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The Bimbofication of Barbie Burkenbach: From Stentorian to Sultry (The Bimbofication of Woman Book 70)

by B.R. Eastman

This office party just got weird…

Barbie Burkenbach never wanted to be CEO of a greeting card company, but she’s made the best of it. She never thought she could seduce the hunky young man of her dreams though, not until a chance encounter makes it all possible!

Darkly Wood II: The woman who never wore shoes

by Max Power

This chilling sequel to Darkly Wood brings us back to the mysterious wood perched above the sleepy village of Cranby. The mystery returns with love and terror walking hand and hand through the seemingly innocent paths of the place that has generated many fearful tales. This time however, there is an even more sinister presence. Much time has passed since Daisy escaped the terror of the wood and on the surface little has changed. But behind the tree line, a new danger lurks. Fans of the original will be taken to darker depths and first time readers will discover the true art of storytelling from the mind of the award winning author Max Power. Heart stopping, fast paced, unrelenting danger lies waiting for you between the pages. Sometimes love is all you have. Sometimes, love is not enough. Darkness is comingâ?¦

Playing With Magick

by Kiki Howell

Amara, a powerful witch, loses the love of her life in a horrible accident. A month later, she’s finds herself still living in their ‘fixer-upper house,’ Kyle hadn’t gotten around to fixing up much before he died. While it had looked haunted before, now it truly is.

Her grief giving rise to something just short of insanity, Amara is hell bent on resurrecting her soulmate. She plans a mix of many spells, intent on achieving her goal, despite the echoes of her elders in her ears about how he will come back different, something sinister and dark. The ghost of her boyfriend protests the loudest among the voices swirling about her, pushing her even farther over the edge.

How far will she go? What lines she will cross, or not, remains to be seen as she is literally playing with magic.

Sob seus pés (Portuguese Edition)

by A. T. Sergio

Quando a fome chega, deixo meu esconderijo para caçar o que estiver ao meu alcance. Cuidado! Posso estar sob seus pés!

The Fields House

by Dave Godwin

Wacky radio host Danny Reynolds doesn’t believe in ghosts. After an on-air interview with a paranormal specialist, he sets out to discredit her claims by participating in a radio bit where he will capture video footage of himself staying overnight in the Fields’ House, a supposedly haunted house where numerous murders have taken place since the 1990’s. What he finds seems at first to be a rather unremarkable home in an upper-middle class neighborhood, but soon he begins to uncover clues about the house’s terrifying past. As the hours tick past, the Fields’ House reveals it’s dark history to Danny until he finally begins to question his belief in the supernaturalâ??and his own sanity.

Within: A Short Story

by Joshua Scribner

Reminiscent of Joshua Scribner’s novels FEAR AND REPULSION and SEED, Within follows psychologist Dr. Caffer as he tracks unspeakable evil to the deepest recesses of the human mind.

Circus of Horrors

by Carole Gill

What exactly is wrong with this circus?

There are demonic, flesh-eating clowns, murderous midgets, a fat lady with some peculiar tastes and an old man with one hell of a secret. Old Pa keeps a trunk with some very special souvenirs.

When a stranger joins up who has second sight, among other talents, the old man’s son gets nervous. There are a lot of very strange beings, not to mention a succubus or two and some beings from hell. Welcome to a wild ride to damnation.

This book contains graphic violence, strong language and sex scenes.

Wake Up!: A Flash Fiction Story

by Joshua Scribner

A flash fiction story with strong elements of horror and suspense.

Blackstone (The Humanness Expanse Book 1)

by Drew Langlois

Blackstone is a modern tale of the supernatural. The Creatures of lore and nightmare live among us without suspicion. Where the warning tales of our ancestors have gone unheeded and super human monsters carry out their horrific acts unchecked, protected by humanities willful ignorance to the supernatural forces around them. This is a world of dangerous ignorance where only a few are aware of the horrors, and even less attempt to defend against them.

“It would be a mistake to assume that this is just another piece of vampire fiction. Blackstone is a quick and clever jab at the modern vein of vampire stories. You are immediately dropped into a textured world filled with adults, real people with lives. I will repeat that for those of you who aren’t processing this, there are no ‘special’ teen girls or conflicted elder vampires looking for love. This is a tale of loss, revenge and loss.

This character driven action drama is punctuated by clever dialogue and moments of genuine terror. The reader is propelled through this savage look behind a frightening curtain that is seldom pulled back. Once started the author all but dares you to keep up with Blackstone as he charges head first a world he is ill equipped to come back from.

Bringing together elements of horror, contemporary fantasy and crime thrillers; this vivid and visceral narrative creates an experience that is not readily duplicated and fully enjoyable.”

Blackstone is an action-horror novel containing Vampires.
Blackstone enters a well-established genre, motivated to look back at the traditional lore involving vampires and tells a story of their existence in our world today.

First There Wasn’t, Then There Was

by Troy Blackford

Four young men have noticed a peculiar man wandering around the streets downtown where they work, muttering to himself with a trashbag slung over his shoulder. After one of them hatches a plan to capture the strange old man’s words, the group quickly realize that the fellow has seen and done things that defy the imagination.

A metaphysical tale of action and adventure that takes you beyond the bounds of normal human experience and into a world of secret colors and hidden doorways, of uncoiling panthers and recoiling nailguns, ‘First There Wasn’t, Then There Was’ is a novella unlike any other.

Charlotte’s Pact (Demons in New York Book 1)

by Laurèn Lee

First, comes love. Next, comes marriage. Then, a demon comes to take your soul.

â??Charlotte Harper has one goal in mind: graduating college and starting her career as a journalist. However, life takes a drastic turn when she falls for a British businessman at a local bar.

Hopelessly in love, Charlotte seems to have it all, until one fateful night when a ravaging car crash changes the lives of her and her fiancé forever.

â??What price will Charlotte have to pay to save them both? Will she risk everything for the love her life? Or, will she succumb to the temptations lurking in the shadows?

West Virginia Monsters: A Book of Speculative Folklore : Speculative Folklore and Imagined Monsters and Supernatural Creatures from the Mountain State

by Ted Fauster

Speculative fiction and fantasy novelist Ted Fauster shares the wild and wonderful creature-filled world he imagined for his son while researching stories and books in West Virginia. This is a book of Speculative Folklore meant to enhance the rich folklore of West Virginia.



Sometimes the Unfamiliar can awaken a part of ourselves we never knew existed.

Clara has been held captive for two months.

Abducted, beaten and abused by the Domini Bellatorum, a group of henchmen working for a sadistic boss known only as ‘The Master’, Clara has endured more torture and suffering than the average person could barely begin to imagine; she lives in hope that one day she can escape the shackles of this hell and The Master for good.

With the aid of another broken captive Clara manages to break free from her confinement and is found hiding in the woods by a strange magical creature who chants in a language she doesn’t understand. After falling unconscious Clara finds herself in the back of a van in the care of a ruggedly handsome stranger named Colt.

The stirrings she has for this stranger both intrigue and scare her and she finds herself putting her trust in him and his family.

As their love for each other flourishes to unexpected heights, Colt opens up her world and awakens a part of her she never knew existed.

Terrifying nightmares haunt her dreams every time she closes her eyes. Why does she look so much like the woman she sees in them? Everything is not as it seems. Dark forces are at work; her own family are now in grave danger as the threat she thought was long gone returns with a vengeance. Clara and Colt attempt to stop this sadistic creature from claiming her life for his own once again.

In her new fantasy romance novel Unfamiliar Anna-Louise Dann spins an erotic and thrilling story of love, loss and survival as Colt and Clara find themselves caught in the horrific gaze of The Master.

Blood And Ashes (The Merryweather Chronicles Book 3)

by Lesley Woodral

Sha’ha’Zel is dead. The curse hunting Brandon Merryweather and his family has finally been put to rest and it’s a time of hard won peace in the town of Matheson. A time for healing and rebuilding for the young Stormlord and his friends. But it’s a false peace. A dark force has arrived, carving a bloody path through the heroes of Matheson. Nobody is safe. Claire and Brandon will have to call on their friends to help them fight an evil that won’t stop until their town is drowning in blood and the entire world is on the brink of destruction. Return to the world of the Merryweather Chronicles for the next exciting adventure featuring Brandon Merryweather and his friends and witness the beginning of the Reclaimation.

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