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An Essence Of Time

by Shaun Waller

In a time where there is no technology, people in this settlement must go out to find the resources they need. Learning about the people that live in the Sterling settlement, they are building the place they live, helping one another, while they have battles with the creatures that inhabit this earth.
The settlement protectors meet new people on their way through this journey of their lives, ones that they open their settlement too, while gaining technology that is unheard off, this will be revolutionary to their battles.
Along with the true protectors, a once tale told to the settlement protectors as children, around a log fire by their elders. Now he is waking to keep the land from being destroyed.

Darcy and Elizabeth: Unexpected Affection: Pride and Prejudice Variations and Sequels

by Cassandra Knightley

For her beloved family, Elizabeth would accept Mr Darcy’s indelicate proposal.
She hoped to ensure the happiness of her sisters, what she didn’t expect was to fall in love with the very man she vowed to hate.

Lady Catherine’s objections will be the least of their concerns when compared with the nasty schemes of Mr Wickham, not to mention the scandals posed by Elizabeth’s own relations! Can Mr Darcy handle the chaos that is the Bennet Family? Can Elizabeth put aside her hurt pride long enough to allow her true feelings to shine? Will these two withstand scandal and scorn to finally discover their happily ever ?

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The Robert Louis Stevenson Collection

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist and travel writer, most noted for Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Born and educated in Edinburgh, Stevenson suffered from serious bronchial trouble for much of his life, but continued to write prolifically and travel widely, in defiance of his poor health. As a young man, he mixed in London literary circles, receiving encouragement from Andrew Lang, Edmund Gosse, Leslie Stephen and W. E. Henley, the last of whom may have provided the model for Long John Silver in Treasure Island. His travels took him to France, America and Australia, before he finally settled in Samoa, where he died.
A celebrity in his lifetime, Stevenson attracted a more negative critical response for much of the 20th century, though his reputation has been largely restored. He is currently ranked as the 26th most translated author in the world.

A Heart Left Behind: A gripping story of love, espionage, and sacrifice in WW2 Europe

by David Canford

Caught up in a web of secret love, blackmail, and espionage in the build-up to World War II, a mother faces a terrible dilemma. Visiting Nazi Germany, New Yorker, Orla von Hertzberg, sees a country which appears to reflect the claims of her German relatives. Back home, she finds herself hiding a secret which threatens to destroy her happiness if it is ever revealed, and so she is relieved when her husband is posted to Berlin. Finally discovering the harsh reality of Hitler’s regime, Orla wants to leave. However, her compromised past will force her to undertake a life-threatening task to try and save not just herself but also her son. From the author of “A Good Nazi?”

Praise for “A Good Nazi?”:

“Great narrative that is a monument to real friendship as well of a very good documented WWII conflict.”
“Really tugs at your heart and emotions … and makes you think.. all at the same time. Couldn’t put it down. Read in one day. Excellent.”
“Great story telling! Had to force myself to put it down and get some sleep. Well done, sir! Well done!”
“The author has to be applauded for not turning Torsten into a hero but not putting him down all that much, either. I saw Torsten as a human being, good and bad and gullible. The other characters are also drawn well.
“I enjoyed the story very much and felt my eyes getting wet at the end.”
“An excellent read. I felt as if I was right there. A difficult book to put down.”

Leah Bailey and the Fire Demon (The Elementals Book 1)

by Kate Viola

Leah Bailey and the Fire Demon is about a young woman named Leah Bailey. Leah was born and raised in London, England in the late 17th century. After her father’s death, she and her family move to New Ashford, a Puritan colony in The New World. Her aunt and uncle are established members of the community and welcome the Bailey family to the town. Leah has some difficulties adjusting to her new life, but she makes friends, which include a young Native American woman from the Abenaki tribe, named Pouguas, and establishes herself as a good citizen.
Just as Leah and her family settle in, several incidences occur that challenge the peaceful little town. It begins with the death of a wolf and escalates to the murder of two Abenaki natives and one New Ashford citizen. The mysterious deaths correlate with an Abenaki legend about giants and demons. It would seem someone, or a group of people, are trying to start a war between New Ashford and the Abenaki.


Cold wind swirled around Leah. It was the same bone-chilling air that she felt earlier in
the day. It was such an unusual sensation; warm summer air mixed with winter wind. She
pulled her letter opener from her satchel and held it in front of her. There wasn’t anyone about
this time of night, just nocturnal animals such as skunks, raccoons and opossums, which would
be more scared of her than she of them. There were wolves, but she didn’t hear any howls. They
must be far away, she hoped.
Leah was about halfway to New Ashford when she turned the sharp bend in the path.
This was the place where she and Pouguas saw the willow wisps. As she neared the small
clearing a faint glow emerged from the soft, swaying plants. Leah took a closer look. They
weren’t glowing; the tips of the wisps were on fire. The fire did not burn down the rest of the
plant, but stayed secure at the tops. Leah trembled with fear. She had never seen anything like
it. It defied all logic. The willow whips swayed in the cool breeze, dancing in unison. A huge
gust of wind blew through the clearing, directly into Leah. The wind was strong enough to make
Leah take a step back, but it did not blow out the burning plants. They burned brighter.


by Edwin Page

From the author of The Hanging Tree comes Runaway, an intimate tale of innocence, acceptance and freedom.

The year is 1863 and Joshua is a runaway slave who finds refuge on a farmstead in Missouri. Six year old Clara was born on the farm and is naive to the ways of the world. She abides there with her mother, Lizbet, and discovers Joshua hiding in the barn. Her father is absent, fighting for the Confederacy with Missouri guerrillas, and she soon forms an attachment with the unusual man whose presence she agrees to keep secret. However, not all secrets can be kept, despite best intentions.

This is an evocative tale and the interplay of the characters will keep you enthralled. The descriptive qualities match those of The Hanging Tree, as does the emotional content. Engaging in its simplicity, Runaway is sure to touch its readers and is another tale by Edwin Page that will not soon be forgotten. A story that shows sometimes you don’t have to leave home to make a journey of discovery.

20% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the charity Anti-Slavery International. The U.K. abolished slavery in 1833 and the U.S. in 1865, but its blight is still present in the world today with an estimated 21 million people living under its yoke, visit to find out more.

This book is available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Look out for the sequel to Runaway. Entitled Homestead, it will be released in paperback and Kindle formats on the 17th November 2017. The Kindle edition will be available to pre-order from the 3rd of that month.

‘This moving book about slavery is set in 1863 on a farmstead in Missouri. It focuses on six-year-old Clara and her mother, Lizbet, who, through the last days of slavery, hide Joshua, a runaway slave, in their barn.
The child’s presence brings an innocent perspective on the matter that highlights the cruelty of slavery yet also allows for some of the more refreshing elements in this novel.

While the plot and outline are not overly original, the book shines with its likeable and endearing characters, and its ultimately upbeat tone.

I was gripped by the suspense and deeply touched, and would recommend this book to others’ – Historical Novel Society

The Scoundrel’s Innocent Wife: Regency Romance

by Emily Parker


Elizabeth Corrington is about to turn twenty-one, the age when she will be in control of her own affairs. She finds out that her aunt, who has also been her guardian from when she was fifteen, intends to get hold of her vast inheritance by marrying her off to a distant cousin of her husband’s. Elizabeth needs to find a husband fast to escape from her aunt’s despicable schemes.
Albert Ridgeway is considered the prince of scoundrels of London. His father’s will stipulates that he can only take up his title when he finds and marries a young woman with a title and money. When Elizabeth approaches him with a proposal, he is only too happy to take it so as to save his estate.
Their marriage of convenience leads to something the two of them didn’t expect.

En el poblado: Parte tres (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Había estado almacenando durante toda su vida, en algún rinconcito de su cerebro, junto a sus sueños de juventud, las lecciones de vida más preciosas con las que regalar los oídos de su hijo -que injusta es la vida casi siempre-, escondidos de sus ideales de sacrificio y lucha para que ningún dolor pudiera arrebatarles la frescura y el optimismo que siempre desprendieron.
Pero, si más cruda y áspera podía ser la realidad, aunque la madre no podía saberlo ni imaginarlo, sus creencias y sus estúpidos ideales en realidad estaban perjudicando grandemente el estado de su hijo, pues de todos es sabido que naturaleza se rebela siempre que se lo permite la ingenuidad del hombre, sobre todo porque su amor, sus creencias y sus rudimentarios conocimientos del cuerpo y el medio, en aquella época, estaban alimentados por las experiencias personales del individuo y no por la ciencia empírica -que no es exactamente lo mismo-, que provocaron que los esfuerzos de la madre redundarán en la futura enfermedad del feto; aunque conviene añadir que puede que los dioses tuvieran algo de rabia contra él, y seguramente algo de celos también.

Auf den zerbrochenen Flügeln der Freiheit (German Edition)

by Rebecca Michéle

Irland, 1912: Weil sie immer wieder gegen die Regeln verstö�t, wird die junge Nonne Rose in ein Kloster nach Dublin versetzt, dem eine Wäscherei angeschlossen ist, die angeblich missratenen Mädchen Arbeit gibt. Rose erkennt schnell, dass die Magdalen-Frauen rücksichtslos ausgebeutet werden, Schläge und Misshandlungen sind an der Tagesordnung. Als Rose feststellt, dass die Magdalen-Frauen von Priestern missbraucht werden, lehnt sie sich gegen die Mutter Oberin auf und steht nun selbst unter strenger Bewachung. Zusammen mit zwei jungen Arbeiterinnen flüchtet Rose aus dem Kloster. Drau�en erwartet sie allerdings kein besseres Leben, denn alle drei werden in die Wirren des irischen Freiheitskampfes verstrickt �

Harbinger: Engines Of Ascendancy Part II

by Gregory Figg

London burns after disaster at the Tower. Paris starves from a harvest left untouched in the fields. Wales stirs with rebellion on both sides. In the far north, an expedition to recover Templar treasure is frustrated, and the woman leading it rallies her comrades to overcome failure at any cost.

With barely a moment for the dust to settle between each upheaval, personal and political ambitions come into sharper focus as society strains under fear and disorder. At the centre of it all is a relic of inexplicable powers, driving conflict of all kinds at all turns.

The fires of unrest are fanned across Christendom, whilst ominous rumours swirl in its farthest reaches. Will Europe ride out its present turmoil and discover the truth behind the Godstone, or is a storm breaking on the horizon?

Victorian Romance: A Grant of Love (Historical Victorian Duke Love Wealth Romance) (Clean & Wholesome Western Mail order Bride Regency)

by Elizabeth McClair

Charlotte is plagued by the death of her father; the images of his dying moments won’t leave her. Day after day, the gray weather of Leeds reminds her of what happened that fateful morning. If it hadn’t been for her godmother, she would have been homeless, but luckily Jane was prepared to take her in and provide for her. They get on well, but when it comes to love, Charlotte finds Jane has a very different idea of who would be a suitable husband for Charlotte is a hypocrite, but until Charlotte is twenty one, she is her guardian and what she says, goes. That includes choosing whom Charlotte will marry. When Charlotte finds a man she likes, Jane is certain he isn’t of the right class or heritage, despite his enormous wealth.

How Charlotte do with her love? Her love is unrequited or not. Follow her love story on “A Grant of Love”

This is a tale of the Victorian era and the misery the constraints of societal tradition placed on many young lovers.


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This is a standalone short story with a HEA ending.

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