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Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More: A Womanâ??s Guide to Maintaining Her Power and Sanity After a Breakup

by Leslie Braswell

Unpretentious, upfront advice for perpetual man-pleasers who want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over but don’t know how. Have you ever cried, begged and bargained for a man to take you back after a breakup? Have you been called the crazy ex? Have you ever had a breakdown after a breakup? If so, Bitch Up! Expect More, Get More is a must read to help you through a breakup to get you ready for a future relationship better than you could ever imagine. In this book, you will learn â?¦

– How to use the “No Contact Rule” to your advantage.
– How to recover if you have broken the no contact rule.
– Disastrous mistakes to avoid after a breakup to increase your chances of a reunion.
– How to regain your dignity if you have slipups.
– How to make no contact easier.
– Why you should never seek closure.
– Why you must give a man something to miss (and how).
– How to build a better life so men will find you attractive.
– When is it okay to have sex after a breakup.
– How to use social media to your advantage.
– How to handle the no contact rule when you work with an ex-boyfriend.
– What to do if you’re stuck in relationship limbo.
– Signs you need to walk away from a relationship.

And much moreâ?¦ In this book, you get candid, straightforward advice and information on how to get the relationship you want, or your ex-boyfriend back — without pursuing or begging. And how to adopt a new mindset that will lead you to bigger, better love.

How to avoid Quarrel at Home

by Aishwarya K

Quarrels are frequent at home, mostly between husband and wife and father and son. Some quarrels are avoidable and some quarrels are not. The nastiest of quarrel in home is between a person’s mother and wife. This book is treatise on how to lead tension-free life and have fun at home.

Unheard Voices: Kids From Inner-city Colored America

by Adamson Wood

“Truly a humanizing literary experience to remind ourselves how connected we are and how our unheard voices deserve much more recognition and representation.”

Unheard Voices looks at letters from 14 teenagers from inner-city San Antonio, Texas. In today’s Trumpian world of fake news and political scandals, their sincerity and humanity serve as a breath of fresh air.

Your 17 Most Invalidated Feelings: Post Covert and Overt Abuse (FAQ Series Book 10)

by J.J. Hill

Slam – you just been dumped on your rear end out in the cold by the narcissist; the narcissistic parent or spouse or child or family members or friend. He chewed you up and spit you out. He left you high and dry. He ruined your life and your reputation. He embarrassed you and underappreciated you.
You feel a myriad of complex emotions, many of which are covered in this book.
If you want me to beat around the bush, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m going to ramble and babble and tell it like it is. I’m going to throw it in your face like someone should have done all this time. I’m going to call you out on all the uncomfortable things that you needed to hear from someone, anyone, all this time.
But your feelings are going to be validated. You are going to throw off that mask and that fake fantasy-world that you been living in. You’re going to rip the band-aid, and you’re going to feel.
You’re going to cry and yell and scream and holler, and you’re going to re-engage back into your real life and re-integrate back into the world you were born into. You’re going to do it with a thicker skin and better advice and better awareness.
You want to remain being a doormat for the narcissist and the narcissistic hive?
Or do you want to get real, blow the roof off this joint – and get your jaded-self back on the right track?
Let’s dig in and cover all the invalidated feelings that the narcissists in your life left you withâ?¦
1. Betrayed

The narcissist made all these promises, and now he has blown up your life together into smithereens. Where did he go? Why did he go there? Was it all a mirage? Why couldn’t he be loyal to you? Why didn’t he think that you deserved an ounce of honesty? Why did he put up such a grand self-image and such a false and glib charm to catch you? Was it reality, or was it all just a big joke at your expense?
The narcissist betrayed you. You feel a sense of betrayal because he lied to you. He was dishonest. He probably flirted around and/or cheated on you. He triangulated other people against you. He created circular talks and gaslighting to disorient you so that you wouldn’t find out the true intentions that he had hid behind his air of superiority over others. He didn’t show you any kind of identity or personality, because the narcissist puts on an air of mystery. He was shallow, and there wasn’t any depth to him that you were looking for in the first place.
You felt betrayed, but the narcissist was a big ball of negative and reactive coping mechanisms. Everything he did, he did in the name of his own success and his own popularity. He feigned caring about you, but he really didn’t give a rip at all about your thoughts, opinions and feelings.
The narcissist forgot all about you the moment you were out of his sight because he is lacking a thing called object constancy. He went about his way flirting with other people, not caring at all where you were or what happened to you.
If the narcissist was your parent or sibling or coach or teacher or boss or other family member or friendâ?¦ He betrayed you in other ways. He or she talked about you behind your back. He or she prevented you from getting your needs met, and he failed to meet the needs you had. He or she tried to get you to meet their needs at all costs, without any regard to the rights and the life you needed or wanted to live.
The narcissistic person in your life made you feel discarded and rejected. They made you feel as though you didn’t matter; your thoughts and needs and emotions didn’t matter. You weren’t allowed to have needs or emotions in front of the narcissist; the narcissist in your life couldn’t at all be bothered by such frivolous needs and emotions of others. He couldn’t and wouldn’t be bothered to try to understand you.
The minute you tried to make him put some of his energy or his mental effort into something other than boosting his or her…
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Breastfeeding or Formula?: A Real Simple Guide to Feeding Your Newborn Baby (Real Simple Motherhood)

by Sarah Marquez

New parents have lots of decisions to make. One of the most essential is how to feed their newborn! Real Simple Mama breaks down all feeding options for your baby: breastfeeding, pumping, and formula. In this well-researched book, learn about everything from troubleshooting to gear to medical references. No judgment here, just education and support to help all parents find the best options for their family. Easy to read and highly anticipated, this is the first in the Real Simple Motherhood: The Fourth Trimester series.

Codependency – A Courageous Approach To Loving An Addict (Codependent, Letting Go, Codependency, Communication, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Books, Love Advice Book 1)

by Melanie Jones

Are you in a Codependent relationship? Are you looking for answers?

It is not easy loving someone who is addicted to alcohol or another substance. You want to be there for this person, yet the harsh reality is that there is only so much you can do because ultimately it is up to them to decide to change, and there is only so much you can do. Often times, we get stuck in a cycle of being “the enabler”.

This book will provide you with simple strategies and ways that you can move past feelings of codependency, and begin taking care of the most important person in your life, YOU! If you aren’t healthy emotionally and physically, how can you expect to take care of anyone else? Right? It’s important to not let a pattern of enabling take over who YOU are as a human being. You have a life as well, need to live it, and enjoy yourself.


  • How to Love an Addict and Stay Healthy
  • Key Strategies To Being Assertive
  • How To Not Blame Yourself or The Addict For Everything
  • How To Rebuild Your Life
  • The Reality of Being a Codependent
  • And Much, Much More!

Imagine How Refreshed You Will Feel Once You Know How To Escape The Trap Of Codependency, So That You Can Help Yourself And Your Loved Ones.

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I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS: A Paranormal Suspense Novella

by Kresten Forsman

The mother of an eight-year old autistic boy, Sonya has fought an uphill battle for survival in her hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria, but has managed to take care of her son against almost impossible odds. The safe haven she had found in her marriage to the successful advertising executive Anton, has started to falter after he has lost his job and she has become the sole supporter of the family, and she can only watch as her ambitious husband gambles their savings away in a desperate attempt to become rich.

When Anton responds to an ad on the internet and gets a job as the caretaker of a luxurious mansion in a rural part of the country, Sonya sees this as an answer to her prayers. As soon as they arrive at the mansion, however, Sonya starts to get an anxious feeling about the whole thing, especially after meeting the eccentric owner.

They quickly learn that their new home is anything but ordinary when a message inexplicably appears on a wall, promising them riches if they perform a simple act. They perform the act out of curiosity and a reward is instantly delivered. When a second message appears – raising the stakes and increasing the promised reward – Sonya begins to realize that they are dealing with very sinister forces, intent on some scheme for which the three of them are the perfect victims.

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