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ANXIETY IN RELATIONSHIP: How to overcome the insecurity in love, couple’s jealousy, the fear of abandonment. Learn to reduce attachment anxious and the conflicts for reconnect with your partner


Do you have a hard time making meaningful connections ?

Your partner called you insecure, desperate, or jealous ?

Is a common refrain in relationships, and with good reason !

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Every person is wired for love differently, with different habits, needs, and reactions to conflict. Healthy relationships require trust, intimacy, effective communication, and understanding…

No matter how committed you are, anxiety can leave you feeling distanced from your partner. By changing the way you react to stress, you will be able to focus on enjoying time with the one you love, without anxiety getting in the way. With this book, you will learn to stay centered when faced with conflict, understand your partner’s perspective, and become more independent.

Inside Anxiety in Relationship, we will talk about:

  • Understanding Anxiety
  • Insecurity Relationship
  • Attachment Style
  • Jealousy in Marriage
  • Fear of Abandonment
  • Conflict in Relationship
  • Advice for Couples
  • Possessiveness

With self-awareness, you can successfully explore old anxiety-perpetuating perceptions and habits without being overwhelmed or paralyzed by them. By understanding the psychological factors at the root of your attachment anxiety, you will learn to cultivate secure, healthy relationships to last a lifetime.

Anxiety in Relationship is essential reading for couples and others interested in understanding the complex dynamics at work behind love and trust in intimate relationships. The concepts included can be applied to any relationship, whether your partnership is weeks, months, years, or decades old.

Regardless of your compatibility the health of your relationship will ultimately be determined by your willingness to invest in its future success.

If you are ready to break the self-fulfilling cycle of mistrust, clinginess, and heartbreak and start building lasting, trusting relationships, this book will be your guide.

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Crochet For Beginners: A Complete Step By Step Guide With Picture illustrations To Learn Crocheting The Quick & Easy Way

by Nancy Gordon

Do you wish you could learn how to crochet without all the frustrations?

Crochet For Beginners is the right book for you as we have included step-by-step guides with clear picture illustrations so you can learn the basics such as crochet stitches, how to read charts, buy the correct equipment etc.

Crochet for beginners will include:

  • Step-by-step guide: Clear & precise instructions so you will not feel lost in between steps
  • Clear picture illustrations: High quality illustrations with each step so you can understand the instructions better
  • 27 Beginner Crochet Hacks: Top tips, tricks & hacks every beginner crocheter needs to know to avoid costly mistakes & learn faster
  • 25 Beginner crochet patterns: Beginner crochet patterns with complete instructions & pictures are included within the book so you can start to create your own beautiful crochet patterns immediately

Crochet for beginners 2.0 revised edition! 25 beginner patterns are included within the book without having to click any external links! Clear pictures & instructions are provided as well.

Crocheting does not need to be hard if you follow the right guide. Grab this best-selling book today & you will be crocheting beautiful patterns in no time!

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17 Easy Steps to Build Your Own Portable â??Camp Kitchenâ?: In the Workshop With Henry Series (In the Workshop with Henry Book 2)

by Henry E. Prante

It is my sincere hope you will enjoy building your own portable camping kitchen and get much use out of it for many years as I did over 40 years.

While today you can buy them in camping gear stores– but where is the fun in that?
While pre-fabricated equipment is readily available , it will never be precisely made for your requirements as is this particular “Camp Kitchen.

Over the years everywhere I went hunting, fishing or just camping with the wife and kids, people admired my set up and wanted the design and instructions for it. That is why I decided to publish it back in 1982 and my daughter is re-printing it again now.

I hope you do build your own “Camp Kitchen”. Please leave me a review and send photos to my website.

100 Things To Get Rid of: What My Minimalism Journey Taught Me about Life

by Jera Sky

F*ck if most of us haven’t gotten lost in our lives at some point, looking for a way to see through it or a guide to figure sh*t out. Sometimes you have to leave things behind to be light enough to keep trekking ahead. Here is some raw honesty to kick all your worst traits to the curb. The following book is everything I’ve learned on my minimalist life journey as well as things I may be currently working on. You may think this is only going to be about minimalism, getting rid of extra t-shirts and useless kitchen equipment, but it is in fact about life in general. Our lives are cluttered with so much stuff other than just tangible things. Don’t think of this as your usual run of the mill minimalism book, it is SO much more than that!! This life advice may help you to become a happier, healthier person on cloud nine doing things you never dreamed were actually possible. F*ck being miserable til the day you die.

In my early twenties I was a much different person than the person I am today. Implementing more and more of the things on this list, made me the kinder, more loving, happier, debt free person I am today.

I hope this helps you in some way. Actually I don’t hope, I KNOW it will help you in some way, if you let it.

This was originally based off of one of my very successful Youtube videos. So many people like it I decided to make it better.

Here’s some sneaks:

33. That you know enough. The world today is constantly changing, so you need to be constantly learning in order to keep up. I mean if you want. If you wanna keep up and you wanna be like, living in the world that we live in today, but if you don’t, just by all means, continue doing exactly what you’re doing. Also the world is doubling its information every 18 months, in two years, if you’re not learning, you’re behind. Then in 4 years you’re waaaaaaay behind.

37. Thinking that everybody is watching you. Trust me, they’re concerned about themselves.

42. Saying you’re too busy. Pick and choose. Make your life more manageable.

Sleep: Why Sleep is Essential: How Does The Peaceful Sleep Affect All Of Us? 20 Practical Ways To Improve Your Sleep

by Andrew Simmones

  • Do you suffer from insomnia or a poor sleep pattern?
  • Does this impact on your daily routine and health?
  • Would you like to able to get a better sleep every night, without resorting to drugs?

As humans we spend around one third of our lives asleep. The importance of this cannot be understated. Sleep allows our bodies to recharge and be revitalized. It allows us to have the energy to work and play and increases concentration levels so that we can function well. But many of us find the simple act of falling asleep almost impossible.

In this book, Why Sleep is Essential: How Does Peaceful Sleep Affect All Of Us? 20 Practical Ways to Improve Your Sleep, you will find useful information on sleep and its benefits, with chapters on:

  • Understanding Sleep And Its Stages
  • The Importance Of Having Adequate Sleep
  • How to Improve Your Sleep Environment
  • How to Improve Your Sleep Routine and Habits
  • How a Healthier Lifestyle Leads To a Healthy Sleep Routine

This short but impactful book is all that you’ll need to gain a better understanding of sleep and how our bodies react to it, as well as practical tips on improving your sleep routine so that you can be happier and healthier.

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Atkins For Beginners: A Low-Carb Atkins Cookbook with Weight Loss Paleo Diet Recipes for Healthy Low Carb Cooking

by Dr. Thompson

Atkins For Beginners: A Low-Carb Atkins Cookbook with Weight Loss Atkins Diet Recipes

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In this book you will find delicious Atkins diet recipes that will blow your mind.
You can choose among various recipes and prepare outstanding healthy food.

Millions of Americans rush home after work, wondering what they will feed their families.
They may be exhausted from their full day and then have to run off to other family activities for the night.
It can be difficult to figure out what meals will fill the family up.
Most of these families will take the easy route and take their families to a fast food restaurant on their way to the next event.
This idea can get really expensive and is horrible on the health for everyone in the family.

Instead of falling into this rut, check out this cookbook instead.
It is part of a line of cookbooks meant to make your supper decision much easier.
Inside are recipes that you can pick up after work and get a meal on the table for your family in no time.
Check it out and see just how tasty and easy making dinner for your family can be!

Download it now and discover the amazing world of:

  • Fruit Kebabs
  • Eggplant Lasagne
  • Cherry Cobler
  • Simple, tasty and amazing recipes for diabetics that is easy to prepare

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How to Heal Your Soul: Your Path to Peace of Mind (Mind Body Connection, Mental Hygiene, Simplicity of Healing, Mind Mapping, Mind over Mood, Mind over … Happiness) (Success Mindset Book 3)

by Anthony Glenn

Do you feel like something is missing, even though you have everything and should be happy? You are not alone. There are thousands of people all over the world waking up every morning feeling empty. They fall asleep in the evening asking themselves, “Is that all? Is that everything life has to give? Why am I not happy? What’s wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with youâ?¦. Your soul needs you, needs your attention and needs to find a supportive friend in you.

This book is here to help you heal. It is like a friend who understands you but also has the answers. This friend knows what should you do and exactly how things will get better. 

So, if you want to find inner peace and heal your soul, listen to what this friend has to say. Then pick out some of the advice that best suits you and let it inspire you to begin your healing journey.

You will discover possible reasons for the suffering of your soul including:

  • Carrying the past with you, refusing to let go and leave it behind
  • Unhappy upbringings and childhood traumas
  • Painful events such as the end of a relationship, loss, and illness
  • The suppression of emotions
  • A lack of self-love and self-neglect
  • Constantly running towards achieving your goals and chasing happiness
  • And many more other reasons

Here we offer you some skills that will be useful on your way to healing your soul. You will find out:

  •           Why you should make spirituality a priority
  •           How to change your point of view
  •           How to declutter your mind 
  •           How to stop worrying
  •           Why happiness starts with you
  •           How to change your mindset for success

After all of that, by using some of the practices below, you will step to your way to peace of mind and discover your happiness code. We will talk about:

  • Introspection and self-love
  • Meditation, mind body connection, healthy lifestyle
  • Affirmations
  • Friendship and creativity
  • Spending time in nature 
  • Letting go and leaving the past behind
  • Forgiving and creating the future
  • Faith, spirituality and authentic happiness
  • How it is never too late for a happy childhood
  • How to dive deep into your emotions
  • Helping others and living your life with purpose
  • Breaking out of your routine
  • Recharging and learning from others
  • Increasing your awareness 
  • Being grateful
  • And much more! 

All of us have faced or will face hard times in life. Here we also offer some advice on how to survive loneliness, the end of a relationship, the loss of loved ones and other stressful situations.

You know what is best and what path you should follow. This book is here to help you discover that information again. All of the answers are already there, within you.

This book, like all books in the world, has the intention of making you look deep inside yourself and reconnect with your soul on a deeper level. When you find peace and joy there, you will bring them to all fields of your life. And this friend will be here for you, making you more confident with every reading.

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Beyond Private: Cracking the INFJ Code

by Ben Rogers

Is there someone in your life who often seems to show flashes of creative brilliance but seems to share it? Perhaps it is a child spending a great deal of time in a fantasy world, or a friend with a vibrant online personality but a quiet public persona. It could also be a fellow student or coworker who hides away behind cubicle walls or an internet connection. Others have a cryptic spouse or partner living behind a veil of secrecy. Do you find yourself scratching your head when this person suddenly withdraws without any apparent rhyme or reason? If so, you may be encountering the Dostoevsky Type, or INFJ in Myers-Briggs terminology.
In this book, you will come to understand what makes an INFJ tick, what informs their visions, why they guard their thoughts so tightly and why they pull away. With this understanding, you will be able to help create an environment where vast potential is unlocked, provide the creative space needed to grow together, and develop an authentic relationship with someone who is quietly waiting and eager to share their gifts with you and the world.

Accelerated Learning Crash Course: How to Easily Learn New Skills and Subjects, Develop Laser Sharp Focus, Triple Your Reading Speed and Improve Your Memory Ability!

by Sebastian Croft

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Discover the secrets to learning anything you want, any time you want, any way you want to!

“…this book is the key to learning like a genius by unlocking advanced learning techniques that will guide you from novice to expert.”

Everyone is different in so many ways – but how we learn is not one of them. The same techniques that work for the experts will also push your ability to learn to a whole new level. Thanks to science, we now know much more about how the human brain works – and we know how to use that knowledge to our advantage and make full use of its incredible power.

Discover the Building Blocks of Your Mind

In this book, you’ll discover how your brain works when it comes to finding new information, processing it and storing it away for later use. You’ll find out how all of your senses work together to make sense of the world around you – and how you can use that knowledge to guide your learning.

·         Find out how your senses work separately while also working together

·         Discover the different types of memory and how to boost each one

·         Learn what makes the difference between forgetting things in a week and remembering them forever

Find Out How Advanced Learners Set Out to Achieve Their Goals

One important thing that sets advanced learners apart from everyone else is that they always start out from the right place. Discover how you, too, can put yourself in the right frame of mind to absorb the new skill or topic you most want to learn.

Discover the Spectrum of Intelligence

While we all learn using the same basic methods, we each lean towards certain types of learning more than others. Use that knowledge to your advantage and find out which areas on the spectrum of intelligence are the strongest in your own mind.

Learn How to Take Better Notes

Store information as you learn in a more effective way. Instead of simply scribbling down everything you hear, you’ll find out how to truly learn that information by:

·         Editing your notes to make them more meaningful to you

·         Analyzing what you’ve learned to understand it better

·         Reflecting on your new knowledge and fitting it into your own experience

Discover Techniques That Are Tried, Tested and Proven to Help You Learn

In this book, you’ll learn techniques used by advanced learners all over the world, including better ways to practice, ways to speed up your reading to absorb more information more quickly, methods to improve your memory and the secrets of self discipline. You’ll also learn how to fuel your brain with the foods it needs to work at full capacity.

Discover a Whole New World of Learning – One That Suits Your Own Mind and Your Own Needs

From the moment you pick up this book, you’ll begin to see learning in a whole new light. You’ll start to unlock the true power of your mind and see for yourself that the only limit on how much information you find, learn and absorb is your own dedication.

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Healthy and Balanced Gut: Flat Stomach, Easy Low- Fodmap Diet

by Andreas Janes

There are a lot of myths about beating stomach bloat and getting a flat tummy, but the FODMAP approach has been scientifically proven to work for both.FODMAPs are sugars found in certain foods that can be hard to digest and can cause discomfort, gas, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms. Some of the most nutritious foods around are high in these sugars, frustrating people who eat well but still have tummy issues. Apples, garlic, onions, beans, dairy, bread, and cereals are on that list. It may sound complicated or far-fetched but the many converts who have tried the science-supported diet swear by it.

I this book I will not just show you about healthy gut and flat stomach, I’ll show you and teach you the best ways you can archive a healthier life by just changing mini habits in your life. There is a lot more than just flat stomach and low fodmap diet, the book includes 9 chapters and each is divided into small parts that can teach you something new and useful.

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