiming to be Christian.
    From beatings and isolation techniques, Skye shares how time and again she would make an attempt to escape- even with nowhere to escape to.

    In her fearless and often shamelessly dark humor, Skye presents the paradox of the voiceless child in her own ordeal and demonstrates how even the best studied of places can hide terrible practices.

    See more of Galvas’ works.

    Restore: True wisdom is humility before God.

    by Colton Satterfield

    I became the top professional BMX athlete in the world winning ESPN X Games largest event multiple times in dreamlike fashion, completing one of the biggest goals of my life.
    I was one of logical and pragmatic mind who sought deep wisdom. I traveled the world and saw many cultures and sought knowledge everywhere. I eventually became one who seemingly well understood the â??deep spiritual wisdom’ of the world. I thought myself wise as I became one who â??knows.’ I fulfilled yet another big goal of my life, to understand entirely this thing we call life, or so I thought.
    As this â??wisdom’ got far deeper a profound experience suddenly shattered and perfectly confounded all of this â??wisdom’ that many around the world pride themselves in. Furthermore, this experience surprisingly proved serious religious truth to me and I could see the brokenness of the â??law’ and our utter need for a very real perfect Savior.
    I came to realize there is actual singular truth in â??the way, the truth and the life,’ our living Savior Jesus Christ. I came to understand perfectly and could see how He fulfills and supersedes. This was the beginning of miracles.
    My story is of my weakness and His loving strength. It extrapolates to those in â??wisdom’ to see the true singular truth that is in our loving living Savior Jesus Christ. It strengthens faith and encourages all to stand firm on the rock of our Savior.
    He saved me, and this was only a beginning of His symphony of never ending miracles.
    True wisdom truly is a humble heart before our incredibly loving and perfect Father in Heaven.
    He lives. Take it from someone who had to go full circle in a deeply pragmatic fashion. And Oh, how He loves us!

    Dominatrix Dancer

    by M Glacier

    In 1991 the documentary Inside New Zealand aired on TV, in New Zealand. The documentary revealed the lives of working dominatrix women after the Peter Plumbly-Walker murder case shocked the nation. Sixteen-year-old schoolgirl M. realised she wasn’t alone in her kink as a submissive and found herself inspired to become a dominatrix.
    After high school, M. becomes involved with an alternative gregarious family. When her relationship with the youngest son starts to fall apart, a fatal kiss from Zane, the oldest son, tethers her to a man afraid to love. She follows him to Tunbridge Wells and later London on her OE. A bond develops between M. and Zane as he watches over M.’s descent into the sex industry in Soho, London. She finds work as an exotic pole dancer and in the only adult shop catered for Sadomasochists, where she prepares herself for a future as a dominatrix.
    Before she embarks as a professional dominatrix, M. takes a seven-week holiday to the Middle East. In a chance encounter, M. meets Laurent, a French sadist a year younger than herself, and falls in love. Laurent persuades M. to forget about dominatrix work. But M. resists submission and decides she doesn’t want to be a sadomasochist anymore, nor does she want to be a dominatrix.
    With the realisation Zane will never marry her, M. meets Lewis, a rich guy who does want her. M. tries using Lewis to tease Zane into a real relationship, but fails. Unable to love Lewis, the relationship ends, and M. returns to New Zealand.
    With the money she saved from exotic pole dancing, M. tries to start a new life, but struggles as she lacks literacy, pushing her back on the path of her dominatrix fantasy.
    M. discovers that dominatrix work is not as glamorous as she once thought and faces the reality of needing to fix the deficit in her education.
    Dominatrix Dancer spans thirteen countries, taking you on an erotic adventure of love, acceptance, and becoming your own knight in shining armour.

    James Willard Schultz Collection: Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark, Lone Bull’s Mistake, Rising Wolf the White Blackfoot and Apauk, Caller of Buffalo

    by James Willard Schultz

    James Willard Schultz (1859-1947) was an author, explorer, and historian known for his historical writings of the Blackfoot Indians in the late 1800s, when he lived among them as a fur trader. His work is important because it contains first-hand accounts from Native Americans which he recorded and wove exciting biographical narratives around. The James Willard Schultz Collection includes the four books Schultz is best known for - Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark: Her Own Story Now First Given to the World, Lone Bull’s Mistake: A Lodge Pole Chief Story, Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe’s Story of His First Year on the Plains and Apauk, Caller of Buffalo.

    James Willard Schultz Collection

    Bird Woman (Sacajawea) the Guide of Lewis and Clark: Her Own Story Now First Given to the World by James Willard Schultz.

    Lone Bull’s Mistake: A Lodge Pole Chief Story by James Willard Schultz.

    Rising Wolf, the White Blackfoot: Hugh Monroe’s Story of His First Year on the Plains by James Willard Schultz.

    Apauk, Caller of Buffalo by James Willard Schultz.

    Inside Nostradamus: An exploration of the relationship between Nostradamus’ life & Prophecies

    by Allan Webber

    Gathering the scattered pieces of a lost puzzle is always interesting and that is what makes this book special.
    It takes Nostradamus’ works and entwines his life and output to show what he built into his writings.
    In doing this it releases the locks on his real messages allowing the modern reader to understand how and why he wrote his Prophecies.
    It takes the reader through his years in Agen and his encounters with Jules Scaliger and the nearby court of Nerac.
    It then entwines the story of the Christ as told in southern French legends into a combined tale that can be traced in the Prophecies.
    By using the contents of the Prophecies the book builds a picture of his missing years that dovetails with what he was and became.
    And it completes the word pictures created by Nostradamus as to how he did what he claimed to predict the future.

    Marquis de Lafayette: A Life From Beginning to End

    by Hourly History

    Marquis de Lafayette

    The Marquis de Lafayette may be a name that sounds vaguely familiar. If you’ve studied even a little American history, you’ll recall Lafayette as George Washington’s right-hand man during the American Revolution. This remarkable man was just a teenager when he ventured across the seas from France to fight in a conflict that he was in no way obligated to participate in. Yet, here he was, this young man full of idealistic thoughts, ready to help a country set their path on the road to independence. Little did Lafayette know that this would be just the first ride among many that he would take in his lifetime.

    Inside you will read about…

    â?? Early Life
    â?? Farewell to France
    â?? American Revolution
    â?? France and America Once Again
    â?? An American and a French Hero
    â?? French Revolution
    â?? Going From Bad to Worse
    And much more!

    For what Lafayette accomplished in America and what he brought home to France was unmistakably unique in his own time. For over seventy years this man would be the well-known and intimate friend of world leaders on both sides of the Atlantic. The Marquis de Lafayette can truly be called an American patriot; one who tried his best to bring America’s best to the world’s stage. Lafayette reached out to all; the poor, the middle classes, and the nobility. He believed in freedom for all people and for that we should be truly grateful.

    Annie Chapman – Wife, Mother, Victim: The Life and Death of a Victim of Jack The Ripper

    by Mike Covell

    The day of September 8th, 1888 started with the end of Annie Chapman.

    What can be said or written about Annie Chapman that has not already been? That was the question Mike Covell was asked recently, and his reply was: a lot. We know of only a handful of reports and primary sources regarding her life and untimely death at the hands of a serial killer known only as Jack the Ripper, but there is always new material being discovered.

    Annie Chapman’s life was a tragic one, with suffering and pain at almost every step. By the time of her death she had lost one child, separated from her husband, and seen him pass away. Whether we accept her as a victim of Jack the Ripper or not, her story deserves to be told. Her story as a wife, a mother and a victim. This is that story.

    Amazon #2 bestseller in English History. The book is also in development for a motion picture by Thunderball Films, LLC.

    1963: A Blast From The Past

    by Nita Rice

    On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his ‘I Have A Dream,’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., addressing the Civil Rights Movement. Seventy-nine days earlier, on June 11, President John F. Kennedy stated in his speech that segregation was morally wrong and he supported the Movement. The day after JFK made that statement, a Civil Rights leader was murdered in Jackson, Mississippi for obtaining witnesses and evidence for a 1955 murder of another Civil Rights activist that brought national attention. In September 1963, the deadliest crime of the Civil Rights Era….happened!

    LeBron James: The Inspirational Story of One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time!

    by Patrick Thompson

    Do You want to learn more about The Life of Lebron James while Being So Inspired?

    Do You want to know why he’s so successful?!

    If the answer is yes…..then, let me invite you in a beautiful journey: Welcome to The Life of Lebron James!

    LeBron is one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world because of his remarkable athleticism and on-court brilliance. He dazzles sports fans with his flawless shots and powerful dunks. His dominance on the court is unlike any other. He has made and broken historic records in basketball and he continues to do so in more than 16 years of playing in the NBA. Even with a slew of new talents, LeBron still dominates.
    The one thing the separates him from the other basketball superstars is his strong desire to win not just in basketball but in life. LeBron’s off-court endeavors are as remarkable as his on-court performances. His incredible life story is a treasure trove of life lessons that inspire, motivate, and drive you to action.
    This book paints LeBron James in a different light. Basketball is what made him a superstar, but it was his humble beginnings that shaped his ideas, moral values, and winning mindset. Knowing his story will make you see that he is more than just a basketball player chasing rings and winning ballgames.

    With this book you’ll learn:

    â??Who is Lebron James
    â??The Phenom
    â??The Activist
    â??The Mogul
    â??The Philanthropist
    â??The Future
    â?? Life Lessons and Blueprint to Success from him!

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    Nun School: The Night That Never Happened (Alacrity)

    by Skye Galvas

    Skye knew her father had plans for her: Catholic seminary. The school, almost accredited but not quite, touted one major selling point: Not one crime had been committed in the small planned city.
    In a surprising story of darkness found in room of light, Skye shares how a single night led to her hospitalization and discharge from the school. In the aftermath, Skye struggles to find help and answers, eventually finding them in the most unexpected places.
    A story of loss, rape and miracles, the dialogue cuts straight to the heart, walking everyone through Santa Maria in Skye’s shoes.

    A Short Life of Marie Antoinette

    by John Abbott

    “Let them eat cake!”

    Did she really say it?

    After a two-day trial begun on 14 October 1793, Marie Antoinette was convicted by the Revolutionary Tribunal of high treason, and she was executed by guillotine on Place de la Révolution on 16 October 1793. Long after her death, she remains a major historical figure, the subject of books, films and other forms of media. Politically engaged authors have deemed her the quintessential representative of class conflict, western aristocracy and absolutism. Some of her contemporaries, such as Jefferson, attributed to her the start of the French Revolution. For others, Marie Antoinette was a victim of her family ambition and the general situation in France. However, even her critics have recognized her qualities as a mother and her courage in dying.

    In A Short Life of Marie Antoinette historian John Abbott takes the reader from Antoinette’s marriage in mere girlhood to the royal stage and her ultimate role as a central figure in European history. 

    The Life of Mikey: A Memoir

    by Michael K. Willis

    Michael “Mikey” K. Willis spent his most impressionable years in southern Appalachia. In his eye-opening new memoir, he perfectly captures the local culture of 1960s rural North Carolina. Willis’s memoir shows both the unique heritage of the region and his personal struggles as a young man growing up in an abusive family.

    The mountains of North Carolina serve as a deterrent to outsiders, but the locals embrace the beautiful scenery and rugged isolation. This isolation serves to make Mikey’s life a living hell. Even in the wild beauty of the mountains, he can’t escape the violent actions of his parents. If his father isn’t missing, he is beating young Mikey. But his neighbors know Mikey’s father only as the pastor of the local Baptist church. As Willis explores this early-childhood trauma, he also chronicles his encounters with southern gospel music, baptisms, and revival meetings.

    Things change for his family when his father accepts a position at a church in Asheville, North Carolina. Mikey suddenly finds himself in the big city. As he makes new friends and encounters the pangs of first love, he finally stands up to his father and plans a better future for himself.

    uphill all the way: A memoir of a depression era family, their trials, tribulations and triumphs.

    by James Sloter

    “It was near the end of February 1944. A light snow was falling as our family of six and a dog started out in our 1935 Ford. The tires were almost bald and there was a third of the steering wheel missing. The trailer behind was a modified shell of a travel trailer. It was loaded with the bare necessities to set up housekeeping nearly two thousand miles away. We were moving from Kanawha, Iowa to Yakima, Washington to seek our fortune picking fruit in the fruit-rich Yakima Valley.”

    UPHILL ALL THE WAY, a collection of sixty-seven short stories, is a first hand account of the life of the author’s family and their struggles through the Great Depression and World War II, and their eventual triumph. The circumstances they endured, some beyond their control and some created by the choices they made along the way, provided rich experiences for their family and does the same for the reader.

    The author’s father suffered ill health the last twelve years of his life. It was during this time that the author spent many hours with his father and heard, for the first time, several of the stories told in this book. After his father died, the author had many visits with his mother to get a better understanding of his parents’ lives before they were married and to clarify some of the things he remembered from his youth, taking notes and recording it all in the form of short stories. The end result is an unusual collection of poignant vignettes that draw the reader in and make the pages turn.

    More than 2,000 copies have been sold.
    Here are some comments from readers.
    * “UPHILL ALL THE WAY” By James Sloter.
    “Anyone who grew up in small-town Iowa and especially those who grew up right after the Great Depression will find something to relate to in James Sloter’s stories about the obstacles his parents overcame in raising their family in Iowa.”
    Ellen Heath, Homegrown Writing, The Des Moines Register and Tribune.

    “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few are to be chewed and digested.” “OF STUDIES” ESSAYS II, Francis Bacon (1561-1626)
    “Thanks, Jim, for the copy of “UPHILL ALL THE WAY”. We are â??digesting it’.
    The book signing was such funâ??we’ll do it again for the sequel!”
    Claudia Warner, Administrator: Algona Public Library, Algona, Iowa

    “You asked me to tell you what I thought of your book “UPHILL ALL THE WAY”. You said that you rewrote each story several times to â??make it flow’. Does it ever flow! WOW!”Betty Shipman, Corwith News editor, Corwith, Iowa

    “I just finished “UPHILL ALL THE WAY”. It was wonderful. I would like to buy ten copies for my book club.” Peg Williams, Minneapolis, MN

    “This check is for five more copies of your fascinating book. Thank you very much for the privilege of reading it.” Kent Ryerson, Norwalk, IA

    “I just finished reading your book. I enjoyed it so much.”
    Delores Huse, Pharr, TX

    “I enjoyed your book so much and am passing it around for all my family to read.”
    Maxine S., Dixon, IL

    “I hope your travels through Iowa and book-signings have been successful. I have finished your bookâ??enjoyed it very muchâ??it has us reminiscing about our own youth.”
    Pearl White, Sioux Falls, SD

    “Your book was interesting reading and factual, as I can really remember doing many of the things you mentioned doing in your childhood. The one difference though is that you were loved and you knew it. I was fed and clothed, but I never felt loved the way you were. Your book is well written and in good order & people of a later day than the 30’sâ??40’s should find it

    interesting and educational.”
    “Best wishes for a successful playwright.”
    Gordon Templeton, Lincoln, NE
    “Please send me a copy of your book â??Uphill All The Way’. I started reading it at my mother’s and would like my own personal copy.”
    Billie May, Waldo, WI

    Vietnam 1971: Remembering The 101st Then And Now

    by Jim Cheskawich

    Double Gold Medal winner as Best Memoir and Best in Military in Global eBook competition. A healing memoir of service time in the Vietnam War with the 101st Airborne Division in 1971 including events leading up to and following the War. The book allows readers of all ages to experience what the 60’s and 70’s were like. There are over 80 photos of the times and seasons, including famous iconic photos of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan by Baron Wolman, and on site Vietnam photos by the author, including the visit of the Bob Hope Performers. If you missed the War somehow, this book could be for you. I do hope this book encourages other Vietnam Vets to write their own stories down. The book is dedicated to all who died during this War, all who came home, and servicemen and women of all of our service branches who have answered the call for military service since our country was founded.

    Steve Jobs: The Apple Revolution

    by Khamarudheen Thayyil

    Who among us doesn’t know about Apple and its products which magnified the technology like anything? And the mastermind behind this technology evolution is none other than “Steve Jobs” as we all know. So I am very sure, those who love Apple products and the Jobs admirers would love to know about his story and the path he walked to reach the level where we found him.

    Jobs basically defined what it means to lead tech companies. Smart, savvy, ruthless. He created the most innovative tech company of al time. He had the two main characteristics every tech leader needs: good decision-making ability and personality. In Oct 2011, Steve Jobs passed at the age of 56. He had just left the CEO post at Apple, the company he co-founded, for the second time.

    Jobs was an entrepreneur, through and through, and along with some very interesting twists. Let us have a look at the career of Steve Jobs and the company he founded, as well as some of the lessons there for the would-be entrepreneurs.

    Terjemahan Dan Makna Surat 56 Al-Waqiâ??ah (Hari Kiamat) The Event Edisi Bilingual

    by Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

    Terjemahan Serta Makna Surat 56 Al-Waqi’ah (Hari Kiamat) The Event Edisi Bilingual Dalam Bahasa Indonesia Dan Bahasa Inggris.

    Surat Al Waaqi’ah adalah surat ke-56 dalam Al-Quran (kitab suci agama Islam). Surat ini terdiri atas 96 ayat dan termasuk golongan golongan surat Makkiyah. Surat yang diturunkan sesudah Surah Taahaa ini dinamakan dengan Al-Waaqi’ah (Hari Kiamat), diambil dari perkataan Al-Waaqi’ah yang terdapat pada ayat pertama. Surat ini banyak membahas tentang kehidupan umat manusia di alam ruh dan di hari akhirat kelak

    Surah Al-Waqi’ah (“The Inevitable” or “The Event”) is the 56th surah (chapter) of The Holy Quran. Muslims believe it was revealed in Mecca (see Meccan surah). The total number of verses in this surah are ninety-six. It mainly discusses the afterlife according to Islam, and the different fates people will face in it.

    True Confessions of an American Millennial

    by John Clifford

    True story about growing up during the 90’s and early 2000’s in Florida surrounded by drugs, crime, violence, and computer fraud. This story will leave you speechless as misconceptions about normal life depicted through media & film slip away, and the reality of what happens in many small towns and suburbs is revealed in gut wrenching honesty. A candid Autobiography that follows one life in a story crazier than most fiction novels. This is part 1 in a series that dares to dive into the darkest facets of life rarely shared publicly.

    Confessions of a Call Centre Worker

    by Izabelle Winter

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in a call centre?
    Imagine speaking to members of the public fifty or more times every day, always having to be courteous and professional no matter what they say to you.
    Could you keep your cool while talking to all levels of stupid?
    Would you be able to wear a headset all day without wanting to throw it out of the window?
    All calls are recorded, analysed and timed to the second. Average handling time (AHT) is discussed as if it’s the very meaning of life and managers are always coming up with new ways to shave milliseconds from each call.
    Is it acceptable to only have a total eight minutes a day for visits to the toilet or coffee machine?
    Imagine not being allowed to hang up on someone who is screaming abuse down the line at you.
    Welcome to the Call Centre!
    Izabelle worked in call centres for many years; from insurance to home shopping, from selling advertising to discussing loans. Finally in the early hours one morning, she decided enough was in fact far too much and left her final call centre job the same day, never to return.
    On her way out of the door for the final time she vowed she would write a book about life in a call centre. Here is that book. Read about call centres in general, memorable customers and staff. How do staff stay sane? What is Big Red? Are cranberries the true meaning of Christmas?
    Why would you have leather trousers round your ankles in a lift? How not to impress your boss. Izabelle shares these and many other true tales from her years of incarceration in UK call centres.

    Black Widows: A collection of True Crime Stories

    by Diane Plant

    “She’s an entrepreneur. A homicidal entrepreneur.”

    Louise Peete was a convicted American murderer famous for becoming the second woman in history to be executed in the State of California.
    She was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a wealthy mining engineer named Jacob C. Denton in 1920. Nineteen years later, however, she would be released from prison only to kill again. In a bizarre series of crimes, she would kill one of her benefactors, a social worker named Margaret Logan and be executed for committing that murder in April of 1947.
    Dena Thompson is a woman who held power over every man that had the misfortune of falling for her charms.
    Dubbed a psychopath, Dena succeeded in fooling everyone around her, including investigators, with her lies and charm for over twenty years.
    Dena would post to Lonely Hearts columns and lure a steady stream of lovers and husbands into her world, eventually leaving each one emotionally and financially bankrupt.
    Her first husband lost everything to her and wound up as a desperate man on the run from a mafia threat that did not exist. With one husband gone and his money spent, Thompson would go on to bigamously marry Julian Webb, a successful advertising salesman. In three short years, Mr. Webb would be found dead in his bed from an unexplainable drug overdose. Thompson’s third and final husband would soon be fighting for his life when she suddenly attacked him with a bat. Still, somehow, this master manipulator would convince an entire jury that she was nothing less than the victim of abuse. No matter how many fruitless chases she sent investigators on, Thompson would not be able to keep the family members and friends of her victims from stringing the pieces together one at a time.
    Her crimes were finally brought into the light of day and she would be imprisoned for her killings.
    Mid-afternoon shots rang out in the middle of a suburban dental clinic almost 27 years ago. A frantic call was received by emergency dispatch. The call was made by the wife of the slain dentist yelling down the line for assistance to save her husband’s life, following a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.
    March 8, 1991 was the day that changed Virginia Larzelere’s life forever. The cold-blooded murder of her dentist husband Norman Larzelere sparked off a chain of events that culminated in her lifelong incarceration. Although it could be proven that she never pulled the trigger on her husband, the prosecution successfully argued that she was the mastermind behind the crime. Police investigating the crime scene discovered that as Norman lay dying in a pool of blood he mumbled, “Was that Jason?”
    Jason was his son, adopted when he had married Jason’s mother.
    Oppressed by a strict upbringing Janie Lou Gibbs was an American serial killer from Cordele, Georgia. She would go on to kill her three sons, a grandson, and her husband, by poisoning them with rat poison in 1966 and 1967. This is her story.
    Betty Lou Beets is a perfect historical example of how multifaceted crime can be, how a victim could become an aggressor, or an aggressor may adopt the mask of victimhood, and how all is not necessarily as it seems. Convicted for murdering two men and assaulting or attempting to kill four, Betty Lou’s story is one that would send chills down the spine of any man from any era. Only the fourth woman to be executed for murder, despite the overall statistics hovering around forty to fifty cases of capital punishment per year, her crimes were too gruesome and cold for the court to offer her a lesser sentence… or were they? As we shall see when we delve into her history, despite Betty Lou’s extensive criminal record and constant charges against her from ex husbands and her own children.

    The story of my life

    by Rudolf Steiner

    Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was born in the small village of Kraljevec, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Croatia), where he grew up. As a young man, he lived in Weimar and Berlin, where he became a well-published scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, known especially for his work with Goethe’s scientific writings. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he began to develop his early philosophical principles into an approach to systematic research into psychological and spiritual phenomena. Formally beginning his spiritual teaching career under the auspices of the Theosophical Society, Steiner came to use the term Anthroposophy (and spiritual science) for his philosophy, spiritual research, and findings. The influence of Steiner’s multifaceted genius has led to innovative and holistic approaches in medicine, various therapies, philosophy, religious renewal, Waldorf education, education for special needs, threefold economics, biodynamic agriculture, Goethean science, architec

    The Frozen Trail

    by Lisa Dayley

    THE FROZEN TRAIL is a novella set in the American West. It is written in a simple, clear style, making it suitable for younger readers as well as adults.

    In 1856 the Mormon pioneers trekked across the Great Plains in wagon trains and pulling handcarts to find a new home safe from persecution. This is the story of one 18-year-old young woman, Emma Girdlestone of the Willie Handcart Company, who faced starvation, frostbite, and death so she and her family could join their fellow Latter-day Saints in the Salt Lake Valley. This work of historical fiction is dedicated to the members of the Willie Handcart Company. These courageous pioneers displayed commitment and heroism in the face of unbelievably harsh and brutal conditions while en route to Zion. It is especially dedicated to Willie Handcart member, Emma Girdlestone, who left behind a legacy of bravery, fortitude, and faith; and who, 155 years later, managed to change the life of her great-great-granddaughter Lisa Dayley, the author of this book.

    “A thrill to read, Lisa Dayley crafts a genuine pioneer story with just the right mix of fact and fiction. You’ll find this book hard to put down.” ~Jay Lenkersdorfer, newspaper publisher and columnist

    Last Boat out of Singapore: A World War Two Diary (Lost Diaries)

    by C L Bennett

    Diary written during the war years 1945-47 travelling round America, England, Malaysia and Australia. When the Japanese threaten to invade Singapore, Ray has to make a life or death decision; the bombs are falling all around him and he must act quickly to get his wife Peggy to safety – but is it already too late?

    Convicted While Innocent: My Testimony

    by Chuck Panici

    In 1993 Chuck Panici, former mayor of Chicago Heights, IL together with former Chicago Heights commissioners John Gliottoni and Louise Marshall were found guilty of racketeering and bribery charges in the Federal District Court of Northern Illinois. It marked a strange end to a 16 year tenure known for a huge transformation in this small city’s fortunes. Their successful administration had achieved major improvements but their end came about when City Hall was hit by RICO accusations of extortion, kickbacks, shakedowns and ties to organized crime.

    Behind it all was a cartoonish cast of felons and mafia wannabes who concocted a story that resulted in an indictment and a media circus trial that led to 17 years imprisonment in Federal penitentiaries for the three former city officials. Throughout the trial was prosecutorial and judicial misconduct worthy of the Keystone Kops and treachery on the part of those absolved of their crimes through plea bargains, immunity and agreements not to prosecute that meant turning on and unjustly turning in innocent public servants whose meagre government salaries did not permit them to pay attention full time to the goings on in city government where corrupt felons were thriving and extorting city contractors and suppliers with gusto.

    Chuck Panici, the former mayor, never testified at his own trial. It was a decision he immediately regretted. As a result.-nearly twenty-five years after his conviction, he decided to set the record straight and thus tell his story.

    But what befell Mayor Panici and bothers him at present is that a similar process is playing out on a national stage in which President Donald Trump is being prosecuted in the court of public opinion over phony claims of collusion with the Russians. Nevertheless, his arch enemy in the 2016 elections was allowed to skate away, scot free from any prosecution for her misdeeds with the help of a feckless FBI Director, James Comey, who was criticized roundly on both the right and the left.

    Convicted While Innocent is proof that our justice system and nation are beset with serious flaws that tend to exonerate the guilty and punish the innocent.

    Frederick Bailey Deeming: Jack The Ripper Or Something Worse?

    by Mike Covell

    In 1892, Frederick Bailey Deeming was hanged at Melbourne Gaol.

    He has since been accused of killing two of his wives and four children. At the time, the international press discussed whether or not he was the infamous Jack the Ripper.

    Now, using previously unseen documents from around the world, the true story of Frederick Bailey Deeming can be revealed. Featuring a wide range of historical contemporary primary sources, official files, inquest reports, telegrams, correspondence, and newspaper accounts from local, national and international sources.

    Learn about Deeming’s early life through hitherto unseen material.
    Learn about his frauds, bigamy, and travels around the world.
    Discover previously unseen files thought lost in archival centres around the world.

    All fully referenced, with an extensive source list and bibliography.

    John Jay: A Life From Beginning to End

    by Hourly History

    John Jay

    * * *Download for FREE on Kindle Unlimited + Free BONUS Inside!* * *

    Read On Your Computer, MAC, Smartphone, Kindle Reader, iPad, or Tablet.

    John Jay: Founding Father. First Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Governor of New York. Negotiator of the treaty to end the American Revolution and the treaty that would stave off a second war with Great Britain for a few vital years until the infant nation was strong enough to take on its former adversary once again. Abolitionist. Father of American counterintelligence.

    Inside you will read about…

    â?? The Forgotten Founding Father
    â?? The Jays of New York
    â?? The Father of American Counterintelligence
    â?? Negotiating the Treaty of Paris
    â?? The Unpopular Jay Treaty
    And much more!

    How is it that the Renaissance man of America’s early history is so little known, with no image on Mount Rushmore, no face on currency, and certainly no Broadway musical to his posthumous credit?
    Perhaps it’s because he was not a man who sought renown. Throughout his career, others, including George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams, sought his help when the country was in need of his skills. John Jay’s role in the establishment of the United States, a country that was founded upon ideals of freedom and democracy, has almost been forgotten. But that omission is now being remedied as editors at Columbia University plan to release a seven-volume biography of Jay’s life by 2020. In the meantime, discover for yourself the remarkable story of one of the architects of the American nation, John Jay.

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