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Communication Skills Training: Guide for Public Conversation and Speaking in Marriage, Relationship, Workplace and Interviews. Effective Communication Skills for Business Professional and Nonviolent.

by Daniel Greavestone

Know How to Communicate Properly NOW !

What Are The Most Important Questions You Should Ask Yourself If You Want To Be An Effective Communicator?

How many times have you wanted to negotiate better terms?

how many times you lost something important simply because you unwittingly said or did something?

It’s a difficult time to be social.

Technology and the fear of strangers have left most people feeling unconnected to the people around them.

The majority of Americans reply that they have no one to rely on in a crisis when surveyed. If you’re having a rough time, it’s probably not you.

This environment is a challenge to deal with.

Communication Skills Training aims to alleviate some of that stress by lining out for you the path to a healthy and balanced life.

Humans are the people that they are influenced by, and so if you casn better your relationships, then you can better your life.

There are several useful exercises inside to help guide you into confidence and self-belief, both of which are building blocks to strong expression. As you develop your relationship with yourself, then your other relationships will also bloom.

Taking action in response to your problems is the best response. Depression grows if you let it.

So much of your life depends on communication with others. By developing into having strengths socially you will find yourself enjoying everything more, from work to love.

This is because you’re supposed to be balanced socially. Once you are your brain will start to understand your place in the world.

Depression and Anxiety are often symptoms of a lack of healthy socialization.

Most depressed people are isolated in addition to the isolation that they feel.

Addressing this through enriching your social life is an underrated tactic. So much of life can be fixed by having the right influences.

Influences aren’t a privilege though. You aren’t born with them.

You have to be able to develop relationships with them and maintain a good connection.

It is as much work on you to be half of a healthy relationship as it is for the people you interact with.

This is why this guide exists, and how it could benefit you. If you want to have healthy relationships but struggle with maintaining them here is a discussion of boundaries and how to keep them.

The best you is always waiting for you, you just need to become that version of yourself. Once you are then communication will flow, as health is what must go between people for a good system.

Take the time to invest in the skills which will build for the rest of your life. You have to communicate every day even just to feed yourself. It might as well be a beautiful and worthwhile part of your experience.


  • Techniques and Strategies to Communicate Effectively in Your Life
  • Descriptions of Situations Everyone has to Live Through and How to Handle Them
  • Details on Self-Care and Self-Improvement Which Reveal a Conceivable Way to Heal from Your Anxieties and Insecurities
  • How to Become a Healthy and Communicative Person Even After Trauma
  • How to Get Out of Your Head and Accept the Challenges You Have Been Given
  • How to Be Secure in Yourself and Establish Good Relationships
  • Exercises on Building the Skillset Necessary for Healthy Communication in your Life

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Effective Communication Skills: Psychology Guide for Conversation in Marriage, in Relationship, in Business Professional, Public Speaking. Communication Skills Training Also for Nonviolent.

by Daniel Greavestone

Communicate and Influence People

Do you want to be a seasoned communicator who can communicate with just about everyone, from potential business associates to friends to strangers, for building powerful future connections?

Do you want to be a ninja negotiator, conflict resolver, mediator, and a person who can get anyone to agree to what they are saying or make a power-packed impression on people? 

Do you want to enjoy more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your work lifeâ??thus boosting your chances of success in life?

Do you desire to handle challenging and potentially volatile situations in a more positive, constructive, and impressive manner?

This is the ultimate communication handbook for anyone looking to win the communication game in every sphere of life. 

Here are some valuable takeaways from the book:

  • Ace communication strategies for communicating with anyone from friends to bosses to strangers;
  • How to prove people wrong without offending them;
  • How to develop greater empathy and listening skills;
  • How to use your voice, intonation, tone, and inflection to make your communication even more impactful than ever;
  • How to avoid fights from escalating by mastering conflict resolution;
  • How to give negative feedback using a powerful technique;
  • How to build rapport and trust with people through small talk and effective communication patterns;
  • How to handle a difference of views and disagreements with assertiveness;
  • The most common communication blunders that we make and how to avoid them;
  • Identifying and adapting to different communication styles;

â?¦and much more!

If you are keen to transform from a nervous, shy, and awkward communicator into a communication ninja who is able to enjoy fulfilling personal and professional relationships by mastering these effective communication techniques,

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Stop the Abuse: Based On A True Story (The Descent Book 19861962)

by Rain Porter

When I was six years old, my parents locked me in the cupboard below the sink. It was not a punishment for anything I had done. There was no behavior that needed correcting. They wanted to see what would happen if you locked a young boy in a small space.

I pounded my tiny fists against the doors. I cried, so long I peed on myself. I put my eye against the keyhole and watched as they went about their business, Finally; I screamed. “Why? Why are you doing this?”

My mother slowly walked toward the cupboard, knelt down so her eye was at the keyhole, and said, “Why not?”

DISCÐ?NNÐ?CTÐ?D & RÐ?SÐ?T: A Guidе Stеp by Stеp tо Rеcоvеr Ð?ur Digitally Distractеd Kids

by Susan Johnson

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Sоmе оf my fоndеst childhооd mеmоriеs arе оf warm summеr days spеnt riding bikеs and playing wifflе ball till thе sun wеnt dоwn. Lоng gamеs оf manhunt cоuld havе nеvеr еndеd fоr all wе carеd, as lоng as wе tооk a brеak whеn thе icе crеam truck camе dоwn thе blоck. Thеrе wеrеn’t еnоugh hоurs in thе day tо skip rоcks, ridе skatеbоards оr еxplоrе thе wооds dоwn thе blоck. Wе wеrе rarеly bоrеd and оur imaginatiоns ran wild, as did wе.

Whеn wе wеrеn’t оutsidе, оur indооr lifе rеvоlvеd arоund family. Thеrе was nо tеlеvisiоn at dinnеr and thеrе cеrtainly wеrеn’t any tоys, hats, оr оthеr paraphеrnalia allоwеd at thе tablе. Dinnеr was just abоut еating fооd and sharing quality timе tоgеthеr whilе wе tооk turns talking abоut оur days. As childrеn this wasn’t always thе first thing wе wantеd tо dо, but it hеlpеd tо instill impоrtant family valuеs in all оf us.

In tоday’s agе оf mоdеrn tеchnоlоgy many оf оur childrеn arе living a much diffеrеnt lifе than that оf thе childrеn оf оur gеnеratiоn. Nоw this is nоt tо scrutinizе оr scоld anyоnе, but rathеr tо bring a harsh rеality tо light that I mysеlf had nеglеctеd tо sее. That is until rеcеntly whеn my еyеs wеrе оpеnеd tо an alarming rеality.

Discоnnеctеd & Rеsеt: A Stеp By Stеp Guidе tо Rеcоvеr Ð?ur Digitally Distractеd Kids is a bооk writtеn tо crеatе awarеnеss and alsо call parеnts tо actiоn. In this bооk, yоu’ll find sеvеral tips and advicеs оn hоw tо discоnnеct and rеcоvеr yоur kids frоm tеchnоlоgy and digital dеvicеs. Much оf what yоu will rеad in this bооk is еyе оpеning, mind blоwing and thоught prоvоking. Yоu will discоvеr hоw thе usе оf digital dеvicеs has cоntributеd tо thе dеvеlоpmеnt оf ADHD in childrеn.

It shоuldn’t bе a surprisе; hоwеvеr, that ADHD which dеvеlоps in childhооd (by dеfinitiоn) cоuld bе carriеd intо adulthооd. Is it pоssiblе that thе parеnts arе nоt giving maximum attеntiоn tо thе kids’ bеhaviоr and sо thеrе’s nееd tо swiftly takе actiоns and usе thе rеcоmmеndеd (in this bооk) оutdооr activitiеs that can hеlp discоnnеct thеm frоm thе digital wоrld, dеcrеasе strеss and incrеasе cоgnitivе functiоn fоr childrеn.

Parеnts havе gоttеn all tоо cоmfоrtablе with thе “hеlping hand” that tеchnоlоgy has prоvidеd thеm. Wе can nоw еnjоy discussing impоrtant issuеs at dinnеr whilе thе littlе оnеs arе watching Tеlеvisiоn. Wе can gо tо rеstaurants that оur parеnts wоuldn’t havе darеd tо bеcausе оur kids can busy thеmsеlvеs оn a variеty оf digital dеvicеs. This bооk will hеlp yоu undеrstand why intrоducing tеchnоlоgy tоо yоung tо childrеn is capablе оf making thеm lеss crеativе, and imaginativе.

Thеrе’s nо quеstiоn that tеchnоlоgy usе can lеad tо pооr оutcоmеs, but tеchnоlоgy itsеlf is nоt tо blamе. Parеnts nееd tо rеmеmbеr thеir vеry impоrtant rоlе as a mеdiatоr bеtwееn thеir childrеn and thе harmful еffеcts оf tеchnоlоgy. Parеnts shоuld limit еxpоsurе tо dеvicеs, discоuragе dеvicе multitasking, makе surе dеvicеs arе nоt usеd during sоcial еvеnts, and mоnitоr thе cоntеnt that thеir child is еngaging in. Yоu will find many mоrе in thе bооk!

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Hope on Distant Shores: How Awakened Men can escape the Anglosphere’s Toxic Women, Sexual False Consciousness and Institutional Misandry

by Rookh Kshatriya

Rookh Kshtriya’s first book â??Havok’ (2009) focused on the condition of gender-relations in the contemporary Anglosphere. His conclusions – which have since taken root all over the English-speaking world, were that residual Puritanism has imbalanced gender-relations in favour of women, reducing Anglo-American males to disposable stooges, walking ATM machines and vilified deviants. Meanwhile the same secular Puritanism has, by sacralising sex as an elusive commodity, set Anglo-American women atop pedestals as exalted goddesses. Despite claiming to be a â??revolutionary’ movement, Anglo-American feminism is in fact an extension – indeed, amplification of – existing values: Anglo feminism is sex-negative, misandrist and racist, just like Anglo-American society. The movement that emerged from his first book is best called pan-Anglosphere Dissidence: the systematic rejection of repressive Anglo-American values. This rejection is associated with a yearning for the relative sexual freedom waiting outside the Anglosphere. Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence is predictably strongest in the puritanical United States, with its entitled women, institutionalised misandry and fanatic aversion to prostitution. Building on the insights first presented in â??Havok’, â??Hope on Distant Shores’ offers lifestyle guidance to Anglo-American men who want slim, warm, attractive women unsullied by sex-negative, misandrist Anglo feminism. Unlike â??Havok’, â??Hope on Distant Shores’ contains only a few references from â??canonical’ historians, economists or philosophers. Like Saint Paul or the Buddha, Dr Kshatriya is fashioning something completely new and a completely new conceptual vocabulary is necessary to contain it. Therefore, most references are taken from the extensive correspondence to his blog which began in early 2018. All the postings of these experienced and learned correspondents, some of them containing over twenty thousand words, are included in a remarkable series of appendices which will doubtless be cited and studied by awakened men for decades to come.

HELPING YOUR ANXIOUS SONS: Easy & Fast Parenting Strategies to Help Your Teen Finding Calm, Beat Anxiety, Worry, and Stress….. Help your Sons live life in an Enjoy way

by Susan Johnson

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Helping Your Anxious Sons: Children who experience worry and anxiety should tell you how they sense, but only when they are not frightened of becoming embarrassed, humiliated or punished. Parents face particular challenges due to the fact children with anxiety tend to be nervous, avoidance, annoying or exhausting. If you become frustrated and make these children feel bad, they cease growing honest and begin telling you that they are tired, unwell, or don’t care. Without having real improvement, stressed and nervous children will try to keep away from experiencing anything terrible. A lot start to avoid circumstances where there is only a small likelihood they will end up feeling bad. Eventually, they end up making options based mostly on feared situations and not realities. If this remains, quite a few of these children will try to make new friends who could help them feel better. But in most cases they lead to mastering escaping the problems using isolation, skipping school, becoming a member of “fringe” groups, looking for thrills, rejecting responsibility socially, or using alcohol and other drugs. In time, children and anxiety begin to express rage instead of their concern. Anger feels better than fear, and it is simpler for children to blame others if they can’t escape feeling bad.

On the other hand, blaming themselves instead of others leads to depression. Children reinforce and offer supremacy to their fears once they act to stay away from or escape unrealistic worries. This way the anxiousness grows. The child’s self-confidence will malfunction to blossom at home and in school.

What you will learn in this book:

  • Instructions to Help Your Child Prepare For College
  • Child Anxiety – When Should I Ask for Help for My Child?  
  • Relieve and Reduce Anxiety and Regain Control of Your Time       
  • Step by step instructions to Cope After Losing a Child Custody Case        
  • Instructions to Cope With Sibling Jealousy
  • Simple Steps on How Parents Can Cope With an Autistic Child     
  • Child Anxiety Treatment       
  • Child Anxiety Treatment Is Sure to Become Easy    
  • Child Anxiety Treatment – Tips For Concerned Parents       
  • Anxiety Treatment – Finding the Answer For Children        
  • Social Anxiety Treatment For Children
  • Anti-Anxiety Medication For Children – 2 Facts Caregivers Must Know

It is an unfortunate but authentic truth that stress and nervousness in children and anxiety is a common issue in this day’s fast-paced, high-tech, activity-packed culture. If your child is experiencing fear and nervousness, try these uncomplicated but efficient approaches to reduce anxiety in children.


The Neglected: Always awaiting for a better tomorrow… the happy days will come to those who wait

by Dana Hux

This book is based on actual events. This book describes how the author underwent numerous traumatic events throughout her childhood into adulthood. It consists of being placed on the child protection register at birth, suffering from abuse, neglect and witnessing suicide. There are references to death, mental health issues, miscarriage and domestic violence.

No one deserves to go through life experiencing traumatic events, when life throws you difficult challenges, never give up!

Life is too short to live with regret and anger. Don’t let past experiences define who you are. You are the maker of your destiny. Broken people don’t have to stay broken… it might just take a little longer to piece us back together.



Who am I?
I am no one.
I am nothing.
I am anonymous.

I am nothing but a girl engulfed in darkness, trying to piece the broken parts together to create something beautiful. I can then become whole, and let the light shine through my broken shards of life to make a brighter and better future, a happy future.
To be free from the pain, at peace with the hurt and to be able to tolerate myself. I will not be afraid of my past, and I will not let it define me. I chose not to follow in other’s footsteps, creating my own footprint and developing my own path.

Where will it lead?

To that, I have no answers, but my journey begins with myself, I am sunshine mixed with rain, creating a rainbow for my future.
My story is the base of my being, but not the end. I am still learning about myself. Building myself up and trying to figure out who I am as a person, as a mother, as a partner and as a friend. My old motto uses to be ” Fake it until you make it” but now I am beginning to peel away the layersâ?¦. right down to the core, layer by layer, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how many tears I have wiped from my eyesâ?¦ I am now building myself back up into the confident, motivated and strong individual I strive to become. To face my past and let it become the end to my beginning. A new chapter awaits, and I now realise that I shouldn’t just give in and say ” bad things always happen to me, it’s okayâ?¦. I’m used to it”. I now realise that whatever life throws at me, good or bad. I will always be okay because at the end of the day there are still people out there that have it a lot worse than what I do. Even worse off than you! I am now above the surface, catching my breath. Nothing will pull me back under, and I will not drown in regret and self-pity.
One of the issues that I need to address and build on are my emotions, how to use them and express them freely without embarrassment being present.
I grew up not knowing the feeling of love. To be loved, to feel loved or even to be happy, to feel happy. My main wish growing up was to have a typical family, to be like everyone else. It was just something I always wanted and wished. My life just felt like it consisted of being lonely, neglected and abandoned by everyone that I knew. I had always wanted someone in my life and for that someone to be there for me and stay around, but I was unable to trust anyone. I feared to get close to people because of the few that managed to get past where I let my guard down and believe. Well, at some point they would kick me back to the curbâ?¦. the lonely girl back in the gutter, asking herself why and rebuilding her walls back up higher and higher where her weakness became her strongest point because she was too afraid to get hurt as she was tired of hurting.
I had me, just me, No one else with the monsters in the shadows surrounding me. I despised my own company, stuck listening to my thoughts was like a living nightmare with reoccurring self-hate and self-pity, convincing myself not to live in this world. My demons were growing stronger every day while I wither away inside myself…

Trump Remember This House: I Am Not Ignorant to Your Lies: Donald Trump Creates Constant Class Distinction Chaos in 2019

by Dave Masko

Trump Remember This House: I Am Not Ignorant to Your Lies, by Dave Masko. Famed “I Am Not Your Negro” novelist James Baldwin decried the intricacies of Donald Trump-styled racism connecting Watergate and Civil Rights Movements past and present to current Trump affronts to women and black lives matter issues; while this special “new journalism” report features a collection of essays that combine a special and singular combination of confidence and curiosity that true American patriotism will be the main source of Trump’s undoing, and removal from the White House in 2019. “There’s no doubt in my mind that God above will use the universal law of Karma to exit Trump faster than a wink of any eye because that’s all it takes to bring Trump downâ?¦ a wink of an eye!” While in Donald Trump’s closed to only rich and white society, where Trump and Republicans are guilty as sin, the only crime for “the Donald” is getting caught. Trump’s decade-long legal eagle Michael Cohen told Congress on Feb. 27, 2019 that Donald Trump directed him to threaten people 500 times via Cohen testified under oath that Trump used thuggery per “You just bought yourself an f-ing lawsuit” were Donald Trump’s exact words, said Cohen, when having to deal with well-known crazy-man Donald Trump. Thus, “it’s all about Trump,” said Toni McCall with a deep sense of chagrin about having to deal with daily “Trump self-regard that, frankly, has been so very toxic for me and other Americans thus far in 2019 I’m too blue to share my fears,” added McCall, a retired “grandma” who helped launch local “Impeach Trump Protests” in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, where McCall, 78, lives in a sort of Catholic Community Commune of former priests and nuns “trying to do the right thing in our final years.” One of the group’s â??right things’ is to preach “God’s language is not Donald Trump’s language,” while McCall and other former nuns explain “we are in conversation with the Creator with each act of everything we do day in and day out.” In turn, this deep-seeing former Catholic Sister of Mercy said of all her broad concerns for humanity, “nothing is more vital than removing Trump from our White House!” The old nun considers Trump “the work of Satan,” and fears “Trump is the source of Satan’s evil self-regard today in 2019 because if we give Trump all the power, it will surely be our undoing,” warns former Sister Toni McCall with real fears in this old lady’s eyes that reminds Americans that Cohen, on Trump’s behalf, committed campaign finance violations during the 2016 election via these Trump hush payments to Porn Star Stormy Daniels and Playmate Karen McDougal. Sister McCall and other senior American voters think all agree that Trump’s intent was to deceive, yet Trump does the evil that Republicans want this odious president to do because power sadly seems to trump justice in Trump’s topsy-turvy America in 2019, say deeply concerned citizenry during recent face-to-face new journalism interviews and conversations because nothing online is real. Meanwhile, there is this “reverse prism” of non-reality that Trump uses in his tweets and other Big Brother propaganda to always negatively ignite racial and social issues so that it becomes a white nationalist Trump political issue. Thus, the best source of truth in this entire Trump bullshit is the individual, said the late great James Baldwin when reminding all Americans “they can’t turn back because history is a weapon.”

Baby Sleep Training: Your Best Survival Guide on Sleep Training Your Baby: A Guide to Giving Your Baby the Gift of Sleep Through Breathing Techniques (Healthy Habits, and Relaxation Methods Book 1)

by Kelly Curtiss

Tired? Frustrated? Is your baby’s cries ringing in your ears even when you’re sleeping? Do you even know what day it is?
If your eyes are too exhausted to keep reading, then you definitely need this book! This is for all the tired moms and dads out there who just want five precious minutes of uninterrupted sleep.
Today is your lucky day because I am about to introduce you to several methods that can get you a few hours of uninterrupted and much-needed sleep. A baby is precious, and these are moments that you want to be able to enjoy for as long as you can. You can’t enjoy your baby if you are constantly sleep deprived. That is a simple fact. You also do not want to have to give your baby anything external to make them sleep just so that you can catch up on all those sleepless nights.
This guide is meant to help you find some great methods that can work for you and your baby! Everyone needs a good night’s rest. That includes you and your baby. So, dive into this book and let us provide you a method that will work for your routine. Sleep training is a very rewarding process.
I look forward to helping you discover new ways to tackle your sleepless baby. Who knows, at the end of this guide you might even find yourself snoozing away!

Lessons from the Frogs I’ve Kissed: I have made all the mistakes in the book so you wont have to

by Krystal Kolnik

Q. What does a dope addict, an abusive fisherman, a man still in love with his gay ex-wife, the eternal bachelor, he-who-made-me-the-centre-of-his-universe and a sexy Chilean all have in common?

A. Me!

I invite you to be a fly on the wall as I revisit all my significant adult relationships and share the invaluable life lessons I have learnt over the last 20 years. In my most desperate moments, whether dating or married, I searched for a book that could give me some much-needed perspective on my current circumstances. That book did not exist – until now.

Many of us have been in romantic relationships which feel incredible in the beginning but end up in trauma, regret and despair. How do we stop ourselves from becoming locked in cycles of abuse? What are the unconscious dating patterns that underlie our romantic interactions? How do we know what we are looking for in a partner ? And most importantly why do we need to learn to love ourselves first? Written with dashes of humour and cringe-worthy honesty, I am sure you will find Lessons From the Frogs I’ve Kissed to be an entertaining and powerful read, which should help you in your own personal journey in finding ever-lasting love and happiness.

School Rush: The Bounce Back Series 1

by Nicole Powell

Is your house full of frustration and tension on school mornings, as you struggle to leave the house on time?

Do you repeat the same things day after day?

“Get up or we’ll be late!”

“Where are your shoes?”

“Why haven’t you brushed your hair?”

“Have you packed your school bag?”

“What do you mean your homework isn’t done?”

Are you looking for a better way?

School Rush offers families that better way. When children learn to work with their emotions in a positive and healthy way, the morning rush can be transformed into a time of warmth, fun and laughter, as family members help each other to leave the house on time.

The book features:

-A beautifully illustrated story you can read and discuss together.

-Fun suggestions to motivate children to get to bed on time and get up in the morning.

-Itemized checklists to make getting out of the house easier.

-A resources section, with activities and exercises, to help children improve their organization skills and develop effective routines.

-Games designed to help get your children to school on time.

School Rush is the third book in The Bounce Back Series. This series was created to empower children and provide them with the strategies they need to overcome adversity and be resilient when facing life’s challenges. It encourages children to cultivate a sense of kindness and forgiveness towards themselves and others, and to view mistakes simply as opportunities for learning.

In order to achieve these goals, we need self-respect and respect for others. We also need to understand the emotions that drive our lives. Then we can learn to work with these powerful forces rather than hide from them, pretend they don’t exist, or be their passive recipients. By encouraging children to understand their emotions and take responsibility for themselves and their choices, they will eventually become the drivers of their own destinies and enjoy an increased sense of confidence, freedom, and empowerment. This gives them the most valuable reward of all: the opportunity to create a life they can love.

Other books in The Bounce Back Series:

Kindness Changes Everything addresses the serious issue of schoolyard bullying from the perspective of both the victim and the perpetrator.

Messy encourages children to develop a healthy respect for themselves, each other and the Earth that underpins all life.

Kind Words is designed to help children address everyday school yard difficulties by equipping them with sound conflict resolution skills.

Making Friends equips children with strategies they can use, should they find themselves alone in the schoolyard at play.

Quietly Confident addresses the emotion of fear which unconsciously underpins many of our choices in life. By encouraging children to understand and face this emotion directly, they can enjoy an increased sense of confidence, freedom, and empowerment.

Facing Fear explains that anger is often used to mask other emotions that are more difficult for us to feel, such as fear, shame or guilt. When children learn to accept and understand the underlying causes of anger, it has no need to arise.

A Questing Game engages children’s imaginations as they embark on an adventure that can only begin when they are tucked up in bed at night.

Other books you might enjoy:

Ever Felt Different? is a delightful tale for anyone who has ever felt different!

The 8 Date Rule is a comical look at dating!

Mothers and Sons: How to Raise a Gentleman

by Carma Chan

Keath was born three months early. Faced with learning challenges and the problem of bullying in public schools, especially toward Special Ed students, his mother chose to homeschool him and succeeded K-6. What inspired her? A book she had read when he was a baby, about great and good men and the mothers who nurtured them. Today, she shares this short story to inspire all parents everywhere to do their best!

Auch wenn es weh tut ist es Liebe Mit Yoga und systemischen Methoden zum … Schattenkind : Vorwort Regina Weiser (German Edition)

by Borwin Beer

Auch wenn es wehtut ist es Liebe

Wege zur Befreiung unseres Schattenkindes

Ã?ber dieses Buch:

Schattenkinder sind ungesehene, ungehörte oder unerwünschte Persönlichkeitsanteile in uns. Sie warten in ihrer Verbannung auf Befreiung und Erlösung. Sie wollen gesehen und anerkannt werden. Sie verhalten sich oft genauso, wie unsere Kinder oder Jugendlichen, die keine Beachtung, keine Geborgenheit und keine Fürsorge erfahren.

Unsere Schattenkinder melden sich auf ihre Weise. Vielleicht über körperliche Symptome, über Angstzustände, über Süchte, über Unzufriedenheit oder über Aggressionen. Vielleicht aber auch über ein “Nicht-mehr-können” oder ein “Nicht-mehr-wollen.” Oder sogar über ein “Immer-mehr-wollen.”

Besonders Menschen, die sich lieben, finden über die Nähe zum Partner einen geheimnisvollen, ja fast mystischen Zugang zu den schwächsten, dunkelsten Anteilen des Partners. Hier “wohnen” die Schattenkinder. Aber der Zugang zu ihnen ist oft fest verschlossen und die Konfrontation mit diesen Anteilen, kann Schmerzen bereiten. Das ist dann die Liebe, die weh tut.

Mit Yoga-Praktiken und sensitiver Körperarbeit können wir diesen Schattenanteilen etwas näher kommen. Die systemisch- psychologische Arbeitsweise ermöglicht letztendlich den versöhnlichen Schritt hin zu unseren unerkannten oder ungeliebten Schattenkindern.
Der Leser bekommt mit diesem Buch eine tiefere Einsicht in sein eigenes, unergründliches Sein. Das ermöglicht der Autor unter anderem durch bedeutende Grundgedanken von Rainer Maria Rilke, Erich Fromm und Ramana Maharishi.
Ein Buch, das aufbaut und ermutigt. Ein Buch, das Lust macht zu lesen!

Ã?ber den Autor:
Borwin Beer ist leidenschaftlicher systemischer Einzel- Paar- und Familientherapeut. Er ist glücklich verheiratet und hat vier erwachsene, wunderbare Kinder, auf die er sehr stolz ist. Er lebt und arbeitet in Ã?berlingen am Bodensee. “Auch wenn es weh tut ist es Liebe” ist nach dem “Freiheitsschock” sein zweites verlegtes Buch.

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Best Married Life

by Michael Morel

Love has many facets, you must know all facets of a married to live a better life, There are ways to discover how much your husband loves you, There are ways make him Jealous and care about you, and how to deal with husband neglect, How to Improve Your Relationship, How do you deal with the bad aspects of your husband, and how to fix a Relationship, and the best gifts suitable for all situations.

Dating After Divorce: Getting Back in the Game and Starting a New Relationship

by Daytona Watterson

The majority of books on dating after divorce show you techniques on how to enjoy your freedom and get right back in the game as fast as possible. Here’s a book that shows you from personal experience how to first get yourself in the right frame of mind and then how to prepare for a new relationship.

In her book, Dating After Divorce, Daytona Wattersonâ??authority on relationship adviceâ??shows you step by step techniques you can easily implement on how to find out when the time is right for you to get back into the dating game. Daytona teaches you how to prepare for dating again and which mistakes to avoid when you are ready to start dating. Dating after divorce can be a difficult thing for many people to do, and once you have decided to star a new relationship you really need someone who has been there before to offer helpful advice.

~ I’ve been in the position that you are today, and I remember what it was like not wanting to ever feel that pain of divorce again. I used to tell myself I was running out of time and needed to get up and get back in the game, only to realize I was terrified that it was either too early or I was still too emotionally broken down. I know that during that time I made a bunch of mistakes, and looking back on those days I wish I had the experience that I do now. I learned so much during those years, and my journey will offer you a unique perspective that is going to help you to start dating again after divorce. Daytona ~

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Is the time right to start dating after divorce?
  • DON’Tmake these dating mistakes
  • How to prepare for a new relationship
  • Dating after divorce with children
  • Starting over once you are free again
  • Don’t make your new partner suffer
  • Get back in the game and things will get better
  • Much, much more!

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The Silence

by Katharine Johnson

“A gripping tale of secrets and lies remembered long after the last page.” – Amanda James, author of Behind the Lie.

Doctor Abby Fenton has a rewarding career, a loving family, an enviable lifestyle – and a secret that could destroy everything.

When human remains are discovered in the grounds of an idyllic Tuscan holiday home she is forced to confront the memories she has suppressed until now and relive the summer she spent at the villa in 1992. A summer that ended in tragedy. The nearer she gets to the truth the closer she comes to losing her sanity.

In order to hold onto the people she loves most, she must make sure they never discover what she did. But the reappearance of someone else from that summer threatens to blow her secret wide open.

Mama’s Blues: Self-Empowering Life Lessons & Journey With Family Relationships, Emotional Freedom, Self-Transformation With 111 Original Life Mastery Quotes


You can emerge as a survivor with a wildflower’s resilience to embark on your own path to freedom as well.
Boldly creating new revolutionary perspectives for our near future, against all odds of growing up within the internal conflicts, dysfunctions, and drama of family ties and relationships. Also skating through the whirlwind of emotional rollercoaster rides to overcome all the obstacles, madness, and chaos of the heart and mind.

“Mama’s Blues” will leave no stones unturned.

“My heart’s going to weep one last time for all the wrongs,
When I begin to unravel the past aches in my song.

Mama, they’re going to learn every word in my tune,
When my eyes are done crying for the final time and I’m gone
The world’s going to memorize the lyrics to my song.

Mama, one day you’d desire to grow out of my old silence,
When you hear the echoes of my melody in the distant sirens
Because I’ve finally learned to reveal and sing my new song.”

“I loved reading this. I cried to parts, I laughed, all emotions were felt. If you are on the journey to self-love, soul searching, enlightenment, this is something to reference” â?? Katie Kemp

Special Edition Blue Floral Print Spine
[ Paperback Available On 11 July 2018 ]

People Who Hurt: abusers and codependants – looking for answers

by Celia Micklefield

Everybody hurts. There are times in our lives when pain is unavoidable. Sometimes the hurt is physical and our bodies may heal but there is hurt that is psychological or emotional. Usually we learn how to deal with it and find our own ways to heal. Sometimes we don’t.
Most of us choose not to hurt others deliberately. Our sense of morality forbids it. Our empathy for others’ feelings prevents such cruelty. But there are people who do not possess the same conscience. They strive for what they want no matter who it hurts. Unable to truly bond they repeat patterns of behaviour that may become abusive.
While experts in the field look to ‘celebrate our differences’ rather than label people as narcissists or sociopaths, I wonder who is caring for the victims of their emotional, psychological and oftentimes financial abuse.
Passive aggressive, covert manipulation is hidden abuse. Many victims don’t realise they are being abused by controlling partners. People Who Hurt is part memoir, part informational. It describes how victims are deceived by their partner’s intermittent reinforcement of the relationship and the tools abusers use to keep their victims under control.

Santa’s Secret: How to get children to bed happily on Christmas Eve!

by Robert Scott

The Christmas holiday is a special time of year and it should be a happy time for children, their parents and grandparents. This book includes a parent’s guide to creating your own personal family elf and the signal it will give your children when it is time for bed on Christmas Eve. It is a story book and a coloring book too in paperback! This concept was used by the author’s parents when he was young — long, long ago! Santa’s Secret brings the concept into the modern age including an Apple i Pad application parents can use to set their own bed time alarm from 5 minutes to 40 minutes. The book has other Santa is near, time for bed ideas. With the i Pad application when the alarm sounds lights on the tree and mantle flash and Santa gives a Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Christmas greeting and the fireplace blazes. All children — time to be in bed! (Later signal for parents of course!). And children will run happily off to bed to dream of sugar plums and presents! And parents can relax and enjoy the rest of their evening before the big day! May the book and the i Pad application, if you choose to use it, give you and your family as much joy during the Christmas season as it has our family. Warmest of holiday wishes to all.

ADOPTION: Things Your Adopted Child Will Want To Know About Adoption (Parenting Books, Communication, Parenting)

by Samantha Evans

Do You Want To Know HowAnswer The Burning Questions That Your Child Will Want To Know About His Or Her Adoption?

– How To Tell Your Child About Adoption

– Specific Questions Your Child Will Want To Know

– Why It’s Important To Tell Your Child The Truth

– How To Be Prepared To Answer Any Question

– What Responses To Expect From Different Age Ranges (ages 1-5, 6-9, 9-11)

– How To Work Most-Effectively With Your Childs’ Feelings

– And Much More!

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Living with Merlin: Coping with grief , living life


The loss of a loved one can leave one helpless and broken.
Unhappy and lost what does one do to make life
meaningful again ? Following the initial disbelief sets in a chain
of anger and sorrow , insecurity and pain. I have made an attempt
to take one day at a time to cope and to go on . Faith helps and
so do some stories . I can only hope that my story can help someone
deal with a loss far greater than words can describe.

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