Free poetry Kindle books for 14 Apr 19

Shedding the Wife: a spiritual journey through divorce

by Madison Meadows

shedding the wife is about a spiritual journey through divorce with inner landscapes of floods and fires. the storm becomes a catalyst to self-discovery. this book is for all women healing from the wounds of betrayal, neglect, and/or abuse, and by doing the inner work, empowers us to let go of the past and move forward as a warrior.

Seasons of the Soul: A Poetry Chapbook

by Somen Palit

In this particular collection, I present to you the many seasons that our hearts and souls traverse, while sailing on a sea of memories. Some pleasant, some not so. Playful ones during the warmth of summer, the crisp passage of time in autumn, a calm found only in the still of winter, and of passionate love in the spring.


by Darren Hobson

Love has won many wars and conquered many things, but can love now conquer its greatest enemy? When the end of the world comes what will happen to love?
This book takes you on an adventure outlining the birth and demise of love and all of its conquests and all of its finest hours, prepare to be surprised.

This upcoming indie poet deals another piece of class in a journey never seen before.

Ð?омеÑ?ик (Russian Edition)

by Ð?ван СеÑ?геевиÑ? ТÑ?Ñ?генев

Ð?оэма Ð?вана СеÑ?геевиÑ?а ТÑ?Ñ?генева (1818â??1883), впеÑ?вÑ?е опÑ?бликованная в 1846 годÑ?.

Dreams of the Dark: A Poetry Chapbook

by Somen Palit

In this particular collection, I present to you the darkness and its many forms. Whether it is the darkness around us or within, it manifests in many ways. Arising as shades of fear, melancholy, rage, guilt, or complete emptiness. When the last embers of light have gone out, what then does the darkness dream about? Come inside and seeâ?¦

From Melancholic to Catastrophic (Revised Book 2)

by Melissa Ann Meade

These are poems that were written throughout the past ten years of my adult life. It is an eclectic representation of situations that I have gone through.

Secret Thoughts

by Geanina Sainu

“I got all the world to conquer,
No more hiding in the garden”

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