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Maggie y su secreto (Spanish Edition)

by Bonny Ortiz

Maggie y su secreto, es el cuento inicial de la serie Maggie. Los cuentos de esta serie contienen enseñanzas en valores y control de las emociones. En esta historia, Maggie, el personaje principal, aprende a conocerse, aceptarse, controlar sus emociones y sacar ventaja de ellas. Maggie y su secreto está inspirado en los niños más pequeños (1 a 6 años), quienes inician etapas de aceptación y autocontrol.

The Short Guide To Riches For The Zero Knowledge Investor: How to Become a Millionaire

by Chihsien Liang

The Short Guide To Riches For The Zero Knowledge Investor is written for the average Joe or Jane who has aspirations of becoming a millionaire one day but don’t know where to start. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to without using any complicated jargon that turned you away from learning this stuff in the first place. If you follow the simple strategies laid out in this book, you will retire a multi-millionaire by full retirement age. It assumes no background knowledge of finance, investment or economics. It is literally written for anybody, but mostly for people who don’t have a lot of time to spend on reading through large books.

Becoming a Millionaire: Learning The Habits of The Wealthy

by Eclaire Inspired

This book is a short summary on some of the characteristics of the affluent. One’s habits always lead to their destination, which is why it is important to focus on aspects of our daily lives that we could change in order to cultivate wealthy habits that propel us to success and prosperity. Though the habits listed in this book are not exhaustive, execution of at least a few of them is imperative in order to achieve a certain degree of success and financial freedom.

Opportunity to make millions: Make Millions in Digital Currency

by Shiva Prasad Bhandari

This book is going to teach you how you can make Millions within Few years in the Digital world. You are going to get lots of Return on your investment. This is the only book that you can find in markets which are going to teach you about Digital Currency and about the opportunity to make millions. This is a small book, but it has good information for you.

Anxiety: the mind of its own

by Hammad manjra

Anxiety what is it?
How can this book help?
This book will explain to you and try to teach you one on one how to cop with anxiety.
Section.1 Preface
Section.2 Anxiety: What it is?
Section.3 Anxiety: An overview
Section.4 Signs and Symptoms
Section.5 Effects of Anxiety
Section.6 Causes of Anxiety Disorder
Section.7 Solutions of Anxiety Disorder
Section.8 Conclusion
Section.9 References

Master joint ventures

by Davia smith

Sky rocket your income & build instant credibility with these secrets to mastering
Joint ventures. Now you can double your income by using secrets of Master joint ventures you can also learn the art of joint ventures for Big profits we also have some joint ventures which gives us 15k – 20k profit & you can also make some BIG profits okay, But you must be thinking price is to high for an e-book but is not Because it’s value for money book you are going to make 15k – 20k profit this price is nothing in front of them. So you can get it if you want to sky rocket your income

Twenty Ways to Create an Awesome Love Story: Create the love life you’ve always dreamed of in less than 30 days (Creating My Love Life)

by Marshaun Olaniyan

Twenty Ways to Create an Awesome Love Story

Create the love life you’ve always dreamed of in less than 30 days

Learn how to love your spouse the way they need love!

Experience more happiness!

Most people get worried or annoyed in their relationship partially due to a lack of communication. This relationship book is a relationship book for couples who will benefit by intentionally communicating for a change. You will experience more happiness by harnessing better communication skills because it increases your ability to make your spouse feel heard and understood. When he or she feels understood they are more likely to speak up and feel empowered by doing this creating a feeling of closeness, being real and authentic and giving you that overall feeling of happiness.

Learn how to speak life into your relationship!

Get ready for your relationship and your spouse to reach your highest potential with you speaking beautiful life changing and inspiring phrases into his or her life. Your words have meaning and are powerful so why not use them to lift up your spouse, encourage him or her and enrich both of your lives! Doing this creates an emotionally healthy relationship.

Experience more blissful times together!

Your relationship will be filled with more passion, full of joy, physical and deep emotional intimacy. Read all the awesome stories filled with laughter and forgetting because laughter is the best medicine. You too will also remember your own awesome stories and what brought you two together in the beginning.

About The Author
Marshaun Olaniyan is a certified Life & Relationship Strategist, a speaker, and author. She understands what the average person looking for a meaningful, loving relationship normally goes through, especially when it comes to recognizing what they want, need and desire. Marshaun understands what is holding men and women back from creating their healthy love life and she knows how to steer them back on to the correct path. Marshaun combines all of her data and research and shares simples tips and proven strategies with her clients, so they can stop being an obstacle in their own lives and enjoy a great relationship.

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Farm Land Intro To Math

by Jeffrey Jeschke

This is a pictorial introduction book to the mathematical idea of more than one.


by Rupinder Aul

This is a game of seven letters in a hexagon in which readers have to make words using four or more letters each time. The number of words that can be made from the letters used in each puzzle is given above the puzzle. Each word can only be made once using the central letter. In order to help the readers, answers are given at the back of the book. This fun and exciting book will help to increase and improve their vocabulary in English. I hope you will enjoy it!
Rupinder Aul Bsc. (Med), MA(Eng), BEd. is a teacher, astrologer, painter, Journalist and writer, She is the author of seventeen books written on various topics.
Two of her books are selected best by Hindi Nideshalaya. Her poems, stories, and articles are regularly being published in various magazines and journals, in India as well as in America. She is the winner of the state level Painting Competition. She is an expert in Art and Craft. She has been reading and analyzing Horoscope since 1990.
“SPELLATHON” is a practical book written with the purpose of helping the readers to achieve better ways of increasing vocabulary in English.
She can be contacted at: [email protected]

All In One Computer Book For CCC/SSC/BANK/RAILWAY/OTHER EXAM: 1000 plus question of all the Computer objective Exam in India (both English and Hindi)


This book is useful for all the Objective exams like CCC/Ssc/Bank/Railways/Other Exam in which computer related question comes. There is more than a 1000 plus questions are written in this book.

Self-Learning Book: Learn the step-by-step secrets and simple methods of improving Self-Learning skills, inspired by a Korean high-school student

by Lee Jinwoo

“Free” for Limited Time on April 10 to 14 PDT!

  • A student who knows the importance of Self-Learning, but does not know how to do it in detail
  • A student who wants to know in detail the Self-Learning skills that smart Korean students who ranked very high-score in the world’s education parts really do
  • Parents who want to make their children a high-level student but don’t know how to study properly using Self-Learning skills.
  • A student who is looking for a book about how to study using Self-Learning skills not abstract but step-by-step

If you are one of these categories, you must buy this book right now and learn Self-Learning skills properly and UPGRADE your Self-learning skills!

Luckily, I entered a high school that ranked high education scores in Korea and had a chance to meet smart students in that high school and I learned a lot from them.

Their methods of study were different, but there was a common way of studying that was very important.

It was Self-Learning skills

I asked them “Why Self-Learning skills are the most important method of all the study methods?”

They answered this question.

“Self-Learning skills should not be considered a way of studying to go to good university.

the way to strongly rely on someone’s teaching and not strengthen your Self-Learning skills is a shortcut to being an irresponsible person and finally, you miss your own chance to grow up.”

“Remeber! Don’t expect others to live your life for you!”

In other words, they saw Self-Learning as a way of learning to be responsible for themselves. So they have been honing and honing their skills.

This book is a detailed step-by-step book on how smart Korean students who consider Self-Learning skills very important in their lives.

If you think this book will be hard because It’s a book written about Self-Learning, Don’t worry!

Anyone can easily read and put into practice because the book is written in a style for the complete beginners in order to publicize the importance of Self-Learning skills to people.

Using this unique, practical and step-by-step Self-Learning Books, you can greatly increase your sense of responsibility for yourself and unique way of study methods!

In this book, you will learn the following things…

  1. Self-Learning Skills #1 Set up your dreams and role-models before you know how to study with “Self-Learning skills”: In this Chapter, you will learn about how to set up your role-models and dreams.
  2. Self-Learning Skills #2 Planning called the “Flower of Self-Learning skills”: In this chapter, you will learn step-by-step how to make your plan perfect.
  3. Self-Learning Skills #3 How do Korean students who are good at Self-Learning learn about theory? : In this chapter, you will learn in detail how to study theory.
  4. Self-Learning Skills #4 You shouldn’t just only theory! You have to solve t a lot of problems! : In this chapter, you will learn step-by-step about how you can approach the problem correctly.
  5. Self-Learning Skills #5 Is there any key takeaways from smart Korean students? : In this chapter, you will learn about the key takeaways of smart Korean students.

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Typically Barton (The Barton series)

by Fayad Ali

The set of BARTON stories is an attempt to reach all children, through the creation of a character, who best epitomises the enacted school curriculum. Barton is a curious, well-mannered individual and represents an ideal child who is moulded by all the intended learning experiences of school. The entire curriculum is supposed to transform individuals into a character, just like the boy Barton.
TYPICALLY BARTON targets the child at the lower level of the primary school. At this level, the child would have mastered some of the mathematics content expected at the primary level and the problems emphasise the process goals of mathematics, rather than a wide range of content. This set of stories focuses on building model personality characteristics and close relationships with family, friends, and the society.
The stories use an approach to learning that not only integrates all areas of the curriculum but merges two essential areas, mathematics and language arts. The emphasis on building literacy skills is deliberate since comprehension is a key area needed for developing an understanding of mathematics.
Too often, mathematics has been presented as a set of rules and procedures, to be applied in situations that have no bearing on reality. In these stories, the problems are practical and useful and can serve to whet the child’s appetite into learning the subject outside the constraints of rules and formulae. The stories appeal to the child’s intuitive and imaginative tendencies and encourage the use of strategic and critical thinking, in a context that is meaningful and relevant. These reasoning processes are developed through reading for a purpose – to solve a problem.
It is hoped that through these stories, students will learn not just to be creative and critical problem solvers, but to acquire good habits and become caring and productive citizens. The stories are laden with sound moral, social and ethical values and teachers may take the opportunity to encourage discussion on the consequences of certain actions, or what other alternatives are possible. They may also use the stories as stimulus material that can be further reinforced in other areas of the curriculum.
For the more mature student, small group work is recommended whereby discussion is limited to a few students and this can be followed by sharing of ideas from each group, in whole class settings.

So You Want To Be A Writer?: Make Money From Your Writing! (how to write a book Book 1)

by Melissa Harris

So you want to be a Writer?

Never before has it been easier for a writer to get their work out there. Literally, anyone can now make money from the creations they come up with!

Whether you are a seasoned author or someone just starting out this book will give you a guide on not only how to write your first book in just 45 days, but also who to contact to get it out there!

Learn how to:

  • Come up with your idea
  • Plan your idea
  • Develop Your idea
  • Contact the right publishers
  • Self publish
  • Work as a writer for someone else
  • Write a full length novel in 45 days with our plan

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Effective Multitasking: Learn How to Get More Done in Less Time through Effective Multitasking and by Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Distracted Multitasking

by Justine Gantt

If you’re ready to start multitasking in a more effective and productive way, then this book is for you!

Productivity and efficiency are the keys to success in today’s workplace. Today’s work environment has changed a lot over the past few decades, and while the older generation is used to having one job, and performing the same individual task for years and years, that is simply not the case today. Unless you are an assembly line worker, for example, or a surgeon specializing in one specific niche surgery type, you simply will no longer be able to survive the workforce today doing the same thing over and over again. Many people turn to multitasking in order to complete their workloads in the required timeframe (which seems to be growing shorter and shorter as employers associate the value of time with the value of money). Theoretically knowing how to multitask and actually being good at it are two different things though. Despite the good intention behind multitasking, research has shown that it inevitably produces a bottleneck effect, which then can lead to a significant slow-down in the processing of the tasks being handled. Since the brain cannot fully focus on multiple tasks at the same time, multitasking might actually cause the task to be finished slower. Not only that, but since you’re only paying attention partially – but not completely – the tasks are naturally predisposed to a greater number of errors. Multitasking has also received a lot of criticism because it forces one to pay less attention to a lot of information and only focus on what is perceived to be most important. This can cause people to feel less pride in what they accomplished, since they did not really pay that much attention. This ebook is designed to help you discover a different, better, and much more effective way to multitask – one that avoids all the common pitfalls of the typical style of multitasking that leads to inefficiencies and errors.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Difference Between Multitasking and Rapid Task Switching
  • Advantages of True Multitasking
  • How to Practice Effective Multitasking
  • Common Pitfalls of Multitasking to Avoid
  • When Not to Multitask
  • Much, much more!

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Den Tag erfolgreich nutzen: Wie man glücklich wird, seine Ziele erreicht und Erfolg im Leben hat! (German Edition)

by Maximilian Hiebe

Herzlich willkommen. Ich hoffe, Ihnen geht es gut. Darf ich mich vorstellen: Mein Name ist Maximilian Hiebe und ich bin der Autor dieses Buches. Die Idee dieses Werk zu verfassen entstand aufgrund der vielen miesepetrigen Schüler, LehrerInnen und ArbeitskollegInnen die ich in den letzten Jahren kennen lernen durfte. Ich fragte mich wie ich mir selbst und meinen Mitmenschen dabei behilflich sein kann den Tag gut zu überstehen oder besser: sogar zu genieÃ?en. Denn jeder Tag ist einzigartig und soll auch von jedem so erlebt werden. Es war der römische Philosoph und Schriftsteller Lucius Annaeus Seneca der sagte: â??Sieh jeden einzelnen Tag so an, als wäre er ein einzelnes Leben.” In dem vorliegenden Buch möchte ich Ihnen, sehr geehrter Leser/ sehr geehrte Leserin, helfen sich selbst und Ihren Mitmenschen einen Gefallen zu tun und jeden einzelnen Tag genieÃ?en. Ich beziehe mich hierbei auf meine persönlichen Erfahrungen sowie auf etwaige Recherchen die ich in den letzten Monaten angestellt habe. Ich hoffe sehr, dass Ihnen dieses Buch ein DenkanstoÃ? für Ihren persönlichen erfolgreichen Tagesablauf ist. Viel Vergnügen!
Ich widme dieses Buch allen Menschen die ihren Tag nicht genie�en können. Zudem all jenen die sich unwohl in ihrer Haut fühlen und einen kleinen Schubser in Richtung Neuanfang brauchen.

Dieses Problem haben sehr viele Menschen und dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen das endlich zu ändern, sich selbst weiter zu entwickeln und an persönlicher stärke zu gewinnen!

Dieses Buch umfasst knapp 185 Seiten mit kompakter Information zum Thema Tagesplanung und �berleben im Alltag. Von einer spannenden Morgenroutine bis zu Tipps, um das Mittagessen mit den Kollegen zu überleben und am Abend zur Ruhe kommen zu können ist alles dabei!
Lerne, wie Du in wenigen Schritten Dein Leben mit neuen Gewohnheiten essentiell verändern kannst, um ein Leben wie Du es Dir vorstellst, zu bekommen. Gleichzeitig wird dir das Buch “Den Tag erfolgreich nutzen” dabei helfen deine Motivation zu finden und deine Ziele zu erreichen (Zielsetzung ist wichtig)
Tue Dir etwas Gutes und nimm Dir für diesen Erfolgsratgeber ein bisschen Zeit um zu erfahren wie Du Dein Leben in vollen Zügen genie�en kannst:
In diesem Ratgeber erfährst Du, alles über meine Geheimformel die Dir helfen wird Deine Träume zu verwirklichen. Nicht nur der Zusammenhang zwischen Gewohnheiten und Zielen, sondern auch, wie Du diese richtig nutzen kannst um erfolgreich zu sein, werden in diesem Buch behandelt.

Dieses Buch kann dir dabei helfen deine Ziele endlich zu erreichen!

Des Weiteren erfahren Sie:
– wie man langfristig gesünder leben kann
– wie man selbstbewusster wird
– wie man seine Ziele verfolgen und erreichen kann
– wie man die Motivation nicht verliert, den Fokus auf die wichtigen Dinge lenkt und seinen erfolgreichen Weg bestreitet

Hol dir das Buch noch heute und nehme deine Zukunft in die Hand!

Für wen ist dieses Buch:
– Menschen mit Wünschen, Zielen und Visionen- Menschen die bereit sind für ihren Erfolg einzustehen und dafür was machen- Menschen die wachsen wollen und bereit sind an sich zu arbeiten-

Menschen die Selbstverantwortung übernehmen
Für wen dieses Buch nicht ist:
– Menschen die nicht konsequent sind-

Menschen die glauben, dass ihr Glück und Erfolg von anderen abhängt

Hol dir das Buch jetzt und verändere DEIN Leben und werde glücklich und erfolgreich!

Los primeros 70 años de transformar vidas (Spanish Edition)

by Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Este eBook se conforma por una serie de historias, narradas por distintas personas que son parte del Tecnológico de Monterrey y cuyas vidas han sido transformadas por esta Institución.Historias alegres, así como algunas tristes, o de personas que vivieron situaciones difíciles, pero siempre, al final, orgullosos y agradecidos con el Tecnológico de Monterrey, quien los impulsó y apoyó en los buenos y malos momentos, para salir adelante con éxito en la vida. En la última sección se muestra un recorrido fotográfico del Campus Fundacional, a lo largo de estos primeros 70 años que el Tecnológico de Monterrey festeja con orgullo y entusiasmo. Se muestran las construcciones iniciales de los edificios y cómo se han modernizado hoy en día. También se muestran actividades estudiantiles, ceremonias de graduación de ayer y hoy y demás fotografías que reflejan el espíritu del Tec.

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