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Basic Karma Lectures (Basic Anthroposophy Book 4)

by Rudolf Steiner

In these introductory lectures on karma, as Steiner begins by explaining that, although it is not present in exoteric Christianity, in the inner circles of esoteric Christianity, karma was continuously taught. It was important that each of us go through at least one incarnation without awareness of reincarnation and karma, but as this is accomplished, the time will come when reincarnation and karma must be widely taught again.
The second lecture is devoted mostly to the karma of the temperaments. Good habits in one incarnation yield good health in the next, and vice versa. Materialism will have dire effects including universal, congenital nervousness if it is allowed to continue. This is one of the main reasons why the wise guides of humanity decided to begin revealing spiritual wisdom through theosophy.
The third lecture makes it clear that we can speak of karma only since the Luciferic intervention. Isn’t the law of karma terrible in its inevitability? No, like a businessman, we can always add good deeds to the positive side of the ledger. Karma is actually entirely in keeping with Christ’s redemptive death, through which He assisted the whole of humanity.

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